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Yorkshire Classic Championship Round 9

yorkshire classic mccDobb Park’s wooded hillside above Otley has a reputation for challenging the best and Hedley Cockshot knows how to set sections to do just that for the 64 competitors taking part. Tim Pawson and Steve Rayner sorted out the Clubmen sections.


Jimmy Noble (Ariel) took to the challenge in the company of Tony Calvert on his newly rebuilt Cub. At the end of the second lap, both admitted to being two marks down but Jimmy kept his cool to finish on an incredible 3 marks as Tony’s fortunes waned leaving him on 8 with only Anthony Cooper (Cub) on the same score able to keep pace. As the older rider, Tony took the tiebreak.


The Clubman route too was harder than usual and the improving form of Steve Gossop on his Brogden built Bantam took him to top spot on 12, 4 marks clear of evergreen Mick Whitlow (Cub) in second.


At the end of the day the better riders on each route had a challenging and thoroughly enjoyable day but a retirement rate of over 25% on the clubman route must be a cause for concern.


Thanks as always go to the course markers, the Landowner, Observers and Barry Pickard for instant results and photos.


Results for Sunday 24th Sept 17


Premier Route


Class A Pre-Unit Springers

Jimmy Noble (Ariel) 3, Chris Haigh (Velo) 41, Mick Clarke (Ariel) 65.

Class D Cubs

Tony Calvert (Cub) 8, Anthony Cooper (Cub) 8, Andrew Scott (Cub) 43.

Class F 2–Strokes

Chris Gascoigne (F/Barnet) 17, John Maxfield (Bant) 23, Mick Johnson (Bant) 59.

Class S Specials

Robin Luscombe (Cub) 23, Dave Ingram (BSA C15) 77.


Clubman Route


Class B Pre-Unit Telefork Rigid over 347cc

Gary Marshall (Triumph TRW) 60, Tim Pawson (Norton) 89.

Class H Vintage 2-stroke

Eric Atkinson (James) 78.

Class K Open Clubmen

Steve Gossop (Bant) 12, Mick Whitlow (Cub) 16, Dave Brogden (Bant) 22, Steve Thomas (Bant) 24, Geoff Walker (Bant) 31, Brian Cooper (Cub) 33.

Class K (Specials)

Ian Roper (Cub) 24, Keith Hobson (MacD/Cub) 28, Steve Underwood (MacD/Cub) 72.

Class T Pre-Unit Springer

John Feather (Ariel) 36, Colin Benson (Ariel) 61


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