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  • Bultaco Sherpa 350T By netley

    • 1,599.99 GBP
    • 2 months and 16 days  
    1976 road registered Bultaco 350T 191 for sale. Engine re-built, mains, seals, crank, re-bore with new piston. Electronic ingition. New Mikuni Carb. All parts from In Motion. I will MOT it before a sale though it will be exempt from May and is already road tax exempt. PM me for any more info
  • Headlight Wanted By netley

    • 0.01 GBP
    • 2 months and 15 days  
    Hi I need a headlight for my Montesa 349 to enter a certain clubs trials as it's for novices and mostly trail bikes. Condition uninportant as long as it's serviceable. Cheers Neil Cornwall UK

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