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  2. Hi, just found this old old topic. This very bike is now in my shed 🙂 Runs fine no big rattles and plenty of steam. The Jug with a very big OD piston came in a box with many other parts. Be interesting to hear what the problem with the bike was ? @lee harris
  3. Hi Rhoda, "sorry" didn´t read this until today 😞 I´ll give you a line when the Jumbo clutch cable and badges have arrived Ian
  4. Hi all, can anyone help with some parts needed for a project bike ? Most important is the front part of the exhaust that goes around the frame down tube to the first silencer is missing I also need the rear wheel spindle (and spacer) + a rear brake lever The other missing parts are the complete front end but that´s not the problem for now (got enough front ends from Betor Marzocchi and Montesa to do something with)
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  6. Hi . Do you have a source for blank nipples ? I think threading my own is the best option . I think that Talon may make 3.5 but at £1.99 each not practical .


    1. feetupfun


      No I haven't looked for blank nipples yet

  7. Thanks Bullylover, I’ll try that, but please guys keep the advice coming, someone must have solved this niggle somewhere surely.
  8. Its the soil on forestry land, I think it will do the same to all pads? I galfer red, good performance, last a long time and not too hard that they wear the disc. But I don't ride in forests a lot
  9. Time Left: 27 days and 20 hours

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    As it says looking for one in stock message me thanks


  10. Maybe try richening the slide needle up one notch and see what happens after that.
  11. Matt at Speed and Sport in the US has replacements in stock - I believe he uses a Japanese equivalent. I have them on my M49, M85, M100 and M103 = no problems. Much better than the original Joresa, https://www.speedandsport.com/
  12. I’m the proud owner of a Fantic 240 which is displaying a detonation sound. I’ve already noted the post in December 2019, which covered this topic but did not provide a cure. Although the member did say what he’d done had reduced it. Just wondering if anyone has found a cure for it since that last post. To set the scene, the engine has had a full rebuild, new piston, rebore, cylinder coated, all bearings and seals. It sounds wonderful apart from the occasional detonation sound. The carb is a new Dellorto, jetted as per the manual. It has a brand new front pipe and WES rear silencer. I’ve just put a new NGK plug in her and some super unleaded fuel at 70:1 mix with fully synthetic Shell 2stroke oil. I’ve got an NGK iridium plug on order. Starts almost first time every time so the timing must be right. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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  14. Thanks for the posts. I’m defo after a twinshock as my local club has events almost every weekend and some midweek as well. I’m a Yamaha man so that’s my preference but like things like SWM and the Seeley Honda. Not really thought about a Fantic although there was a lot of them at my last trial. I had an OSSA Mar but found it a bit of a lump, but great to ride. I’ll keep my eye open thanks
  15. Both are from Colander but the spokes to the CZ are one end buttened and straight in stainless steel while the spokes for the Bultaco are also one end buttened but bend. So completely different in geometry but the same in material. The rims are too from Colander, he is doing the holes and the punches too.
  16. Are these the same as kind Patrik ? 😀
  17. Thats a great idea on the Youtube, decent helpful videos can be a godsend! Good luck with the rebuild
  18. The best way is to phone him up and tell him what you want, they can even reproduce spokes or only the nipples. It is up to you what you want and they will manufacture them, easiest to avoid language barriers would be to sent them an old one so you will get a reproduction that will fit. In case of spokes and nipples I highly recommend to send templates.
  19. I got a TY175 that was stock and hated it. Then I just threw money at it until it felt a little bit like a modern trials bike. And it still wants more money spending on it, and it's still about 15kg heavier than a modern bike, lol. My advice if you want a twinshock would be to just get a Fantic 200 or 240 and keep it stock. However technology has really improved trials bikes and newish ones can be got for cheap and will give a nicer riding experience even if they're not as nice to look at ... depends what you want from the experience TBH.
  20. Still getting to know my 1993 Beta Gara... The fuel tap, carefully designed to be positioned as inaccessibly as possible, now horizontal is off, vertical is on, but slightly over centre...? Is that reserve...? Or just a broken fuel tap?
  21. Thanks , which nipple is the correct one ? No 14 ?
  22. Measured the thread this afternoon and the spokes are .6 mm pitch . Managed to get all the nipples off too , took a couple of hours with blowlamp and penetrating oil .
  23. You won't get turned away from any trial for having a fibreglass tank. There are new fibreglass tanks still being made and being used on plenty of bikes The law was introduced in 1973 following a road accident when a fibreglass tank spit and caused a fire. Hence all UK trials bikes had an alloy tank from then on to replace the original factory glass tank. It's never been clear as to whether the law was for all bikes or just those registered for the road, but as most trials were road based back then I think they all had their tanks swapped for alloy versions at import. It only applied to fibreglass tanks, doubtful there were any plastic tanks at that time. 1980s bikes were used on the road with their original plastic tanks
  24. very risky behaviour!!
  25. And here now : https://www.yamahamajesty.com/
  26. J'ai commencé a réassembler ma moto. Started the reassembly.


  27. Everything TY is here, YAMAHA TY MAJESTY
  28. AlanC

    Spark plug

    Thanks b40rt, all info appreciated. I did use the choke to start it, but didn't need it on for as long. And I always turn the petrol off when its parked. Bearings, bushings and brakes done, so time to get the cobwebs off me now!
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