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  2. lineaway

    Will Not Start

    Does the pet cock not work? You need to turn it to off. You can also bend a rod from hydro lock..
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  4. The raised needle masked the problem for just one ride. I pulled the point plate and it is quite dirty near the seal but not really wet.
  5. yes had a similar problem with a 175, the wee o ring did the trick.
  6. Yep going to get one of those ordered. Thanks
  7. Tomorrow's job! Cheers
  8. Dave409787

    Will Not Start

    Having this issue, but it was a new plug. WIll the plug not dry out too or does it need a new plug each time this happens? If i remove the plug and leave it a week, will it dry out naturally? I remember the previous owner warned me about this and said if he leashes it on he has to tip the bike up vertically so the fuel comes out of the exhaust?
  9. I have the same problem, if I’ve flooded the header too, then is the solution the same? I’v taken off carb, replaced fuel, am getting good spark, and have removed plug and kicked it over. Tried easy start basically everywhere, but still nothing. Initially the bike fired straight up, then just died and hasn’t started since. The plug is new, but each time I remove it is wet?
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  11. It's worth replacing the o rings in the carb : https://www.tytrials.com/trailandtrialsuk/prod_189281-4-9-14-17-20-Carb-Repair-Kit-TY175.html
  12. Carb clean next...
  13. It will idle OK. I took the exhaust baffle out and replaced it with a new one. Old one was totally choked up and oil sparking from it when running. Still doing same though 🤷‍♂️ problem seems to be when you let the clutch out it just bogs down after running a while. Then tops completely until the engine cools down.
  14. Thanks. Tried that but no joy.
  15. So kids that eat tide pods are "wack jobs" but a president of a country who suggests similar to a world wide audience is not? No one is going to change your mind here and that's ok. To down play people from other countries with alternative ideas or solutions is not the america I am a citizen of although seems like its becoming the louder voice. No one has to be born here to know right or wrong. No one has to agree blindly to be right or wrong. Your religion doesn't mean you are correct or incorrect. Trump wants it his way or the highway and loves to point blame. I see similarities with the tide pod reference. Wack job indeed. --Biff
  16. Check the vent pipe on the fuel Filler cap isn’t blocked, if it is you’ll get a vacuum build up in the tank and fuel won’t flow into the carby.
  17. guy53

    Ty175 won't run

    Exhaust blocked ? Does it stall if you let it idle for a while ? How does it sound when it run? Guy
  18. The wack job punk kids that insist on all this change to the world were eating bleach long before the media suggested it to them. Guessing Tide Pods snack were / is a Trump thing too.
  19. It’s was definitely smoke rising from the front of the engine, from around the fan area. It want steam. That was the first thing I thought it was, but it was definitely smoke. I don’t know if the fan’s running because the bike won’t start. When it smoked on the trail, I walked it back to the car, which was close enough. I haven’t run the engine since. I haven’t squeezed the hoses. I’ve no idea how to do that, but I’ll find out and give it a go. I didn’t check if I was getting a spark. I didn’t know I could do that. I’ll check it in the morning. The plug was wet. I dried it off and took a wire brush to it to clean the spark end. No joy. Thanks for the help 👍
  20. Was it smoke (ie from exhaust) or steam from engine / radiator ? Does the fan run ? Did you squeeze hoses to check for air locks ? Are you getting a spark ? Is the plug wet or dry ?
  21. Hi al Got a TY175 recently and nice looking bike. Starts OK but will only run for a few minutes then bogs down after riding for a few minutes. When you let the clutch out when pulling away, doesn't want to go, bogs down and have to give it a lot of revs, but then eventually it dies and won't start again then. Any ideas? I think carb related as repalced spark plug and air filter is clean. Many thanks!
  22. Hi everyone, I was riding trails a while back when smoke started rising from the front of the engine near the forks. I’m not mechanically skilled, but a guy who was there reckoned I needed coolant. When I topped it up with coolant, hardly any went in, so I reckon that wasn’t it. Then it wouldn’t start. I cleaned the plug, but no luck. The manual asked for a NGK BR7ES plug, but when I removed the old plug, it’s a BP5ES. Plug discrepancy apart, does anyone have any idea what the smoke might have been, sand if it might be related to the engine not starting now? Thanks in advance
  23. That's true. That's how you end up with a country run by a man that wants to investigate whether to inject bleach to kill germs.
  24. I've recently bought a 270 Rev 3, 2005 I believe, it rides great and has plenty of power for a novice like myself 😁 But it seems to take a few good kicks to start, last time I was out on it we swapped a plug to get it going then it ran OK on the original one. Trouble is the plug was very black like its running rich, took the carb apart earlier and it looks like the float height has been set lower (to lean it out I'm guessing) It's only my 3rd time on a bike but a couple of times going down steep hills the engine stalled. Any thoughts on it?
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  26. And another saying, “Stupid is as stupid does”
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