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  2. TOBY won both days, but barely. Pat tied him Saturday with a clean day. They had a ride off in a really knarly stream bed section. They both three it the first ride. Jitsie will have a video of it. Sunday Martyn had 1 point. Pat had 5ed it his second attempt and Tobi 1ed it.
  3. Ride off. They both threed it first ride. So did they ride again? Thanks for the intel. I’m lookin forward to my FIRST TRIALS event this weekend in wisconsin. Just bought a 95 GASGAS last week
  4. By the way, yrials riders levers are almost 90 fegrees to the ground, so we can have a finger on each at all times.
  5. bullylover

    Brake drums

    EBC brake shoes are the best ones off the shelf.
  6. File those ridges flat. On both side of the slot. This will make your clutch a lot nicer and easier to use.
  7. The answer to your question is kind of yes and no What angle are your handlebars at? Most pros run their bars very far forward due to them spending most of their time on the back wheel. For general riding this adds a lot of weght to the wrists, though i doubt youve copied their bar positions. Looking at the bike from the side id aim for the part of the bars going up from the clamps to be roughly vertical, ie slightly foward from the projected line of the fork legs, but lesser riders tend to have them further back than this. Further forward is only useful for trick riding. Its really not the forwardness of the bars but how far back the footrests are on modern bikes that puts the weight through your arms. Most bike post 90 have similar riding positions. I actually find some 80s 90s bike worse for this because their footrest are just as far back but with a higher position than modern bikes. You could be riding too much in attack mode like you would when standing on an enduro or mx bike. Youre kind of holding onto the bars for dear life so to speak. As you improve, your relaxed riding stance may become a bit more straight backed, which relieves weight from the bars. In tight turns you want to position your weight preferentially over the front, but when riding straight you want to have most of your weight over the rear wheel through your legs. 90% of trials is about rear wheel grip and a light front end. If your arms are sore it sounds like youre loading the front end too much of the time
  8. Any advice on this clutch basket? Not sure what to do with it.
  9. Thank you very much. This means that there is a chance that basic service can be carried out using them. Thanks to this, I will be able to use them in my fantic project. I don't have high expectations for them. after service, they should fulfill their purpose.
  10. I have it on good authority that the fork seals fit.
  11. TOBY won both days, but barely. Pat tied him Saturday with a clean day. They had a ride off in a really knarly stream bed section. They both three it the first ride. Jitsie will have a video of it. Sunday Martyn had 1 point. Pat had 5.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Come on if you are so knowledgeable about running diwn the road at the Scottish. Hieght, bars, awkwardness is the least any of the riders are worried about . Its all about the bike!@ Fuel, carburation, cooling and above all TIME@
  14. I have a very nice complete 1981 SWM 320 tl that runs great for sale if someone is still looking? $1800 or possible trade?
  15. Thank you!! I do not have any other trial bike to compare it to, so was never sure if it was proper or not. But I think I will eventually get used to it! And I 100% understand what you are saying. Once I get to my destination, I am not even focusing on the positioning haha its only when Im on my way to the destination. I was thinking about getting one of those velcro seats, then taking it off when I get to the playground but unsure if that would just be a waste of money. Unfortunately, it takes like 20mins to get to the practice area. And its funny because when I am there practicing, like you mentioned, all of that thinking goes away
  16. bfd

    Brake drums

    What is the preferred shoe to work with the chrome? I rode an event with new Goldfren shoes and they are making good and even contact but don’t do the job.
  17. Actually I would not have thought riding on the road would lead you to be making bike changes. And I know plenty about the Scottish. We have had 3 women and 2 men ride it over the years Besides Lewisport began there American adventure with my club. 52 years now I have been riding trials. The Scottish has always impressed me and the SCOTT has always been the opposite. All this B.S. over a noob that does not like the trials stance. He should have spent a few hours on a real trials steed. Like the ty250r 1984 model. The best bike ever, until it was not!
  18. At a minimum, fork seals seem likely: https://www.splatshop.co.uk/fork-oil-seals-40x52x10mm-marzocchi-each.html
  19. I have the same Explorer forks and since you disassembled it, I wanted to ask if standard dust and oil seal from marzocchi 40 mm fit to it ?
  20. I was thinking more about consumable parts such as dust or oil seal, springs, bush kit, etc I can't find information or parts anywhere and I wanted to use them in my built Fantic Mono.
  21. Regarding the steep deprecation, Mecatecno has a "radically different sales philosophy" than Electric Motion. At least privately, Mecatecno is claiming that it will always be possible to update the electronics and every part and accessory. They feel this is key to their approach and a strong sales argument to share. I guess we will see what the future holds.
  22. Thanks folks, yes it is a common taper roller and I can get them fine from a bearing shop but having the seals to go with them would be good, which I can't find. Was hoping that a kit with seals from another bike would have the same size taper bearings and seals.
  23. I think @Andy may have moved on to other endeavors. It has been a long time since I have seen any activity by him. I am not sure how often this site is monitored by him anymore.
  24. I'm assuming it's a tapered roller bearing. The 32004 has a 42mm OD, a 20mm ID, and a 15mm width.
  25. Two different manufacturers. Seems unlikely to me. Post some photos of your Olle internals. What is the distance (completely unweighted) from the center of the axle to the top of the stanchion? Where would you buy Marzocchi internals anyway? A complete fork swap seems more doable. Or are you asking if the fender, caliper, and wheel will swap over? That is very likely to be a bolt-on operation..
  26. They don't make bearings just for motorcycles, take it to a bearing supply store. ... if it is a taper bearing you just described a common 32004 taper bearing
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