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    300RR - late 2017 - just 2 yrs old. Road Reg. Brand new chain, sprocket, just fully serviced, new pads a couple of trials ago. Bank angle senor and catch tray removed etc, Red and white rear mudguard options, carbon silencer cover, Complete with Manual and spares. £4,999

    4,999.00 GBP

  3. Not a fan of those general style of levers, but formula really did a good job with them in keeping them small and neat, so much so when i had them on my 2012 gg i never replaced them. If you're a newbie, then you might not know that standard levers aren't that much of an improvement over the ones you have
  4. As far as I know, there are no replacement levers for Formula master cylinders other than standard, plus as lineaway mentioned, you would be better off replacing the Formula masters with AJP or Braktec. I looked at modifying AJP levers to fit the Formula master, but the pivot/actuation points are too dissimilar to be effective. Bye, Peter B.
  5. On the other hand you would be better off to replace both the master cylinders as they are junk.
  6. good point.for me at that stage of my life i just drove real fast so no one ever got on my butt to notice,.also travel times and route are important to avoid domestic roadside terrorism.never did get pulled over in the Caddy.much but i also stayed off the radar and out of the traps...if one where to pull this off in heavily populated and "civilized"areas a set of trailer lights and set of receiver hitches for the pate could cover the legal end.....i like to stick to the backroads and small towns so as to not put up with the PC culture and its stormtroopers of safety. so that was never an issue.
  7. i had the exact same issue with my 2010 gas gas...those levers are clunky and horrible and make most trials impossible. i am in canada and had the best experience ever with Dave Fair from gas gas pacific(Victoria B.C.)....they can be reached at gasgaspacific@telus.net or by calling 250 380 7137. i got the S3 part number MC-LE238-B (brake) and MC-LE236-B (clutch) nothing but happy now.
  8. A lot of the Japanese enduro bikes from the 80's and 90's had lighting coils in the stator that could only produce between 20 and 30 watts. Enough to power a headlight and tail light, but not enough for a brake light. To add a brake light we would wire a resistor into the tail light circuit and bypass the resistor with a brake light switch. The bulb would be dim until you hit the brakes. Some would also use the similar method for a hi/low beam headlight using a handlebar mounted switch.
  9. Hi I’m a newbie and need help I’ve bought a gas gas 2012 txt 280 and it has these awful levers that move and flick out I get the idea it’s for if you drop it etc to save them but I don’t like them they’re on formula reservoirs and I can’t find replacements anywhere, i ordered some online and they said they would fit but they don’t can anyone help cheers Steve
  10. Will do on the photos VN. I just finished building an exhaust for my son's 74 TL125. That project started when we decided to replace the worn out stock shocks with a set of rebuildable Showa shocks off a Honda MR175. The shocks were larger in diameter and wouldn't fit with the stock TL triangular mid-box. So I built a new swan-neck piece and connected it to a small muffler that came off a log-splitter engine. Along the way I discovered the flange on the head-pipe was rotted out, so I had to fix that. Then I decided to make a whole new, re-packable, silencer from a bunch of scrap I had laying around. I can add the same spark arrestor tip that I have for my Bultaco. It's not whisper quiet like the stock TL exhaust, but my son enjoys the slight performance increase.
  11. Take the cylinder off and add another thicker base gasket, will lower the compression and make for a more tractable bike. The 351c reeds are a bit pricey but makes for smoother bottom to mid power.
  12. Thankyou 👍 i forgot about the breather doh!!
  13. I doubt it... but it is tougher than it looks and is a good core work out. To be honest if I spent the amount of time it is going to take learning to ride it on the trials bike instead I would probably be better off as far as my trials riding goes... but it is fun to try something new and is a unique challenge, I have a new respect for people who can actually ride a unicycle - although a lot of them seem to be clowns 😉.
  14. Oxy-acetylene is great for repairing exhausts and encouraging things to bend ........
  15. v1nn1e


    Why no X-Trial round in the UK...? Is the Sheffield Indoor Trial seen as a proxy event...?
  16. Unicycle - I'm impressed! Will it help you get on the back wheel and hop?
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    Beta rev 3 125cc 2004 All consumables are in good order Tyres, Brakes, Chain and sprockets all very good very easy to start hot or cold engine sounds spot on READY TO TRIAL OR HAVE FUN , IDEAL SCHOOLBOY STARTER BIKE IDEAL STARTER MACHINE TRIALS BIKE

    1,050.00 GBP

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  19. Both knees replace, not at the same time, several years ago. Riding the best I have in a long time at 77. Work hard on your physical therapy and you will be back to riding within a few months. It took me a long time to convince my doctor that trials did not have a lot of jumping and that the effort on the knees was a lot like mountain biking. After that he said I could ride.
  20. I have a good stick welder I haven’t used in a few years, I should use it again. I mostly use my Mig. I have a torch set just need tanks. Thought about getting a tig but too expensive.
  21. Can anyone tell me which way around the two cluch cable fitting go, i cant find the cable at the minute to check, and before i bolt the case on they need fitting. Cheers Mark
  22. I'm stuck in the 1970s with my welding. Oxy-acetylene and stick. I tell people that the welding technology fits perfectly with the age of the rider and the age of the bike.
  23. Looks good, nice design, but how did you get away with the bike obscuring the rear rego plate and tail lights?
  24. Time Left: 27 days and 10 hours

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    I think the bike is in good condition and runs very well. I have owned for about 5 years and the bike has been very reliable. A previous owner has removed the oil pump, so it runs on premix. The tyres seem original as they are perishing around the walls a bit, but its been like that since I bought it and has been fine. It is too small for my sons now, so time for it to move on. Near offers will be considered, but nothing ridiculous.

    850.00 GBP

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