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  2. Years ago Mick gave a talk at our TRF meeting and I asked him what happened to the bike. He said it was dropped because there was way too much backlash in the gearbox for trials use.
  3. skye2

    Service manual?

    Hi Primodious, Any chance I could be cheeky too & ask for a copy for my 2017 ice hell 300? kyminuk@hotmail.com Much appreciated, thank you 👍🏻
  4. WooHoo! North of 200k views!😃
  5. Speaking of numbers the death rate in the U.K. actually went down in 2019 and only went up 90,000 in 2020. Not much of a pandemic if your anual mortality rate never really changes.
  6. In reality regular cloth masks have as much protection against the tiny droplets as a chain link fence keeping out mosquitos. But the real problem with masks, is they should be n95 or better. But if not worn properly they might as well be in the trash. Basically humans are the problem. They just do what they are going to do. Just keep to yourself and you will be fine. Just as anything else in this crazy world and keep you and your loved ones safe. You can't mandate the DUMB out of the whole population.
  7. Alloy or Copper washer would be ok. But you should inspect the mating surfaces for scratches and dents. And also inspect for cracks because if correctly assembled this would rarely happen.
  8. Not sure about how they advise the flu vaccine where you live, but here in the USA where I live, it is typically no cost and endorsed so much of the population does obtain the flu vaccine. I do not have a percentage of those that do obtain the flu vaccine each year. The facts are, that Covid killed many people in the USA. Fact is, prior to Covid, the flu killed many people in the USA. As for the public equating antibody levels to amount of protection, yes, many people are lead to believe that increased antibody levels equates to increased protection. Enough so that antibody testing is advertised by local pharmacies and more. Then again, I constantly see people, by themselves, outdoors walking their dog or exercising with no other person nearby, still wearing a mask. Or better still, folks driving cars, by themselves, with windows down and masks on. With luck it runs a two year cycle and goes away until next time.
  9. Ok, so one flu season taking numbers for the projected number who would die were they not vaccinated ... and comparing it to the number of people who have died in a year where the majority of the population is now vaccinated? I'm sorry that I don't trust your maths over those of medical statisticians, you're still comparing apples to rocket ships. Does anyone in the public actually equate antibody levels with protection? It's not something anyone has mentioned to me here while talking about the virus, lol. I'm sorry that you feel your government hasn't been straight with you, Faucci seems like a straight shooter and lots of people are asking for mask mandates and then being denied them (especially in Florida, apparently) ... so on that we're agreed. I'm very glad to be living where I am, even though we were hit hard in the initial outbreak the central government has handled things really well; mask use is still the norm here and I don't see that changing any time soon.
  10. That's what I've gone with, we'll see if it's the right choice.
  11. I would say Cu washer between union and master cyl.
  12. Time Left: 27 days and 12 hours

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    Yamaha TYZ, not road reg, 1992. Starts runs and rides well, few battle scars as you'd expect of a 30 year old bike. GasGas 4 pot front brake caliper, new mudguards and front tyre. May do a deal for air cooled CZ 513/514, RM/YZ motocross similar value or condition.

    1,750.00 GBP

  13. The pill seems more promising. https://apnews.com/article/merck-says-experimental-covid-pill-cuts-worst-effects-a9a2245fdcee324f6bbd776a0fffcc60
  14. FWIW, I did not compare only one weeks results. I utilized the entire duration, I believe it was 19 weeks of the full flu season and the total deaths of that flu season, and compared it to Covid deaths, for the 42 weeks of 2021 so far. The Covid deaths amount I utilized was based off the linked websites 6% figure as actual deaths caused by Covid and not other factors. This gave an honest comparison of deaths per week or more correctly, average deaths per week of the pre Covid flu season flu deaths vs 2021 corrected average deaths per week from Covid. Regarding your words of no proper vaccination that lasts, here is where we differ. It is quite possible that getting a single vaccine dose may have generated enough memory into the Memory B Cells. Unfortunately, there is no way to measure this Memory B Cell retention capability. Notice, I stated memory of the Memory B Cell. So then, the medical community and governments want to offer a means to not only give confidence in the vaccines, but also offer a semi tangible criteria for people to grasp. They use antibody response as a measurement to check those boxes. In kind of a bad way, the public now equates antibody levels as a valid level of protection. With that many people believe they must keep this high levels of antibodies to be safe. My opinion questions whether elevated antibody levels over a long term is healthy. I even question if these raised antibody levels will lessen the bodies own response system to disease. Somewhat like an addict, that craves more to survive. Not in any way saying the vaccines are addictive, merely there is a possibility, the body may become lazy in fighting disease after long term raised antibody levels. Actually, I would not say I don't like Covid vaccines or the way they are being used. Yes I do find the mechanism of the vaccines ability interesting and prefer more proven methods vs these latest mRNA experimental vaccines. So yes, of the emergency use vaccines in the USA, the J&J is my favorite, but still not yet approved here in the USA, NovaVax shows the most promise. What is my solution and how could the situation be improved. Simple, get those that govern us to stop trying to be overpowering and tell us the real truth. Last I heard only 1/3 of the world is vaccinated. The government blames non vaccinated persons for Covids survival. If we have now learned that vaccinated persons can still contract Covid, transmit Covid, become sick from Covid and even die from Covid all while being properly vaccinated. Then add to this the unknowns of long term vaccine side effects, there is no true great solution except be careful and wear a mask.
  15. Time Left: 27 days and 10 hours

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    I went to the Scott and met a bloke in a pub and agreed to buy another bike So to make room I am selling my recently acquired Majesty. It was sold to me as having newly rebuilt forks, wheels and engine. It has new tyres, guards and I have fitted the TY trials modded gear lever casing (extended bearing). The engine dates as a 1980 TY 175 and the frame is a 1982 Don Godden nickel plated frame in Adult size. It's pretty much ready to go as is and can be tried in my work yard in Devon. No V5. I don't actually want to sell it but you know how it is.....

    4,950.00 GBP

  16. Time Left: 27 days and 10 hours

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    A rare copy of Mick Andrews Trials book now out of print. In good used condition with only slight wear and no obvious damage. The price includes registered mainland UK post. Overseas postage would be possible at cost and after cleared funds.

    120.00 GBP

  17. Hi NFC, Unfortunately I think you will have to split the cases as the kickstart shaft is held in place by a circlip on the other side of the case and this looks to have dislodged. The kickstart shaft locates in a bronze bush in the other case and this can wear (as mine had) which may have contributed to the shaft dislodging. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...
  18. Yeeah, well without getting into it too much, the latest research estimates that mRNA vaccines (2 doses) are approximately equal in protecting against infection as having had full-blown covid (ie. naturally generated antibodies), and that that protection is very much diminished after a bit over a year ... so everyones going to need regular boosters for the foreseeable because there will be no long-term herd immunity. And why exactly does deaths per week, when selected for a particular week, matter? I would say that is a dishonest use of data, there's another 51 weeks in the year and most people would like to exist in those too. Yeah, this is all special stuff ... as per above there's no "proper vaccination" which lasts, we already know this. Also the latest sub-variant of Delta is proving to be more effective at infecting people with existing antibodies, so yaknow, we're a long way from the disease being "over". The booster shots have been shown to work in studies too, BTW. So, if you don't like covid vaccines or the way they're being used, whats your solution? How would you improve whats being done at the moment?
  19. Hello everyone. My boy has had his oset 16 since he was 3 and rides it well. We went to take it out the other day and noticed no power, quickly located to the fuse carrier had a loose connection but on reinstalling everything I snapped one of the potentiometers for the speed, I have installed a new one and it all tests out fine ie 20k ohms for full turn and 0 ohms when in the lowest position. The potentiometer seems to work fine but will only allow 13v output to the motor not the full 36v it should be. Does anyone have any ideas or have experienced the same issues? Many thanks
  20. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine, does not utilize mRNA technology to train B memory cells. The J&J vaccine is more traditional. Their method utilizes a portion of a non contagious virus. This is injected into the body. The body recognizes that there is an intruder and alerts various body mechanisms, including killer T cells to overcome the intruder. On account of the J&J vaccine having kind of the same signature as Covid, this trains the memory B cells to recognize this intruder if seen again. This offers sort of a head start in that the memory B cells recall what protocols saved the body during the previous event and send that as a first effort. Ideally lessen the bodies efforts against illness and shortening the duration. While the J&J vaccine has resulted in less initial efficacy, the medical community is undecided if the vaccine is quite better than antibody levels indicate. It is quite possible the J&J vaccine was more easily overcome by some people, while still retaining that signature for memory B cells to recognize later. Additionally, early data indicates that when getting a J&J booster, those getting it two months after the initial vaccine, get less of a response as compared to those that get their J&J booster at six months after the initial vaccine. Again, I hope all these vaccines have the ability to recognize later Covid variants and the durability to last over time.
  21. Deadlier in regards to total number of deaths. My explanation was quite clear, and not dishonest as Chris stated I am, it simply compared the shorter duration flu season against the Covid pandemic in deaths per week based on a pre Covid flu season and the most recent Covid numbers for 2021. On a deaths per week comparison, the flu is more deadly. Regarding your link to how mRNA vaccines work, you linked a very basic reference. As your reference clearly indicated, the mRNA method involves using proteins attached to certain cells. In order for this to happen, the mRNA is engineered to look for certain markers on cells. The CD20 protein, or CD19 are two common proteins utilized within the Covid mRNA process. FWIW, many high tech engineered medications also utilize these same CD markers. Because of this the medical community is now suggesting that persons on certain medications stop taking those medications during any vaccine timeframe. Initially this concern was never mentioned. With time, the medical community is witnessing subpar vaccine results for individuals on certain medications that utilize these CD protein markers. Additionally, these is now uncertainty of if possible interactions between the persons medication and the mRNA both being on the same cell, marked by the CD protein, can have other side effects. The mRNA protein method is not random, as if you just drink a protein fitness shake. That method of protein uptake is far more basic. MRNA vaccines, and many advanced medications utilize proteins upon certain cells to carry out various tasks, and often those cell proteins are in communication with memory B cells. The memory B cells are one of the first steps in a persons body to overcome an illness. The mRNA process when done correctly is very good. Unfortunately, the person that envisioned and kind of “invented” the mRNA vaccine process has been explaining that when these mRNA vaccines are done correctly, it is a “one and done”. No booster shots are required. Sadly, the efficacy, being lower than expected, has positioned governments in an odd position, not truly knowing how well protected the population is. That is fact, not fiction. With this uncertainty, became the idea of utilizing booster shots in an effort to hopefully truly vaccinate more completely the population that is receiving vaccines. Doing this, as I mentioned earlier, is retaining the antibodies at increased levels. Currently, this increased antibody level is being promoted by the media, some of the medical community, and the government as what is required for protection against Covid. In a healthy person, facing a typical illness, while healthy, the antibodies are at very low levels. They rise as the body recognizes disease after being directed to do so. After the disease has been eliminated, the antibody levels drop away to low amounts. Obtaining repeated repeated vaccines, in an attempt to train the bodies memory B cells to recognize Covid is forcing the bodies own immune system to reactivate, if it even had time to deactivate, to recognize and then overcome these mRNA proteins again. With luck, the body does not get lazy in regards to making its own natural antibodies AND ideally, the next strain of Covid will allow the previous learning by memory B cells to fight that newest Covid. If not, expect, a new vaccine and series of booster each time a new variant of Covid appears.
  22. Then why does the link you posted say that Covid is around 8 times deadlier? As for the other, maybe you could start here: https://medicine.yale.edu/media-player/understanding-covid-19-how-mrna-vaccines-work/ It's written in very basic language so should be suitable to help you understand
  23. I'm in the process of trying to find an Australian supplier for Aspen 2
  24. Last week
  25. Been using aspen for about 5 years now mix my own 2t. Just bought 25 litres of fuel from classic fuel solutions no ethanol. Got lead in it like petrol used to be 105 octain. 3 -5 year shelf life. Yet to try it. It's cheaper than aspen.
  26. Actually, when compared on a deaths per week, based on accepted true deaths from Covid solely, the flu is deadlier. That is just simple math. Because Covid has gone on for more weeks, it increases numbers. As for my errors regarding the vaccines, how they work and such, please share and point out my mistakes.
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