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  2. OW10

    The Resurrection ofTy

    Here are some pics as promised. Now bear in mind this was in terrible condition when I picked it up and it’s still a work in progress but at least now I know it’s worth throwing some more shekles at it. It was missing the silencer pipe and of course the noise off of it was pretty sharp to the eardrum to the neighbors, I picked up a generic universal size moped silencer and made it fit until I decide what my options are
  3. I didn't snap till just recently that the audible sound is different for each map. I am going to have to pay more attention and learn which is which, rather than peaking down at the light color.
  4. I saw a video, just yesterday, of a user demoing tickover. The map button has moved to the left handlebar, and if I understood correctly, there are twice as many map options. 3 without tickover and 3 with. First click was normal 125 mode, second click was 125 with tickover, etc. What tickover does is simulate idle. With it turned on, you MUST pull in the clutch to stop, just as with a petrol bike. Essentially, it just spools up the electric motor a bit so that it cannot drop to zero power out. You could take your hand off the throttle and idle around as you would with a running engine. It might be nice, but I don't think I am going to lose sleep over mine not having it. For a fresh convert to the bike, it is a shock when you first start learning that turning the throttle fully off immediately stops forward momentum. You just sort of learn not to go totally back to zero, unless you want that.
  5. Absolutely agree. Though my top preference would be a map specifically for super-slippery stuff. Alternatively, a means of deleting the red map altogether. So one push would take you from blue to green. I'm sure I could find uses for that mid-section, but the thought of accidentally giving the button one push when I intended two gives me the willies.
  6. Took a while longer then expected. I tried a cycle speed already, but it shows more or less random numbers instead of real speed. I adjusted the wheel size in the computer accordingly, but it won't stop to jump around and show random numbers. However i bought a ripped XL125S as spare and took the whole front wheel for my TL. It has the speedo gear and it's working. I used the brake cables and speedo cable of the XL125s to make it a good fit. However, the speedo cable is way too long, but i plan to use it only for the check to make it road legal. If i pass i drop back my TL wheel in. I don't care about speed anyway, because top speed is around 60km/h.
  7. Thanks for the response guys. Woody - I did get a larger front counter sprocket. I'll start there.
  8. A half a***d attempt most likely rewards a half a***d result
  9. The gearbox from an M85 Alpina should go straight in but later models will have differences in shaft diameter and clutch hub mounting so aren't a straight swap Much easier to just change the sprockets than gearbox ratios. Standard Sherpa size for that year is 11 / 46 for a 520 chain or 13 / 52 for a 428 chain, just fit bigger front, smaller rear
  10. If you’re looking for a “Desert Sled”, get yourself a Pursang or a Frontera.
  11. Last week
  12. Hey everyone. Brand new here and picked up my first Bultaco. It runs and is about 75% original, however knowing this is a trial forum, I am looking to go the other way. I would like to change the gearing some to make it more of a "desert sled", less low-geared trials. I know the 71 Alpina is basically the same bike with higher gearing. Can anyone tell me how interchangeable the gearbox is? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks! Fenix
  13. Cleaning the fork cups: my springs (13) are dead, I have seen the same size in my ball pen 🤫. It will work 😃...
  14. Hi Vertigo have been very active over the last 5/6 years establishing the brand. The Vertigo UK website shows pictures and prices of every model produced so far. I would think a 250 DL replica would be ideal foryou.
  15. Would some kind soul like to measure the distance between centres on the 320TL front brake stay (Marzocchi forks) for me please? I've now sourced the proper forks and wheel but need the brake stay yet and thought I would manufacture one myself out of aluminium rather than try to source one.
  16. The shared map file is in my email. So I tap on the shared map file in my email on my iPhone, then I hit the "send to" option, and then select the GET app. Then the shared map appears in the Custom Maps list in the GET app. REPLY
  17. very helpful. I really appreciate all the advice. I am eventually going to need a right front fork as the aluminum near the axle is broken. I think someone must of overtightened it and broke it.
  18. jon v8

    ty250 piston

    I've just fitted a 2mm O/S Wossner piston and ring kit into my old banger of a TY... It was the only size I could get, but not bothered because I have spare barrels. Pleased to report it runs very nicely, I did remove some unnecessary weight from the inside of the piston with a Dremel drill. The wrist pin is shorter than the old one and was a fair bit lighter. The assembly was just over 1.5 Oz lighter than the old one. It has certainly made the motor much more zappy, and the big bonus is the lack of rattling ! Just need to get used to riding a 2 smoke again...
  19. You can also use the decompressor as a brake going down hill, give it a try, probably not used for starting on a 200 as they are not exactly hard to kick over.
  20. Very curious to here about that, as well. I am hoping that EM gets into supporting controller updates. Montesa allows you to flash a new map to their fuel injection. Nice if we could flash new features (such as Tickover) and maps, to ours. For example, I really have ZERO use for 300 mode, but it would be nice to have a map sitting between 125 & 250 mode instead.
  21. Have you used a carb’d bike before? You only use the choke lever to enrich the fuel mix to aid starting from cold. You should see a plunger on the other end going into the carb - whichever is pulling it out from the carb ‘should’ be choking. Choke causes a high idle but relatively poor running if you leave it on - you only use it to start the engine from cold. Once the engine is started and warm, slowly drop the lever halfway for a minute, and then drop completely. If the engine cuts out even when warm, or the engine is hunting, be sure to check your idle and air-fuel adjustments. Carbs need cleaning periodically. Did you look up what a decompression lever does? Lots of bikes have them, but you can read the above link or the below post about a different bike. Principle is the same. You only use the decomp lever to aid starting. Have you been shown correct technique on starting? It will be like the XR or any other bike. Slowly push the kickstart to highest point of compression (top dead centre). Then one smooth fast kick.
  22. Has anyone ridden one with the tickover feature that can explain how it works?
  23. The lever on the carb is the choke. If I remember right you push it down to start and then push it back up to turn off the choke. The pilot jet would plug quite easily on this carb. It is a great handling little bike. Have fun.
  24. I recently purchased a Cota 200 and am able to get it started but I had some general questions regarding the carb and the decompression lever. There is a lever that moves either up or down located on the carb. What position should this be in when starting? What is this lever for? Also, when it is running and I move the decompression lever it stops the engine. Will the engine start with the decompression lever on? what is the purpose of this lever. thanks for any help you can offer. I think the carb needs rebuilt.
  25. I love the compilation Haggetty. I get it all... LOL I am New to Trials, Just got a 2021 300 evo. Background is fast. raced ama afm wera roadracing and mx and enduro. So this is a new world.. Moved to mexico some years back and the next trials event here is a national in mexico city. I am going to go and give it a whirl... Nothing to loose nothing to prove. Just want to have some fun.
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