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  2. dan williams

    fork seal driver

    I’ve used PVC pipe cut to length with great success (no bunged seals). You have to be careful of the protruding lip on the wipers. I usually take a dremel to the inside edge to chamfer the inner edge of the pipe to clear the wiper lip.
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  4. nhuskys

    2019 X-Trial on TV in USA

    Is this different than the Cleeg account for 2018 X-Trial live stream?
  5. Mountainbrad

    2018 cold seize?

    Yes, serious but sad post. An update on the bike. Unfortunately the rings, piston, and cylinder wall got cooked. See pictures below. Have to replace the piston, rings and get the cylinder rebored and plated. I'm not sure on the cost, and i won't get the cylinderback until early February...be careful about new years eve shenanigans.
  6. lineaway

    1989 Fantic 305 - Clutch Not Working

    The plates are probably just stuck together. Point it in a good direction and ride it with the clutch pulled in until it releases. It helps to use the brakes and/or a wheelie or two. Sometimes takes 10-15 minutes.
  7. peterb

    txt 125 E4 stubborn starting

    I am not familiar with the Hydria system, but if it is functionally the same as the Kokusan, then there would be a ground wire from the HT coil to the chassis, check to see if the connection is a good one. Use an ohm meter for continuity, HT coil ground/earth to the motor, it may be just relying on the coil mounting bracket to the frame. Bye, Peter B.
  8. still trying

    txt 125 E4 stubborn starting

    Just a thought, If the parts from the 280 when in the 125 are as poor, maybe its the return (earth side) half of the circut that is the probleme
  9. lineaway

    txt 125 E4 stubborn starting

    The Gas Gas pro model has always been hard to start. It takes a technique, you cannot just kick it over and over again. One of the issues, it only has a partial kick start gear shaped in a half moon. In fact my last Gas Gas was bought from a guy that could not start it and he makes his living riding bikes hundreds of miles a week. The 55 pilot is a step in the right direction. Helps to get the piston to top dead center, then a very quick short kick, You also always need to make sure the kick start gears are engaged or the gears will chip.
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  11. trialguy

    txt 125 E4 stubborn starting

    I'm at ropes end trying to sort out a very fussy 2017 e4 gas gas txt 125, bike only has about 5 rides on it by my 13 y/o daughter and it is safe to say that it is impossible to start for her. To her credit, the count of experienced adults who either can't start it or have extreme difficulty getting it lit, is now 5. For some reason I seem to be able to kick it over briskly enough to get it to fire, but this is not a very workable solution as if she's not with me she's stuck with a dead bike. If I'm with her then riding consists of perpetually needing to park my bike to get her sorted everytime she falls or stalls. A ma:jor pain generally. So, here's what I know so far: 1) Spark is very weak, unless you spin the motor very quickly (plug out and with hand or foot on kick lever) Anything less than rapid movement gives zero spark.Comparing this with my 280 of same year shows how weak it is, 280 shows a very nice spark with just a modest movement of kick lever with hand. 2) naturally, have replaced plug, platinum tip etc, made sure high tension lead is making good contact etc. Have swapped cdi *and coil *with the 280 with no difference which led me to the conclusion that the stator must be bad, wrong!! My first rate dealer, Dave of Gas Gas pacific quickly expedited a new hydria stator to me and I thought must have the problem beat but alas it's essentially the same.** As a side note, coil is the same part number between both bikes, CDI is a different #, obviously different mapping but functioned to give a spark (weak mind you) 3)Of course I've checked the carb, thought of trying a 55 pilot but the bike once running is perfect and besides, I'm already convinced the weak spark is the culprit. I'm hoping we can get to the bottom of this because it just isn't right and I'm about to pull my already thin hair out!! Thanks for any knowhow offered, Cheers
  12. nhuskys

    Craigslist Finds

    I want that one! 💕
  13. corned beef

    2019 beta 250 2t stolen

    Used only a couple of times. Stolen from locked shed and chained to my ktm 350 excf [ also stolen]. From killamarsh, sheffield. 15/1/19. Bike as standard [red, black and white]. Frame no ZD3T80332K0200806. Any sightings, info tel Keith 07794031073. Thanks.
  14. heffergm

    2019 X-Trial on TV in USA

    No. Luckily, internetz: https://www.x-trial.tv/en-int/page/pricing-x-trial
  15. Are there any channels showing the series in the USA for 2019? I've searched and found nothing. Thanks.
  16. fantic240motor

    1989 Fantic 305 - Clutch Not Working

    This parts list might help. Unfortunately there isn't a "how to" workshop manual available for this bike. I've attached the owners very similar 305 manual that does have some useful info. The clutch is on the gear shift side. The cover is easily removed, you'll see the clutch basket with metal and friction plates inside. Jugging from the overall condition of your project I'd say new plates, gear oil and control cable would be a good place to start to get the clutch working smoothly. All available from inmotion here in the UK who will send parts all over the world. I rescued a 307 in similar condition once and it was a fun project. Just a heads up with the kickstart lever, I'd move it clockwise a couple of notches so it sits higher when folded in. You'll not hit your toe on it when using the rear brake. Fantic_307_parts_list.pdf fantic_245_305_manual (1).pdf
  17. arbutus

    Strange but true

    I have just put my bottom end back together after installing a heli-coil in the crankcase for the crankshaft locating bolt. (2009 4t) 1 No, the W/P shaft has to come apart to allow the cam chain to drop down for head removal. 2 No, a shaft passes from one side of the engine to the other linking the oil pumps together, it must be decoupled before splitting the cases. 3 Yes, I only had to remove the kickstart lever. 4 I used a home made puller, that copied the factory part, to split the cases, it worked perfectly. No damage to any parts. 5 The crankshaft locating bolt properly seated in the crank's slot does the job. This whole job resulted from a repair 5 years ago to the W/P seals and shaft. I used the crank locking bolt to hold the crank, and hence the W/P gear fixed while the W/P shaft was unscrewed. Trouble started when I re-torqued the crank locating bolt to factory spec with the copper washer. The initial hole for the bolt is larger than the screw threads used, and the washer deformed to a dome shape, allowing the bolt to contact the crank. It would not turn over with the kickstart. I knew right away what the trouble was, but as I had already buggered the copper washer, I made a new one out of sheet aluminium. My mistake was using too thick a sheet, thus not engaging enough threads, They eventually stripped out. My advise is to torque the bolt to less than the factory spec, tight enough to seal, but not deform the copper washer. Secondly, use an 8mm bolt with 15mm of thread in place of the bullet nosed locating bolt, keep it in your toolbox. Cheers
  18. young girl sunt

    Jitsie Dynamik Back Protector

    Time Left: 27 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Jitsie Dynamik back and chest protector. Size Large. Worn twice and in excellent condition. £45 including postage.

    45.00 GBP

  19. alberto

    1989 Fantic 305 - Clutch Not Working

    it's a Fantic 307 consider how many money cost you restore this bike 🤔
  20. b40rt

    1989 Fantic 305 - Clutch Not Working

    What's the problem ? Not disengaging ? Hydraulic, cable ? Clutch is on the other side.
  21. MikeB

    Ullo from Whitby

    Switched my focus a little and picked up a tidy well looked after Sherco 2.5 2000 vintage, bodywork a bit tatty but everything else great....£1000 including some spare fork seals, dust caps, and a litre of 2T oil! Now for some balancing practice in the gardemn...weather permitting!
  22. Hi Guys, Having a hassle with my clutch, it's an old bike and I am in the process of refurbishing it. The snag is I have no idea how yo open up the clutch and investigate what the actual problem is. Any help will be much appreciated, a manual, video or some pics. Thanks in advance! Leigh
  23. beta729

    Beta evo rear wheel

    Time Left: 27 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Very good condition straight wheel comes with nearly new 42tooth sprocket & disc, has had new bearings fit. Ready to put in and use. Can be supplied with a new Dunlop or Michelin tyre for extra cost. Cash on collection preferred but the buyer can arrange courier at there expense. Any questions 07921 500587

    300.00 GBP

  24. Lil' Willie's dad.

    Beta 80 medium wheel mods.

    Can anyone tell me the best exhaust packing for the 80. A specific brand please? Many thanks. Apologies for derailing, but this was the main reason for my last question. Many thanks.
  25. misscrabstick

    Trial bike in winter

    For all my bikes whatever their type (except aircooled!) I use blue antifreeze mixed at 50/50 with distilled water, the distilled water contains no minerals and this will help to minimise imurities clogging the small passageways found in bike cooling systems.
  26. b40rt

    TX300 oil ratio

    That's a pity, arguably the best twin shock.
  27. misscrabstick

    fork seal driver

    I have the one that comes in two halves and you use it as a kind of slide hammer, it works just fine, I have done a few road bike seals (Vmax, XT660) and a Beta Techno and it's done well each time. I would reccomend masking taping the stanchions after you have slid the seal down to protect the surfaces as you hammer the driver up and down.
  28. MarkLathrope

    Beta 2006 rev 3 250

    To be fair there nothing on the lever just comes straight back to bars no pressure at all how do I know if there free play ??
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