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  2. fourex

    Mar engine weight

    With regards to engine weight, surely you have access to bathroom scales ? Just weigh yourself holding that big lump of motor and then weigh yourself again without motor, hey presto you now have your answer.
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  4. brucey

    Montesa 4RT Dragging Clutch Advice

    Just an update. I carried out the drilling mod and fettled the clutch outer basket. I also lightly filed the fingers on the friction plates. I refilled with Elf oil and tried it up and down the road. It was dragging worse than ever😳. I decided there was nothing to lose by ‘bedding it in’ so I put it in 4th and slipped the clutch for 50yds. Hey presto! A working clutch😊👍. I can push it easily in 1st with the engine off and clutch in. It starts in gear and I can just about get neutral. I just need to see how long it will last. Hopefully a long time😊 Thanks for all your advice guys👍
  5. 2stroke4stroke

    Choosing a new front tire.

    I would imagine the longer springs, if suited to MX or YZ, will be far too stiff for trials use, ditto the damping control set up. 15w is far too heavy an oil anyway. You don't say what your bike actually is, what is it? There was an implication of it being a trailified TY but then you mention an expansion chamber which points to something else. I can't, in that case, help but feel that it would be better and cheaper in the long run to take cleanorbust's advice about getting a trials bike - you haven't even started on rear suspension or footrest position queries yet, let alone the unsuitability of an expansion chamber equipped motor.
  6. dan williams


    The stand itself is OK but access to the fasteners is, to say the least, less than user friendly.
  7. Whiskyshooter

    2019 raga forks

    I'm just curious as most the other top level bikes use the aluminum I believe
  8. pauls320

    2019 raga forks

    I would think it is for financial reasons and durability. Did you try contact your local dealer and ask them?
  9. Tillerman6

    Choosing a new front tire.

    Feetupfun! Great info and good news. I was afraid the triple clamps were not TY in which case it would throw off the rake and trail. The lower fork legs have a TYB sticker on them. I guess they still could be from an MX or YZ Yamaha as the TYB rep said that TYB sells to OEM source makers. I was able to steer and manouver fairly well with the old high fender setup and with the fork tubes sticking up out of the top triple clamp about an inch and a half before I took the bike apart for the engine overhaul. The new fender is a TY replica from DC plastics and it looks pretty authentic, so I'm hoping I can get it to work with the new brackets I made. Lots of things to do before I can mount the new fender it though, as I need some dry weather so I can paint the frame and swing arm. Should happen next week I hope. I ordered the new front tire, some fork oil, and some new fork seals in the last couple of days. I guess I will wait for the seals and get the forks back together before I try and mount the new fender. It might be easier to have the bike on it's wheels and just leave the fork springs out until I can see how far the wheel moves up with no springs installed.? The rear shocks are Falcon brand and 13 5/16" center to center or 338mm. Is that longer than stock? How much ground clearance do I need for novice trials? Had to drill out one of the bottom allen screws to get one of the fork legs off. The threads were stuck to the innards of the fork metering rod and would just spin and not let the allen head screw back out. Somebody had put some yellow goop on the threads of the allen screw and it grabbed the metering rod threads permantly!. I ordered some 15 weight oil. don't know if that was a good choice or not, but gotta start somewhere. There is a small captive steel "washer" at the bottom??? end of the main springs( same OD as the spring OD) -looks like a small top hat with a hole in the middle. Is that supposed to be at the bottom of the spring or the top end? Thanks for all your help!
  10. copemech

    evo 19 250 radiator vent blowing

    they will find their own level if not given expansion room for warm weather.
  11. copemech

    2019 raga forks

    if I had to say, it is because they work!
  12. Whiskyshooter

    2019 raga forks

    125 views and not a single answer?? Nobody have an answer..
  13. feetupfun

    Choosing a new front tire.

    Your triple clamps are TY Yamaha. Your fork sliders are MX or YZ Yamaha and your brake backing plate is MX or YZ Yamaha. The lines on the fork tubes are there as a reference for where to clamp them on the bike that they originally came from. If they are longer tubes than TY250A then they are not TY250B, because all the TY250 twinshocks have the same length fork tubes. I would expect that the fork tubes are also off a MX or YZ Yamaha. To maintain the standard TY steering geometry you should set the tubes so that the axle is in the same position as it would be with TY forks. If the travel of your forks is longer than TY forks you may need to fit travel limiting spacers to the damper rods, to avoid the mudguard or tyre hitting the lower triple clamp.
  14. montesa 348 kick trouble

    1979 Registered 348 Cota

    im having trouble with my 348 kick ,,it is slipping i guess.....what should i do?
  15. Tillerman6

    Choosing a new front tire.

    You have raised a good point about the clearances behind and above the new fender that I had not thought of. . Fortunately, the new brackets are somewhat adjustable up and down the lower fork legs so the fender can be adjusted up or down about an inch or so, and also the fork tubes themselves are about an inch and a half longer than they need to be. These are TYB forks and the last 2 inches at the top of the tubes looks to be a separate piece, although they have resisted my best efforts to unscrew them. I can't tell if the triple clamps are Yamaha, or they have also been swapped out for the TYB. I will include some pictures here and maybe you can tell if they are Yamaha triple clamps? I had to replace the lower balls and races inside the center post, and I ordered Yamaha parts for that and they fit the frame and the center post perfectly, so i think it's just the fork legs and front wheel assembly that was swapped out. ?
  16. Yesterday
  17. trapezeartist

    Show Us Your Ty

    The previous owner seemed to have something of a passion for ground clearance.😱
  18. joespivey

    Gas gas 125 2011

    Time Left: 27 days and 11 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For sale Gas gas 125 2011, good condition, perfect for a beginner or youth rider, wants for nothing and is ready to ride. £2200 open to offers. Many questions call joe 07739530514

    2,200.00 GBP

  19. Whiskyshooter

    2019 raga forks

    Does anyone know the reasoning why the raga comes with the steel tech forks over the aluminum.
  20. gasserguy

    Radiator repair

  21. pjw123

    Bultaco Pursang mk11 fork oil levels??

    As a general starting point for old school MX forks, take out the springs, compress the forks & fill to about 6" or 7" below top of tube.
  22. Midds

    Show Us Your Ty

    Just looked through all the posts.... i may have some more work to do there are a lot of beautiful bikes on here, fair play to you, real nice...... not many Ty50m models...are they few and far between?
  23. Robaidh

    Advice on age of this bike please.

    Ideal thank you
  24. Midds

    Show Us Your Ty

    Just finished my ty50m bought it off a bike breaker and it had seen better days.. 1g7 Yamaha serial number puts it as a uk bike. 1977 im in the process of getting her registered for the first time. Hopefully! All the paperwork with the dvla at the moment so who knows!! any one else tried to register a similar bike for the first time? How did it go?
  25. Midds

    Montesa 349 what year???

    Got her running well, now the fuel gets through and yeah you were right to start trialling on this would be a mistake. Power in spades, awesome to just ride out... After all the work, they are well put together and I'm going to do another.... so may be interested in selling her if anyone's interested.. shes got the v5 now in my name.
  26. Midds

    Montesa 349 what year???

    Hello bike was a white wonder. just got round to finishing putting her back...
  27. Bilko

    Advice on age of this bike please.

    On the headstock between the triple trees and yes it wouldn't say Sherco 06
  28. im trying to fix the kick start on my 348 montesa trial.......i wrote to "feetupfun" about the problem....can you have a look there....im new and just learning how to use this site.......

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