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  2. Hello, I have a Beta Rev 80 which is surging/cutting out at high throttle/WOT. It is stalling for amoment, then picks up before stalls again.. I have cleaned carburettor and nozzles, i have checked float level, tried changing needle positions, changed gasoline and ensured fuel supply is ok. Changed spark plug. I have no idea what can be the problem. I have not checked air filter or ignition timing, i dont even know how the ignition works. Any tips wold be appreciated, Regards Oddemann
  3. Hi, has anyone found a suitable heat sink to use for the 24 r motor to help keep a little cooler?
  4. During the poker run I was trying to catch Siege on his MT250 and my exhaust started to melt the rear fender. Pretty sure I cleaned out any carbon buildup.
  5. After the first loop blasting across those fields in top gear my muffler seemed like it was ready to burst into flames, I slowed down after that.
  6. sparkieb


    Parts back from aquablaster and now high temp painted, things are coming along
  7. Time Left: 27 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Beta 250 4T 2009/10, very good condition, only used a few times over the last 4 years! Just had a full service etc. Reason for sale is Lack of use. May PX for good spec pre 65 Bantam.

    1,800.00 GBP

  8. The trials I rode last weekend had two transfer sections through freshly cut hay fields. We also rode a poker run through the same terrain, except for a longer distance.
  9. Yet you ride your vintage trial bike WFO? 🤣
  10. Welding equipment is no problem, overthinking the relocation mods were. I was moving more towards removing those huge OE footpeg lugs and fabbing frame plates for the peg mounts, but relocating the brake pedal cleanly had me a tad stumped. Your solution has me thinking in another direction, and I think it will be a lot cleaner and MUCH less involved than my original idea. Thanks for the pics and the descriptions! As for now, it's loaded in the trailer alongside the 4RT for some Trials fun in Texas this weekend. Hijack over. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming....
  11. Willybul

    Front fork swap

    Cheers mate . Very useful info !
  12. Those two model Sherpa T you mention use a circumferential clamp at the top ends of the fork tubes that is fastened with 6mm bolts. Your Mk4 Lobito was made around the time where some Bultaco models had circumferential top clamps and some models had a cone (tapered) shape to the top end of the fork tubes that fitted into a matching conical hole in the top clamp. For you to be able to interchange fork tubes the fastening method for the top end of both needs to be the same
  13. Willybul

    Front fork swap

    I thought I'd ask as I didn't know if the Sherpa forks would be good for road riding . Models are 182 and 191 . What do you mean by tapered tops ?
  14. I wouldn’t be too critical of your current riding style, especially over ‘that’ obstacle....you clear it with minimum fuss. Most of the noise is suspension and chain whipping. Looks pretty much how most would ride over that type of hard edge. Maybe practice on a flat surface just kicking the rear up slightly with body weight transfer, a bit like a see-saw action from you using the bars to push your weight against and legs to try and bounce upwards ( a*** in the air style) once the rear starts to come up inertia and the suspension unloading momentarily will do the rest. Personally if you are clearing the obstacle you will only see it or its type for every lap, not dozens of times. You’ve obviously thought about this particular issue a lot, so you have planned to clean it, then ridden to clean it, mission accomplished. Now move onto increase your other skills. Also bear in mind your bike is a little heavier than the 2T bikes so reaction from the bike will be a tad slower, but that comes into the planning part🤔👍🙂
  15. Should have maybe used the back of the score sheet.....but then you would have scored your a***😳Bet you’ve added toilet paper to your riding kit!
  16. They should in theory slip straight in. Can’t see why Willybul has not carried out feetupfun’s suggestion!
  17. rcgods

    Front fork swap

    Taper tops were used until the Model 91/92. The Model 124/125 onward had straight tops.
  18. If you have both bikes why not measure them yourself?
  19. Time Left: 27 days and 10 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Probably regret this but I’ve decided to sell my TRS Gold 250. The bike is a 2018 model, Registered with V5 in my name and it’s taxed till July 2020. The bike is number 31 of only 150 made. The bike has only ever ridden the easy route by a over 50 rider, it has been maintained regardless of cost. The oil has just changed prior to sale and the bike underwent a full service 2 months ago, when all fluids were changed out and suspension linkages greased plus new chain and sprockets. It has good tyres the rear is just turned and the front is 3 trials old. The bike comes standard with the best suspension out there Tech Gold forks and the Rieger Hydrostop shock, it has a full carbon airbox. The bike is 15 mths old but was laid up for 4 mths while I recover from a shoulder injury. It’s a used bike so has the usual trials battle scars you would expect, but I have slightly damaged the tailpipe, the damage can be seen in the photo’s. The price is £5400 ono, contact me on 07815490592 or PM me on here, the bike can be viewed at Andy Metcalfe Motorcycles Guisborough 01287 638030.

    5,400.00 GBP

  20. It’s a quick turn throttle tube. In sort it takes less of a twist of the tube to go from 0 to full, about 1/4 turn if I recall correctly. the outside diameter of the portion the cable wraps around is larger...
  21. Yesterday
  22. Keep in mind that most Japanese motorcycles use Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) screws. Sometimes referred to Japanese Phillips. Standard Phillips screwdrivers are built with an angle on the flanks and rounded corners. This taper on the driving faces causes the screwdriver bit to "cam out" of the slot before twisting a screw head off. JIS screwdrivers have near parallel faces on the driving flanges and will not cam out. Using a Phillips screwdriver on JIS screws, especially those rusted tight, will typically result in a stripped out screw. Most hardware stores do not stock JIS screwdrivers, but you can find them on eBay.
  23. What boot would fit a larger calf muscle. Asking for a friend. 🙄 size 45
  24. 57 whippersnapper🤪You’ll like the Beamish more when you get to know it better. Practice makes perfect.
  25. Theres no comparison to actually trying on before you buy.
  26. What year Sherpa T as the early stanchions were tapered at the top.
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