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  2. little about amal carbs https://static1.squarespace.com/static/547e5122e4b0193d67f28396/t/5854ddf6725e25b3b4c06d52/1481956877861/Amal+MK2+Carb+Manual.pdf
  3. Betor often are around 24mm wide and have sort of rubber bush installed. I don´t know how to take it out undamaged. You may have to make your frame attachments wider to accept the shock. 24mm is quite normal. If the shock has a bladder (or Internal floating piston) inside (think most of them have) best is to mount it with the cylinder facing upwards in order to keep the unsprung weight low
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  5. That`s because if you are in the U.K. the bikes come with a heavy flywheel. The rest of us the bikes have more zip!
  6. Width at pivot including end caps 178 mm Length from centre of pivot to centre of axle slot 380 mm
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  8. Hi, could I please get a copy of the Vertigo service manual too ? Many thanks in advance. garner.dm@outlook.com
  9. Thanks for your reply, Plug is wet. I'll try your suggestion in the final sentence thank you. Seller says he last started it 2 weeks ago and ran it for a while to check stuff. There is deffo a spark with plug removed. I shocked myself quite nicely. Full choke and no throttle. Noted. Seller also says it always starts from cold with 1 or 2 kicks unless it floods - which it does easily. *shrug* i am having zero luck. I'm getting a bit disheartened. been trying now to start it for a day and a half. Not even a glimmer from it. I'll keep trying for now but I'm actually knackered! My plan for remedy - take it to a local event anyway and see if i can get some tips or book it in with a local mechanic....
  10. I've only had a quick go on two of them, but it was back to back with my 250. I didn't think they were that different, daft little things like bar position and a sharper back brake stood out way more than the engine difference.
  11. Its like riding a "96 Beta 250 with better brakes and suspension. I would just find the cleanest newer Beta 250 you can find.
  12. I've only been riding twinshock in last few years but I'm looking to Get a modern bike again. I've had 2 beta 300 4t and really like them but in the past I had a 2015 250 2t. Just want something for the trials my old bones find too much on the TLR. Id thought of returning to 250 2t but there is a 300ss going. Can't find much written about them other than the technical spec. Does anyone have any side by side experience of the 300ss v the 250. Cheers
  13. Is the plug wet or dry? If it was sitting, I would recommend complete carb clean plus fresh gas. Check that air filter looks OK. With spark plug removed and grounded, check for spark when kicking. When running properly, most of these bikes like to start cold with full choke and no throttle. If the plug is dry, you could try laying the bike on its side with fuel tap open until some gas runs out of the carb. If there is a fuel shortage, that should get it primed so then give it a number of kicks. You may need some throttle here. If it starts and runs for a little but then dies, it reinforces the need for a carb clean. If plug is wet, you can try some kicking with petcock off, choke off and throttle wide open to clear.
  14. Yes for the most part. I don't mind them at an angle except they don't fold back properly. I angled them a little in an effort to make the kicker clear the peg. It does not.
  15. Hi got bikes loaded up to find bumpys shut. Anymore recommendations please. England West Yorkshire? Thanks
  16. Helloo, I've just bough a Gasgas 125 (2009) off ebay and I cant get the thing to start. During purchase it wouldn't start either but im confident that, in a few months, with your help, it'll fire up!! Here is what I know: bike looks good, its got a carburettor and a spark plug. compression seems fine. There is fuel in the tank. It's been left for a while unused. Ill try to add some pics - Please could any one give me some simple tips. Somewhere to start in terms of getting this thing started. So far I have mainly tried: full choke. half/full throttle, kicking the hell oot of it till I'm knackered.
  17. Can any of you guys please tell me the width of the Yam TY 175 swing arm at the pivot point between the bushes and the length from the pivot point to the centre of the wheel spindle slot Thanks
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  19. I'm not sure if this helps but there is an aftermarket CDI/ coil available for some years, 2003 to 2008. https://www.regulatorrectifier.com/catalog/2003-2008-beta-270-rev-3-cdi-unit I had one as a spare on a 2008 Rev 3 200. It ran the same as the OEM ignition. The bike is gone but I still have the spare. The web site list the same part number for 200, 250 & 270. https://www.regulatorrectifier.com/catalog/2003-2008-beta-200-rev-3-cdi-unit Another source https://www.hpi.be/item.php?item=CD13201
  20. Hi. I’m struggling to find replacement beta air filter box brackets online. Does anyone know where I can order a replacement pair ? Thanks
  21. I have bought a pair of Betor Gas Aluminum Trial shocks and found the bush a little too wide to fit in my frame. The bush feels like it’s in a spherical bearing so I’m not sure if they press out? I emailed Betor and I’m not sure they knew what I was asking…. It needs to be just 2mm narrower - so I could grind it down in situ, but if it comes out I’d prefer to do that. Stephen
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    Ossa TR 77 Swinging Arm

    Thanks for the comments guys. I have now managed to remove the spindle by cutting off the flange on the bushes and carefully drilling down between the swinging arm and the spindle in multiple places to relieve the grip the bushes had on the spindle, I was then able to recover the o-rings and drift the spindle out. I cannot believe how tightly the plastic/nylon? bushes had gripped the spindle, it would not move. Whether it was due to some chemical reaction between the bushes and the grease that had caused them to swell I am not sure, they spindle has probably not rotated/moved in excess of 25 years! The hole on the top of the swinging arm is a plain hole and originally there was some dense foam type material that plugged it, on the underneath there is an oil/grease nipple with a spring loaded ball bearing in the center. I think I will tap the top hole and fit a grease nipple where it will be more accessible.
  23. I am currently trying to build a Beta 270 Rev 3 from a box of bits. Alternator fitted to the bike is 6 pole. I do not have the matching CDI unit. In the box is a complete Lionelli CDI/coil system. Can anyone advise me if it is possible to adapt one to the other. I can supply wiring details for the parts in question
  24. Time Left: 26 days and 8 hours

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    I am selling my one off MZ Ts 250 trials bike. It was converted into a trials bike from a standard MZ ts250 road bike in 2013. The starting point was a 1979 250cc, 5 speed motor and frame, fitted with 21" front wheel and 18" rear, the frame has been modified and fitted with Betor rear shocks and trials footrests. I have ridden this bike in many trials and modified it to make it more competitive over several years, I have won several competitions at clubman and 50/50 level and have won both championships at the North Lincs Classic Motorcycle Club. In the first lockdown I decided to give the bike a new look, repainting it and also rebuilding the engine with a rebore, new piston and crank rebuild. The engine is fitted with electronic ignition that has made the bike reliable and easy to start. Overall, the bike is reliable, steers and handles well and is competitive. It has been used in a few trials since it was repainted so does have a few marks on it as can be expected. I am reluctantly selling it to help finance a pre65 bike. The price is £1400 ono. If you want something different that is competitive this is the bike for you. It does not have a V5 document and is not road registered. It is off road only. If you have any questions or would like to view please contact me at alanmarin-andrew@hotmail.co.uk or 07788581093 Thanks Alan Beverley, England

    1,400.00 GBP

  25. Here’s the link to the supplier. https://eshop.wurth.co.uk/Brake-cleaner-BRKCLNR-1LTR/0890108100.sku/en/GB/GBP/
  26. You can see the bottle on one of the pictures. Its Wurth brake cleaner, brilliant at removing adhesive of any sort.
  27. What did you use to remove the old adhesive"?
  28. I responded to the other post about rugeley practice area. Seems the landowner lost the battle and the great site is lost. Can anyone else confirm this please?
  29. Did anything ever happen with this? We used to ride at Rugeley back in the day, it was a great venue. Would be great to see it opened up again.
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