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  4. Time Left: 27 days and 22 hours

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    Wanted Gas Gas/Sherco/Vertigo/Montesa Rear Wheel (New Flange style) Call/Text 07972923222 Thanks


  5. Has anyone got a map for the r2 and r3 250 ? And is it pos to put them on the r1
  6. Certainly not a role model, anyway. The whooshing noise is the sound of jokes going over your head by the way ... or you need to turn your head into the wind, maybe.
  7. Hi all, I need to change my fork oil and seals on a 2017 Factory. I was looking at the right hand fork and realised its not the standard square bolt for cap fitting. Does anyone know the proper way to remove the fork cap on this? You can see what I mean in the picture. Thanks!
  8. Did Biden steal the elections or is Trump lying?
  9. Unless you are not burning fossil fuel yourself, and with that ride an electric trials bike, please save your commenting efforts. As for climate change, why does the USA need to lead the world, what is wrong with the UK, Germany and all these other countries spending their own citizens tax dollars to lead the world in the fight against these global warming climate changers. By the way, as a spectator of USA politics, living here and dealing with how it unfolds is a far different view than you see and even greater to experience the effects. Could it be that the UK, actually every other country, simply lower their requirements of who is considered a citizen, have no requirements to meet, simply show up. Better still, those that do arrive, give them everything they need for free, paid for by your tax dollars, and offer it up, as long as they need it. The USA needs to get its own crap sorted out. You folks can save the rest of the world without us.
  10. Dumb ass, you are a typical uninformed and uneducated person, Pence was never a model.
  11. John Banks is best known as a world championship moto cross rider for BSA though I understand that earlier in his riding career he rode a DOT. Looking at the main frame loop and lower subframe on your bike the design is very similar to a DOT though the DOT bikes made around that time used square tube for the main frame loop.
  12. Check the timing mark. I am wondering if the timing has been retarded to soften the power at higher revs - perhaps by too much. About 3mm retarded (not degrees) will soften the power. A bit more and it will run badly. You will need to remove the flywheel to check this. Special tool needed (E.bay, a few quid).
  13. Thanks for the replies folks. Testing the shock with no spring on it would be good idea. But I wouldn't know how much damping it should have in the first place. It's old, and I'm just pottering about on it for fun at the moment. I've did it up a bit, so I'll try it and if it has no grip and can't get up the hills, I'll know its the shock as its the only thing I haven't done.
  14. richardgg

    ossa rear brake

    I don't think the rear brake on mine was ever particularly powerful so it may just be expectations? I suggest you try the old standby of getting the brake really hot by riding around on full throttle in 2nd or 3rd controlling your speed with the brake and throwing a bucket of cold water over it, if there isn't a decent cloud of steam it wasn't hot enough. Rinse and repeat 🙂 If that doesn't work back to the usual brake maintenance tricks - check the pads and pucks move freely in the caliper, change the fluid and do a really good of bleeding
  15. Had contact from guy that owned it after John Banks with loads of info and he is send me photos of bike which I will post on here 😁
  16. Cheap Chinese text editors are rubbish too!
  17. A friend of mine has fitted a Triumph Cub engine to an RTX frame he had going spare, ill post some pics up. cheers derek
  18. Yes they ware out in a few ways. Some of them are, that the oil brakes down, the seals ware out, if you loose to much nitrogen it will almost always cause a shock to leak, etc. My 2 cents, for what its worth, is that If the shock is not serviceable but you like the way the bike rides, and your a tight wad, use it tell you feel it doesn't ride nice and replace it, or ride it tell it would normally be time to rebuild and then replace it with a serviceable shock. When mine needed service I decided to change it out for a custom setup that is more plush than my original and really like the way the bike rides now but even just a nice lower cost serviceable shock would work great in my opinion. Good luck with what ever you end up doing.
  19. You need to take the shock off the bike, then take the spring off, push down on shock to see if it has good/ any rebound ? If there is little or no rebound it is definitely time for a rebuild, it depends what sort of & how much riding you do ? I usually rebuild my shocks after about 15k of trail bike riding, with a trials bike i suppose you could get a good year out of it, if it has never been touch i would definitely open it up & have an inspection of all parts & reoil & regas it !
  20. Yesterday
  21. funny you should mention that. I have a pair of the 48v10ah that are scheduled to arrive today from Fedex. I was originally planning on running them as a single pack just for around the house and swapping the batteries out, but I could run them in parallel for longer ride times. I'll let ya know how they fit. FYI the 48v20ah was too big, I was able to stand it up and connect it, but the width was too big to be able to put the side covers on. So they ended up swapping that for the 2 48v10ah.
  22. rvktm


    Time Left: 27 days and 3 hours

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    wanted jotagas 300


  23. Pleased that you have found the make of your bike also that I correctly identified both the front hub and cylinder. Hope you restore and ride it, be good if you can post pictures here on tc of the finished machine.
  24. Hi folks, Can someone tell me this.. Do shocks wear out on a trials bike? Or since the one I have would need to be drilled, are they like a standard road bike and just fade a bit. Or is the damping that important on them. Its an old Gasgas Thanks
  25. Looking for some advice have just bought a S3 head and insert for my 2016 scorpa twenty after some advice been reading around and its recommended that the insert locating pin should be removed just wondering if anyone has done one
  26. yes frame weld not tidy so change all engine bolts and stress bolts this one had a small fire fuel spiling out of the carb so thats good not all bad then thank you for reply
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