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    I own a 1976 348MRR, the bike is a low engine and frame number , when I purchased the bike in 1979 it had and still has a cream coloured seat , I have never seen one the same but it looks original, any ideas ??
  3. mrtmartinp

    Fantic 200.

    Hi Andy, I have an original dealer parts list if you needs the refs for the shims, let me know and I can scan them. Attached may help for now. Probably used in other Fantic engines e.g. Parts specific to the 200 (156 rear kick) start with 350. Probably find the shims are common to the 125 (FM250 250.) Not sure if Bill Pye at Frankfield Garage is still trading if any help. Fantic 125-200.pdf
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  5. My old standard 250 had the black throttle body and just seemed zippier when opening the throttle. Same gearing as standard 10-42. Does rev up but you used the perfect word, sluggish and runs pretty well at idle but just slow to pick up and take off. Clutch doesnt drag. I will check to see if previous owner put an extra flywheel weight on. But seems like they may have had whatever problem I'm having hence the quick throttle tube
  6. White Domino throttle tube is definitely "Fast action" throttle with less movement required than black tube throttle ~120 degrees total turn. What are you using for final gearing? My '22 Evo Factory 250 came stock with 10/42 gearing and had no problems revving right up. I switched to 9/43 gearing and prefer to use 2nd gear, instead of 1st; when riding sections - which allows closer steps to 3rd or 4th gear. Typically if bike is geared with taller gearing (i.e 11 or 12 tooth front sprocket) then 1st gear is still pretty usable, but then there is pretty big gap; shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. A 250 is generally a little more mellow than a 300, but something doesn't seem right, if "slow-revving" is interpreted as "sluggish".
  7. Tell a lie, turns out its a white one. Strange, seems previous owner maybe had problems with power.
  8. That's it, and it will have the same on the barrel somewhere. If it's been re-nikasiled, the old grade should be obliterated and a new one stamped beside it.
  9. Hi lowside, it's a black domino one. Is that standard from beta themselves? May need to look a bit closer as to why it seems to rev up slower. Cheers for the reply
  10. Welcome! I'm also just across the water from you (Portishead). Finding practice areas nearby is always difficult though I think there's one down towards Swansea, a long way for me but pretty handy for you. Gwent Classic run some good trials around Monmouth area, perfect for a beginner.
  11. Wow! Someone starting older than me (albeit you have far more other bike experience than I had). Welcome to the club.
  12. Jgas part number 8603154, but it's just a 12x20x5 lipped seal that is readily available online.
  13. Probably repairable, but welding up hubs is something that is an (expensive) last resort on rare bikes that you can't get replacement parts for. Front TY hubs are still being made and if you have a decent look on eBay you will probably find new hubs available ex Thailand. Apart from that there will be plenty of second hand TY front hubs available. I'll sell you one if you are stuck. It's quite rare to break a front hub. I'm interested in how it was achieved.
  14. If its a domino throttle then a white tube is fast action, black is slow.
  15. Hi folks, broke my ty175 front hub at the weekend. The brake plte says magnesiun on it, is the hub also mag or aluminium. Cheers, just wodering if it would be weldable.
  16. Hi, everyone. I have just bought a 2022 250 factory to replace my 2017 standard 250. I have found the throttle to be a bit slow when revving up. Is there any easy telĺ to see if the previous owner put a slow action throttle on it? Instead of standard? As grips have been changed at some point too. Given the condition of the bike and only a year old it seems strange to change the grips to me.
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  18. Time Left: 26 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    New tyre, chain/ sprockets/ tensioner, front brake pads, cables, filter, fork seals etc. Very original - it has a side stand, speedo, exhaust. Not road registered. Lots of spares. £2,200. May p/ex for Beta Evo (2020/ 2021/ 2022) Edinburgh

    2,200.00 GBP

  19. https://www.parkwoodoutdoorsltd.com/trials https://www.bumpy.org.uk/ https://cowmleisure.com/?page_id=32
  20. hi guys recently just got back into trials and im looking to see if there are like any pay and play type places where you can just turn up to practice ideally in the north east north west and Yorkshire areas or any other places where you have to join a club or what ever thanks
  21. Time Left: 26 days and 19 hours

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    This is my missus' bike. We have owned it for about 4 years, It runs and rides very well, starts easily and has been no bother (throttle cable frayed, replaced last year). The front brake has been fitted with a Galfer disc and pads and the M/C replaced with a braktec item. This has improved the brake and is much better than the old Beta item. The Beta front mudguard split and has been replaced with a Bosi. Rear mudguard is about 2 years old. In the lockdown I fitted a new chain and sprocket which are still all in very good order. Recently I have had the forks serviced by a local suspension specialist. The rear suspension bearings all replaced and in very good order. This bike has been lightly used and maintained to be ready to be used up to Friday when she bought an E Motion. Sadly therefore this has to go.

    2,500.00 GBP

  22. Yeah, I was clearly rapid kicking and letting it catch halfway down. Lesson learned. It was fun until …!
  23. Make sure you feel the kickstart is engaged before you kick. Then *sharp fast kick*
  24. I fitted a Wes silencer on my Ty125 when I was a teenager in the late 80's. It made a massive difference exactly as feet up fun describes. A better sound and more trials specific power. The ty125 silencer was very restrictive with a tiny bore on the outside. It really transformed my little bike and I loved it !!!
  25. Can someone help me with my gas gas vin number vtrgg129801980061
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