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  1. No holes just muck, will that sealing stuff stop the boys falling off it?
  2. So I pulled an old ty175 from a garage a little while ago and found inside the tank was lots of bits that looked like it had fallen of the side wall, any idea what it is and how to fix? Its a sammy miller tank amd seat combined. Cheers, josh
  3. Thanks tony27, that website is great for this and good to know for the future!
  4. The current model number for the kickstart shaft is 5251566001 if that helps at all
  5. Hi, Im in need of a kickstart shaft for my ty175 with good splines, im just interested to know if you guys know any cross references for the ty or an alternative kickstart mechanism -josh
  6. Hi all, Is there an alternitave kickstart shaft for a 1976 ty175, my shaft splines have been took off and i need a new shaft but cant find one, a shaft the same on another bike would be ok -josh
  7. i tried a dt175e 1976 clutch cover on but didnt fit, i have a friend near me that is going to keep an eye open for any that come around. a dt125/175mx should also fit i think.
  8. Thanks for the information on the cover, now I can go and get a yz cover for my ty175!!
  9. the mixture screw can be blocked or your throttle isn't turned up enough
  10. sounds like it is running to rich, is the mixture setting correct or the spark plug gap correct. it may also be because of a sticky choke or the engine is flooding. -power175
  11. maybe its the play on the valve tappets -power175
  12. possibly, if still no use with plug heated up then try pouring some petrol directly into the carb. this will test if there is any fuel in it and if it fires up then its the carb. if you've got a multi-meter try the cdi, engine outlet and cdi outlet. i can help more in advanced if you can tell me how many pins the cdi has. i would recommend trying to pour fuel into carb before looking into ignition as it will be easier to fix -power175
  13. I heat mine up on a gas hob but you can use a lighter or blow touch. the spark could be worn points or if its magneto then they are to far apart. it can also be more simple like a poor wire connection. -power175
  14. I'm not sure but on a 175 i just let the spring relax, put the spring on the hook and then put the shaft in place. seems to work okay!! -power175
  15. i have a quadbike just like that, it has low compression and the spark is weak along with the carb playing up but when its hot it starts and runs like a dream, i find a quick overhall of the carb befor starting it helps aswell as heating the plug up before starting, heating the plug up will make it easier for the spark to jump the gap therefor if it starts after the plugs heated up you know its somewere around that! -power175
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