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  1. It's more residue than all my previous bikes, and smokes more than my previous bikes. This is my 6th trials bike.
  2. OK cool, I'll give 80:1 a go then and increase to 100:1 if needed.
  3. Currently Castrol but I'm running low so will probably be Putoline next.
  4. That's actually more oil than I currently add so surely that would just make things worse?
  5. Woah! Isn't that 500:1?EDIT/ I miss read that, it's 100:1, I thought it said 10ml per 5L Might give that a try then.
  6. 2012 300cc, currently running it on 70:1 which works out at 71ml per 5L (5000ml / 70 = 71.4ml) BUT My exhaust tip has quite a bit of black sticky residue around it and it does smoke a little when running, more so than my previous bikes. So could/should I start adding a little less oil?
  7. That certainly has been the case for me with the Gaerne.
  8. I actually just did! Turns out UK 9.5 EURO 44 fits me OK.
  9. Just about to order some Gaerne Balance Classic boots and just noticed that some websites recommend going up a size due to the inner waterproof liner, is that the case? I'm usually a UK9/euro43 so which should I order? UK 9 - Euro 43 UK 9.5 - Euro 44 UK 10 - Euro 45 Thanks
  10. Good because that's where I was leaning anyway, BVM are also a 10min drive from me :-)
  11. Someone has offered to pay £150 towards some boots for me for Christmas so anyone have anything good or bad to say about the boots below or any other choices? I'm happy adding another £50 so anything between £150-200 would be ideal. Hebo Tech EVO Hebo EKO EVO Gaerne Balance Classic Forma Boulder Or anything similar, currently leaning towards the Gaerne Balance Classic in Black. I did try adding links to all of the boots but apparently the Admin do not allow that?!
  12. A. Adding another machining operation to a component will obviously add more cost, the place I work at charges £40-£50 per hour for each CNC machine to be running. B. I do know someone who has had 2 fingers sliced off when they got caught in the spaces on the rear sprocket. And I REALLY don't want that to happen to me so the extra cost on top of the cost of a normal sprocket is worth it's weight in Gold. And to those saying that the solid sprocket has less machining, you're wrong. The old style sprocket would have had those shapes pressed out, water jetted or lasered, NOT machined. Machining would have been an expensive way of mass producing that part.
  13. Emailed Marzocchi direct and they'd said they'd send me some stickers, that was a week ago now though and not had anything arrive yet so who knows.
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