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  1. just call up your local importer depending on which country your in. i think they would offer you a very good deal on a new frame if not free... worth a try. if not just weld. happy xmas all
  2. go for it - far better than a 5 year old gasser. 14-15 year bikes where a big step up in quality. buy it - you wont be disapointed
  3. all the prices and shops are pretty much the same other than the exchange rate. beta uk is good or any decent trials shop in europe ! - there all good
  4. just go ride them , so long as your responsible and not using them in crowded places - ( town centres etc) i really think you would be fine. go get out their and enjoy riding with your sons.
  5. try checking the woodruff key first - remove the flywheel cover ( plastic cover just infront of your left foot when your on the bike) and i think you have to remove the flywheel and you will see where the 'key' should sit and if its sheared or not. i have had this a few times causing same symptons as you where it cut out and then wouldnt go and can only get a backfire. im pretty sure its a fairly simple job - just when it happened to me someone else has done the work on the bike for me as i didnt have a fly wheel puller. http://www.splatshop.co.uk/sherco-flywheel-woodruff-key.html
  6. hi, i did this on my 15 125 back in june, either type of packing works, i prefer stringy stuff coz its easier to fit and sounds better ( in my opnion ) . from memory there are two maybe 3 screw holding the end can on. one of these you need to remove the plastic black thing that goes on the back of the tank and exhaust. there is a bolt for this at the top of it under the rear mudgaurd/ just to the left of the silencer. then there should be another bolt you can see. i couldnt get to this with my tools so for some reason i cant remember i had to take the whole silencer of to do it. sorry for being vague, hope that helps though.
  7. get it back to dealer and ask for a michelin to be fitted.
  8. did its job then, but whats wrong with it other than paint scatched etc? i am missing something haha??
  9. give splatshop a call - numbers on their website, they could help. if not maybe try get hold of an oset wheel or a push bike wheel and try find someone who can modify it for you. or try richard allen used trials spares - again number on his site.
  10. 15 has been the best year yet for the sherco 125, had no problems on it other than the jet clogging in the carb which was down to dirty fuel. the gear box is very positive and never had any jumps or issues, on the 14 and 15 the quality is alot better than previous bikes. ill be getting a 16 soon so pm if your interested in mine, its mint, im down south.
  11. yeah you can get them redone - about 150£ ... some people put filler and varnishy stuff on it then rub it down so its level and smooth, not perfect aesthetically but works nicely if done correctly
  12. so now this thread is about judging ones bike? stickers look good mate cheers for that.
  13. i saw a girl at a south east centre round this month riding one , was a fairly big loop and think the bike got round the whole trial ok. looked good and significantly bigger than the 20 - and alot bigger rear tyre. its not 24 inch wheels!! think its frame size
  14. or uk give gasgas uk a call they will be able to get you some
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