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  1. stpauls

    2016 factory sherco st 250

    The air filter is unusually fiddly and awkward to remove/refit. Helps if you have very small hands. You cannot easily check the radiator coolant level, without first removing the airbox and tank. However, when you check the coolant level, roughen up the edges of the filler plug, so you can grip it with your fingers next time. Reassemble. Next time you want to check the coolant level, release the 3 radiator holding screws and wedge the radiator back as far as it will easily go. Then use a shortened allen key to loosen the filler plug. Use your fingertips to unscrew completely. Next. use a hypodermic syringe with a piece of flexible plastic tube on the end to check the coolant level and add if necessary. (I use a piece of heat shrink-fit cable shroud).
  2. A Beta Evo has an adjuster on the throttle cable, near the twist grip. A Sherco ST doesn't. Would a Beta Evp throttle cable fit a Sherco ST I wonder?
  3. stpauls

    The First Chinese Trials Bike

    Jon Bliss from up in the Cotswolds, in England has made himself a trials bike with a TRS frame and a cheap Chinese 200cc (I think) 4 stroke engine. The curious thing is that the motor looks more "right" in the frame than the TRS motor that it replaced.
  4. I only spray the outside of the filter, but this may not be the best way. I have used two different makes of air filter oil, including Motul air filter oil. Both come out of the spray can in jets, rather than as a mist or spray. Is this usual?
  5. stpauls

    sherco 2016 radiator filler cap

    On the 2016 Sherco ST 250 it appears not possible to check the radiator coolant level, or to top it up, without first removing the airbox, tank etc. Is there any solution? Thanks
  6. stpauls

    Beta clutch drag

    My 2016 Sherco's clutch looks very similar. Would this work on a Sherco, with a dragging clutch, I wonder?
  7. stpauls

    Alternative to observed trials?

    Have you tried Time Trials? Plenty near Somerset.
  8. stpauls

    St300 running too hot

    A retarded ignition can make the exhaust pipe too hot/hotter than usual.
  9. stpauls

    Spares and accessories at a trial

    A kitchen sink to wash the mud off is a useful accessory.
  10. stpauls

    sherco Keihin carb

    Sherco 2016 Keihin carburettor mixture screw. Is richer screwing it in or out? Thanks
  11. stpauls

    Sherco low compression head

  12. stpauls

    Sherco low compression head

    Anyone actually fitted a low compression head to a newish ST 250? Any difference?
  13. stpauls

    Distance carter-floor

    Adjusting the pre-load will certainly affect the handling - positively or negatively. How heavy are you?
  14. stpauls

    Boot Dryers

    Buy 2 pairs of boots. Simples.
  15. stpauls

    Boot Dryers

    Hello M. I bought one of these about a year ago. Works well enough. Has a built-in timer too. However, the first time I used it the fan came loose on the shaft. Couldn't be bothered to return it, so I fixed it myself. Also, it has a wall mounting plate, which unclips far too easily, so I will fix that too at some point. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Small-Electric-Shoes-Heater-Dryer-Disinfectant-Boot-Hot-Air-Warmer-Clean-Wet-New/273719537350?hash=item3fbaf4aec6:g:nQcAAOSwAzxb8op~:rk:24:pf:0