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  1. If you search the web, or e.bay, someone sells 100 link cam chains. The one I bought was branded "Tour Max". However, I cannot remember where mine came from. Here's one here. 25H 100 Link Cam Chain For Honda XR200R XR200 XR185 XL200R XL125 XL100 TL125 | eBay
  2. You mean gearbox oil (which is shared by the clutch as well). I use 450ml of ATF in my 2016 250 Sherco.
  3. You have 6 clutch springs. Take 2 of them out. It will be 33% easier to pull in.
  4. Quite so. If a job's worth doing, it's worth bodging. You could even try chewing gum or what about wallpaper paste. Or, you could do it properly.
  5. Have a look around here: Home - Beamish Owners Club
  6. stpauls

    Handlebar Rise

    How high are your current bars? You can get new bars with up to a 6.5" rise.
  7. Check the timing mark. I am wondering if the timing has been retarded to soften the power at higher revs - perhaps by too much. About 3mm retarded (not degrees) will soften the power. A bit more and it will run badly. You will need to remove the flywheel to check this. Special tool needed (E.bay, a few quid).
  8. Cheap Chinese text editors are rubbish too!
  9. You have a rear tanker, which has a small fuel pump, which is reliable. You will most likely have a tiny split/hole in the long fuel hose which is about 500/600mm long and runs up under the rear mudguard, in a loop. Use ATF fluid in your gearbox and it will cure any clutch drag. .
  10. Wait until your other half goes shopping then bung it in the washing machine.
  11. A 250, with a flywheel weight, and with a low compression head and the timing retarded 3mm. Never ridden a Beta 200. There's one on E.bay at the moment. Been relisted. 3 years old. £3850 - been up to that last time! However a brand new one is only £5500. I suspect the seller is running it up to try to get someone to bite nearer £4000.
  12. Only if you don't oil it every time you wash it.
  13. Electric trials bikes? You see hardly any at trials competitions. There must be a reason. Best learn on an ordinary, modern two stroke trials bike, before venturing into the electric world.
  14. Get yourself a girlfriend.
  15. Become a Tory MP and claim for them on expenses. It works for duck houses for ducks, so why not Trials bikes for kids?
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