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  1. No special tools needed. It's easy. Our cat could do it!
  2. I think the Greeves Challenger was a Scrambler, not a Trials bike. It might be a bit too lively for Trials, even with lower gearing. However, I regularly see two pretty original looking Greeves Anglians with leading link front forks, Villiers engines and the cast aluminium front down tube being ridden in Classic Trials, on the Middle route by experienced riders in the south West of England. They are as good as me, if not better!
  3. Has anyone removed the starter motor from a Sherco TY 125 and replaced it with a cover or blanking plate? Information appreciated.
  4. stpauls

    Beta Evo 200 ruined.

    What year is your Beta Evo 200? I have spoken to several VERY experienced riders in the south of England, Expert, former Expert and Clubman riders. These have been riding 2019 models and new models purchased in 2021. They have ALL complained of the same characteristics, which are that the engine spins up too quickly. A side by side comparison with the flywheels from a Beta 250 and a Beta 200 shows that the flywheel mass on the 200 is substantially less. Additionally, there is no tapping for an S3 flywheel weight to be fitted. Bikes have been cured by fitting a flywheel from a 250 and an extra base gasket. Possibly other mods too. Never mind the comments about screwing up from the galah, my question remains; why did Beta ruin the Beta Evo 200 and do the latest 2022 models still have the lightened flywheel and raised compression?
  5. Hello The Beta Evo 200 was much appreciated by older riders, who wanted a softer, less aggressive power delivery. Can anyone enlighten me as to when Beta ruined the Beta Evo 200cc by lightening the flywheel, raising the compression ratio and other "improvements" which have spoilt the soft, mild, tractable nature of the engine, making grip elusive in difficult conditions, even for experienced riders? The 2020 models still had the above "improvements". Do the 2021 and/or 2022 models also suffer? Thanks
  6. The B40 is far too heavy. A Bantam is much lighter and easier to handle. Why not buy a Bantam trials bike that just needs tidying up? Even better advice would be to buy a modern 125cc trials bike and learn to ride that, rather than ruining an old British bike.
  7. In my 2014 Sherco ST, after experimenting with several different oils, I used 450mm of ATF Dextron 3.
  8. Looks nice. Russian engine - Minsk? And a British made frame. Only ever seen one at a trial - Somerton Classics a few years ago.
  9. Hi Anyone know how much fork oil in each leg for a Honda MT125 Elsinore 1974-1976? Thanks
  10. If you search the web, or e.bay, someone sells 100 link cam chains. The one I bought was branded "Tour Max". However, I cannot remember where mine came from. Here's one here. 25H 100 Link Cam Chain For Honda XR200R XR200 XR185 XL200R XL125 XL100 TL125 | eBay
  11. You mean gearbox oil (which is shared by the clutch as well). I use 450ml of ATF in my 2016 250 Sherco.
  12. You have 6 clutch springs. Take 2 of them out. It will be 33% easier to pull in.
  13. Quite so. If a job's worth doing, it's worth bodging. You could even try chewing gum or what about wallpaper paste. Or, you could do it properly.
  14. Have a look around here: Home - Beamish Owners Club
  15. stpauls

    Handlebar Rise

    How high are your current bars? You can get new bars with up to a 6.5" rise.
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