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  1. stpauls

    New Factory Beta 2019

    Well, other than that, it will be a pretty new frock and more of the same. The Emperor's new clothes comes to mind.
  2. stpauls

    New Factory Beta 2019

    A LOUD exhaust and new stickers is the way to go.
  3. stpauls

    2018 cold seize?

    Was the piston too big for the bore? Most experienced riders use KY or Sensitol to avoid seizures.
  4. stpauls

    Sherco rear sprocket

    Anyone know what size rear sprocket a Sherco ST 250 2016 should have as standard - the one that it came from the factory with? Thanks
  5. stpauls

    Hi from Bristol

    A good practice venue. £100 a year or £15ish per day Fry’s Bottom, Chelwood, Bristol, BS39 5QL Call Steve Wilcox on 07814 767259
  6. stpauls

    Sherco v Beta

    New or second hand, as Sherco have altered their models a few times during the last perhaps 5 years. I went to Sherco after 2 Betas and would not go back. Now on my 2nd Sherco. There are issues which are applicable only to certain model years. Some 250 Betas can jump out of 1st or 2nd gear, mid section - without you having touched anything, Apparently some do and some don't (my 2014 did). The problem is that new or second hand, you won't know if that particular Beta does it until you have owned it for some time.
  7. stpauls

    Making a 250 Behave Like a 200

  8. stpauls

    Making a 250 Behave Like a 200

    A slow throttle certainly softens the engine's response to the throttle. However, putting a bigger rear sprocket on a bike certainly reduces the speed, but unfortunately it also INCREASES the power at the back wheel, which is probably not what the rider desires!
  9. stpauls

    Weight of fly wheel different manufactures.

    None of the above points about flywheel weight and torque are correct. What IS important in not the actual weight of the flywheel, but WHERE that weight is located. The more weight that is located at the outer edge of the flywheel, then the greater the inertia and torque forces. More weight (mass) at the outer edge of the flywheel = greater torque/inertia forces, and visa versa.
  10. There are some dodgy 3 speed Villiers motors about, so I hear.
  11. stpauls

    Dunlop tire

    Use plenty of washing up liquid. Agree with up to 80psi to make it pop. Brand new tire? Are you sure that it is not fully seated, even though it didn't pop? (The OLD IRC tires did not pop, even though they were fully seated, then promptly deflated when you hit a bump - they were too slack).
  12. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" Hamlet
  13. "Frame and engine numbers on entry forms for trials competitions has been standard practice in Australia for as long as I can remember". British trials meetings could do this too.
  14. Well, if the Ozzies can do it then the British could do it too. b