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  1. Supazilla, if you trespass on other people's land with your bike then you will likely be hearing the phrase 'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello yelled into your ear!
  2. Just wondering which bits are supposed to be original? The more I look, the more I see different. Tank, seat, front wheel, hub, forks - the list is endless. Should have kept it original and not messed about with it. I have a 2022 TRS that was also used in the film and ridden by Fonda, McQueen and Elvis too. $100,000 and it's yours!
  3. stpauls


    Second-hand boots? You may need some of this: Value Health, Anti Fungal Foot Powder Pack, 2 packs of 75gram : Amazon.co.uk: Health & Personal Care
  4. Just re-read your post. Gas or petrol mix should be about 70:1 not 100:1. Might be trying to seize up!
  5. Could be the main jet blocked, or the choke on/partially on. Dirty/blocked air filter?
  6. Or a float issue - but same outcome. take it apart and investigate.
  7. To start with I would check the level of the brake fluid! If ok then fit a new set of Galfer brake pads and clean the brake disk with some brake cleaner. Spray the cleaner on a rag, then rub it on both sides of the disk. (Don't spray it directly on the disk as you will likely wash the grease out of your wheel bearings). If this still doesn't improve matters, then replace the brake fluid. If still no luck, then get a brake seal service kit. If you are still not happy then replace as stated in the above post. I had a (new) 2014 Evo and the brakes were fine.
  8. Don't be afraid to mess about and experiment with it. It is the best way to learn. Take photos and measurements before you start, then if it goes wrong, or is worse, then you can just put it back to where it was beforehand.
  9. Buy them from a dealer in France. No Brexit supply issues there. Cost, inc postage may well be less than in the UK.
  10. First, fill the fuel tank up completely, then try. If not, then there is a hole somewhere in the fuel supply/vent pipe, which is about two feet long. Depending on where the hole is, it will either suck air or leak fuel. Replace. Or, there is a hole in the pipe coming from the crank case, which pulses the fuel pump. o
  11. This is the place to post you question and get a knowledgeable, reliable answer: Home - Beamish Owners Club Manuals: Workshop Manuals - Beamish Owners Club
  12. I had a 2014 Sherco 125 which had a right hand kick start. A lovely bike which was very light.
  13. Places to ride are becoming hard to find. When I was a boy we used to go down the local woods on a Bantam or C15. You would get told to bug**r off by the farmer, but nothing would happen! It's a totally different situation today. As you know, Fry's Bottom, At Chelwood, Bristol, is now under threat of closure by the local Council Planners. There is a petition here: Frys Bottom Trials – Trials Practice Wood and Camping Ground No idea what is happening there now as their site has not been updated recently.
  14. The coil is in two parts/halves - one for ignition and one for lights.
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