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  1. In the process of rebuilding a Sammy Miller Honda Highboy 150cc twinshock. I need to make a plate to lower the footpegs, 2" down and perhaps 1" back. It will either be welded or bolted to the existing plate. It will be 1/4" or 5mm steel.. Should I use mild steel, bdms, stainless (chromed frame) or something else? Anyone know what the original steel plate is? Thanks in anticipation.
  2. We are supposed to be staying in/at home, due to the corona virus. The ACU is advising everyone not to ride at all during this nightmare.
  3. I wonder if you are referring to Helicopter tape - the tape that is made to protect the leading edge of helicopter rotor blades? Don't know where to buy it now.
  4. The poofs down at Taunton cancelled their trial for this week {15/3/20) because of VD, but Stroud are made of sterner stuff and theirs is going ahead today.
  5. It is a screw, about 30mm long, with a knurled head. Tricky to get out but great fun to put back in!
  6. Helps if you have small hands. Still tricky though and can be frustrating. My 2014 was much, much easier to clean.
  7. I think you should name your bike an I Tal Jet - to acknowledge the Chinese motor.
  8. What is reconed to be the best product to line a leaking steel fuel tank? I have soldered all the leaks and tested it under pressure. However, I suspect that it won't be too long before other leaks develop. Thanks in anticipation
  9. I have a pair of Wulfsport and a pair of Gaerne oiled, both about 6 years old. The Wulfs are heavier, stiffer and offer much more protection. They also were very, very uncomfortable for the first few months. The Gaernes were comfortable from day one. However, the leather is softer and more supple and when wet become softer still. This means that the FOOT area doesn't offer very good protection. In contrast, the Wulfs are stiff even when soaked through. I still wear both boots, alternately and a year ago bought a new pair of Gaerne Black. However these are very tight and I have yet to wear them to a trial
  10. stpauls

    Beta 200 levers

    On my 2016 and 2014 Shercos, you can tighten the brake lever pivot bolt, to reduce / eliminate up and down play. I can't remember if you can do this on a Beta.
  11. On the rear tankers, the fuel pipe goes up to the top of the tank, then back down again, The pipe goes hard and splits. This can result in all sorts of strange things happening. In the 3 years that I had my 2014 I replaced the entire plastic fuel pipe at least twice. I also had an "overflowing carb" which turned out to be coming from a split in the fuel line NEAR the carb.
  12. I am wondering if you have your levers mounted in the wrong position. Try loosening them on the handlebar clamps then move them inwards towards the steering head, until the tips of the levers are at least 1.5 inches in from the end of the handle bars. However, the best solution is not to fall off in the first place.
  13. Hi I want to remove two rusty, seized 6mm exhaust studs from a 45 year old Honda 4 stroke alloy barrel, as I need to install longer ones. I have soaked them in WD40 for 2 weeks. I have also heated the studs to cherry red. I then tried turning them, using two locked nuts, but they won't turn. I am afraid they will shear off if I put any more pressure on them. They are not currently snapped off, so I don't need to drill them out. However, I do want them out. What to do? Anyone have experience of doing this? Thanks
  14. stpauls

    Left leg start

    If you are left handed then a Beta is a bonus. Otherwise it is awkward.
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