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  1. There are some dodgy 3 speed Villiers motors about, so I hear.
  2. stpauls

    Dunlop tire

    Use plenty of washing up liquid. Agree with up to 80psi to make it pop. Brand new tire? Are you sure that it is not fully seated, even though it didn't pop? (The OLD IRC tires did not pop, even though they were fully seated, then promptly deflated when you hit a bump - they were too slack).
  3. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks" Hamlet
  4. "Frame and engine numbers on entry forms for trials competitions has been standard practice in Australia for as long as I can remember". British trials meetings could do this too.
  5. Well, if the Ozzies can do it then the British could do it too. b
  6. DO YOU KNOW THE FRAME AND ENGINE NUMBER OF YOUR BIKE? I don't and never have known the numbers on any of my non road registered bikes. I was talking to a chap that had two motocross bikes stolen from his well guarded garage recently. I asked him about frame and engine numbers, but he had no idea. Therefore there was no way for any third party to EASILY identify them. This got me thinking. If it was a requirement for (modern) bikes to enter their frame and engine numbers on the entry form at ALL trials events and this was then checked (perhaps on a random basis) by the Scrutiniser, then this might help identify stolen bikes and deter bike theft. Trials Central could hold all stolen bike serial numbers on an Administrator controlled register/database, which was Read Only, but could be accessed by any member of the forum. Apparently there is a school of thought that some bikes are dismantled and then exported to certain northern European countries that have a very active off-road scene, where they are then re-assembled. This could also help any law enforcement agencies.
  7. stpauls

    Vacuum fuel pump

    The fuel lines on the rear tankers go hard and split. which causes all sorts of unusual problems, including fuel APPEARING to leak out from places whereas in fact it is coming from elsewhere. It can also make the engine play up, perhaps intermittently or under certain conditions. The fuel lines can need replacing in 18 months.
  8. stpauls

    Gear shifter not returning down.

    The Clutch slipping in 4th and 5th. There should be 6 springs in the clutch. People often remove 2 of them to make the clutch pull lighter. This will sometimes make the clutch slip in 4th and 5th under load. Mine does sometimes. Either live with it or replace the 2 springs.
  9. stpauls

    Sherco 290 clutch basket

    Obviously I have not seen this particular clutch, but if it was mine then I would just file each tang smooth, finishing it with a fine/smooth file. or fine emery paper. I would also do the clutch plate fix, which is pegged at the beginning of the Beta forum. Don't use ATF but a proper gearbox oil such as Putoline G10. The clutch will rattle a bit, but should work ok. The alternative is to replace the clutch basket and probably the plates too, which is expensive.
  10. stpauls

    Clutch hose replacement

    Try Poundland.
  11. stpauls

    Have you noticed......

    High costs and low wages certainly have an impact on trials. In Britain we also have a lack of waste land and other suitable places to ride a trials bike. Official/commercial places are often few and far between. You can combine all this with a negative public and media view of motorcycling in general.
  12. Initially, nothing beats spending as much time as you can just riding the bike, playing about and learning how the bike reacts to your input. All the rest comes later.
  13. stpauls

    Gaerne boots

    Thinking about a new set of boots. Gaerne Balance Oiled or Gaerne Balance Black? About £60 difference. Any preferences or experience? Thanks
  14. stpauls

    Drying your boots!

  15. How long is a piece of string?