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  1. Become a Tory MP and claim for them on expenses. It works for duck houses for ducks, so why not Trials bikes for kids?
  2. One careful owner! Hardly used. That bike will be a bargain for some lucky person when you decide to sell it!
  3. I had a new 2014 Beta Evo 2T 250. The things that I most enjoyed about owning that particular machine were the glass mudguards and jumping out of 1st or 2nd gear, mid section, without warning. Beta may have now spoilt these particular delights of Beta ownership. Or, they may not have.
  4. It could be the C19 setting? They won't run during lockdown. It protect the NHS A and E.
  5. The easiest way is to use a windy gun - air impact driver. Your local garage would have one and for a few beers would probably wizz it off in seconds.
  6. One bad apple will give the rest of the law abiding trials enthusiasts a bad name.
  7. Best advice is to go on Youtube and watch someone do it. plenty to choose from, Step by Step - How to measuring & adjust valve clearances - YouTube
  8. stpauls


    Get yourself out And spread it about. They paid people to do this in England! No, don't laugh, honestly they did.
  9. stpauls

    2010 evo tuning

    There will be a black plastic tab sticking out of the engine case (stator), on the left hand side of the engine. There will also be a thick black "gasket" which is a spacer.
  10. stpauls

    2010 evo tuning

    If it's a bit sluggish, check that there is no flywheel weight fitted and also that the timing has not been retarded, Also that it does not have a low compression head, or a thicker/two cylinder base gaskets fitted. People do these things to slow them down and take the edge off the performance.
  11. BlueSpot 12" HACKSAW Carbon Steel 12" Hacksaw Blades - Metal Cutting Saw Trade | eBay
  12. The winner should be the rider with the highest score! the
  13. The sole on my Gaerne Balance oiled boots have now worn flat. Has anyone any experience of resoling, using these soles? Pair Soles Boots Trial Gaerne Balance | eBay Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the replies. All valid and food for thought. My reason for asking was to help me decide whether to keep it pretty much as standard, or to modify it to make it more competitive or even just ridable in the easiest of sections.
  15. Don't worry about winning - just do it for fun.
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