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  1. The lever on the carb is the choke. If I remember right you push it down to start and then push it back up to turn off the choke. The pilot jet would plug quite easily on this carb. It is a great handling little bike. Have fun.
  2. The new Hebo`s are huge in the calfs. I was going to buy new boots for my grandson, tried the Hebos and had to go with Alpinestars. Worth a try.
  3. lineaway

    2021 301RR

    I finally got mine yesterday!
  4. So the last comment is tottaly correct. A friend bought one for 500 last year and it was almost mint. I have an 1986 I could not find a buyer for.
  5. +2 on the maxima super m. Mixing at 1.5 oz to gallon out of being an easier to calculate. I have not run 50 to 1 since 1986 on my ty350. The original Gas Gas guys suggested 100 to 1 as the bike would gum up at 50. I figured to meet in the middle.
  6. Thats not enough to run if accurate. Whats the history on the bike? Did it run when you b ought it? Did it all of a sudden start having this issue. Could just be stuck rings. You probably should plan on taking it apart. But you would just pull thd header pipe off and take a look at the exhaust side if the piston. Post a pic if your not sure what you find. Good luck.
  7. lineaway

    Radiator fan

    No power, thermostats bad, fan is bad. BYpass the thermostat and see if it starts working or give 12v to the fan and see if it works.
  8. Thats a good start. HAve you done a compression test?
  9. The times it refuses to start, you have to verify if you are getting spark or not. If it is flooding it`s a carb/intake or even a main seal issue. But the flooding could be from kicking it 20 times with no spark. A quick cheap other trick would be pull off the spark plug cap and cut the wire back a little to fresh wire and screw the cap back on. And double check the pins connecting the CDI, they have been known to push in or out of place. Being 17 years old now, anything is possible.
  10. YOu do know that in the picture the choke is on, lever down is off. I wanted to make sure the vent lines were good.
  11. Take a picture of the bike, with focus around the carb. And post it here. Have you tried removing the gas cap when it does not start?
  12. Yeah, they did have a 2 page color brochure. LOL
  13. There was not much info even when the bikes were new, except from your dealer. No real owners manual or service msmual. About 450-500cc of oil. 80 to 1 premix. I think back then, they took a b8es plug. Beta is not going to post anything on the net that did not exist on paper. They just had the parts book. Find a dealer.
  14. That`s a great price, and braces have come a long way! I paid $3000.00 for my pair of CTI`s in 1995. Which was a lot out of pocket back then. But being I still use them every,time I ride they have out lasted a dozen new bikes and as many pair of boots. I have resorted to buying old braces on Ebay for spare parts. I feel totally naked without them when riding. Well worth buying a pair, to keep you riding for many years to come.
  15. lineaway

    Kick start

    The TRS starts way easier than a 4rt. Now they do have more initial resistance. I am dreading this part of my new 301.
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