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  1. Tubeliss System Revisited

    That is strange. Almost seemd he is running too small of tube.
  2. Tubeliss System Revisited

    You can buy a tube type tire. You could buy a tubeless rim. Or you could just screw the tire to the rim. ( The old tried and true method of us old cheap B`s.)
  3. Please help me. Beta carb issues!

    Maybe December at Oak Flat`s if I can talk my son into it.
  4. Please help me. Beta carb issues!

    This section that Billy T. Wrote saved me at the UTE CUP this year. I have read this dozens of times. My Keihin had stuck the floats which caused me to run out of fuel. I needed a real fix to not happen again. I could not believe I remembered this while in a panic not to DNF. `We will now set the little tab that sticks out perpendicular on the brass tangs. The purpose of this tab is to stop the actual travel of the tangs downwards. This is important, as it will alleviate many anomalies once set correctly. One must know that the small pointed plunger that the brass tangs pushes up acts like a light switch. The gas is either on or off. With this in mind one need only have this plunger move enough to allow the gas to flow freely and then close when the tangs act upon it pushing up. Think of this! When you land off a large rock the weight of the floats push quite rapidly down inside the float bowl. This is known as gravity. The extended movement of the floats downwards tends to do two things. It moves the floats way down inside the float bowl allowing more gas than needed and it also causes some of the excess gas to be pushed up into the jets and into the engine. It also if not set correctly allows the float tangs to travel down to far. It is kind of like being inside a fast moving elevator and when it reaches this bottom it kind of makes you bend your knees. In other words the elevator has stopped but you are still going downwards. So how do you set this travel tab? Adjusting the travel tab on the carb will not stop the floats from going down but it will stop the float level tangs from travelling all the way down. This is important as the further they travel the more they are likely to stick.` Thanks Billy!
  5. Please help me. Beta carb issues!

  6. No shift 3rd to 4th. Tear down?

    Did you remove the top hat with the spring attached in place with zip ties. That is the way it comes as new. To some this is a small price just to make sure. It can be hard to install otherwise, but I have got it done before. But yes a small piece floating around can be a problem too. Good luck as I hate when you have the engine split and the problem is not jumping out at you.
  7. Toby Martyn

    In 2013 it was a long meeting as there were many new rules that year. Including the riders were not allowed to walk the section the day of the event. Tbe one I do remember was just because the spokes stopped turning does not mean they had stopped. In 2017 I don't remember the Saturdag meeting, because I was tbe scspegoat for the Sunday am meeting. I had a very dangerous section and I had let a sec ond minder assist the riders. Fortunatly they changed my section over night which put the minders corridor in just the right spot that another riders minder could help without being in the section. Several times we had spectators almost run over with crashing bikes. If you ever get the chance to read the full rules, there are many ways to five a section without ever riding it. You can also slide your foot forever and it id just a dab. Someone should video a scorers meeting.
  8. No shift 3rd to 4th. Tear down?

    Usually it is pretty obvious with the rollers. Usually a broken side plate. I have seen people swear the top hat was fine, but was broken.
  9. Toby Martyn

    If Bou got a 5 for every stop he has made since 2013, then Dougie would still be King.
  10. Toby Martyn

    Looks the same scoring to me! About the 5 minute mark 5 riders in a row.
  11. Trying to bleed rear brakes 2005 Gas Gas TXT 125 Pro

    All you need is 3 feet of clear hose. Make sure it is securly on the nipple. Run tbe hose straight up and over the rear fender. Remove your brake pedal, so you can pump the master cylinder with a phillips screw driver. Doing this allows a full stroke the piston and allows it to fully return. Open up the nipple pump till the fluid risez steadily to the fender. (keep the fluid full) If you do not get any movement, try burping the hose fitting at the M/C. Just a little turn of the wrench to make sure fluid is coming out. By the time the fluid reaches the rear fender, most of the air bubbles should be coming out. Of course you can close tbe nipple any time and see if you are building pressure. The correct way would be to take the whole system off and hang the caliper above the m/c and bleed it. But since your brake line goes through the swingarm this would not work.
  12. Trying to bleed rear brakes 2005 Gas Gas TXT 125 Pro

    You have tried new pads?
  13. new to gasgas bikes

    go to you tube. Jim Snell videos.
  14. new to gasgas bikes

    It is not about the tranny. It is all about the clutch.
  15. new to gasgas bikes

    Bleeding the clutch is probably not going to help the clutch drag. Look up finger height or clutch pack measurement. The clutch is out of spec is why it drags. Is the clutch hard to pull? I always ran ATF in all the Pro`s.