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  1. lineaway

    TY175 Clutch

    The actuator could have been alot of the issue. CLEAN it up and grease it generously going back together
  2. If you have the adjuster too tight in the first place the piston does not travel far enough to work. Everybody tries to adjust it just right, and it back fires on them. If you are trying to get the lever closer to the bar, it is possible to shorten the push pin. But do it in small steps and best to have a spare on hand.
  3. Yeah, we do alot of elevation changes. You take a 4rt up to 12000 ft elevation and the thing won't start until you open up the idle screw. I thought I could just do it by ear. No, almost but not well enough.
  4. It does not make enough current if is to low. Hence not starting. I set mine to start at 1850 and let it idle for a few minutes. I never take off until it stays between 1900 and 2050. Nothing worse than a 4rt when it starts running like crap. I bought my tach before the bike. It took me about 14 months until I installed mine. Now a believer. 1750 is too low, unless your tack is off.
  5. The pressure plate only goes together one way. There is a notch on one of the fingers and a corresponding notch. Been a long time for me to give a better description.
  6. Riding the SS reminds me of riding a late 90`s bike. My last 250 I just loved the user friendly power. It was a 2016 Factory. Every time I see that bike I wonder why I sold it!
  7. Having a bike like that can dfive you nuts. Next time it happens try removing the gas cap to see if it's a venting issue. Or if you are brave enough, lay it on the ground until fuel comes out the over flow. And see if that helps. Ps do that close to home or the pits in case it won"t start. I have a 2008 125 that my grandson rides. I am sure glad its an easy starter. Good luck.
  8. You might tell us a little about your bike. The color of that plug has little to do with a poor starting Gasser.
  9. Alot of gassers over the years have had this issue. Sometimes it' the carb, a few times its a venting issue. But me thinks you are missimg half the plug!
  10. Where, did you come up with the 3 1/2 turns. ALL you had to do is 1 turn out. The idle needs to be above 1900 rpm. Buy a tach.
  11. Yeah, that lower mount is broke. That is why the top does not work.
  12. First thing is to start with the easiest tning first. Turn the idle screw one full turn open (counter clockwise) and again do the reset. As far as the tank there is a quick connect connection on the hose. Had to take a friends tank off after his son decided to fill the tank with a handfull of dirt.
  13. The last time we had a Gate trial, it was a fund raiser for a 17 year old girl to go to the TDN last fall.
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