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  1. Well throw that crap away and start with fresh fuel and plugs. If you rarely ride them, a carb clean is more likely what is needed.
  2. That is quite funny as water is the best coolant available.
  3. Waste of money. I have installed one before, on someone else`s bike. I ride a 2016 Beta at high elevation, just did an 80 mile event at over 11,000 ft. 80 sections. Never a cooling issue.
  4. No matter the carb, you have a pilot circuit problem. That first needs to be cleaned. I would try a couple larger pilot jets to make sure before changing to a new carb. The carbs were notoriously lean on the pilot jets from the factory.
  5. Why would anybody buy a copy of the real thing that is new? It is called jetting 101. By the way, move your boot to the outside of your peg. Problem solved.
  6. The carb is plugged up, Keihin? The jet tower needs to be cleaned out. (But first make sure the pilot circuit is clear and working) The jet tower is the one with the security torx screws.
  7. Nowadays they use that combo of tires on Enduro bikes.
  8. lineaway

    Front forks

    It is a specific measurement. And on the right side you have to pump it to get all the air out.
  9. lineaway

    Front forks

    If they are not leaking, just do a measurement and get the correct oil amount in there. At the same time check the spring.
  10. Either bike is fine. Get a 300, unless you do not ride at elevation. You will want the power for the stupid stuff. Have fun!
  11. Well, they did go to 3 rings in 2017.
  12. Supposedly that is the correct diagram, but I believe you on what you have in front of you. The wiring on these always sucked as you never had much info to go by.
  13. You have an 00 or `01?
  14. I went back and reread your whole post. The CDI does not ground, that is the kill button stop to ground.
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