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  1. Very strange this last year that bike sales, watercraft and recreational vehicles have been having record sales. It took a pandemic to get sales booming? It makes no sense whatever. Not much negotiating when they can`t get any replacement inventory.
  2. No its not, but ut needs to be set up NOT to leak. Beta used that same carb from 1990 to 2007.
  3. http://trialsport.com.au/beta/Manuals/mikuni/
  4. The first thing to try is the easiest, reset the ECU (see "Engine start" in text snipped from manual). If it doesn't start in 3-4 kicks after that, the next thing is turn up the idle 1/2 turn CCW with the idle air screw. Doing another ECU reset doesn't hurt. If it starts, you can readjust idle following the manual after running for a while.
  5. Well it would be much easier to run a tube type IRC! Some how we managed to ride in the 70`s without tubeless rims!
  6. lineaway

    I need help

    You did not say what year, what carb. But. yes the carb boot to air box must be attached.
  7. Our club president, NATC Rep and New Mexico Team manager bought a house with the most killer rocks on the property. Her husband thinks we could do a World Round there, except no parking. That has been our go to place to ride during the last year. I can ride in my front yard, but her place is one of the best places in the state.
  8. I have gone 80 to 100 several times through the years. But do it safely. I put the tire outside my shop, long hose with the clip type to hold it on the valve stem. I use a valve to control it and after it pops on I release the pressure before I get near it.
  9. 18 300 trrs. The rear spring you should be good. You probably dont need the front. 1200 FT IS BASICALLY SEA LEVEL. Just minor carb adjustments. AIR and idle. Sag does not matter. The stock settings are where to start from. MOre important for the front and rear to work together.
  10. Every mechanic has his preferences, being availabilty, ease of use or price. But that is what rrg was made for. http://www.redrubbergrease.com
  11. Actually it is 550ml with a dry motor. Most people run 425-500cc. The less amount of oil, the better the clutch works.
  12. What I fear most is Biden is already ruining the economy and spending money, while making my Granddaughters play sports with transgenders sharing the same bathroom. Besides that I plan on riding as much as I can in the coming decade, even if this virus kills everyone. I will be out in the middle of nowhere riding a mountain top and still be smiling.
  13. Castrol red rubber grease.
  14. Its all about body position. Watch a video of the top riders. They always keep the weight back and arms at full length. Good luck.
  15. No one knows about the bike(including my wife) as it may not be imported this year. I will certainly share if it ever shows up this summer.
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