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  1. Setting sag on a trials bike never truly works. We hear it a lot with all the Enduro guys buying trials bikes now. Tightening up the suspension is counter productive as this creates a stiff ride that bounces off obstacles and the bike does not get traction like it did. But you must have the correct springs for your weight. Running soft suspension is not the same thing as the springs sacked out with too much weight. If you are going to the trouble of changing the oil you might as well do it right. Take them off the bike and flush them clean, then refill to the proper height. Which is in the owners manual.
  2. Well you have the right DR. to listen to him. We voted Trump in to stir the pot. Not because we were awed by his personality. He was thick skinned enough to pull it off. Screw all lifer politicians on both sides. https://www.axios.com/coronavirus-fauci-winter-cycle-4954ed2a-b6f5-42a7-b4be-136998d0f312.html
  3. I was hoping for 3-4 weeks home this time of year. I have lots of projects that need to get done. I have a daughter and a granddaughter that both lost jobs due to the virus last week. It looks like I will have to work through this whole issue.
  4. lineaway

    Declutch issues

    I would just pull the lever off and pull the M/C piston out and inspect the seal. Takes 5 minutes if you have a snap ring tool. We can talk about it for weeks.
  5. lineaway

    Declutch issues

    Almost all trials bikes are hard to find nuetral while running. Chances are it is either wrong adjustment or needing the rebuild kit. The slave rarely goes bad.
  6. Across the pond most riders have to score. I am surprised that you have always basically had non riders score. Personally a forum on scorers would be a negative place, nothing good would come of it. THERE was a u tube video of a German scorer getting the best of a World round rider in a fist fight in the late 90's. Now that was entertaining.
  7. Actually you would do better going to the 10 tooth and riding in first most of the time.
  8. lineaway

    Beta Evo Running Hot

    Yes. I just love when a newbie reads through the forums and replies to old threads, like it was yesterday.
  9. lineaway

    Beta Evo Running Hot

    You guys are posting to a thread 3.5 years ago. Hello!!!
  10. Well since he has not replied, I bet the clutch plates were just stuck together.
  11. So how long have you had it? How long has it been sitting? Have you ever seen it work? When it did not disengage, what did you do first to fix it.
  12. A vacuum would only suck the oil out.
  13. Yes we see it now. Just thought that it is a 5mm threaded hole on the other end. So it might not come out. If that`s the case, do not worry about it.
  14. No, it`s in the main shaft. You will just have to remove the clutch, primary gear and all for piece of mind. But are you sure there is another piece?
  15. And He stopped all travel from Europe, but the UK .
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