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  1. lineaway

    Marzocchi Shock Seals

    https://thehellteam.blog › servicing-... Web results Servicing Marzocchi 40mm Aluminium forks. | The Hell Team - Trials Nation
  2. lineaway

    Brake pad options?

    Galfer is all you need. Plenty of places to get them in the trials world. Your just stuck in the closed minded thinking of large dealerships.
  3. lineaway

    trs 280 rr 2018 gearbox oil level

    You dont check it, you change it. If it is not leaking you are good to go.
  4. lineaway


    Fastest time should have no place for starting order in trials. Either make it random or the top riders start first. If this was a race I might agree. It was a novelty to watch in person, but has nothing to do with who is the best trials rider.
  5. lineaway

    ty80 questions

    48 seems what I used. Lots of useless nonsense here. Best kids bike ever. https://advrider.com/f/threads/the-compleat-yamaha-ty80-thread.574301/
  6. lineaway

    Portugal GP

    Those poor minders, running to spot on 3-4 obstacles per section. And all the comments about riders stopping, you forget they are giving time for the minders to get ready!
  7. lineaway

    Future of Gasgas

    Must have been down for the weekend. Working now even with a search.
  8. lineaway

    Montesa Cota 315R - no spark issue

    You did at that, but a running bike put away for 1.5 years should not have nothing to do with the CDI. It should be a grounding or connection issue. But we all know stranger things have happened.
  9. lineaway

    Future of Gasgas

    Anyone notice the main Gas Gas website has gone away. Was looking for parts. No linky for several days?h
  10. lineaway

    montesa 25 wont start,has spark,timing is correct(2mmBTDC)has fuel

    The main seals could be gone. leave the fuel off and just try fuel through the plug to see if will go. Then a leak down test.
  11. lineaway

    Montesa Cota 315R - no spark issue

    You more likely have a corrosion problem, from sitting than anything else. So, yes trim the wire. Check the bolts. Does the stator have a ground wire? Not usually, it runs through the engine to the frame. Chances are all those bolts are chalk white on the threads.
  12. lineaway

    Montesa Cota 315R - no spark issue

    Didi you actually remove the stator. All the mounting bolts could have corrodid. Always good to remove and clean/lube any bolt that is a grounding source. Also trim back the spark plug lead to fresh wire
  13. lineaway

    spark arrestor for model 85 alpina

    There were several brands that worked back in the day. Chances of finding one is very slim. Skyway, seen some modified super traps.
  14. lineaway

    2017 Factory 300 banging noise from engine

    I would still try another carb. If my '16 Factory did that, it would kill me with our steep mountains of solid rock. Good Luck.
  15. lineaway

    Fat old guy with Scorpa 300 report

    Glad you are sticking it out. But yeah, that is an easy and fun Vintage event. Our boy Sammy won the Old School Expert on a Hodaka 100. He barely had any mud on his boots! http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/Events/AMA-Vintage-Motorcycle-Days-News/Story/fastle-roper-among-vintage-trials-champions-at-2019-ama-vintage-motorcycle-days?fbclid=IwAR2QQCwmXdWNC8UMblYurxTNIZrnbOHkWB243cwO_WmOA2qewKeAPPcvnD0