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  1. It could be an air leak or venting/fuel issue.
  2. Oh, most of us have little confidence in our voting process or what is left of our democracy. With over 20 million illegal aliens, living, working and voting in our country it is very hard to think that anything is transparent.
  3. Some scientists. The country that found it easier to cheat than actually make a clean diesel.I would not trust anything from the Fatherland. It's been dubbed the "diesel dupe". In September, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that many VW cars being sold in America had a "defeat device" - or software - in diesel engines that could detect when they were being tested, changing the performance accordingly to improve results. The German car giant has since admitted cheating emissions tests in the US
  4. Well if it was not for paper ballots, we would not have a chance to verify the real vote. As it is we might never know. The supreme court is already looking into the vote in Pennsylvania. Biden can now be persecuted for making deals with foreign countries. A citizen is not allowed this privilege. As it undermines the current President. Biden actually did this to the Trump administration for a phone call in December of 2016. Funny how he never thought it would apply to himself. Bikerpet good luck on the new bike, I bought one myself last year. It still sits waiting for a rider!
  5. AND Trump said that we would have a covid vaccine, and this morning Pfizer announced they have one that is 90% effective.
  6. I am not sucked into anything. The media declared Biden the winner. Our country is not run by the associated press. The counting is not finished. All four of the last states is less than a 1% margin. The Democrates are just sqeaking by with Biden/Harris. Pretty poor showing against a man that most of the World dislikes. What are they going to do if the GOP gets a guy that actually has a personality. What you people don't get, its not that we have a love affair with the likes of Trump. It's that we hate lifetime poliiticians like Biden. The Democrates speak like they care abiut the USA, but are just a bunch of crooks.
  7. THOSE forks came off a 92 or 93 gasser. Look at the disc.
  8. I was alwayd told you need the bigger header pipe when you do the big bore kit. So did you do the work yourself?
  9. Now at 1AM the fake news is freaking out!
  10. Well it's early Wednesday morning and the fake news has Biden leading, when in fact Trump is leading. The betting odds now favor Trump winning.
  11. Well the World just had it`s best year fighting fossil co2. It had nothing to do with the Paris accord. It was quite amazing to see it all happening. We went months without seeing a jet trail in the sky. Covid 19 did more to reverse climate change than all the years of bickering about the Paris agreements. Now if China would release the actual deadly version, Mother Earth would heal more quickly than Mankind. PS. This all happened while I still got to ride whenever I wanted!
  12. She started her Political career working overtime late nights with 60 year olds while in her late 20`s. Look up Willie Brown. They made the news often. Sure she had an education, but she did not need it. During her career San Francisco has become a literal cesspool. That is the last place on earth you should visit. The homeless problem is so bad you have to watch your step. Human feces is not what I want to see being cleaned off the street. California is known in the other 49 states as the land of the fruits and nuts. As most of the people in charge are mentally ill!. And so is a large portion of the general population.
  13. By the way on my ballot for President, I had four other party`s. Green Party Libertarian Party Constitution Party Socialism & Liberation Party A Communist Party also exists, but most states won`t recognize them as a Party.
  14. No, America is going to lose. Biden will pass away within a year and Harris will become the first woman President. And she is one crazy lady.
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