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  1. That is so funny after I posted it in 2018!
  2. The transmission shafts are not set properly in the case, so not flush.
  3. There are tons of tlrs just dying somewhere. The xr's would make them choppers, unless you just ride street.
  4. Using the middle finger is like being left handed. Right handed is right, but the middle finger is not wrong!
  5. lineaway

    Dellorto carb

    Beta ran the Mikuni from 1990 to 2007, except half the year in 1995 with a DelOrto which totally sucked Some how I survived riding those 18 years. The current PWK is what sucks. That is one other reason I now ride a Montesa.
  6. Dabill and Peace went clean. Dougie is 5th on 2.
  7. As new with stock gearing the bike would do 4th gear wheelies with a good tug. The bike was/is very heavy. It makes plenty of power, but you have to ride it very aggressive to make it work. I had the first one in our club, I also had a very modified one. Tucked frame, aluminum skid plate (removed the tubes) and 300 kit with complete exhaust. I still have a stock one just for memories sake. Besides very low ground clearance the stock bike actually works well. Have fun with it.
  8. lineaway

    Beta clutch pull

    What I actually did was take gasser 160 springs and cut to the same length as the Beta springs. If you want to eliminate drag you have to add a thin shim to the flat bearing on the pressure plate.
  9. All the top riders have the lever closer to the grip for better feel and short throw. I do just the opposite for the most leverage. I can remember I always suffered from arm pump from holding on so tight and I would end up bleeding all over if it was a long event. Now it scares me that my grip is so weak and its been over a decade since I have had any arm pump.
  10. Just go out and try your middle finger. 4 years ago I severed the tendon at the last joint of my clutch finger. I tried and tried to use my middle finger. I finally gave up and re-adjusted my levers and made my own clutch springs as my finger was so weak I could hardly hold the lever in.
  11. Thats because they learned wrong and its almost impossible to change after years if muscle memory. I think we have one guy in our club that uses the middle finger out of 100.
  12. You should ride a modern bike with both index fingers on the levers most of the time. Closer to horizontal to the ground. If not go back to your Enduro bike! LOL. Check out how most of the top riders do it. Don`t ask someone that has no clue, either.
  13. It will never work correctly without the outer cover on. It has popped out of were it sits like in a hole and you have probably stressed the spring out of shape. I have had this issue several times and it is just not correctly seated. At this point it is a PITA. What were you doing in the first place? Do you still have the shim for the shaft that sits against the case?
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