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  1. lineaway

    RTL260F 07

    Either you got the year wrong or it is just the same as the Montesa 4rt 250.
  2. I just got back from jet skiing for a week. Nobody has a reply? The early SHercos would spin the mains in the case. I would do a complete tear down. The fix is ti peen the bearing location on the cases to get it to hold.
  3. lineaway

    Clutch plate thickness

    You do not have enough free play and when it heats up it starts slipping. You obviously have the levrs stopped from going back out. If you have small hands you can slightly grind down the end of the push pins.
  4. lineaway

    TL 250 hose

    Ps. I need one too.
  5. Setting it to torque is probably how they became broke. They are pinch bolts, it does not need to be cranked down.
  6. lineaway

    TL 250 hose

    That has not been available for years. Reggie you are looking at a very old listing.
  7. The only way it could enter the carb is if the engine vent was connected to it. Take more pictures.
  8. Yes, retired and just doing trials schools.
  9. Where have you been, there is no Ryan.
  10. Actually you will have more luck finding caps off an XT 350 any year. Just so happens I worked quite a few years in a Yamaha shop.
  11. And so why have you not helped him? Besides 250 ty`s in the states are twin shocks, we only got TY350 mono`s.
  12. Even the guy with the new 301 yesterday had to turn his up. My son has turned his up twice in the 2 weeks he has had it from new.
  13. The clip sits against the seal.
  14. lineaway

    trs v sherco v beta

    Oh you got lucky as we will never, ever own a Sherco ever again. The Trs are fine, the newer the better. The Beta is a better clubman bike over most brands.
  15. OH, the funny thing is he probably just needs pads.
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