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  1. lineaway


    Actually if you go back through his posts, he only had a water pump issue the first year and they replaced the case too. All this sounds more like it was over heated and the problems snowballed. This can happen to any bike.
  2. 2020 TRS RR. I would save more money for what you really want.
  3. I think it was more confused with chain length. I remember having a World round bike, `92 Zero that had a 43 tooth sprocket that needed a half link to work. The half link on the production bikes are fairly common now, but their was a time that it was considered poor engineering.
  4. The cab is venting? That is not a cross flow.
  5. lineaway

    GG UK riders

    Somebody would have to have a key to open the factory front door!
  6. lineaway


    We have a 2018 300 RR. We did have to replace the water pump seal after a 80 mile trials with 80 sections at altitude. Also the fuel cap vent would not vent enough so drilled it out. Total cost zero dollars and 2 day wait time for parts. Awesome machine. It`s my sons and soon to be mine. DWB5151, why does everything take 3 weeks? Very odd.
  7. So it would be unfair for Adam to remove the weights because it would be unfair to Bou? 😎
  8. The trouble with the Rev 3 was the low first gear. I ran a 10 CS with stock rear sprocket. I always rode 2nd in almost every section.
  9. So the lower steering head has bolt holes for a fender? I highly doubt it.
  10. Up to 300 in Trial 2 and no limit in the GP class! Like it should be. I wonder if they changed anything else that is good, like the weight limit.
  11. lineaway


    Yeah, you bought a bike that you can`t buy an ignition for. Good Luck.
  12. lineaway

    2008 Rev 3 Mods

    The `08 was a very good machine as is, just ride it a lot. Other wise sell it and buy an Evo.
  13. My son had a 2015 300T. Big difference in the frame 2017 and newer.
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