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  1. lineaway

    Rod Kit Install Difficult?

    Well if you are looking at it, you should be able to tell if you are tooled up enough to do it. The last time I looked at one I passed as I did not want to screw with someone elses crank. If it was mine, I might of tried. I have done a few dozen over the years, but all solid cranks.
  2. lineaway

    Evo 250 Clutch

    Being my Japanese is non existant, I am hoping for better clutch action. As eliminating clutch drag and a better hitting clutch. I have known about the shim trick for years , but could never find them thin enough till recently.
  3. lineaway

    Rod Kit Install Difficult?

    The newer bikes have plastic inserts instead of a full crank. Which makes it difficult with out the right set up.
  4. lineaway

    Evo 250 Clutch

    I am going back to the guys that seem to know what they are doing. My shims should be in Tuesday, http://wise-motosports.ocnk.net/
  5. lineaway

    montesa honda 349 fork yoke

    What size tire and make? Missing the speedo drive?
  6. lineaway

    315 wont tickover

    You have the floats upside down.
  7. lineaway

    1999 Txt 200 Bad clutch drag

    If you just bought this'99 then it is well worth looking at the plates. Most of the original plates, the friction material becones seperated from the steel. New plates may be needed.
  8. lineaway

    Yamaha Ty80 Carb Settings

    So you pulled the jets and made sure both passage ways on the pilot circuit were clear? Rust in the tank?
  9. lineaway

    Yamaha Ty80 Carb Settings

    It means it is plugged up. Clean the carb.
  10. lineaway

    Gah. New ignition, new problems.. TXT300...

    The gasser feeds the mains with transmission oil. Not two stroke oil. Nothing like a Beta.
  11. lineaway

    Front folks

    The rebound side sucks up when properly bled. It evens out after awhile.
  12. lineaway

    Gah. New ignition, new problems.. TXT300...

    Sounds like it is running fine considering you are burning tranny oil and losing crank pressure. Time to split the cases.
  13. Needle and seat. Float height plus float flutter. There is a tab on the float that stops it's travel. This can be adjusted to stop the float from too much movement. Also this can be a venting issue.
  14. lineaway

    Gearing - who's running what?

    My son actually has a 42T coming today. We are trying it for a whole other reason. To bring 2nd gear down just a touch for splatters.