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  1. Well, the reason I spoke up I own a pair of the bars from a 2020 Sherco. I had bent my bars badly during an event and the only bars that my dealer had with them was the stock bars that had been replaced with the low Renthal. It was a two day event and I could not ride worth a crap with that silly bend I believe they are reffered to as a Buffalo bend.. Of course I bought the Renthals also as soon as I could. My son is 6`5 inches tall. He has never needed tall bars, bend your knees. The taller the bar the less leverage you actually have. There is thousands of trials video`s out there of the top rider`s, they all have short bars. Go ride any vintage bike, tall pegs and short position bars.
  2. I would go up to a 52 pilot and see if that clears it up. When was the last time it had mains and seals?
  3. Not only are they too high, but a ridiculous bend. Rubbish parts on a brand new bike. hgas obviously knows this.
  4. The stock bars are already too high.
  5. Here I thought AHRMA dropped trials about 5 years ago.
  6. Back when Spain could set a trials. 1975 World Round at Sant Llorenc Del Munt, Terrassa. CATALUNYA, Spain
  7. Right now they need to put the third loop back in. As a spectator you do not have enough time to watch enough sections, and the riders are not riding enough sections to get real points.
  8. So back to the spacer on the spring. I will probably do the same on an '84 I recently aquired.
  9. I had a 200 for 18 years building a pipe never crossed my mind. If I remember right the underside of the tank had a protective layer protecting it.
  10. The shock is not readily rebuildable, they were too soft stock. You did not say it was blown!
  11. Huge difference with twin shocks vs the mono ride wise. Why not just make a spacer to preload the spring?
  12. All right you are finally making sense. Static balancing will get you to the point of learning to balance with the wheel straight and know when to kick a leg out. You just have to start at the beggining, not where you want to end up. Practice with the bike full locked, using the brakes. But do not fall into the trap of just going one direction. Once you can do it in either direction for 15 minutes you are good enough to start adding in some hopping. 90 degrees left, 90 degrees right. Eventually doing it 360 degree`s. Now you can slowly work the front tire to center and balanced. But now you are good enough to not just fall over. Good Luck.
  13. The old gasser bar clamps would work. But why would you go back to a weaker bar setup? By the way, it is 1inch and 1/8 vs 7/8.
  14. In 1990 the world ride riders could balance all day long. They would stop and back up to the beginning of a section and then clean it. All with out the all day dab. Trouble is a team could dnf the competition due to time. The level of competition was extremely high. It has been down hill ever since. You have the best post I have seen in awhile. It is tough on the scorer`s either way we go. The penalty exists to stop the riders aggression, but it takes a scorer with balls. Most scorer`s are not out there for that purpose. Good luck fixing the BTC.
  15. lineaway

    Riding a 4RT

    That is not totally true. My 250 Beta can get about 10 more miles or more on a tank than my buddies 300RR. Now again my son`s 300 TRS was needing xtra fuel along with the 4RT. I have seen both add an xtra 32 oz, while I had plenty. Riding 20 plus mile loops you figure out mileage pretty fast.
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