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  1. If its bad you will need the bushes too. Take it apart and you should be able to see the bearing numbers still.
  2. That`s because if you are in the U.K. the bikes come with a heavy flywheel. The rest of us the bikes have more zip!
  3. Its like riding a "96 Beta 250 with better brakes and suspension. I would just find the cleanest newer Beta 250 you can find.
  4. New pic today as I added a few more parts. 2 day event next weekend. My son and 2 grandsons will be competing!
  5. Thanks for the feedback. What is so bad about the braktec set up out of interest.? I had a factory Beta with a bad braktek front brake M/C from new. About 2 months ago my Clutch M/C went bad during an event. Now I never worry about it.
  6. The skid plate, front caliper and the clutch mods would be about the only thing I would do, if I ever get another Montesa. Everything else was just bling, besides the gearing change.
  7. CSP parts. Triple clamps, skid plate, case saver, m/c lids, Timing bolt, both oil fillers, gas cap, axle nut, swingarm bushing covers, dog bone and dog bone skid plate, lever adjusters. S3 PARTS Header pipe, curve foot pegs, bar ends, digit levers. Jitsie 9 tooth counter shaft sprocket, 38 tooth solid red rear sprocket. TRS Gold front caliper with matching AJP large resivoir M/C on brake and clutch. Replaced magnet with ATV racing teather. Went to EBC friction plates and Apico dimpled steel plates. Apico aluminum fast throttle tube. Modded my clutch basket for better oil flow to the plates. 48 added holes. Now I run dexron 6 with a great feeling clutch. No more using Elf oil for me.
  8. I went with the stronger skidplate and cut the plate rubber to make oil filter changes easier. I also put longer skid plate bolts in the rear, to never have to remove the skid plate during a oil filter replacement.
  9. Before I even started my bike ( I got it in the crate) I had stocked up on a lot of CSP parts. So I installed new triple clamps, skid plate, levers, s3 titanium header. And many bling items in red that I will list later. After this pic was taken, I replaced all the original plastic.
  10. My 301 would never see pivot levers. LOL I tossed the Braktec`s. But then again I tossed most things on my 2021 before I even started my bike. Ajp m/c`s, s3 digit levers, TRS Gold front brake Caliper. Highly modified clutch basket. I have a long list if you are interested.
  11. Death barble. You have to take the jet tower apart, blow out the two passages and best to replace the oring. The Oko version is a better fit. Good luck.,
  12. The worst thing to watch for is a corrodid water pump and cases. Besides that its a fine bike.
  13. You need better front brakes, that`s where the stopping power is. But the rear should lock up!
  14. Well if you go to the Italian World round and the TDN you could report on A 17 year old from my club. The gal winning Expert is too busy in her internship to become a doctor, she has competed 3 times at the TDN. And our longest riding women finished the Scottish in the late seventies. Most women competing have interesting stories and our president of our club is of course a women. She does an outstanding job, besides her property is one of my favorite practice areas. Also her daughter has ridden the TDN and is currently in Washington D.C. as part of an internship to become a lawyer. Not bad from nowhere in New Mexico.
  15. Our main club is NMTA and we have 14 girls/women that currently compete. Ffom junior through Expert. And one of those riding Expert usually beats the boys!. Our Club averages about 75 riders an event.
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