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  1. lineaway

    TRS Ground Clearance Lower Than Others

    The Beta is a much more forgiving bike. That is why I ride one. My son Loves his TRRS, but it does not always love him. I ride his bike often, always thinking that I like it. But after an all day ride on the Beta, it can`t be beat just for what it does.
  2. lineaway

    Guide for changing ratchet selector

    You are looking at splitting the cases and replacing the shift shaft assembly. Not something to do if you have never split a motor. Search Jim Snell You tube video`s.
  3. lineaway

    Bolt on footrests

    No matter 175 or not, that bike had the trail kit on it. The USA had so many unsold trials bikes they came out with the kits to help dealers get them sold to the sit down crowd. https://www.yamahaty.com/english/ty125en/ty125en.html
  4. lineaway

    Sign of Idler Gear Problems?

    When it does not start anymore, the starter gets stuck and when it sounds like the rod is knocking. Otherwise ride it till it blows up.
  5. lineaway

    Choosing a new front tire.

    https://www.splatshop.co.uk/michelin-x11-trial-comp-front-tyre.html They are still 275 - 21 even the metric marked tires. If you want the smallest front tire, that would be the Dunlap 803 GP. The ty front fender mounted to the forks, no bracket.
  6. lineaway

    Choosing a new front tire.

    You should order REAL trials tires. Dunlop 803 GP or Michelin competition trials tire. There is a few more brands, but not worth talking about. If you got a 3.00 Knobby on it, a trials 2.75 will fit.
  7. lineaway

    Beta 80 issues

    Too much oil, needs jetted. Also you could have bad fuel.
  8. lineaway

    TLR 200 Clutch

    Has it been a long time since you ran it last? The clutch plates could just be stuck. Several ways to try to cure it. Rocking it back and forth in gear. If you have a lot of room, ride it around for a while with the clutch pulled in. It should eventually give way. Sometimes a wheelie will help speed it up. Or buy a few gaskets and take it apart.
  9. lineaway

    Montesa Enduro 250

    So what year is it? A King Scorpian.
  10. lineaway

    whats the best engine oil for a beta

    Dexron iii or type F. I had three 2001`s in `01. All ran ATF. Loved that Blue.
  11. I am not a fan of ready mixed coolant. Total rip off, since it is at least 40% water. And water is still the best coolant. Mix it 30 % anti freeze in the summer and 50% winter.
  12. lineaway

    My girlfriend wants to ride!

    Nothing wrong with a beta 80 as a starter bike.
  13. lineaway

    Oil levels

    450ml. 550 with an engine rebuild.
  14. lineaway

    whats the best engine oil for a beta

    If you want the clutch to actually hit, use ATF. Been that way now for three decades of Beta`s.