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  1. lineaway

    Beta 2006 rev 3 250

    Nothing will bleed in either direction if there is no free play at the lever, which is usually the problem in the first place.
  2. lineaway

    Sherpa t starting

    Bullylover is spot on that it is in the pilot circuit. Better to waste a few hours working on the carb than throwing money at a bike that looks better just sitting than running.
  3. lineaway

    No Rear Wheel Lift?

    You are basically carrying your wheelie over it. You have to hit lower on the rock with the front tire.
  4. lineaway

    Gasgas delta 250 1991 cooling problems

    If the water pump and fan work correctly, no head gasket leaks and no water in oil or no oil in coolant. The only two things left is a blockage or air lock.
  5. lineaway

    Gasgas delta 250 1991 cooling problems

    So you have a fan issue. Did you ever just hook a battery to the fan? So when you checked the impellor, did it spin when you kicked the motor? Did you try spinning it with your finger? The threads can strip, so they never push enough coolant.
  6. lineaway

    Gasgas delta 250 1991 cooling problems

    Did you ever get the fan spinning at idle?
  7. lineaway

    How much gearbox oil

    I`d go with 475 or 500, depending on your container size to get two oil changes out of it. The 550 was a dry motor.
  8. lineaway

    Gas gas 1991 ? Trials 250

    The 1993 engine was completely different.
  9. lineaway

    Sheffield results

    Maybe time penalty vs actual score.
  10. lineaway

    Gas gas 1991 ? Trials 250

    I thought `93 was the first year of case induction on the 250?
  11. lineaway

    Different slide

    Dan, they have plenty of grunt in the bikes. Thier bikes are basically an SS model. Just no go.
  12. lineaway

    Petrol tanks

    Buy a tank shell.
  13. Actually those that do well in trials do so 110% confident that they can do it. It does not matter if it is the correct method, technique or style. A clean is a clean no matter how ugly. It is all mental for the most part as the geometry of the bikes are able to make it over most anything.
  14. lineaway

    Evo factory 300 carb

    Sprinter 27 advice makes a lot of sense with the cold weather. You could also raise the needle (Which is dropping the clip) That is the easiest and cheapest route, besides it changes the jetting all in the right direction. If you have the time I would do a quick carb clean just to verify the jets are clear and nothing is building up in the bowl. Make sure to note the jet sizes. You could easily go up one pilot jet size without rocking the boat too much. Good luck.
  15. lineaway

    ARC levers not fitting

    Myself, folding levers are a waste of money and feel like crap. I would just throw them in for spares. Proper lever setup is critical on a trials bike. We had a guy recently use these and he posted the link.