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  1. The Unnatural Origin of SARS and Genetic Weapons Based on Man-Made Viruses,” and was published in February 2015 by the Military Medical Science Press, a publishing house owned by the Chinese military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).” Posted off several sites around the World today. A book all about how to use this virus against mankind.
  2. lineaway

    Evo 4t chain

    So know you wonder with the above comment if it was 101 with the half link stock. So you buy a chain breaker and a 102 or longer chain.
  3. lineaway

    Evo 4t chain

    That would be 100 link chain. You werw counting 2 pin plates.
  4. lineaway

    Evo 4t chain

    Well if you are ordering the same sprockets then count the number of links on your existing chain. It`s much easier to own a chain breaker, then you can cut a chain to fit. Just order a chain at the best deal, longer than your original.
  5. China being the leader of the World. China`s polluting ways are on schedule to peak in 2030. They are the true leaders of destruction.
  6. Yes, and loves it. I gave him a great deal as I was buying my sons TRS.
  7. Sounds more normal than not. Bikes can develop a little noice in the clutxh as time goes on.
  8. We are in for a rough ride. Looks like the early 1980`s all over again. Record setting prices on everything. Inflation is going to eat our lunch. I guess I will just keep working, who needs retirement anyway.
  9. If you are getting fuel to the carb, it sounds like to me your floats might be sticking. My last Beta would do that upon a large impact with a rock or log. Drove me nuts. Changed out the floats and valve which cured it. The day I sold it did it again loading into the new owners truck.
  10. The clutch master cylinder takes just dot 4 brake fluid or similiar. Chances are the stator is bad as the techno was known for that. So you need to find out how to proceed and do you want to spend the money. Search this forum for stator issues and info.
  11. Next time remove your gas cap. Somehow you are not getting fuel I bet. Just because you have fuel in the tank, you still could not have fiel in the carb.
  12. Are you sure it`s not just running out of fuel? Flooding would be fuel leaking and a wet plug.
  13. You do not say what year. Is this with the rear mounted tank?
  14. It looks like a 1998 and probably a 250. The 280 kit was late to the show.
  15. My boy had a 2012 250 with the delorto rear tank model. IT had less than 10 hours on the bike from a novice rider. Like new. It was a dog , I had a kiehin so ordered a manifold for thw bgger carb. The vacuum i take was a joke. It just would no pull any fuel. That 2012 the frame was like spagehtti. The head stay from frame to engine, we would lose that bolt no matter what, I finally double nutted it and red loctite. Any how that vacuum system is someting to run from. I could go on but this post would be deleted.
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