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  1. dan williams

    ‘18 popping out of gear

    I'll wait to see the first revision of the custom cam. I may go for a modified version if there's clearance for the actuator.
  2. dan williams

    ‘18 popping out of gear

    Well still working the problem but here’s the latest discovery. I ordered a cam indexer to make measurements on since it was winter and I didn’t have a warm place to pull the motor apart. Last week I did pull the shifter assembly apart to put in the indexer I had made. So here are the indexers. The first is what was in the bike. 14mm diameter, 3mm wide and loose as can be. The replacement from Beta, 16mm diameter, 5mm wide. The indexer I put together, 13mm diameter, 5mm wide. What I learned seeing the actual assembly in situ is the indexer is offset from the cam and only hits the very end of it. A situation made worse by the offset of my design. I have to rethink that a bit. Beta seems to be using collections of whatever parts are in the bin. The stock bearing on my bike was crap. I put in my replacement indexer anyway and went riding. It popped out a few times when I did halfhearted stabs at the shifter but never popped out when I did a proper shift. Shifting also felt more positive snicking neatly into place when done correctly. So it is improved but not perfect. So where to go from here? I have custom cams machined that’ll be arriving in a few weeks. Deeper re-profiled notches and extra holes to move neutral between any two gears. Unfortunately they are not offset to match the indexer so I may have to rethink their design.
  3. dan williams

    Beta Evo left fork spring stuck...urgent

    The older spacers had a metal ring on the end the sat on the spring. I don’t think the new ones do (I could be wrong). If not, the force from the spring might be deforming the plastic enough to make it jam.
  4. dan williams

    Beta Evo left fork spring stuck...urgent

    I’ve noticed some odd tolerance type issues with the Sachs/Paioli forks so maybe they just didn’t machine the spacer right and stuffed it in figuring it would wear into size.
  5. dan williams

    Beta Evo left fork spring stuck...urgent

    Yeah that’s weird. That bushing should just slide out. If it’s binding you might not be able to adjust your preload properly. Thinking a bit further it’s not even really a bushing. It’s just a spacer so they could use a shorter spring. Just out of curiosity did you loosen the top pinch bolt on the clamp when you tried to take it out? It shouldn’t make any difference as the tube should be strong enough to not deform from the clamp but stranger things have happened so...
  6. dan williams

    Beta Evo left fork spring stuck...urgent

    That’s a new one. The spring is just loose in there and should just pull right out. If you compress the leg it should poke out the top.
  7. dan williams

    Beta Front Forks

    If the UK importer can’t help you you might be stuck having a custom spring wound. There appear to be four different spring rates above stock available from Beta. Suspension spring chart-2016 EVO_0.pdf
  8. dan williams

    Wont re-start after crash!! Help Please!!

    Woodruff key is still your best bet. Nothing should vibrate apart no matter how high you rev. You could pull the reed block to make sure they weren’t damaged but it’s unlikely as when the bike is at high rpm the reeds just sit full open so they aren’t really stressed.
  9. dan williams

    KTM supplying Beta Evo parts??

    Not surprising. The reed cage is from a KTM 65.
  10. dan williams

    2019 Beta 300 Evo kickstarter issue

    Awesome. Nice catch!
  11. dan williams

    ‘18 popping out of gear

    Spring has sprung. Let the fettling begin. Clutch holder tool fits perfectly. (Edit) Oh this is getting interesting. After pulling it apart the stock indexer is different than the “stock” replacement. Where it contacts the cam is way off from what I expected. The shifter indexer/cam looks a bit like a thrown together assembly of mismatched parts. I’ll post an update later.
  12. dan williams

    2019 Beta 300 Evo kickstarter issue

    From the varied responses you’ve probably figured out we’re all just guessing too.😁 It’s not too complicated a system and I’m sure you’ll figure it out after noodling around with it a bit. Welcome to Beta.👍
  13. dan williams

    Evo 300 2 stroke reved up now won't turn over

    Won’t turn over as in motor locked up and won’t spin? Then seized which is unusual. Won’t turn over as in won’t start? Sheared woodruff key on ignition flywheel. Fairly common.
  14. dan williams

    Main bearings

    I’ve only had to have main bearings done once on a bike that sat in storage for the better part of a year. Just sitting did more damage than regular riding. When the Beta mains go there’ll be no question as it’ll sound like a rock crusher. The whirring noise is on every Beta I’ve ever owned and after a while you just tune it out.
  15. dan williams

    thought our new 300 was a handful !

    10t, carbon reeds and a low compression head on mine. Not keen on extra flywheel as they tend to run on a bit more than I like. 13t is a street sprocket.😳