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  1. It sounds like you are missing a ground connection. When the thremo-switch closes the electrics are finding ground through the fan circuit. Some of the earlier Betas (non LED lights) ran their lighting systems off the same ac that feeds the rectifier that feeds dc to the fan. Newer Betas run lights off the dc out of the rectifier. As stated, check for broken wires and good ground connections. Beta has done some creative wiring in the past that has led to these oddball symptoms.
  2. A lot of the semiconductor companies have workable reference designs for motor control and battery management systems.
  3. I’m glad it’s working for you.😁 I’m hoping for the Beta electric so I don’t have to buy all new gear. 🤪
  4. So EM can’t make bikes fast enough. The world is going electric. Beta hasn’t released a major upgrade since 2013. Beta now makes kiddie electrics. So… any rumors on development on a full sized Beta electric?
  5. We are about due for a major redesign.
  6. So the 2022 X-Trainer has a diaphragm clutch. 🤔
  7. Ok. I’m just worried as a few have screwed up their plates and I never want that to happen.
  8. Dammit you guys! Take your time and be careful!
  9. I just noticed FS1 has the California trials invitational on schedule for 9:30am EST today. 5/2/21 sorry for the late notice but I just saw it.
  10. I’ve seen several bikes of different brands that do this stall bog when bounced issue. All Keihins. Check to make sure your choke is closing properly. If the choke is just partially open the bike will do exactly as you describe.
  11. There are times kicking my ‘18 300 feels like kicking a cinder block. The new bikes aren’t always easy kickers.
  12. I’d want to see the plates before I assumed they were “good”. It’s been decades that Beta have been saying “improved” clutch. And each was a half hearted fix that didn’t address the real issues. See the clutch fix thread pinned to the top of this forum.
  13. Yeah I’m not saying it wouldn’t work. I did it too but didn’t see much difference. Then again I’ve done a lot of fine tuning to the clutch. The throw is only ~1.25mm so 0.25mm is a significant number. One other thing is we all have different preferences for clutch behavior.
  14. There is a very small amount of throw. Any play in the mechanism is wasted motion so the shimming is to have the minimum amount of travel before the throwout plate begins to move. The practical upshot is at full actuation the throwout plate is the furthest out possible. Supposedly this helps reduce drag. There is debate about what actually causes the various components of the drag. If there is wear in the mechanism this is may help. Hydraulic actuation mechanisms are supposed to be self adjusting for the initial offset so if the mechanism is working properly shimming the mechanism doesn’t make that much of a difference.
  15. This is the parts list. Only one ring size. https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/2005 Rev 125-200 2 stroke.pdf
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