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  1. Now THAT’s funny!😀
  2. Last Sunday was the shakedown for the new to me 2020 EVO factory. Popped out of gear several times just tooling around and once on a slab entrance in a section. Just put my cam and indexer in. Couple of interesting finds though. The factory cam now has pointy lobes and they put a spacer in to offset the indexer to better align with the cam just like my design. Beta still uses the worst bearing though and the neutral detent is still pretty shallow. Not my problem anymore.
  3. On the 2018 I added two teeth to the rear and liked it very much. 10/44 I think but I’ll have to look. The 2020 is still stock. Messing up my already dodgy timing but I’ll try to get used to it. I might go for the lower gearing later.
  4. Fettling done for now. Six thin (2.7mm) plates with the fix, 3mm offset washers and blasted the steels with fine aluminum oxide. Tried the bike and had massive clutch slip. Reduced the spacer washers on the throwout bearing about half a mm and all is well. Behaves pretty much like every other clutch I’ve done the fix to.
  5. Yeah bolts are cheap.😁
  6. Possible but postage is around $30
  7. Also I can’t claim credit for the design. The original design came from “ikb” who I haven’t seen on here for a while.
  8. Yeah and now I bought another EVO and need another set.😁
  9. I’ve ordered another run of the 3mm offset clutch washers. Gonna have to charge for these as I gave away the last batch and it’s expensive to give away custom parts.I figure $35 for a set should cover my cost and postage in the US. I’ll have to figure out a payment scheme. Not gonna give them to a dealer to sell this time. Tried that last time and he just gave them away and everyone said what a great guy he was for giving them free parts. 😬
  10. Ooooh the 2020 Factory has a light-switch clutch and a bit of delay when trying to release the clutch. Also the pull is heavy. I wanted to try before I modify and I'm not surprised. Needs the carbon reeds too as it's easier to stall. Let the fettling begin!
  11. To be honest my 2018 has an old clutch pack. I just bought a 2020 factory that looks like it was never ridden so I’ll have to see what it looks like inside.
  12. I should probably clarify I mean a hydraulic issue as in the clutch plates dragging around the gearbox oil like a torque converter. I know from experience the drag is much worse with colder or thicker fluid which would seem to prove the idea. Having just said that I'm wondering if there is some fluid flow trickery that could improve the situation? Hmmm, gotta think about that. I admit I've kinda moved on from the clutch thing believing Beta would have changed the design by now. Silly me.
  13. There is less separation but I’m not sure the drag will be greatly affected as the drag seems to be a hydraulic issue rather than a partial contact issue. But I could be wrong. That’s how I learn. I’ve learned a lot.😁
  14. dan williams

    beta evo wiring

    I’ve considered it but there’s not a lot of places to move it to. Being in the US I figure I can get rid of half the wiring.
  15. S3 make a low compression head that tames the hit while keeping the grunt of displacement. Carbon reeds (I have Moto Tassinari VForce3 V351B with medium reeds) add to the bottom end and smooth the transition through the rev range. I can pull a gear higher with the carbon reeds.
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