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  1. Partial to sesame oil myself but that’s a different application. Beta’s are notorious octane pigs. If you want it to run properly feed it the good stuff. You can also get a low compression head which reduces the octane requirement somewhat and makes the 300 a little less hyper though it will occasionally remember it’s still a 300 and surprise you if you’re not careful with the noisy grip.
  2. dan williams

    Won't rev?

    Sorry to hear no success. Make sure to let us know when you do get it sorted. Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied.
  3. dan williams

    Won't rev?

    Typically a blocked main jet. Is it a Keihin or DelOrto? When you say you cleaned the carb are we talking full disassemble and blow out of all jets and holes? One thing that is common on the Keihin is putting the little brass needle guide/jet thingy in upside down. Done that before. The beveled edge goes up😁. Will behave as described. If there is water in the CDI it may not be dry inside even if it looks dry outside. Might take a few days extra for the water to evaporate.
  4. Perfect. That’s exactly what I need! I owe you😁.
  5. Ah, just looked at the S3 pants and the fastener looks the same but the marking on the back says ITV (or ITW tough to see because it’s stylized) Fastex. Could explain its early death.
  6. Been there, done that. Can’t go back.
  7. My Clice and Jitsie pants have the same closure. Looks like a Nifco SLCRF. Now all I have to do is find somebody who stocks them without requiring a 10,000 piece minimum order.
  8. Ryan says they don’t have parts.
  9. Just pulled my relatively new S3 pants out of the washer and the buckle was in pieces. Anybody know where to get replacement part? Closest I can find seems to be snowboard toe buckles.
  10. Perhaps not. If GasGas was unable to pay their suppliers that would put considerable stress on those small manufacturers.
  11. I’m not sure about the 2015 but the earlier bikes powered the incandescent bulbs from the ac windings pre-regulator. The fan and, I believe, the microcontroller in the CDI ran off the 12V from the regulator. The new bikes with the LED bulbs run the lighting off the 12V from the regulator. Worth looking at the documentation on the Beta website.
  12. A KTM world trials champ in a few years?
  13. Not yet. Was too busy using bad words and throwing tools. Decided walking away was best option.
  14. Aargh! Went to replace rear brake pads and stripped out the head of the pad retention pin. Not a happy camper!
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