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  1. dan williams

    beta evo wiring

    I’ve considered it but there’s not a lot of places to move it to. Being in the US I figure I can get rid of half the wiring.
  2. S3 make a low compression head that tames the hit while keeping the grunt of displacement. Carbon reeds (I have Moto Tassinari VForce3 V351B with medium reeds) add to the bottom end and smooth the transition through the rev range. I can pull a gear higher with the carbon reeds.
  3. I don’t know the material but my guess would be some kind of high density polyethelene. Did the box take an impact and break or just wear through? How big is the hole? Is it a flat surface or a shaped part? Pics would help. You could fiberglass it or buy sheet plastic from a place like ePlastics and JBWeld and rivet into place.
  4. So it seems. My ‘18 light is on permanently.
  5. The carb model is a Keihin PWK-28. Jitsie and S3 make aluminum adjusters to replace the plastic screw that has no place on an otherwise excellent carb. For the S3 and Jitsie replacements for the carb and levers I find it helps to run them through a die to clean up their threads before installing them. If you don’t they bind. I think the anodizing after the screws are machined is a bit too thick.
  6. S3 do make a blue head cover but that's just the water jacket. The actual compression is set by the insert and they only come in low (yellow) stock (silver) and high (red). You can see the color of the insert as the color of the metal ring the spark plug goes into. A 300 is rideable for a new rider but it can be a handful as in when it goes wrong it can go wrong very quickly. It is also more tiring than a smaller bike.
  7. No heresy. It’s not religion. 😁 I’d love to have plates that just work. Thought I was onto something with the Barnett plates but they were just a bit too thick.
  8. WooHoo! North of 200k views!😃
  9. These things have workshop manuals? Well I’ll be damned!
  10. 80:1 for me in my 300. Any good oil will be fine.
  11. The routing of Beta throttle cables isn’t the greatest. Are you bumping up against the cable? Is there any play in the cable? Do you pull the throttle full on before you start the bike to make sure the cable housing is seated?
  12. It’s a horrible situation and the organizers feel worse than any fans but there comes a point where an event is unworkable. The smart thing to do is cut your losses and prepare for better days. Recriminations, name calling and assertions that there is less than heartbreak on the part of organizers doesn’t help. If you’ve got a better idea step up. If you have access to a better venue by all means offer it up. If you have sponsors willing to put up money to cover expenses, excellent. If you have access to a crew of observers, section designers, promotions people, lawyers, ambulance services, porta pottys, stone drills, wrist bands, loop markers, fax machines and computers for press, hotel rooms for FIM officials, portable office trailers, food vendors, ticket sales staff, security, program printers, trophy makers and the thousand other details that are needed on short time without the budget please use your internet access to reach out to the event organizers. That’s what they need to hear.
  13. I think the answer lies more in what parts are in the bin. Traditionally the 200 has been the option that used the leftover parts since it wasn’t a “prime” competition model. A few years ago the bigger models switched over to reversed ignition systems with the stator on the outer cover. The 200 used the older design. It’s likely that the 200 has evolved as old parts stock are exhausted rather than a conscious decision to change the bike.
  14. dan williams

    2022 Evos

    So has anyone got a 2022 yet? How have the improved graphics affected your riding?😃
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