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  1. dan williams

    2017 Factory 300 banging noise from engine

    Thanks for letting us know. Please let us know if that fixes it. Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied.
  2. dan williams

    Beta Evo 250 Boyeson Carbon Tech reeds carb tuning

    With the VForce reeds when I first started using them I’d pull the carb and “fine tune” the jetting only to end up exactly where I started out. Now I just bolt them in and go riding. Aside from a better primary case charge at low rpm there’s really not anything about carbon reeds that should affect the jetting. If your jetting is correct to start with it’s all good.
  3. dan williams

    1992 Beta Zero 260 Jordi Tarres Signature Model

    I’m pretty sure that what Bernie will be starting with is basics that will improve your riding no matter how your bike is set up. At 210 you could do with heavier springs but in reality the bike is 25+ years old and technology has moved on so just adjust it to where you’re happy and ride the snot out of it and enjoy it until you can upgrade to a newer bike.
  4. dan williams

    2017 Factory 300 banging noise from engine

    One other failure that happens is the plastic impeller in the water pump breaks. I highly recommend the high capacity metal impeller from Jitsie.
  5. dan williams

    2017 Factory 300 banging noise from engine

    And that you have coolant.
  6. dan williams

    Front fork compress

    There's lots of knowledge on here. Granted it's a bit of a slog to get through. It's pretty typical for newbies to worry about how their suspension is set up though the usual thing that happens is they mess with it until it really does need adjustment. One thing that will make the forks not travel properly is if there is too much oil in the fork legs. It's not uncommon for rookie mechanics to overfill Betas. The end result is the fork travel is short and ends like hitting a rock. Tough on the wrists. So if your forks are a bit stiff then you can probably tweak the preload. If they just suddenly stop halfway through the travel they may be overfilled. The way Beta specs oil level in their forks is frustrating. With the spring out and the fork compressed the oil should be some distance from the top of the leg. The other thing that I found weird on my 2018 is the oil is spec'd at 7wt which is pretty thick. I changed it to 5wt and am happy with it. Also the forks are now made by Sachs and are a bear to get back together if you pull them apart. My recommendation for draining the oil is take off the front wheel, take off the brake caliper, loosen the top triple clamp pinch bolts so you can loosen the top caps and then loosen the bottom triple clamp pinch bolts to drop the fork tubes. Then just turn them upside-down to drain them. You'll have to pump the cartridge damper side to get most of the oil out. Stick them back in the triple clamps and refill to Betas spec. The fill levels should be in your manual and if you need to see a manual on-line look here, https://www.betausa.com/content/support
  7. dan williams

    Front fork compress

    Ignore the videos. Your weight is fine for the stock springs. There are two adjustments at the top of the fork. The large allen head bolt is spring preload. The slotted screw is rebound damping. Always start any adjustment of damping with the adjuster all the way to the right. Turn it until it stops clicking and back it out ten clicks. Adjust the fork preload so when you bounce on the bike the fork and shock compress the same. Then go ride some sections and tell us what problems you are having. Front end won’t track on bumpy turns, can’t get enough lift from the rear on hits... There is no one size fits all answer and the setting of sag is a ridiculous over simplification.
  8. dan williams

    Rev3 Primary Drive Crankshaft Nut

    Go here and look for the Trials Service Manuals at the bottom of the page. They are for newer bikes but they may give you some insight as Beta haven’t significantly changed their design for years. https://www.betausa.com/content/support
  9. dan williams


    I was thinking about guy’s need to pee on trees. I think it’s natural selection at work. My theory is ancestors who didn’t pee on trees all died in forest fires.
  10. dan williams


    Yeah me too for about 6 months but there’s no denying the convenience of just being able to park it without finding a tree.
  11. dan williams


    To be honest I didn’t crawl under to look. But I suspect they do as I screwed in stainless replacement bolts to check the threads and pulled out some steel thread material that didn’t come from the stainless bolts or the OEM bolts.
  12. dan williams


    It would help but there’s a lot of torque required.
  13. dan williams


    I had to pull the footpeg brackets and drop the bottom suspension linkage. Was still a pain in the derrière.
  14. dan williams


    The stand itself is OK but access to the fasteners is, to say the least, less than user friendly.
  15. dan williams


    I don’t know who designed the Beta kickstand but they should be flogged.