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  1. You’re a half hour from the Meriden motorcycle club. One of the best trials areas in New England. Former stomping ground of 10 time US champion Geoff Aaron.
  2. dan williams

    New Beta’s

    Not just new, “bold” new graphics! Beta better up their game or TRS is going to convert everyone. You can't swing a Beta kick stand around here without hitting a TRS.
  3. Makes sense. Freezing will kill most bacteria. Ice crystals destroy the cell walls. Not sure of the effect of repeated heat cool cycles. Usually wreaks havoc on adhesive joints like the liner to shell in most helmets.
  4. Look if it doesn’t work for you don’t do it. Not everything has to be debated ad nauseam.
  5. Killing the bacteria that cause the smell.
  6. Two words, college students. Essentially pure ethanol. Used for making your own fortified wine, liqueur, ER visit for alcohol poisoning....
  7. Last time I machine washed a liner I pulled a mass of threads and foam pads out of the machine.
  8. Yeah but the residual smell of vinegar or Lysol would drive me crazy. This stuff dries leaving only a residue of water. I’ve been using it for a year or so on the new carbon Jitsie my wife got me and it seems to work the best of anything I’ve tried. Pretty much de-stank my old NZIs too. Supposedly illegal where I live but the local store has it on the shelf so...
  9. Cheaper than those piddly little cans of helmet mousse. Highly flammable! Illegal in many jurisdictions. Extremely effective. Yes I know you can buy cans of denatured alcohol much cheaper but they have acetone and methylated ketones and who knows what else to make them poisonous, well more poisonous, and I’m not sure how those additives affect the helmet materials. edit: turns out acetone is a solvent for polystyrene.
  10. Not quite sure what you’re asking but the way I understand this the white wires are ac feed from the stator lighting coils. The black is “ground” and the two red wires are +12V. The red wires feed the LED headlight (small connector), the fan thermo switch and the CDI. The yellow/brown wires from the map switch go down to the CDI box.
  11. So, you don’t want one? 😘
  12. I heard the same reason but it never made sense to me. Once the gear is chased into engagement there is minimal torque to deflect the shift forks. One other thing that was suspect is wear on the drum causing play in the fork tracks. Since installing the uprated bearing/arm in my bike stopped it popping out of gear without changing any internal gearbox components I’m now fairly certain it’s simply a crappy bearing/too light pressure/low cam lobe issue. Fix any one and it improves dramatically. Fix all three and it’s pretty solid so far. Anybody else want to give it a try?
  13. I took a putt on a friend’s 200 last week. Damn that thing is good!
  14. I agree not everybody should get a trophy but everybody should be able to play. Hence some want/need electric starters. Plenty of people who have trouble kicking a bike over at the end of the day are perfectly capable of kicking my ass in the sections. The relative merits are not the issue I was trying to elevate. Merely that I think it can be done better. The same attitudes were on full display when radial tires came out. Same for water cooled engines.
  15. Snowball’s chance in Canoga I’ll start the Beta by hand.
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