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  1. As these things get more computerized it may be time for them to have a “limp home mode”.
  2. I noticed that too. Adjusted for cold then had to adjust back for warm. Gotta love the S3 adjuster screws.😁
  3. Of course it modifies friction. Kinda the whole point of oil. Motor oil has been recommended in wet clutch transmissions for many years. The trick is to get just the right amount of slip for your particular style of riding and the oil I’ve been using has been perfect for me but the change in ambient temperature and clutch behavior just got my interest. Just like jetting and suspension settings there is value in incremental changes to fine tune system behavior. This is just another opportunity to learn. Believe me I’ve tried many different types of oil to arrive at the oil I’m using.🤔
  4. Went out on a rail trail riding with my wife on her CRF150f. Ambient temp about 7C. First real chilly ride. Huge clutch slip in 6th until the EVO’s gearbox warmed up. Normal after warmed up. Currently running 10W-30 Castrol Titanium Edge motor oil in gearbox. After we got back I measured case temp with IR thermometer. 46C. Her bike was much warmer at about 65C. Kinda surprised how cool the Beta was running. Not looking for any information just making observational notes. Time to try the 0W-20 in the gearbox and see how it feels in colder weather. Experiment time.😁 I’ll be sure to report if the transmission explodes.
  5. I think one is lights. The other is placebo😁. Supposed to be engine map switch but nobody I ride with can tell the difference. So it gets switched now and then just because it’s there. Kinda like the old Steve Wright joke, In my house there's this light switch that doesn't do anything. Every so often I would flick it on and off just to check. Yesterday, I got a call from a woman in Germany. She said, "cut it out!"
  6. Smoothing the tabs is what makes the clutch engagement/disengagement smooth. Cleaning the glue is only about the cold stick. The washers are only a fine tune. They do seem to allow you to put the sweet spot of the engagement where you want it. My bike still has a tiny bit of hydraulic drag but it's not enough to notice riding and is greatly reduced once the gearbox heats up. Riding in the rain/fallen leaves/pine needles yesterday and I still love the way my bike runs and rides now.
  7. Looks like Mitas or Duro from what I can find. Are they gonna stick like a proper modern tire? Highly unlikely but then again you probably won’t know the difference.😁
  8. Wow! Learn something new every day.😁
  9. When you think about it the plates should rattle some when the clutch is pulled in. They are free to move and the crank speed isn't constant through rotation. I know on the Beta after the clutch mod the fiber plates rattle more.
  10. Can’t argue with success.👍
  11. Yeah it’s a crap design. They usually punch out almost immediately.
  12. Maybe because mine doesn’t have the bleed nipple, just a button head screw. Point taken.
  13. Yup the airbox is in the way on my setup. But removing the airbox is about five minutes. You can spend a hour or more trying to bleed the rear brakes if you don’t crack the banjo bolt. Sometimes it’s just easier to bite the bullet and take some things apart to get proper access. The upside is once it’s done you don’t have to do it again until something gets broken.
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