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  1. Wow! Rushed it a bit did we? That much play would probably result in twisting of the plates. I'm not sure there's a way to recover this as all the faces on the tabs have to be at least close enough to wear in. You also appear to have leaned in pretty heavy cleaning the glue from between the pads. All it takes is a light touch and as with any filing less per stroke is always better than too much. Anybody around Leeds got some spare plates to help this guy out?
  2. Very weird to see two occurrences of this in such a short timeframe.
  3. dan williams

    Tire musings

    I think once you go tubeless with a new tire at the proper pressure you’ll wonder why every bike doesn’t go tubeless. The grip is mind boggling.
  4. There's some fundamental internal difference in the Sachs manufactured Paioli design. I tried to get the screw off mine and ran into the same issue. Finally got it to tighten up again and called it a day.
  5. Try removing the flywheel weight first to see if you like it with less flywheel. Easier to do one step at a time.
  6. I agree there doesn't seem to be anything other than the splined washer that looks remotely like this. Two questions being, Why did it fail and what effect will it have on the gearbox. The only thing I can think of was one of the snap rings on the shaft was not properly placed or broke. I'm afraid you're in for a case split. Have you noticed any weirdness in shifting or unusual noises?
  7. That’s unfortunate. You may be best served by putting in a lower compression head. If it makes you feel any better I run the S3 low comp head in my Beta and aside from it not squirting out from under me as often it really hasn’t lost anything.
  8. Well in all fairness the idea of soliciting opinion on a public forum is to see if an event is more than an outlier. If it happens to one, a few or many. Since we are rarely a statistically significant group locally it’s nice to be able to ask the rest of the world.
  9. What fuel are you running? With a high compression ratio octane rating is critical. You can jet richer to reduce preignition but then you are throwing away power. This can be especially bad if the ignition advance is aggressive. Beta's were notorious for this.
  10. One of those things a lot of people do but not on a conscious level.
  11. dan williams

    New outfit

    I know that drill. My wife has to color coordinate her grips. Not even gonna mention the riding outfit. 😳
  12. dan williams

    New outfit

    If you mean a lot of work for no benefit I agree. But like buying her titanium screws and other goodies I figure she's good to me so I should spoil her. 😀 She's put up with the indignity of repeated teardowns just to figure out how she works and still runs like new. Good bike.
  13. Yeah that's "normal". Beta replaced the two outer plates with slightly thicker plates so you will have four 2.7mm thick frictions and two 3.0mm thick frictions. Not sure of the logic behind this. I usually replace the 3.0mm thick plates with a couple of the 2.7s and dress them all to the Clutch Fix document. Or you could just dress the 3.0mm plates like the others and put it back together. The newer plates are a lot less gluey so the removal of the glue between the pads is optional. The older plates were a mess.
  14. Neutral is always difficult because the neutral notch on the cam is smaller and in between two larger notches. As pointed out clutch drag doesn’t help either. I find getting neutral from first almost impossible. From second just a light tap on the lever usually gets it but it’s not a sure thing.
  15. I had custom indexers made to improve the shifting on my 300 and they look the same on the diagram. Can you get a pic of the shifter mechanism on your sons bike. Also what year is it so I can see if they take the same part numbers.
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