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  1. I had a fabricated long exhaust on my 320 Majesty and it definitely increased the bottom end.
  2. I have sent what I have for the TLM 200 by wetransfer, hope it helps.
  3. https://www.tytrials.com/trailandtrialsuk/prod_189281-4-9-14-17-20-Carb-Repair-Kit-TY175.html
  4. https://shercousa.com/docs/
  5. majesty

    Swm noob

    Looks interesting. Good luck with the project.
  6. They'll be able to tell you here Rich. https://johnshirtmotorcycles.com/
  7. majesty

    Ccm Trials

  8. Thanks for posting. Some cracking bikes there ☺️
  9. Here's a link to the T&MX rebuild, which happycyd recommends. https://www.advrider.com/f/threads/montesa-349-engine-rebuild-guide-and-questions.1294151/ If you need a parts manual, PM me your e mail address and I can send you one. Good luck
  10. Shedworks might be able to help ? http://www.shedworks.net/petrol-tanks.html
  11. Just click the link, you can still watch it. Ridden loads of times there, great venue....
  12. https://shercousa.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/1999sparebook_trial_250.pdf
  13. The manual for the TLM240 says : 0.5 litre - oil change 0.6 litre - engine rebuild SAE 10-30 Oil
  14. https://birkettmotosport.com/
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