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  1. As above, and a rattle gun will help.
  2. Sorry Feet Up, can't help you with any info. Maybe Craig could help ? http://www.yamaha-majesty.com/
  3. Hi BP Nice to see my old Majesty again. Unfortunately it wasn't a works bike, number 172 of 175 built , if I remember correctly. I completely rebuilt the bike and the exhaust system was designed and made by my old friend Keith Horsman, This is what it looked like before I started the rebuild
  4. Apologies, I should have made clear that the hubs I used were single cam, standard actuation
  5. Thanks. I didn't have any problems with the hubs as they were from the same era.
  6. I fitted Yamaha DT/MX hubs to my Majesty, initially because they were the closest visually to Mick's works hubs at the time, but I was pleasantly surprised how much better the brakes were compared to the original hubs.
  7. There are 8 pages of interesting information on the Crusader 250 models, including the works version, in Don Morley's book Classic British Trials Bikes.
  8. OEM Yamaha part number is 46Y-11181-00-00
  9. Just the same as the TY250 copper gasket, but slightly bigger bore. Not sure if they are still available, but you should be able to open out a 250 gasket with a dremel and a steady hand http://www.yamaha-majesty.com/?product=cylinder-head-gasket
  10. majesty

    Gas gas randonne

    I fitted a 150cc conversion to a friends Randonne, and was pleasantly surprised at the increase in performance.
  11. That looks really nice.......
  12. majesty

    TLM 240

    I couldn't get a 240 piston for mine John, so I fitted a 260 TLM piston with a bit of machining, i'll send you a photo with the manual for the 240.
  13. Hi Daniel, It's always difficult if the original wiring has been modified, but I would connect the black to the coil terminal and making sure that the coils bracket is earthed, check for a spark at the plug.
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