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  1. Drayton Bantam

    R.I.P. Jim. A lovely chap, always willing to help.
  2. montesa cota 247

    As per earlier posts, the kick start needs to be vertical in order to avoid punching a hole in the flywheel casing
  3. Zundapp Trials.

    Yep, Magura, I think
  4. Zundapp Trials.

    I love the Rickman Trials. I remember with great "affection" those handlebar grips that hardened up in the cold Yorkshire winters,
  5. Zundapp Trials.

    Yeah, dim and distant past. It was a 125 and the thing that sticks in my mind was how well it handled..
  6. Zundapp Trials.

    Found these photo's in my photo reference collection, but can't recall any details about them. Plus a photo of my ex Army ISDT Rickman Zundapp Enduro - a little belter it was
  7. Monday music on Weds!

  8. Steering

    Being quite tall, I always thought the handlebars on my Majesty were too far back. so I cut the bar clamps off the top yoke and machined and welded them back on inline with the fork legs, and it steered a lot better
  9. Monday music on Weds!

  10. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    Thanks....... They were Preston Petty's but I'm not sure they still do trials guards. Worth a google though
  11. Monday music on Weds!

    Speaking of the most beautiful music........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3jCFeCtSjk
  12. Monday music on Weds!

    Fantastic to hear that again. I really miss Lowell George
  13. Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

    My trusty Seeley Honda.
  14. Yorkshire Classic MCC (11/6/18 Jerichi)

    Proper trial .........