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  1. You're welcome. Good luck😀😀
  2. Manuals sent via wetransfer.com Hopefully you have received them and can delete your earlier post
  3. I think it might be because you're a new member, as I receive PM'S all the time. If you want to post your e mail address on the thread I can make a note of it, then post confirmation on the thread and you can then remove it, if you're OK with that ?
  4. Hi, If you PM me your direct e mail address, I can send you what I have, which may help.
  5. majesty

    MH 349

    Hi Vader, P.M, me your direct e mail address and I can send you an owners/parts manual, which may help
  6. No problem. Good luck 🙂
  7. Hi, To be honest my calves are much smaller that yours, so it's difficult to know if they will fit you. When I try them on and adjust the straps to the widest fitting, I am able to get a clenched fist down the inside of the boot along with my 14 inch calves. It's a shame you don't know anybody close to you with similar boots that you could try on. If you PM me your direct email address, I can send you some photo's if that helps ?
  8. I don't know if it's any help, but I have a pair of Forma Boulder boots size Euro 45 for sale, in excellent condition, only worn six times. £95 plus UK postage. .
  9. The choke is on when the lever is up.
  10. https://www.francetrialclassic.com/en/pistons-and-con-rods/5066-ossa-piston-with-clips-pin-rings-diam-7250mm.html
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iO9pcD4q50
  12. If anyone needs a parts list and owners manual for the Cota 172, PM me your e mail address and I can send you one
  13. If it's of any interest, I have a pair of Forma Boulder boots for sale. Size Euro 45 in excellent condition £100 plus postage. Also got a Nau N400 Zona XL 61/62 helmet in good condition £35 plus postage If you need photo's, please PM your e mail address.
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