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  1. rileys

    Piston sleeve

    You star. Thank you
  2. rileys

    Piston sleeve

    Hi all. Piston sleeve. For a model 151 are they still available? Any help much appreciated Greg
  3. Thanks guys it’s sounding positive Greg
  4. Hi is the motorcycle carrier rack for a Bultaco Sherpa t any good. It would be on back of a new navara any recommendations. Or leave alone ? Greg r
  5. rileys

    TL 250 hose

    Lineaway I have had no luck at all trying find a hose. So as I said make the best of what we have gorilla super glue gel works wonders. And let the search carry on. Good luck with yours Greg
  6. rileys

    TL 250 hose

    Ho dear not looking good. Will have to get the superglue out lol thank you for the reply’s Greg. R
  7. rileys

    TL 250 hose

    Hi all just acquired a gorgeous Tl250. And I am looking for a Short hose from the carb to the air box this one has split the last owner tried a quick fix with superglue. not having much luck online finding one Greg R
  8. rileys

    198 A

    Thanks for the tips. I will look into that one with the fork seals ?
  9. rileys

    198 A

    Thank you all for the advice. will sort it when parts come love the bike tho.
  10. rileys

    198 A

    Yes only picked the bike up yesterday and the air box had fuel in it this morning. But I had left the tap open I don’t know if that would cause the problem. Thank you for your reply. yes will do will order a gasket set. just strange why petrol was in the air box. greg
  11. rileys

    198 A

    Hello. just acquired a nice 198A Just ordering some parts could anyone tell me what fork seals are required. also the mikuni carb is leaking but it is going into the air box taken a pc of the carb seems to be coming from the bottom is it a ball bearing ? I have ordered a new air hose as the one on is split . Any help would be appreciated Greg. R
  12. Thanks for the advice guys. Taken all the filler off looks like someone as tried to use solder as there are big blobs all over will have take some time and find the right person to sort it. I have a plastic spare for the time being. My other two bikes have fibreglass tanks they have been sealed but you can not leave petrol in them. The removal of ethanol looks good Do others use this process. thank you
  13. Well my 158. That I have owned for about 5 years and done nothing to it. Always been too busy. Proper chuffed kicks up on the 1st kick every time BUT now I have a petrol leek it’s an alloy tank but never looked very good on one side so off it came and stripped it. Wow what a mess someone has done just wondered can it be salvaged ? Nice to know what you guys think would really like to save it. Here’s a picture
  14. Thank you I have reset as woody said. Fired up and running a bit revy and a bit smokey. A bit more tweaking should get there. thanks sherpa325
  15. Thank you woody. I will reset it. I have 3 bikes to sort out. Somehow ?
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