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  1. ahell

    HELP Beta Techno 1994

    Dherbey motos send me the owner manual. Thanks for all guys PS: 88/65 original jetting
  2. Hi, I'm looking for the (dell orto) carburator jetting for my 94. Could you help me please
  3. ahell

    2018 beta

    Cazales bike ! So nice !
  4. ahell

    2018 beta

    We need an all new Beta. Not an other Evo !
  5. Its a little alloy part. You just have to remove the pipe and plug it.
  6. Hi guys, I hope you enjoy the new color of my 2016.
  7. Hi guys, This gasgas located in north of france look strange. No papers, Uk decals, bad condition. Stolen bike from Uk ? I don't know. more informations: https://www.leboncoin.fr/motos/1020082125.htm?ca=19_s
  8. ahell

    2016 4Rt Mapping

    The 2016 models are equiped with a high pressure fuel pump, so you can't use the older map (2005-2015). Mitani are working on this point for 2016 users.
  9. low weight, low temp, sound a little bit smoother, power ... a little bit better if you have some other mods
  10. ahell

    New 4Rt Mods

    My Sherco rear wheel fitting on a the 4rt (spare wheel with tube to finish f***ing Xlight)
  11. ahell

    New 4Rt Mods

    The Clutch Cover is not available now, the french supplier stop his activities. The carbon fork cover is from "Dherbey moto" (brand?)
  12. ahell

    New 4Rt Mods

    Last pictures of my 2016. mitani timing chain tensioner mitani full titanium exhaust alloy Tech fork Texalium clutch cover guard CSP modified (lighter) skid plate S3 alloy footrest Jitsie alloy chain tensioner Jitisie 5.5 inch handlebar (renthal grip) Twin air filter & white throttle. Jitsie 42 fim Freno pads Repsol 2015 black frame stickers Repsol 2016 swingarm and fork stickers Jitsie black number plate ...
  13. ahell

    Test Rides

    I try the Vertigo too. Light feeling, good engine start, every thing looks good and clean. For me just two little settings: handlebar too low and suspension too hard. Really smooth usable feeling of the throttle. A very nice motorcycle.
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