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  1. I have read this with interest as this topic is always something worth understanding. Surely the best way forward with classic tanks would be to build a metal tank then use fibreglass to get the final shape in order to accurately reproduce the original look of the bike? Modern fuel tanks are plastic and seem to be able to cope with modern fuels. Old bikes had metal tanks and there was only a short while when other materials were experimented with. The faff and expense of ethanol free fuels like Aspen is surely greater than the cost of fabricating a new tank from metal then coating it?
  2. I've never ridden a four stroke trials bike so no idea. I can only give you my first impressions as someone like you that has had dirt bikes in the past (and lots of road bikes). I bought the TRS 280 as it was all that was available when looking. If you are used to a dirt bike I don't think it is too much at all. The biggest thing for trials is the clutch and the throttle and getting smooth power to the ground with slipping the clutch. Personally I don't find the power too much and I doubt you would either if you have similar background to me. Lots of people talk about the bike being too much and there are lots of things you can do, but the real secret is learn to ride better. Just remember to slow down - trials is slow and control, not about power and revs. I don't think I have got above one third throttle on my TRS yet. A 250 two stroke is probably the best selling and most popular bike there is and the TRS is a nice bike if it is in your budget. The Beta 250 is very good also. A 300cc is probably a bit much to start on.
  3. You will outgrow the 125 quickly, the TRS probably never.
  4. UK law does not allow you to take away liability for personal injury by notice. So any sign saying you do x,y or z at your own risk can only be applied to equipment loss. Liability is a nightmare as much of the law is case law and revolves round things like "reasonability" which has no real meaning. It is made much worse by the no win no fee ambulance chasers that now earn millions out of people's misfortune. Generally it becomes a battle between the insurance company and the lawyers (should be "lawyers" really). if you - like the OP - are waiting for a change in the law then don't - if they change it it will get worse.
  5. Salve! I am new (October last year) also but so far. Had old Beta Rev 3 - several fork seals, strip and repair carburettor. Now have Beta Evo (2014) for wife also fork seals so far. My bike 2017 TRS - no repairs. We ride about once a week. You need to change the gearbox oil much more often than road bike engine oil, but it is easy and not very expensive. I don't know about prices in Italy but in England it is probably better to buy a newer bike than an old one, the older bikes seem to need more work than the price difference. My TRS was only about 1,400 Euro more than the Beta but is much better mechanically. (Both are nice bikes)
  6. I don't know the details but at our last club meeting I was told the ACU fees have gone up (our entry fee has not). I would think any return of money to the riders is therefore less likely now if I am honest.
  7. If anyone is interested X Trial have recently added a Rennes trial for Nov 23rd. Not too far if you get a ferry from Portsmouth. Ticket sales open Sept 1st.
  8. ChrisCH


    Can you show me - it is taking me too long 😪
  9. People really are weird aren't they? Why would you watch snooker? Or some fat bloke throwing darts? They are not all that interesting if you play them (good excuse for a beer though). Bou throwing a bike up a two metre vertical block of stone then bouncing on the back wheel? Somehow that is boring? There's no hope for the non motorcycling part of humanity.
  10. At club level maybe. However the indoor X-Trial is certainly worth watching. Many years ago I took a friend to watch at Sheffield. She tagged along with us blokes but I think was anticipating a boring evening (we had to reciprocate and watch Rocky Horror Show a while later - now you want to talk about boring) Her boyfriend liked motorbikes but she had no interest at all. After looking at the obstacles trying to figure it out she asked. "from there to there"? "really"? She sat open mouthed through the whole thing. A great evening was had by all. If you could just get people to go in the first place. (I did pay for the tickets on that occasion)
  11. If it were a certificate or something that costs less than a quid it might be nice for some people - doesn't have to be for "winning" could be for best presented pre65 bike for example. I can see the attraction of such a thing. If you are going to give cash for the best score then I agree with you - the entry fee has to go up to provide the winnings. Either way it is more admin and work for the people that administer meetings and from what I can see they have enough to do already. Our club is certainly over reliant on one person's enthusiasm to sort out meetings (at which he doesn't ride). Also people get funny when money is involved. Even a fiver/tenner and there will be arguments and disagreements. You will also have to have observers as it will become difficult to trust people on the sort of self scoring that we do routinely. People would be much less likely to "cheat" for a certificate or rosette. (I think)
  12. ChrisCH

    New Beta’s

    Cool - good to hear you are enjoying it. I really must make the effort to try one. I think the OEM price of shocks is probably not that big a deal and if you buy enough I doubt there is much to choose price wise. The rear shock on my TRS is nice but you would need to be a much much better rider really to get to the point were it is an issue. As a useless noobie it is pointless to me, but reassuring that I know it is good bit of kit. (The missus '14 Evo is fine as well) I can see the braktec front caliper is the same mounting so I can upgrade the front easily and the new rear master cylinders are also braktec. Is the rear caliper the old one? It seems to be the weak point (reading posts on here it seems that way to me). I have yet to do anything with it but it is soft and spongy compared to the TRS. Front not so bad. I will get new pads and a full bleed done at some point, just wondering if it makes sense to bite the bullet and just replace? Missus is fine with it all for the time being. Thanks for the feedback. Interesting.
  13. It would be easy to offer a prize if that were without (any real) monetary value I guess, but if not we are back to some sort of sponsorship or increased entry fees to cover the prize money (fishing contest model). A rosette and a certificate perhaps? Do people want that?
  14. The purpose of sponsorship is to make money for the sponsor. The fishing contest prizes mean more entrants so more people paying for boat space, more bait sales and so on. Since most trials are run by clubs who make very little if anything from entry fees and have limited capacity for numbers of entrants trials is not an obvious place to spend marketing budget. Sponsorship for a big event that brings in spectators like the cancelled Anglesey event is a better bet if you are looking to get companies to part with their profits. I think it is a shame we cannot attract enough people to come and watch stuff like that. Also why only Sheffield for the indoor trials? Can we not attract enough people to other venues?
  15. Fair point. My experiences of crappy old Japanese road bikes is influencing my thinking. I guess a good chrome coating is a different beast. The OP asked about modern coatings and there certainly are places that can do that procedure you just need to be a bit more specific in the search engine. I am surprised that no one has made a stock replacement for the Paioli items given how many must be out there. Tarozzi make them for nearly every road bike.
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