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  1. You guys need to ride more - what is this "few weeks"? I've never had fuel last that long 😁
  2. ChrisCH


    I am. Oh yes. We used to live in Luxembourg and the south of Belgium is full of such wonderful delights - it is a requirement of us Brits to drink as many as possible in the interests of good relations with our European friends. I love the xmas markets too. We have a place in Montpellier and go every xmas for a fortnight as we have shut down at work. The xmas market there is not quite as good as some of the more rural ones but there is a good selection of stands and an ice rink that all the kids seem to love. Down the coast a bit there are loads of oyster stalls to cater for the rather odd French tradition of oysters at xmas. The channel hypermarkets are awesome. Not been to Dunkirque for ages but we do shop at Carrefour in Citi. The falling pound and our decision to mess about aren't helping but they are still well worth a visit. The little street markets are fantastic too for fruit and veg and cheese in particular. We used to have some great markets here when I was a kid but they are few and far between these days. Big one at Walthamstow that we used to shop at when we lived in London. Go when the stalls are closing and you can get a week's veg for a fiver.
  3. ChrisCH


    We looked at the tunnel (I prefer it at all times). But for us it is 3 hours to Ashford with the dreaded M25 to negotiate. Then 5 hours to Rennes. The ferry to Cherbourg is about 5 hours and leaves Poole (where we live). Then about 2 hours in France. The missus hates the ferry and gets seasick if it is too rough, but the very long drive was too much for a weekend. We were going to Comblain but decided that too was too much driving for a weekend. (Had hoped to take road bike if weather nice). There is often an event on in Bercy in Paris. That is ideal if you take the tunnel and that would be the better route. Guildford is nearer but you still have M25. We slept on the ferry both ways - outbound is too short a night's sleep and gets you in at stupid o'clock, so had a couple of hours in the hotel to top up. Coming back had food (awful) and a kip then drove home (20 minutes) then up for work this morning at 6 as usual. The cabins are pretty decent but can be a bit hard to nod off if it is rough (beer/wine helps) The ferry home was delayed which didn't help plus the hour time difference works against you. We love France too. The hotel food looked fantastic but the restaurant didn't open until 19.30 and the event kicked off at 20.30. Buffalo grill is not too bad and fast service so we got half decent food and a full belly to start the Trial. Gutted about the beer.... Boot full of shopping on Sunday to bring home so a little bonus. Nice red at €3.50 a bottle - same thing here in Sainsburys is £7. [ Costières de Nîmes - Super U ]
  4. ChrisCH


    Was thinking about this on the way home. The Rennes event was organised by the local club who are (like all French clubs) FIM affiliated. I wondered if we suffer as ACU don't push the X-Trial agenda? No idea if this is relevant or not. (The kids from the local club got to have their 15 mins of fame!) The event was good - the Glaz Arena in Rennes is smallish and so you got close enough to really see what was going on. We were a couple of rows back, just right to smell the 2 stroke and see the riders' faces. The crowd were enjoying the event and I guess the arena was at about 80% capacity. There was a bar laid on for the break but you had to buy tokens and I hadn't so missed out on the beer. Not a disaster. It was a good event and loads of kids there. Very family friendly and a good night out. Finished about 12 so lots of tired youngsters. There is a lot of parking there and a big supermarket with a multi storey nearby. We ate in the Buffalo Grill just before the opening, so full of steak and chips and red wine. Nice. Only downside is the long ferry crossing from here (Poole) to Cherbourg. 2 hours drive to Rennes once you get to Cherbourg. Sunday night ferry back was delayed and got home 12.30 this morning. I would do it again but yes please can we have it in the UK please? Ferry was £290 and €90 for the hotel Saturday night. With a free day Sunday we drove back along the coast and had a nice lunch at a local market we found. Very pleasant until it got dark and then a boring wait for the late running ferry.
  5. As I have the bike at work I practice in ordinary boots and work trousers. I wonder if you would get the same feedback in trials boots. I have tried hard to use the feedback through the soles of my feet to get the balance right. As the bike leans then it is inevitable your calf will touch the bike as best I can see. No idea what is right/wrong but my experience suggests that as you get better you can use the pegs more which (I hope) is the correct way to balance when you are actually riding. One thing I do try to do is move the front wheel from one lock to the other as I have needed to do this when on a section. Generally this causes me to overbalance even if I have managed to balance OK on full lock. For me this is "stage three". Stage four might now be with the front wheel facing forwards - see just as I thought I was getting somewhere you guys add a new challenge. Hmmph. Thanks a lot. 😁
  6. If it is the same then I think it is : https://www.trials-action.de/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=27&products_id=1176&osCsid=d03c3dfb5a286e5b956b0bba4b3439fa The filler and drain are the same thread I believe? Also : https://www.bts-motorradteile.de/Beta-Evo-300-70539/de/motor/motorschmierung/oelablassschraube/oelablassschraubemagnetischjmpbc260007c.html pattern part? I wish my German was better. kinderleicht! [edit] I can see why you are struggling - I would have thought there were lots of on line places in Germany but there are not [/edit] Sometimes it just pays to stick at it 😁 https://www.neubert-racing.com/search/result?q=2900451 000 PS thanks Reggie for the part number - makes life easier.....
  7. ChrisCH


    If you want to get a return on the money (I assume the promoters do) you have to look at the biggest available population that might want to go. The O2 arena makes the most business sense. The population of London is about 9 million and it has very good transport links to the surrounding areas. All in all a catchment of maybe what, 15 million, 20 even? Next trial after Rennes is Budapest. Total population of Hungary 9.8m (Coventry is very good for me personally BTW - friends there) I really can't believe that it wouldn't get at or near capacity here. Who do we shout at to get one here?
  8. ChrisCH


    Next weekend in Rennes. I have tickets.... Sheff is OK but a long drive (further than Rennes if you ignore the ferry). Why oh why can we not have a round in the highly populated south? Are there really not enough people to fill an event and not enough revenues to be had? You don't have to like trials to find it entertaining. Guildford would be great (I'm sure Gordon Farley would be pleased)
  9. I have been riding now for a year and started on a 250 Rev 3. I think there is a lot of negativity about bigger bikes, some with good reason and some probably because there are people starting trials that have not had the background motorcycle experience. If you have done MX then the power is not going to scare you, but it is - in my opinion - unnecessary and will make learning the new skills more difficult. The popularity of 250cc is for a reason. Also a 250 is easy to sell on as it is the capacity so many people want, you will see the 300s are slower to sell. (I watched eBay for a long time to source the wife's Evo) I bought my 280 because I couldn't find a decent 250 for sale anywhere at the time and the missus had started to hog the old Beta so I didn't get to ride much. The power difference was a step change and took about a month to get used to the new bike. I am half tempted to go down to 250 but having shelled out I cannot really afford the change unless I got a really good offer on my current bike and found a very sweet deal - too much hassle so will carry on. I like the additional power on climbs but really it is no big shakes. The missus new 250 Evo is just as good really. For me personally it is the quality of the brakes and the general feel that are important not the capacity. The better braking on my TRS gives me more confidence and the one thing I want to improve on the Evo. My missus has not progressed as quick as me (despite being a road rider and well used to motorbikes) so it is OK for her for now. I have ridden road bikes for longer than I care to admit and mountainbike as well. Trials is great fun but not easy. Balance seems to me to be the critical thing and far more important than lots of revs and gung-ho up some massive obstacle. The 250cc class falls nicely between the high power 300 for going up a 2m rock face and the 125cc bikes for youngsters. If you find a nice 250 it will not disappoint you I am sure. In fact I doubt that a 125 would disappoint you to be honest. All motorbikes are great fun and trials is fantastic entertainment - I wish so much I had started 30 years ago. I might be as good as all the nippers in the club then!
  10. Sadly Maplin is no more. They went bust a while back and I cannot find the chip anywhere on the Internet. Meantime you will probably find the only solution is to spend more time practising. I have the bike at work and can do a 10-15 minute balance most days and have got to the point I can balance OK on left full lock, so-so on right full lock. With the wheels in line I think you are going to struggle to keep upright all that long. Lowering the tyre pressure helps but I try to keep the pressure up so when actually riding (with the pressure lower) it is easier and lets you concentrate on other stuff. I have scoured YouTube for every tutorial I can find and cannot see any clever techniques that make it any easier. We also went for some mountainbike coaching recently which included balancing (it's called a track stand on a push bike) and the bloke was ace but he too said it's just practice. I've just passed the one year anniversary of riding now and am quite pleased with my progress but I can see if you extrapolate the same rate of progress it will be 4-5 years before I get to be any good. The better riders at our club are all 5 years or so on the pegs. It helps to start when you are a nipper as well - I can't do anything about that, but I should have a pleasant hobby in retirement 😄
  11. For mountainbiking we find a helmet mounted lamp is good as it illuminates what you are looking at (and so going to tackle) rather than what the headstock is pointed at. I agree with rcgods - the new generation LED MTB lights are very good. You will find lots of reviews of different makes on the MTB sites. Get a rechargeable li-ion battery with a long cord so the light unit is lightweight for helmet mounting. From memory they are a couple of hundred for a decent one and if you look hard there are some half decent cheap ones at about 110 ish.
  12. I share your desire for a "project". I think if you are mechanical it is just a natural way to be. I would enjoy that old heap of crap and returning it to good order. But I am sure we both know that financially it is a fool's errand. Anything vaguely "worn out" just doesn't make sense. If the start price was free you might (just) get a decent ride at a reasonable outlay, but 4-500 is way too much. I guess it might (just) be worth that for spares if someone needed a donor bike and the parts that are needed correspond to the good bits of the donor. I am very lucky because I don't have the time to do anything up and my missus soon unleashes the Paddington Bear stare whenever such a "project" is mentioned. 😁
  13. Looks great - hope you enjoy it. Post up some pictures when you ride it.
  14. Why buy a superb bike then spend more money on it? There is a guy in our club has the factory Beta and loves it - he has been riding 4 years and is better than me but not Bou by a long way. I imagine our conditions are very similar to North Belgium? People buy the 300 then spend lots de-tuning it. My wife's (2014) 250 Evo is a bit lacking in refinement and needs slightly better brakes and other features that (I think) the newer factory models probably have. It's still a very good bike and she loves it. If I had the cash I would upgrade it to a newer factory 250 to get the better brakes and other cycle parts. The engine is faultless.
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