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  1. As you are in Belgium and cannot see the BBC program I can tell you it pretty much follows the same lines. It exposes Netanyahu for his lies and the slow and deliberate genocide against the Palestinians. The huge difference between the US and the UK is not that we (English) add a pointless U in color but that the US is a highly religious country with a massive fundamentalist movement similar to the ISIS people in Syria. As it happens both ISIS and the Christian right believe the same prophesy of the second coming and the destruction of the planet with the annihilation of unbelievers. This is why both groups pay no heed whatsoever to climate change and the destruction of the ecosystem - they regard it as part of the plan. This is why Trump was against the preservation of human life through direct action against CO2 emissions and in favour of more fossil fuel production. Thankfully Biden will reverse this and hopefully it is not too late. The problem still remains of the huge percentage of the US population that do not buy into the truth. Without that backing it is so much harder to get the consensus needed to take meaningful action. That is why Trump was such a danger and - in effect - a mass murderer, at least a potential one. The Republican party must now decide if it is a crazed lunatic religious cult or a political party with legitimate goals. It must decide if it represents a section of US society that wants the country to improve or if it is a death cult that is hell bent on the destruction of human life and the death of all US citizens with it. Today Mr Biden becomes US president (unless he is shot by a fascist first). Today is a good day in human history.
  2. For anyone that can see it there was a very interesting (and frightening) program last night about the evangelical right and Mr Trump. Worth a watch if you are locked down and bored. If you are outside the UK you will need a VPN. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000rgnz/til-kingdom-come-trump-faith-and-money
  3. I don't know the usage but about the same as al_orange - 10 hours - at a guess. Three or four weekends of practice and a trial - ish. The same as him the oil looks as if it has had some wear and noticeably smells a bit different. I am sure it would last longer but it is not a big or expensive job. Oils - Nano trans in the Beta (it is really noticeably better for cold stick) and light gear oil (Putoline) in the TRS. In the Beta I use half a tin (500ml) so you get two changes per tin.
  4. I agree with your post - but this behaviour is orchestrated, it is driven by people that are not often discussed. People like Bannon and Murdoch (Cummins in the UK - although discussed a bit more after his misbehaviour). In 1930s Germany the same people in the background thought they could control and manipulate the population and the figurehead but this belief was mistaken. Eventually the loss of control was complete and the country destroyed itself and much of the world in the process. Notice how quickly the Trump phenomena has been dropped by the likes of Fox? Ever wonder why such a lazy and stupid person was allowed in in the first place? Look at the UK and Alexander Johnson and half the cabinet now attacking him for being nearly sensible about lockdown. The lessons have been learned and the point to bail out is better understood. But I am very sure that the need to "make stuff up" in order to win is just as strong as it ever was. Like many other posters I am unable to comprehend why anyone is dumb enough to believe it. That failure is a massive problem on both sides.
  5. LOL. The QAnon people out in force. Who votes someone like that into power? I think she might look closer to home for foreign government interference in US power 😁
  6. ChrisCH

    Trs chain adjusters

    I wish I had known that a week ago. You are correct and once the mud is cleaned out it would be an obvious way to get WD40 into the threads at the other end. I might have got away with the oil and tiny turn routine. I will make a point of keeping this clean and lubed now.
  7. One on ebay if you are content to go second hand.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254795016554
  8. Confirmation bias. People believe all sorts of nonsense then find corroborating evidence to back it up. It is very human. Any volume of people with the same view is additional evidence - hence the world's many conflicting religions and their many views of things that counter science and observed phenomena. All political change benefits someone somewhere and disadvantages another group of people somewhere else. Mr Trump cut taxes for the well off and super rich, hence the media backing. As soon as he lost the election Fox dropped him and no doubt hopes to gain from the incoming. The big problem as far as I can see is what to do about the large numbers of people that have been radicalised in the process. The USA now has a major problem with domestic right wing terrorists.
  9. ChrisCH

    Trs chain adjusters

    As we are locked down and cannot ride I thought I would do the chain and sprockets. Looks like the last owner struggled with this - one of the bolts slightly bent. Sadly even with three days of penetrating oil and tiny turns I managed to finish the job off and snapped the bolt. So a twenty minute job has become a day. Swinging arm out to get the broken bolt out and new bolts and copper grease both sides. I guess it is bad workmanship before - the rear sprocket bolts were two different types (cannot surely be normal?) Anyway - worth bumping the thread and remind anyone that is bored sitting at home this is a worthwhile job. So far this is the only bad point I have found on the bike.
  10. Unfortunately fear and insecurity is what drives modern politics. In the US the changing demographics strikes fear and insecurity into millions. I read somewhere (might not be accurate) that the US would be majority Spanish speaking by 2060 on current trends. I can't remember off hand the date (before then) for white people to be less than 50% of the population. It is this (well IMHO anyway) that drives the neo-Nazi MAGA revolt that we are watching in real time. All that is needed for this to triumph is for good people to let it happen. All that requires is a deep fear and insecurity that we "good people" will be over-run. This once great nation that stood for freedom, democracy and the rule of law. How the world would like to see that return. Our hopes for the Biden administration are high, perhaps unrealistically so - most of us outside the US do not follow it's politics closely enough. But the world will - I am sure - breathe a sigh of relief when Mr Trump is out of office. Will he and the idiots that back him accept the new reality or will there be bloodshed?
  11. 78Kg. One here: https://www.powerstartbikes.co.uk/product/tenaci-wong-twc-200-2020/ The new TRS also have electric option but are a lot more money. Nice though. (That's the problem I like them all)
  12. I would love to try one. I am curious about the weight issue though, they are (according to the web page) nearly 50Kg. It really is not that much less than a light ICE bike. If I could pick up one cheap (dream on) I would have on to play with. The main problem seems to be decent tyres and if you put better wheels on to get good tyres you lose the weight advantage such as it is. As above I think I would be looking at the eMotion or similar as a better alternative (although they are "normal" weight). Anyway if you get one please let us all know how you get on. They look like great fun on the Smadge videos.
  13. Yeah. Lucky they were not black or they would have been shot. 😎
  14. You are obviously a sensible, nice person. Lots of MX or enduro bikes round here, often illegal or illegal pipes, ridden like loons at high speed past dog walkers and the like. We are lucky to have a few decent green lanes but they are abused (and by the 4x4 noddies as well). I have always taken the view that a nice quiet four stroke ridden sensibly and with a degree of politeness to other people bothers no one. Plenty of dads letting their kids ride over the heath in the New Forest as well. As you say - idiots.
  15. Farley has a cheap Gasser. No idea what they are doing lockdown wise but I am sure they could ship it. http://www.gfmotorcycles.co.uk/used.html 280TXT 2006 £1795 Trouble is you can't go look at anything. Shop has a good rep though, I bought my old Rev3 from them. Slightly overpriced IMHO at the time but handy as I have a customer nearby and can justify taking the van there on work diesel.
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