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  1. Aye - one very big carpet. But you are right this is a very complex issue and has been exploited for political gain. It is a shame that the race issue has overshadowed the debate and that we are so embarrassed by the casual racism of everyday life that some people feel this is too difficult a subject to open up. The men involved are repellent sex offenders and neither their ethnic group nor skin colour detract or excuse that in any way. Any reluctance to investigate by the police is regrettable or worse. I doubt the truth will ever be known. I doubt we will ever know the truth about Prince Andrew either.
  2. Sexist BS. This is why political correctness exists as a idea. If you worked for me and I saw you had posted that on a public forum you would not have a job.
  3. This is not political correctness. It is a police force cowed into doing nothing because of the fear of the tabloids and the mythology of political correctness. There really is so much misreporting and lies told about this particular incident it is actually hard to figure out what really went on. The term political correctness was invented to make fun of a particular group of well meaning people that felt (rightly) that it was not acceptable to use stereotypical unpleasant terms for people (like "Jock" for Scottish people for example) even though these sorts of terms had passed into popular usage and most people using them denied they were racist. Many years ago this used to simply be called "politeness". The outrageous lies made up by the press unfortunately were believed and self replicating in that some people defended what had been made up in order to make the idea ridiculous. An example being the widespread vernacular use of "manhole" which implies that it is for men when the correct engineering term is "inspection cover" which is open to both men and women engineers. Some idiot journalist made up a lie that the "PC brigade" (no such thing) wanted to call them "personholes". Such a renaming is risible and so people began to mock the basic idea of politeness to others. Again this type of activity is designed to have us all arguing about something that doesn't exist and so real issues can go unnoticed. The tragic events you link to are a prime example.
  4. I wouldn't worry too much people like time off work. There is rather too much conspiracy theory nonsense about the issue of political correctness, a phenomena that hardly exists in reality. Besides even if it were true I am sure there must be other events that could be used as an excuse for a day off. Mr Kushner might take away Xmas but then you would have Hanukkah instead 😀 Maybe we could all lobby for a trails day off? National trials bike day. I'm up for it. Maybe to coincide with the production of Harley Davidson in China? That is worth celebrating isn't it? Who knows Tenaci Wong might buy out Harley. Huájī 😁
  5. ChrisCH

    Vertical R 2020

    Well I've found a picture on the advert from SW trials. No idea.
  6. ChrisCH

    Vertical R 2020

    Intercooler? Is it a turbo?
  7. I like the idea. Hard to disagree with a new day off. Sadly UK productivity is already diabolical so this would hasten our demise. At least it would be something to show for the pain.
  8. It has become the standard political discourse for most countries and most political topics. It was the major tactic of the leave campaign enthusiasts here and - to be fair - most people that wanted to stay in have at some point suggested those that wanted to leave were either bigoted or stupid. This is why it is a toxic subject and there is an understandable desire to shut down the discussion before it degenerates into a slagging match. Mr Trump and Mr Johnson share connections to people like Bannon who are the driving force behind this kind of divisive tactic - it is very deliberate and designed to have us ordinary people arguing about pointless things whilst our money, our liberty and our freedom is stolen from us. Lineaway wishes to discuss freedom. The greatest freedom I have gained in my life was the inalienable right to live and work in the rest of the EU. As the EU got bigger that freedom grew. Now that freedom is taken away from me. If I wish to retire to - for example - France (huge British ex-pat community there) I will need to have a much larger income, pay huge health insurance costs and prove both of those. The French authorities can still say no and do not have to say why. Freedom is still there for those with money, well enough of it, but it has been taken away for millions of ordinary people. Brexit has taken away freedom not granted it. I doubt one person in a thousand could name an EU generated regulation that impacts their lives. Millions of Brits live and work elsewhere in the EU and millions will have done so at some point and millions would have done so if we remained in. Brexit is about freedom - the removal of it.
  9. True. But it is going to rumble on for a very long time. Personally I find it interesting to get a US perspective. We are - as you rightly say - busy arguing with one another, sometimes an outside view helps clarify things, or at least some light relief. The motorbike angle is there if you look. The CEO of Norton thought Brexit was a great idea. Look at where they are now 😁
  10. Somewhere in China is a crystal ball mine that churns out cheap defective future predictors. First this comment is wrong because (as you well know I am sure) neither Switzerland nor Norway are "outside" the EU in the same moronic way that the UK is about to be outside the EU. Both are rich countries with economies that are based on things that do not have a deep relationship with the single market. So I think it is better to look at what we, the UK, are about to do rather than these poor, deeply flawed, examples. The single market and customs union (both of which we are leaving) allow import/export in the EU/EEA/EFTA area. Without that the automotive industry in the UK will essentially be paralysed as the just in time manufacturing relies on that seamless transport cross border. This almost certainly will result in the demise of the volume manufacturers in the UK for cars and light commercials (like Renault in Luton). It probably will also see the long term demise of other commercials like the New Holland tractor plant. Now to be fair the UK economy is heavily reliant on services and the City of London in particular. We know that leaving the EU means the end of passporting rights so Euro clearing will go and the jobs and back up industries that are based round that. A lot of relocation has already occurred and a substantial amount more is in progress. The back office service will also leave, a large part of that being the removal of free movement of people, making it harder for EU workers to come here. I think there is a good chance that we will lose the Fintec sector, but that's my opinion of course and those with an agenda will disagree. There really is no scenario under which I can envisage the EU doing well from it's decision to leave. Some people (Jacob Rees-Mogg is one) have made huge sums of money already but this does not transfer through to the general population or business community. I have let four staff members go since the vote and will either downsize or close altogether this year. I have seen eight of my customers pack up thus far. Your potted history of the EU shows that you understand to a much higher level than 90% or more of the population. People did not vote in/out as a result of the issue you have explained in your comprehensive post. People voted to get rid of immigrants or to regain an imaginary lost sovereignty or some other dishonest nonsense that has been rammed down people's throats for 40 odd years. I voted to stay in as it profoundly affects my business and because I value my European citizenship very highly. For most of my adult life I have been an analyst and worked throughout Europe for a variety of clients in many EU countries. This will be much more difficult for my former colleagues and I would put a greater than 50% chance my former employer will relocate in the near future. The idea that the UK is going to do anything other than suffer is risible in my view. Once other EU countries see what happens to us they will value their membership far more than they already do. In the longer term the UK will - once again - beg to be let back in. Whether a modern day de Gaulle tries to stop us a second time on the basis we are dishonest and bankrupt (as we were when we first joined) remains to be seen.
  11. Leaving the EU is going to reduce our ability to travel freely and ride in Europe as well as our options to work, retire and generally live there. It will hit business and our economy making worse all the things that b40rt lists. As above there are no obvious benefits and no brighter future. The lies about the EU are a long standing thing. Journalists have long lied about it - the EU correspondent for the Telegraph started his lies many years ago, making up stories (he was sacked from the Times for lies), now he is Prime Minister. Whatever - we are now engaged on that path and there is very little the average citizen can do about it. Personally I still do not understand why people hate the EU so much, particularly as it is clear they know absolutely nothing about it. I sort of understand the identity issue, people do not feel "European" but all the same is this reason enough to ruin the country? I think the next few years are going to be very difficult and when people get angry as they get poorer there will be scapegoating on both sides. This could turn very nasty. I find now I have to keep my mouth shut about the subject and I don't want to go out and go to new places or meet new people. Thankfully the people that I ride with are all as obsessed with bikes as me and the subject never comes up, but neither I nor the missus want to take the road bike and have a nice weekend away at a country pub or similar. We went to Rennes to watch the X Trial (superb) and had a great weekend. I think we will go to the next one in France (April 3 Liévin) and spend our money there again. UK is the loser.
  12. Brexit was a confidence trick, it is not about negotiations or anything else it is about making huge wealth for a handful of people who don't want to pay tax. The UK is a large economy by virtue of the size of the country. However the odds are we are about to get smaller. In Ireland the nationalists have just won 37 of the 42 seats they contested and are now the second biggest party. I would say it is a greater than 50% chance Ireland will reunify soon. Scotland also wish to have an independence referendum for which there is a greater than 50% support to leave the UK. We will not even be Great Britain if that happens. The commonwealth is wishful thinking. Canada has just signed a deal with the EU that will be far more important to them than trade with the UK (GB or England - whatever is left) But you are right. The back wheel is locked and we are heading down the slope. Where we end up remains to be seen. We might be lucky, we might not.
  13. It really depends on how you measure things and what you think the problems are. What is for certain whatever the problems are this idiotic decision will make them worse, compounded by the election of a government that doesn't care about anything other than the enrichment of a tiny group of already very rich people. Like most developed western economies a major factor is the ageing population. (Blame Hitler). As the boomer generation retires the financial stress on the younger people will be unbearable. There are various projections but IIRC the accepted one is that one in four people will be retired by 2050. This will come at a time when we have to fight climate change and it's effects on things like flood defences and rising cost of foodstuffs and energy. The anti-immigrant sentiment that was a major factor in Brexit will see that particular problem get worse as we need to rebalance the age distribution. The #1 question over the next 5-10 years therefore is whether or not we accept many more people coming in or use the new situation to reduce immigration as many wanted. Without youngsters to pay for the pensions things are going to get very difficult in the next decade and the government is saying it is going to up spending and borrowing from an already astronomical level. My best guess is that we are looking at a major currency collapse going forward. If interest rates go up and borrowing starts to be expensive again then we will have a real problem on our hands.
  14. There are some good spray products about like X20 that work for long enough to do a trial. If you want to waterproof things where it is possible to do so a shrink wrap is the best way to go.
  15. Interesting - thanks for sharing. As you probably know Firth Rixon have been bought by private equity group Arlington Capital. It is feeling like all the forging companies in the UK are now private equity owned. I work in the trailer market and Alko Kober are private equity owned, they acquired Bradley Doublelock and instantly moved the forged components to Italy. Brian James trailers have just been bought out by private equity. The private equity model is to remove any value from the company then sell it on leveraged up to the hilt. Sometimes the company survives sometimes not - it doesn't matter as the revenue has been taken from it. My wife was for many years employed in a private equity group so we understand the model. The Chinese companies are capable of making very high end products but the country is better known for cheap rubbish. As Chinese wages get stronger and staff shortages become a problem Chinese companies that produce rubbish are offshoring to lower wage economies like Indonesia and increasing Africa. The issue for the UK will soon be critical mass - there will not be enough producers at any level to sustain training schemes and supply chains. At a country level the problem with reliance on imports is finding the foreign currency to pay for them. We have sold off so much (like Firth Rixon to the US) that there isn't much left to sell to get foreign money. Overseas buyers will soon own a significant percentage of UK real estate too. We might get some political control back from leaving the EU but we will still be owned by foreign interests. I don't think there are very many people who understand that at all.
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