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  1. To be fair there is not much promotion of the sport in general, men's or women's. I don't know why there are so many more people willing to go and watch top level trials on mainland Europe than there are here. I went to Rennes to watch the X Trial and there were lots of youngsters there and the local club was actively looking to get people involved. It was a great night out and very entertaining whether you ride or not. In respect of male/female there is a women's X Trial (the final was in Barcelona) but they do not have the same level of breathtaking obstacles, so I guess it is not as popular from a spectator point of view.
  2. Yes, I can see the appeal of that. It needs the ACU to get behind it so clubs can promote a "have a go" event which includes a one day ACU licence. Any contributors have a friend in the ACU?
  3. How do we change that? Trials is all about balance and skill and should be something women enjoy in the same way they enjoy ballet or gymnastics. Clubs like the one I belong to are not very competitive nor very "masculine" places, everyone has a good laugh and everyone is very OK with female riders. A friend has a GG300 and he is a very good rider but does not like the organised nature of competitions so he only rides the practice grounds. His GF is very competent for a person with one years' riding. She would (IMHO) benefit a great deal meeting and riding with others and other women in particular. Is it the mud, the UK weather or just a lack of knowledge that the sport exists and how easy it is to get into it, or how cheap it is compared to other activities? Or (more likely I think) that women are a little "shy" (for want of a better word) to turn up on their own at a trial and have a go? All the females in our club are "male accompanied".
  4. As we are all "new" men we do not count women as any different to men. ☺️ There are a few females in our club including the missus. One of the better riders injured her knee and has more or less packed up the last couple of years - a real shame as she was good. Some very good female riders generally in the surrounding clubs as well. I think the problem is that as the teenagers and 20 somethings get a bit older then other things start to get in the way. Mostly it is dad or boyfriend that gets them started and that can wear off too. Trials is a great sport and no reason at all that women cannot enjoy it and be good at it. More the merrier IMHO.
  5. If I still had mine I think I would look at whether you can find a set of decent forks and a disc brake set up that would fit. The problem with that is the bike is then not "original" and they appear to be worth a small fortune. Certainly enough that you could sell one and buy a CFR with the money. Shame. I really liked mine and have great memories of it.
  6. Search for CST - I think they are the only ones available. My XL250 was stolen and I still miss it but the tyre size was a mistake by Honda. There are some other wheels that can be fitted I think, but I need to find the thief first 🙂 https://www.tirendo.co.uk/product/R-268204?ID=aff_rdt_uk_awin&Country=TUK&Country=RDTUK&ID=aff_rdt_uk_awin&awc=15112_1659258560_5eb95c682d4aff7f2d905faacfaefe26
  7. ChrisCH

    TRS Oil Fuel Ratio

    Definate - it was the same 4T from the old mix. Quite wiling to accept it was just me or something else. Just wondered if anyone else had aver experienced anything similar. I will log it up to the X Files. 🙂
  8. I am in same situ - missus has IRL passport as her dad was Irish. You, like me, will be in the slow queue and need to apply for a long stay visa if you want to do more than 90 days. The visa is Schengen and the French system is online if you need it. Move to Ireland and stay three years and you can have an Irish passport. I am looking at this option. What I cannot find out is if we need to road register the bikes to take them to Ireland. There doesn't seem to be much trials there - what there is is in the north so still in the UK (for the time being). Nephew is in Cork but not a trials person. Ha - youth hey - what do they know?
  9. ChrisCH

    TRS Oil Fuel Ratio

    Has anyone noticed any performance differences with oil ratio? I ask as this afternoon we have been for a couple of hours practice and I mixed some 100:1 just for the TRS. I don't normally bother and mix about 80:1 (12ml in 1L) for both my bike and the wife's Beta. The old petrol in the tank was the previous 80ish mix and this was unusual for me. The bike had gone onto reserve so mixed 1.5L at 100 specifically for the TRS and filled it up. I noticed (well I think I did) it was more responsive and ran more "crisp". Does this make sense or am I just imagining it? The change was more or less instant. As background, this is a new to me bike. The current high price of old bikes gave me a cracking trade in deal on my old '17 280RR so bought a '22 250RR couple of weeks back. The old 280 I had always run on the 80ish mixture and it was OK. This 250 was a bit sluggish compared to the old bike but I figured it is smaller cc so that is why. (Still far more than I need). Any opinions welcome - new one on me.
  10. Rabie is correct. Also given the lad's age the parent/guardian with him would be responsible and also liable for prosecution.
  11. There are a few manufacturers around. No idea about the one you mention but there are lots of options if you do a search for them: https://www.asgardsss.co.uk/high-security-sheds Best to check with your insurance company before shelling out on one IMHO.
  12. I guess - if you "take a chance" - it will be down to the individual copper that stops you. Some are OK, many are not. Some hate motorbikes of any type. Some care about crime and might be interested to see if the bike is stolen as it falls outside of their normal experiences. Some will be just plain wrong and try to pinch you for no lights or some other issue. Personally I would try to fit a proper full size plate and use a bracket that can be removed easily when you get to the off road bit. I found a bracket that did that on ebay, but it was a bit cheap and cheerful so not very good. Maybe fabricate something? Whatever - just expect hassle.
  13. Correct. The same applies to loud exhuasts on road bikes. A lot of riders think some sort of high volume pipes "sound nice". Maybe to some of us they do, but there is aftermarket BSI stamped kit and there is taking the p***. A Milwaukee tractor was at the lights near me a few weeks back and I thought it would shatter the windows in the van. Pretty much a straight through chrome tube. Its halfwits like that who drive the legislation to stop bikes altogether. The new anti-tampering laws will go through to stop idiots like that HD rider. How trials bikes can be road legal if you cannot "tamper" and fit a number plate will be interesting....
  14. Not for the MOT but it is required for road use. "every motor vehicle shall be fitted with a speedometer which, if the vehicle is first used on or after 1st April 1984, shall be capable of indicating speed in both miles per hour and kilometres per hour," https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/regulation/35/made
  15. Hmph. I have just left my carb at the shop for an ultrasound clean and did not think about the fuel cap. Quite a bit on the AV link (thanks Steve). On the plus side I found the throttle cable needed replacing. Also in fairness to the man at the shop he suggested checking the fuel cap and tap filter.
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