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  1. My 2017 TRS had a bent chain adjuster that broke off as it had seized in place (I guess the previous owner had forced it). There is a drain hole under the thread that lets water out - and in. I would certainly take the opportunity to grease up the threads and the drain if you need to adjust the chain. The bolt and swinging arm are different metals so you get corrosion as a result. It is really the only poor design on the bike I have found.
  2. I used to produce (big) reports for a living and constatntly re-typing stuff is very annoying and somewhat pointless. As a suggestion - assuming the platform does not facilitate it - can I suggest you cut and paste whatever input is routine and store it on a word document. Then you can copy and paste from the document into the dialogue boxes on the platform next time. If is a bit agricultural and offends my sense of doing things correctly, but if you need to type the same paragraph more than once it is a viable workaround.
  3. The edit doesn't allow it but there is a "delete" option. This returns a message you cannot delete it as you have already paid. I think the edit lets you change bike or route or stuff like that. If I am honest I cannot remember if the old system let you cancel. Must be getting old 😁
  4. Is it possible to cancel an entry for a trial after you have entered and paid? There is no 'help' or faq that I can see. My missus has a scaphoid injury and will not be able to ride the next trial. We have both looked at the platform and cannot see this is possible. The event is by our own club so easy enough to do that route but I wondered if it would be as easy if you had booked another club's event?
  5. Great resource. Thanks for that. I am test riding an EM Race next month. I have seen about the battery cells before and that you can buy new cells cheap but the EM battery pack is silly money. It is one of the things that puts me off as it potentially means an expensive battery replacement at some point in the future. Any way to have a DIY solution to replace cells at a reasonable price is a good step forward. The section on Stark Varg suggests that there is a lot of potential to develop much better trials bikes in future. Price is going to be the biggest drag on things for sure.
  6. I have a TRS 250 (RR) and the wife has a Beta 250 (Evo). I also fall into the same age group ☺️ The TRS has the better brakes and suspension but both bikes are very capable and I doubt that I would ever find the limit of either of them. My wife's bike is a bit old (2014) and so not as sharp as my TRS (2022). She is very happy with it but I have found it a bit lacking (maybe the age not the brand?) As a result I have fitted a Galfer front disc rotor and Galfer pads and replaced the front master with a braktec one (as used on the factory bikes). The front is now as good as my TRS and locks on a single finger light pull on the lever. If she keeps the bike (she fancies an EM) I will probably upgrade the rear shock to an Ohlins (or maybe the TRP as you like it and it is a bit cheaper) I find it slightly easier to static balance the Beta than the TRS. If the missus wants the EM I will probably trade my bike in for it and keep hers purely on cost. I like my TRS a lot but hey - its just a bike. (Did I just type that? OMG) 😁
  7. Thanks again. The relevent insurance certainly must exist at a pro level. I am still working on finding a suitable option for our level of activity. My missus ran into another competitor last year and knocked him off his bike. No harm done to rider or bike or the missus for that matter. He was OK about it. To be fair I would be OK if someone ran into me - just so long as it was the same sort of minor incident. However not everyone is so nice. One of my employees hurt himself through his own stupidity and our insurance company spent 20 grand on legal fees trying to contest the claim and then paid out anyway.
  8. Just off the phone to "specialist" insurer and confirm they cannot source cover for competitions. Looks like it simply does not exist.
  9. Thanks Rabie. I have had a reply from AMCA but it is just a covering letter for the landowner. The "old" ACU website is still live and has the insurance bit. It is good (in one way) to hear your experiences. Clearly the cover is a good thing and it is good to know that the system works when required. My #1 concern is that - as per the policy - competitor to competitor liability is excluded. I have spent some time looking for cover at a personal level and it is more or less non existent. This means if I hit another competitor I am liable for any injury that I might cause them. Personally liable and without limit. Ergo they can sue me and if they win and are awarded damages they can take my property, my business and my savings. My worry is not so much that I will lose everything but that a lot of people do not realise that they are "on the hook" to this extent. I certainly did not prior to last month's committee meeting where there was discussion of the ACU licence - hence my research on this subject. If this is the case it is also a concern that if another person hits me I will have to sue them and I consider most of the club as friends. As it stands I am in half a mind to pack it all in. A very negative outcome. I have asked for quotes on personal accident cover - I will post up when I get more info.
  10. Never too late. Newer bikes are better. You should get an OK bike for 2.5 grand, less than that and you have bought a money pit and a lot of weekends of DIY.
  11. It took me a long while and I am still not very good if I am honest. If you are really struggling let the tyres down a bit and it is easier. As you get the hang of it pump them up again. I used to put the tront tyre up to a solid object at a slight angle then pull the bike upright with the bars. At first I could get the tyre 10-15mm off the object but after a while it all sort of comes together. Lots of practice, often and not for too long. Sometimes looking at the wheel is best sometimes looking into the distance. Try both, alternate. It will come eventually - took me about a year. When the engine is running it is easier so more time you can practice with the engine off the better. I find it easier pointing down on a slope - no idea why. I try to stop - if on a trial and need to balance - when pointing down on a slope...
  12. Thus far no response from anyone. I have emailed a "specialist" insurer but also no reply. I also thought the amca website was a bit rubbish but I will have a good look at the insurance policy if they do send it then post back.
  13. The insurance protects the stewards and visitors, spectators and other third parties. If you take out the optional insurance it covers personal injury where you fall off and hurt yourself (cover is peanuts). Competitor to competitor injury and damage is excluded - whichever way round the claim is made. AMCA cover looks better but you need to email them for a policy copy. I might do that.
  14. I have been asked if I would stand for the committee on my club (happy to). One of the debates about the new ACU website was about the event insurance - so checking people are ACU members with a valid licence. With no plastic card this is difficult for the organisers on the day. One of the current committee has suggested looking at AMCA membership. I would like to know what is the general view about the ACU insurance? Do people think they are insured whilst riding a trial and what do they think they are covered for? I have been looking at this topic and was surprised by my findings. My assumptions were incorrect. I would welcome feedback on your views. Do people think you are covered (third party liability) if you run into another competitor and hurt them? You are not.
  15. Oui - voir: https://www.gptrial.be/en/comblain-au-pont/ Venue for the FIM GP. (I used to live in Luxembourg) Vallonnée ☺️
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