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  1. The Euro 5 standards are just coming in for bikes (https://www.acem.eu/new-euro-5-environmental-standard-for-motorcycles-and-mopeds-to-enter-into-force-in-2020) As best I understand it type approval is not required for competition machines and so trials bikes do not need to comply. Not sure about the exact details. Micky is right about the Sachs and again my understanding is they are not designed to be rebuilt but there are repairers that can do (here in Europe anyway). https://aftermarket.zf.com/go/en/sachs/products/cars-and-vans/sachs-performance/repair-service/ You can view the drawing of the latest Beta exhausts in the partfinder - https://www.beta-uk.com/index.php?route=common/partsfinder - there is no cat in it. [edit] The gas-gas also has no cat - it is not a requirement for Euro5. I cannot find what they have actually done to meet the standards on their website. I guess it must actually meet it for them to publicise it.
  2. I am sure you could sell it on eBay. If you go the auction route it will sell for what is worth, but what that is really depends on who wants it. What is is worth to you? Make that the reserve price. Just be 100% honest and if possible give an accurate price for a new motor in the description. I can't really see what the alternative is other than fit a new motor then sell it. At that point it is "worth" the average price of a secondhand bike and you will have that much money less the repair cost. I'll stick my neck out and make a fairly safe bet that will be a smaller number than the one you get selling it as it is now. (The eBay fees might level the two numbers up if you can be bothered to sell the repaired bike through some other route) I lot of people enjoy repairing stuff. I am not one of those people.
  3. Splat shop list the Ohlins (six hundred quid 😵 ) and the drop down menu (to select bike) splits out the Evo post 2017 models as having the longer shock. So I guess yours and mine are the "old" length. I might upgrade next year - will have to see how things pan out. Secondhand bikes are stupid money now and it is a much more difficult decision whether to spend on an old bike or to trade in and buy a newer one. I have just replaced the front brake master cylinder with the braktec one and that has improved the bike and got rid of one of my main complaints. (I saw the new Factory has this m/c) The bike runs well and the wife loves it so the present strategy is gradual budget-permitting improvement rather than bike replacement.
  4. I don't know the changes over the years, however I am interested (if you don't mind) to learn a bit more about your thinking. My missus has a 2014 bike (not the factory). She is OK with it but I find the rear shock a bit poor. I have looked at the Ohlins as a replacement. My understanding is the Factory still has the same Sachs unit. Would it not be better to fit an aftermarket shock? The Reiger is good (have one on my TRS).
  5. If you swear as much as I do when you fall off I think you will annoy the neighbours.
  6. My new plug worked fine on Saturday and so had a few hours practice. All good - starting OK, no issues. Many thanks again to everyone for the advice. I will get the carb checked over and make sure the tuning/jetting is in accordance with the TRS published spec.
  7. I remember my dad teaching me that whiskers were the issue with spark plugs. He had a bantam to ride to work on as a young man. I have owned four stroke bikes since my youth and spark plugs are not something I have given much thought to until now. Many thanks to everyone that has given their feedback. I think I will get fitted one of the knurled mixture adjustment screws and experiment a little. I bought a couple more plugs off eBay but the ones that failed came from a specialist trials shop. I have been running the BPMR6A from NGK and could not readily see an alternative. But now I have a little knowledge to work with. (And yes, that is supposed to be a dangerous thing I believe)
  8. I would guess the bike runs a bit rich, the plugs always seem a bit "oily". Last time round I changed the air filter as I thought that might be a factor. I'm afraid two stroke is a bit voodoo to me. But this is a good place to start - thanks for that.
  9. Is anyone having issues with plugs on their TRS? My bike (2017 280RR) would not run again last night at the trial. The previous trial (2 weeks ago) it was fine. I have fitted a new plug this afternoon and it runs fine again. The "old" plug is less than a year old and replaced a failed plug that had also cost me a day's riding. As I was loading up the van to go home another club member with a 250RR returned to the car park with a defective plug. He said his bike "eats them". I have ordered some more for stock and will make a habit of carrying one in the van. Just wondered if this is a common issue or not?
  10. They are getting near the bottom of the container of old clutch baskets they bought in 1966 and evaluating what next.
  11. I can assure you Mr Biden does not give me anything. Nothing at all. Zilch. Nada. Your country continues to pollute the planet and take away from me. I am sorry you feel that somehow or another you are getting the short end of the stick, but please be assured you are not. If your governments have - in the past - failed to help your fellow citizens (as have mine) then you need to choose more wisely (as do we).
  12. I did not praise Biden as truthful. Please be careful not to fall into the trap of making stuff up just to confirm your own prejudices. Mr Biden may well turn out to be a serious disappointment to anyone (US or rest of the world) that has hopes for the future of our species. Thus far the person that is responsible (Mr Kerry) appears to be doing his job properly. We don't "need" you but we welcome your participation. If you loved your country like you pretend to you would be proud to lead. I don't think you even like the USA at all.
  13. The planet is fine. Humans are the endangered item. FWIW virtually all bicycles are made in China.
  14. You fail to understand there is only so much an individual can do. I cannot ban fracking nor require people to construct renewable energy plants. I cannot tax fossil fuels. I just wanted to thank the people of the US for getting rid of the liar. If you do not want my thanks you sure do not have to accept them.
  15. You are misunderstanding the point. In my country people voted for the current government which are in power. When there is an election I will vote to remove them. That is what happened in the US - intelligent people voted to remove Trump. I would have been proud to vote to remove him but as I cannot vote in the US I could not make that choice. The USA is neither better nor worse than anywhere else - it is the people that live there that direct it in terms of what it does in the world. I simply wish to compliment your country on it's decision to take seriously the problem as opposed to re-electing a liar who wants to kill the next generation. Our own personal carbon footprint is mostly a result of the way our government regulates the markets. The gasoline in my bike has ethanol in it because the government requires it. There is nothing I can do to alter that, other than vote to change the government. The electric I buy comes from a natural gas based system because the government made that decision. Again all I can do is try to change the government. The removal of the man that lied and said climate change is a "Chinese hoax" is a good thing both for the world and for your country. I hope that the Republican party realise their mistake and do not allow anyone like that near power ever again. When the time comes I will do what I can to persuade others not to vote in the UK equivalent of Trump, the idiot we have in power now. Sadly, like Mr Trump the whole thing has become a cult rather than a reasoned political progress. No amount of logic enters the mind of the cultists. Nothing the dear leader says can be wrong as he is above us all. His lies are the truth. It is sad that humans are that gullible but we are. You saw this in the US with David Coresh and many many others. I wish you all well and hope people have learned from the experience.
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