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  1. Gave up, chicken out, run away, switched off, whatever. As you say, no more discussion. Call it anything you like, that particular argument is of no value. You quit.
  2. I am sorry that you were injured. Get well soon. I don't care about the crappy, inefficient US health care system to be honest. I don't live there and I am unaffected by it. As I said earlier before the other poster chickened out it is about climate change. What the good people of the US choose for their tax/welfare balance is their decision. Mr Trump is a danger to humanity and to the rest of the world with his lies about climate change and his administration's unwillingness to do anything about it. The US (Trump) decision to leave the meagre existing global agreements to try to at least begin the process of beating climate change are irresponsible and are making the US the #1 problem, quite the opposite of making it "great" again. For that reason and that reason alone I do hope Mr Trump loses the election. I hope that all the world's liars and deniers will be voted out of office at the next opportunity and that the world moves to a system of governance that begins and succeeds in the long battle to preserve our species and the wonderful, amazing opportunities that technology have gifted us. Trials riding of course, being high on the list.
  3. The problem is the liability of the medium for the content. If - for example - someone posts on here the best fuel for you bike is chicken fat and some idiot tries it is the web host liable for the bill to de gunk the carb? Now of course no one would be stupid enough to use chicken fat rather than petrol but some people are stupid enough to take goldfish medicine because Mr Trump lied. So who should be liable? Not many people like Zuckerberg and a lot would like to relieve him of some of his money. The so called censorship is not (as right wing halfwit conspiracy theories suggest) any sort of attempt to stop the truth but simply to protect Mr Zuckerberg's wealth. Free speech is a thing worth protecting but one person's freedom is another persons hate/stupidity/lies. Sadly too many people are uncritical of the nonsense that is fed to them.
  4. I am sad enough to look at eBay every day for that elusive project. (And it is a nice distraction from doing any work) This just in at Lee which is not massively too far from you and a bit under budget. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Beta-EVO-250cc-Trials-Bike-2017-Model-Clean-Tidy-Good-Value/324333558293
  5. At 5 grand you have enough to buy a decent modern bike. I doubt whatever you choose will disappoint you. More a case of I wish i had tried x, y or z first. A modern 250 is a good choice of bike and the Beta 250 very much so. When I was looking for one for the other half pretty much anything decent had sold before the weekend and the chance to view it - looking at 2 - 2.5 grand at the time and Rev to trade in. If you do feel you want to change bike soon after purchase the 250 will sell quickly and easily. The 300s seem to hang around a bit longer from what I can make out looking at the websites of the dealers and what is on eBay. If you really are not sure I would keep an eye out for a late model 250 Evo. Bikes seem a bit overpriced now after the lockdown (push bike very much so) - I have been watching eBay for a year to see if a cheap project came up and they do not. Even an old heap of junk fetches a good price (who buys this rubbish?) At the higher end of the price range things look a lot better. Non stop in Wales have a factory 250 up at a bit over your budget (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Beta-EVO-250-Factory-2020-Trials-Bike-Finance-Part-Exchange-Road-Reg/224191454947) See if you can score a test ride off them - might help you make your mind up.
  6. The problem is the ferry costs. Though I can nearly see it from here FedEx consider the Isle of Wight to be overseas and charge me a tenner extra to deliver there. This is due to ferry costs. (UPS have a ferry contract and are no extra). I am sure Dave will send you anything you want if you pay for it, it will just be the cost issue. It might be cheaper to get someone to fabricate a carrier than try to import one.
  7. The biggest difference I found between the Rev 3 and my missus' Evo is the Evo lifts the front wheel much easier on the clutch and is more controllable for getting over obstacles. She and I originally shared the Rev to learn on and it was not a bad machine, but the Evo is better. It is hard to find a cheap Evo (or a cheap bike at all for that matter). Realistically you need min. two grand IMHO. Prices seem to have gone up a bit this year end after lockdown looking at eBay. My TRS was newer than the wife's Evo (2014 250 2t, £2,300) and more expensive, but I have spent very little on it (rear wheel bearings 20 quid) but the Evo has had a few hundred (not counting the back mudguard which was not the bike's fault..) I read a lot of threads on here and the consensus seemed to be buy as new as you can and as much as you can afford. All I can say is that I agree with that. The TRS spat me off a few times until I got used to the power but I love it now. My wife's Beta is an old nail by comparison. She is happy enough with it but a newer bike will be on next year's list I think.
  8. I agree with @richt the car would have the stress of the bike rack and the trailer. Plus if you are not careful reversing the trailer might damage the bike on the rack. Easier/cheaper to upgrade the trailer. The Insignia is on the limit with the bike and rack (I have Insignia also).
  9. Sandpits Farm, Poole Rd, Lytchett Matravers, Poole BH16 6AG We just post the cash, might need to book if the Covid thing carries on.
  10. Yes, still open. Please respect the current restrictions if it is busy (more than 6) go elsewhere.
  11. That's true. That's how you end up with a country run by a man that wants to investigate whether to inject bleach to kill germs.
  12. There's an old saying; if a woman tells you its not you - it's her, then it's definitely you. (It was said in the recent Star Trek remake to the Spock character Zachary Quinto - a superb example of the incredible US excellence in film making) I think it means life is a mirror. If you see groups of people as arrogant or rude it's probably you. If you find other people's attitude difficult, it's probably you. If you think tens of millions of people are this, that or the other because they are from a given geographic or political region. It's probably... you get it.
  13. There is no extreme left problem in the USA. Of all the countries in the world where left leaning politics are laughed at the USA laughs the loudest. The sadness in my view is the inability to want to understand the issues. The rest of your post reads like an excuse. A poor one at that.
  14. As before, I can give you a whole list of reasons why such data is not available or reliable. The per capita analysis would also be somewhat misleading. If you are looking to see which countries are leaders in renewable energy you will find that those for whom it is commercially sensible to be so are and vice versa. For example Iceland has a huge geo-thermal power output and is therefore high in the renewable energy league. Your earlier comment also shows that much more granularity is needed as in the US there is huge discrepancy between the states, many of which are as big as a country in other parts of the world. (That's true of Australia also). China always ranks badly in any such comparison. But this is because the west has outsourced its production and resultant pollution and CO2 to China. Any meaningful comparison needs to take this into account and include imported CO2. If you do so the USA tends to be the world's biggest source of human generated fossil CO2. To some extent that also is a bit skewed as the biggest CO2 source in the US is actually the military. In my view all of us live on the same planet and all of us need to do better, yank-bashing is not the answer. The US could cut military spending and save a few billion dollars tax payers' money and go green at the same time. I doubt the Russians are going to invade, after all they paid for Trump's election campaign. I hate litter as well and think it is a sign of disrespect for the environment. As a very sweeping generalisation visitors from outside the area tend to litter things like wrappers and drinks cans most - I live near a national park and see that. However we have had a huge problem with domestic garbage (refrigerators etc) as a feature of the growth of government restrictions and costs on waste disposal as we run out of landfill sites. It is a complex problem and not just about incomers or immigrants - that is to miss the point IMHO. I think you are correct that people who dump litter see it as unimportant, but mostly they are selfish and childish and want someone else to clean up after them. Where I live these are local people.
  15. I think this is a fair point, but I would also say we have long past the sensible debate point. You are right that people are fed more of the same on media like facebook and this does make it hard to start from an agreed objective fact. The "sensible debate" about climate change took place what 20, 30 maybe even 40 years ago. The time to change our energy policies and move to a greener more renewable future was probably in the mid 80s. By now most of the technologies would be mainstream and unremarkable. The big solar power station in the desert powering Las Vegas would be held up as a triumph of US engineering and ingenuity and an example to the world. The one outside Dubai would make hydrogen that created water in people's homes in their fuel cell, the gas piped underground like natural gas is in the rest of the world. The first actual real big desert solar thermal is in Morocco (https://www.ecohz.com/renewable-energy-solutions/powerplants/noor-solar-power-in-morocco/) . We are going to have to go some to play catch up with this world leading country. The exasperation with the laggards and the deniers and the obfuscaters is a large part of why it quickly turns to a mud slinging contest. The repetition of points that are quite frankly stupid tend to make a person think the other guy making them is actually stupid and so the mud flies. You are right of course, it doesn't help. But it is a very human reaction to constantly being told something is a fact when it is a stupid lie. Mr Trump has called climate change a Chinese hoax, together with his quip about the "kung flu" (to be fair almost amusing) - all part of the culture war on China. When you see people lapping it up it really is almost impossible not to be a little rude.
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