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  1. motovita

    spark arrestor for model 85 alpina

    USFS approval is not the standard in Washington. It does need to be marked as a spark arrestor though. My later model is marked in tiny letters that are hard to see. Assuming you have the original system you might look it over closely, otherwise it's going to take some fabrication.
  2. motovita

    Which of the TRS is best mannered.

    Any newer input on this question?
  3. motovita

    Help with Identifying Sherpa

    It looks like a very nice bike. I'm sure there's quite a story behind it.
  4. motovita

    Bike trials to Moto trials

    Start in the lowest class and work your way up to find your level. If you start in too high a class you might miss some of the basic skills that are the foundation of moto skills.
  5. motovita

    Bing Carb problem

    When I park my Bultaco for a week or two I turn off the tap and run most of the fuel out of the float bowl, if the bike will be parked for a longer time I remove and drain the float bowl. Minimizing the time the float has to sit in the swill that passes for gasoline these days will help it live long and prosper.
  6. motovita

    Bing Carb problem

    The float I used was from my 94 R100 GS and was identical to the original float. In the U.S. BMWs came with 32mm carbs, in other markets 40mm carbs were standard, I don't know if they use the same float so you might double check that. In the U.S. I've found BMW dealers to be a good, and the least expensive, source for Bing parts.
  7. motovita

    Bing Carb problem

    Replace the float, it's the same one used in the 32mm Bings on BMW airheads and is available and inexpensive. I've been running a used BMW float for a few years but I think it might be time to buy a new one. I can't fault the logic that the best repair for a Bing is to replace it with a Mikuni though.
  8. motovita

    Bultaco Astro.History lesson needed

    Here's one. https://amsracing.com/product/1968-0-bultaco-pursang-model-68-mkiv#prettyPhoto
  9. motovita

    2 stroke oil facts & myths

    I use that in my saws, other than the expense I would have no problem using it my bikes. Bel Ray makes Husky oil.
  10. motovita

    2 stroke oil facts & myths

    Here's what I use. http://www.belray.com/bel-ray-mc-1-racing-full-synthetic-2t-engine-oil I've been using it since it was a new product.
  11. motovita

    hybrid trials bike???

    Snowmobiles had it a few years before that, since 97 if I remember correctly.
  12. motovita

    No Snap!

    Did your "carb clean" include removing every removable part and cleaning all passages? If not do it over.
  13. motovita

    No Snap!

    The 74/75 models had lighter flywheels, I ran one on my 77 model. I don't think it helped my scores but it made the bike more fun to ride. Get your bike in good working order before making any changes though.
  14. motovita

    No Snap!

    I suggest buying a Domino Trials throttle with a new cable, not expensive and will give you a fresh start. Get some Trials grips while you're at it.
  15. motovita

    Tubeliss System Revisited

    Last I checked Tublisss did not offer a system for 1.85 rim, has that changed? Feetupfun, if there's no photo of the modified rim can you post a sketch of what you did? I can't picture it.