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  1. When inspecting gears focus on the dogs on the sides of the gear and the surfaces they engage on adjacent gears.
  2. There are numerous versions of this tool available. https://www.motionpro.com/product/08-0472
  3. Do you know what the secondary voltage is on your two stroke? Shocks from kill buttons used to be common in the rain, fortunately there are better kill buttons availble nowdays.
  4. Overall they're fine. If you want any specific info you'll need to divulge the year.
  5. The question rattling around in my head is what happens if you lock the rear wheel without pulling the clutch lever in???
  6. Has anyone ridden one with the tickover feature that can explain how it works?
  7. You still haven't. There is no fraction there, it's a decimal point inserted into a decimal value. I've never heard it said that way, I would say 16 ten thousandths.
  8. Right footpeg is moved back to Trials position, left one is still forward, that's special.
  9. I have a used alu plate for your bike in Chattaroy, WA. I'm going to look for the peg mounts you asked about tomorrow. I'll send you my phone #.
  10. Yamaha didn't make a kit to move the pegs back and down, Sammy Miller did, that may be what you have. I think I may have the Yamaha Peg mounts pictured above, if you're interested I'll dig around and see. Here's the brake lever you want. https://www.partzilla.com/product/yamaha/23X-83922-01-00
  11. Nothing wrong with doing things the hard way if you prefer but PBI also sells the original dished sprockets in your choice of sizes.
  12. Are you sure it's not Keich? I assume they supplied the cap to whoever made the tank. https://www.kelch.com/products/caps-gauges-and-sensors/
  13. I recommend using the 23x levers you can look them up on a TY350.
  14. I think your pegs are in the stock position. Yamaha sold a kit to move them forward, which included the brake pedal you have, I think I have a set of them. The aftermarket sold peg mounts that went down and back. I don't have a TY anymore.
  15. That is definitely an enduro seat, brake pedal too, looks odd with the Trials peg position (your pegs look good though). That low profile rear tire won't do you any favors when jumping logs. Bar risers with the forks slid up like that seems counterproductive.
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