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  1. 1 1/4" will probably work too.
  2. It might only last another 40 years.
  3. If you call Chapparral I imagine they can drop ship you one.
  4. The TR11 tube type is a better bet, it's also a radial and is the same size as the Dunlop you have. Dunlop does make tube type Trials tires but the D908 has always been tubeless only.
  5. Does it behave the same in both directions? If you rotate it until it binds does it rotate freely the other direction then bind up again in the same spot every time? If you loosen the sprocket nut does it change? Is the shoulder on the sprocket on the inside? How did you come to notice this?
  6. motovita

    TRS stand

    The newest TRS sidestand is greatly improved (larger and stronger) over yours. I would guess it will fit your 2017 but check with your dealer. Get both the stand and mounting bracket.
  7. I don't know where you found an article recommending O Neal boots for Trials but I'll say they have no idea what they're talking about.
  8. The front fender mount and plastic guards were an option, it's missing the fork brace to mount the fender. I don't remember Akront rims on my 2000, was Akront still in existence then?
  9. Is it printed on the seal holder? Look like Paioli off a Beta.
  10. Nice, bonus points for the color matched tie down strap.
  11. That's good to know, I suppose the real challenge is to find an Akront rim that's still straight enough to work with the Tubliss system.
  12. I currently have 11/43 on my 199A, 42 is probably easier to find and should work fine.
  13. It sounds like you're successfully using the Tubliss system on the original 1.85X18 Akront rim on your Bultaco, is that correct?
  14. The 4.00R-18 rear tire is the most important component of a Trials bike. Try to modify your bike to accept one.
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