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  1. Alpina was essentially a Trials bike modified for trail riding. The true, and superior, Trials model is the Sherpa T.
  2. 187 is the model, you can google it.
  3. motovita

    Linkage Play

    Thanks, I suspected that might be the case. Any chance you ordered, or measured, the bolt diameter?
  4. motovita

    Linkage Play

    Can you attribute it to one joint more than others? My lower shock mount is clearly looser than the other linkage pivots.
  5. motovita

    Linkage Play

    Has anyone had any success at removing some of the slop in the shock linkage? My 2020 has been loose from day one and I've just been ignoring it, but now that it has some time on it I checked it and found that the bulk of the play is at the bottom shock mount. I suspect the bearing is pretty precise in size and that the play may be coming from the bushings within the bearing. Has anyone replaced the bushings for this reason or perhaps made more precisely fitted bushings? On my old Gas Gas I learned to live with slop but even after years of use it was no looser than my new TRS, also the Gas Gas slop was cumulative with no single primary source of play. I rode a 4RT for years and it never developed the slop of the two Spanish bikes, go figure.
  6. Bonjour, First of all, I hope that you and your family are safe and secured during this very difficult period. At EM company, we have decided to organize a LIVE INSTAGRAM SESSION on SUNDAY, APRIL 5th. 1 session in French with Léo Finiels at 5pm (French time) 1 session in English with me at 6pm (French time) We will present the EM range and answer to all your questions during this LIVE. Feel free to share this information on your social media or invite all your friends that would be interested (see visual below). EM instagram link >> https://www.instagram.com/electricmotion_officiel/ Looking forward to hearing from you on sunday, Best regards,
  7. I share your opinion of mag switches, but they are required for snowmobile racing. I assume they are mandated on Trials bikes as a safety issue for spectators, I see very little chance that they would ever prevent or minimize injury for a rider, and as you suggest they can cause an injurious dead engine crash. It seems many people consider them protection for the engine, personally I find paying for engine repairs preferable to hospital bills.
  8. motovita

    New X-Track One

    The E Start X Track only comes with the bigger tank and seat. There are small tank versions on the horizon.
  9. I'll suggest that one of the better mods for an older TRS is the sidestand from the new RR/Gold models. It is so nice not to be fighting to get the bike to stand up every time I get off the bike.
  10. I fived a section yesterday when I foolishly ran my right grip through a bush in a tight turn. The bush grabbed, and applied, my front brake lever and stopped me cold. I may considering cutting one down if nobody comes out with a shorty lever.
  11. Your biggest problems will be finding riding gear that fits and beefing up your suspension for your weight.
  12. I tried an AJP lever and it did function but it didn't feel as smooth when operated. My biggest concern is that the misalignment puts a sideways load on the master cylinder piston which might cause some wear and/or sticking. I don't have a spare Braktec lever so I'm carrying an AJP lever as a spare.
  13. I don't imagine that a radiatior with two threaded holes and a seperat filler cap and pressure relief valve would be cheaper. I'd guess it's done to keep things compact.
  14. Sorry I don't have any advice for straightening levers, but on a related note, is there a shorty lever option for the TRS front brake? That might contribute to fewer bent levers.
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