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  1. I'll suggest that one of the better mods for an older TRS is the sidestand from the new RR/Gold models. It is so nice not to be fighting to get the bike to stand up every time I get off the bike.
  2. I fived a section yesterday when I foolishly ran my right grip through a bush in a tight turn. The bush grabbed, and applied, my front brake lever and stopped me cold. I may considering cutting one down if nobody comes out with a shorty lever.
  3. Your biggest problems will be finding riding gear that fits and beefing up your suspension for your weight.
  4. I tried an AJP lever and it did function but it didn't feel as smooth when operated. My biggest concern is that the misalignment puts a sideways load on the master cylinder piston which might cause some wear and/or sticking. I don't have a spare Braktec lever so I'm carrying an AJP lever as a spare.
  5. I don't imagine that a radiatior with two threaded holes and a seperat filler cap and pressure relief valve would be cheaper. I'd guess it's done to keep things compact.
  6. Sorry I don't have any advice for straightening levers, but on a related note, is there a shorty lever option for the TRS front brake? That might contribute to fewer bent levers.
  7. motovita

    4rt RPM idle tach

    I use the 20K tach here https://www.tinytach.com/handheld-tachometers I'm sure there will be some outrage expressed here, claiming that it's too expensive.
  8. Did they mention what the power requirement of that charger is?
  9. Have you located a canadian dealer to sell you one, or confirmed that EM will ship one to Canada?
  10. Is an Astro easier to find than a Metralla? As I recall, when Pursangs first switched to wrong side shift, the rear brake was moved to the right (or wrong) side of the wheel with a two piece rear hub. I would think you might be able to fit a smaller sprocket to that hub.
  11. motovita


  12. A new slide will likely fix your idle issue.
  13. They might want access to a 2 stroke engine, and of course the Gas Gas gearbox😎.
  14. So I suppose they might revert Gas Gas to a Trials only mfg since they probably don't need a third line of 2T enduro bikes.
  15. After the first loop blasting across those fields in top gear my muffler seemed like it was ready to burst into flames, I slowed down after that.
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