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  1. Where are you located?
  2. I see it now. It was the old style clutch rod adjuster that was fooling me, I'd forgotten about those.
  3. Bear in mind that e bikes are different and require e bike skills. Not to argue your point, but to expect a gas bike rider to jump off his bike onto an e bike and ride up to his gas bike level is unrealistic. In the near future we will see e bike specialists who can ride at very high levels. Kuroyama may be one, he was a top level bicycle and gas bike rider and I believe will be Yamaha's top e bike rider.
  4. You're right, that looks like a bottom pivot kick lever on the original. I've never seen anything like that.
  5. Lokks like a later style rear rim, passenger pegs are a nice touch.
  6. You can certainly learn to negotiate such obstacles but the technique will be somewhat different/modified, so I would say rather than getting hung up on conventional techniques learn to adapt them to your equipment. It can certainly be done. A seat is generally more of a hindrance for turns and descents than climbs.
  7. motovita

    Foot pegs

    Those don't look like they'ii fit any Bultaco peg mount I ever saw.
  8. E bikes and EM have advanced quite a bit.
  9. I think 7 years is a lifetime in e bike years. I would'nt consider it unless it's real cheap and/or I was a tinkerer wanting to buy a bike to update/modify.
  10. You could look at it two ways. You could get the clutch model and ride it more likeyour KTM, or you could go clutchless and rideit more like your MTB.
  11. Are you saying the tank was originally porous and lined with another product?
  12. Forget about an MSO. You'll need to follow your states rules.
  13. Assuming you're working on a Sherpa T, I think modern pegs in the original high mounts would look hideous. Pursang/Frontera pegs will fit and look original. I just looked at your earlier posts. Modern, thicker, gaskets in stead of the original paper type, will help with weld clearance on your cases, you may still need to do some grinding though.
  14. When inspecting gears focus on the dogs on the sides of the gear and the surfaces they engage on adjacent gears.
  15. There are numerous versions of this tool available. https://www.motionpro.com/product/08-0472
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