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  1. Sorry no, I had one for the kids and it was a good bike. A tip I was given is not to turn off the fuel tap as it's quite badly made and sometimes it rips itself out of the tank. i only ever put a small amount of fuel in and ran it out or drained the carb
  2. teamferret

    1978 frame colour

    Are the forks you are looking for the ones with quite short bottoms?
  3. teamferret

    250 4rt crank

    I'm sure there are others, but a firm near to Nottingham called SEP have a large press and some tooling with which they can squeeze the crank and lobe it such that the bearing grips and remains concentric. They have done a couple for me over the years
  4. I like to run the carb dry before putting the bike on the trailer and blow the tyres up to about 15 PSI too
  5. Try Iain at Ellastone offroad, now at Rocester
  6. Is this the older model? if so I think I have
  7. I've converted a couple of mono's to twinshock with few problems. I used the shortest shocks from NJB which work well
  8. teamferret

    Kickstart stuck

    It's an extra flywheel weight. A half inch drive socket wrench will fit, if memory serves me it is a left hand thread.
  9. I have done this in the past with no issues on similar
  10. I agree, though I skipped to some later coverage of a guy on a TLR doing presumably some kind of easy route which was like a motorway. What is the penalty for sitting motionless with one foot on the floor?
  11. I could have finished 15th
  12. I couldn't find it on Quest and eventually watched it on YouTube which wasn't the best. Any idea when the next round is on?
  13. think 'classic' trials are going to be some way off. Obviously the rider age is an issue, but the advanced age of most organisers and observers more so
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