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  1. I have done this in the past with no issues on similar
  2. I agree, though I skipped to some later coverage of a guy on a TLR doing presumably some kind of easy route which was like a motorway. What is the penalty for sitting motionless with one foot on the floor?
  3. I could have finished 15th
  4. I couldn't find it on Quest and eventually watched it on YouTube which wasn't the best. Any idea when the next round is on?
  5. think 'classic' trials are going to be some way off. Obviously the rider age is an issue, but the advanced age of most organisers and observers more so
  6. With the D7 you won't notice much difference. The mid-box for a TY175 (preferably after market alloy) does a good job. If you want better performance you will need to fit the D14 barrel
  7. I use silicone. If you can hand tightened the holding screws and then leave for 20 -30 minutes before finally tightening. If the bearings are already on the crank, just go straight to tightening with warm cases.
  8. I did this a many years ago, and they don't fit straight on but i don't remember making a huge change. The slotted bracket which allows the tensioner to move up and down had to be moved but other than that it was straight forward. Bear in mind that my engine runs a smaller crank sprocket'
  9. It is possible to get them apart, but they are tight - you won't do it in a vice. I've used a hydraulic puller to push the big end out, seemed to work fine. Re-assembly is not too bad but lining up the crank wheels to get everything running true can be trying. Obviously Villiers Services will do this for you and before Covid-19 you could take it to them and wait for it to be done.
  10. teamferret

    Stuck Float?

    Definitely do not connect to an air line
  11. I did many hours on a ts185B like this, surprising good engine - the crankcase reed valve works well, but the cycle parts let it down. I would still have another.
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