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  1. make sure the gearbox works especially that it does not jump out of gear going uphill, lots seem to
  2. The way I've done it is to up the tickover slightly then instruct them not to use the throttle, Spend some time just letting them feel the bite of the clutch without actually moving helps too
  3. Think that is too early for the SY, most probably the Rotax engined easy
  4. The short answer is yes. I was moving some books so had a look in my copy of Don Morley"s Classic British Trials bikes and obviously many pages are given over to the AMC machines, mostly concentrating on the works machines. In part three TODAY (which is now out of date) he describes the 1955 to 1958 springers with the roadster and scrambler derived long wheelbase, poor ground clearence frames, are to be avoided at all cost for although such items as the unduly heavy full width wheelhubs can easily be jettisoned, the machines overall dimensions are too great a handicap for today"s competition.
  5. They indeed can make a nice trail bike. The frame is very similar to the Victor and takes modern components without too much hassle. The GB engine is a tough one but not exactly exciting. It comes with a wide rartio gearbox which is handy meaning you can have a lowish first gear but a reasonably high top for when on the tarmac
  6. This trial is going ahead all being well, there seems to be some rumour circulating that it was cancelled but this is not so. There was a worry about the low number of entries but the minimum viable number was passed a while ago. See calendar on here for details and entry form
  7. I thought this couldn't be done, the honda has 36 holes - the Beta 32 by memory
  8. normal is to have the spring side facing inwards and the lubricated area
  9. Use a strap to put the forks under tension and try again
  10. teamferret

    MH 349

    I think they started out the same length and then the top bit was broken, probably when fitting ne seals. I've seen a couple of places repairing these. You might find it cheaper though to pick up a s/h assembly, these forks were fitted to many bikes including fantic SWM and Armstrong so they do turn up fairly regular
  11. Have you checked that the timing marks are in the right place and that it srobes up correctly?
  12. I should have the gears from an SL125 brakeplate as I have used one on my trials bike and removed the gears to lose some weight.

    It will be in the garage somewhere, but I can't look as I've just had a shoulder injury and I'am in a sling.


    If you still want one in a few weeks let me know and I will have a search



    1. MrWeedster


      Hi. Thanks for your answer, i'll wait, i think i don't have another option left. Also i'm curious if the front plate of the SL fits

    2. teamferret


      I don't have an SL brakeplate anymore, but it did look identical to a mates TL one. Will have a look for speedo drive when I get back from holiday in a couple of weeks



  13. I fairly sure the SL125 had the same hubs
  14. on facebook, go to the cost optimised fantic site and search there as someone has fitted that system to his trials fantic
  15. Paulmac, it wasn't meant as a dig more an observation. I do add our local trials to the calendar and then post the results if I get them
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