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  1. No problems with fibre glass tanks in non road events so long they are not leaking
  2. Both central wheel and Talon did them at one time
  3. Put a trolley jack in between the two downtubes, heat up the bent one and it will straighten quite easily. To check if the frame is out of line set on a stand and use a spirit level to get the swinging arm arm spindle level, then check that the forks are vertical. My gut feel is that it will be ok.
  4. Mine measures 11.5, which is smaller than other bikes I have, including a pitbike. 2T offroad in scotland should have one, or put a call out on cost optimised Fantic facebook page
  5. I wouldn't use ATF as your clutch will probably already have a tendancy for the plates to stick together when left for more the a couple of weeks and using this oil willmake this worse. I would go for a light gear oil
  6. I'd go for second hand wheels, some turn up on Ebay
  7. If you have a small capacity 12v charger (or can borrow one) try charging each battery individually. The chargers aren't well made, mine certainly gave up and I know of others. Don't have to buy one from Oset though there are alternatives about.
  8. Mine was gutless and I was a schoolboy then. It looks the wheels are already 18/21 as mine was
  9. use the hubs from the K10/11 80cc Suzuki. I only have experience of using super six pistons, I think the GT250 ones are slightly shorter and may mess with the porting
  10. I've done a couple of tanks which had gone thin and slightly holey using a sealent, can't remember the name - got it from Wyldes in Leeds
  11. Cheers, did think it would stall easily
  12. Join the optimised fantic part of facebook as they come up on there from time to time, the 125 one fits. Looks a really nice bike
  13. the red one is knackered and the blue one is newer
  14. Shame there is no video, would be nice to hear it running
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