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  1. Paulmac, it wasn't meant as a dig more an observation. I do add our local trials to the calendar and then post the results if I get them
  2. I've noticed a few less postings, but more worryingly the news and results sections seem to be way out of date. Also I post our clubs newest results, but it seems to be ages before they appear yet the ones from our trial in November are in the latest results column
  3. Nigel, has it worked? Is the arm reacting as it did before injury?
  4. Cheers, will try to get in contact with him or his team
  5. I dislocated my shoulder last year, I now have a pair after being high sided off my enduro bike 25 years ago. This one is causing me more problems though and I want to do something about it. My area NHS does not operate on this condition so I've been looking at going private. Had anybody any experience or recommendations? I asked both the ACU and the AMCA but neither had the courtesy to reply!!
  6. I've found some bits are good, engines and ignitions whilst others are poor, for instance engine bolts made out of putty and frame welds done in the dark
  7. Check the obvious first. Look for dodgy wiring, take flywheel cover off and make sure that it has remained dry. Flywheel off and clean up check on woodruff key. Try for spark direct, take plug cap off and hold near to barrel.
  8. it was probably stripped, it was common at one point to open out rethread and put a slave in. Now it would be helicoiled
  9. Nice bike, love the way they mount the shocks on the swing arm so everything is as narrow as possible. I bought what turned out to be a Saracen frame at an auction some months ago and sill haven't come up with a plan for it
  10. You would normally suspect the coil behind the flywheel is breaking down, but I'm not familiar with these modern bikes
  11. It's the same ignition as used on the suzuki RL250 if that helps. I will probably have a spare in a while but getting it to you will be expensive
  12. teamferret


    I disagree, i've had 2 and both were good. Very strong motors and reasonable handling make for a good novice and up bike. New spares are difficult but there is a specialist breaking them for spares. As with any water cooled bike if you boil it and keep running the damage will be terminal
  13. Often the delorto has 2 slow running jets in the same hole, I know I missed that a few years ago. Worth considering taking it to Bill Pye who is not a million miles away. Need to get a move on though there is less thn 3 weeks to go to the Midland Classic trial at Rhodesia which is vey close to you
  14. I could have fived all those sections in a fraction of the time!!!
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