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  1. I did a couple of trials back in the late 70's on my 185B but they were too hard (no dual routes in those days) but I did a lot of practicing with my brothers who had similar trail bikes. Yes the power comes in strong about 4500RPM but usually I kept it out of that. Dropping the barrel a little more might help and , like you say the compression is quite low. My B model had higher compression and the later models dropped it each time. I've just bought a C model which has stood outside for the last couple of years and nearly have it back on the road. Have you any parts left over would love an exhaust and tank like yours and I'm short of the air cleaner assembly
  2. False. That gearing will be fine, if you do need a higher gear you will find second is more useable. Chances are though that it will jump out of either gear
  3. The same year TS250 is very similar and there is a haynes manual for that
  4. the front forks bend quite easily, i woud bet that's why they are stuck down
  5. The easy engine is very different (and better in my opinion). It has crankcase reed valve, hydraulic clutch and the kick start is on the right. Piston wise the RM250 one looks close.
  6. Most of what you want should be available from John Penny at Armstrong Trials, he has a web site but it does not appear to have changed for a while so should give him a ring
  7. To see how you like it (or otherwise) try removing the footrests and bolting them on the outside of the bottom part of the hanger. If good you can normaly fabricate a new part for the bottom bit and bolt it on. Have done this on my Armstrong and the brothers Fantic
  8. I've run tubes in situation like this before, and not had any problems even at low pressure. I do trialing though not trick riding
  9. Contact Richard Allen he is doing rebuild kits for both
  10. If the gearbox is the Albion one, your options will probably be limited. For multilap closed circuit trials the 3 speed villiers box is probably better as it's narrower and you can change the ratios with parts from villiers services Adapting to the later villiers 4-speed box is possible, but not easy
  11. I would say 5W too. Start by taking out the springs and filling with oil until 175mm from top
  12. I went with my brothers, and although there were empty spaces we felt it was worth the trip. I think the parking fee is not too bad, most people seem to be 3 or 4 up too so only a £1 per person. Know someone who used to work for the Telford International and he says thay have put up there fees greatly
  13. The normal practice is to weld a piece of flat pate across the bearing. They will normally fall out or can be easily tapped out
  14. I couldn't find any tubless ones a couple of weeks ago, thought I had bought one off ebay but they refunded my money the next day. Ended up with and X-Lite
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