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  1. You will probably need a hydraulic puller
  2. I put a small bottle of drink in my bum bag then leave it at one of the sections, having a drink on every other lap
  3. Timing set at 7,5mm - is that right?
  4. If those measurements are correct, you won't get them in. They must be the wrong seals. Also the size of them doesn't seam to match a standard size. I would get back to the supplier
  5. I've used stainless threaded rod with no issues
  6. My 13 year old daughter is just getting into riding and has moved up from a Sherco 2 speed auto to an old 80 fantic air cooled mono which was the lads. He was happy to just tazz about on this, but I think she is going to want to compete. I've looked at other small bikes and they seem as useless as this one so, as I have a 125 engine I thought I would slot it in. I've seen some reports of people doing this years ago to create a useful schoolboy mount, but no technical detail. Can anyone remember if, they used the 80 or 125 exhaust and air box. Anything else that would be helpful???
  7. I've had plenty of bikes which have the tensioner mounted on the frame or engine and they haven't given any problems. Remember lots of bikes cope without one at all
  8. It looks identical to the V75 so it will be quite quick, I would say faster than a Bulto but slightly more difficult to ride. With a fork change it would be a winner in the right hands
  9. I've used devcon F and it's held up surprisingly well
  10. That's the V75 based endure bike. We had a couple of the M/X versions, a proper V75 and a Rickman framed one which was a dog. Engine wise they are quite tough with only the motosplat letting the side down occasionally. I remember that the final drive sprocket was difficult to remove and required a big hydraulic puller, but then i had one fall off whilst racing. Suspension wasn't the best it needed leading axle forks with more travel to match the rear and the standard remote resevoir shocks weren't up to much
  11. What was sammy miller products (now Feked) do one
  12. i've heard of the climber bottom end being used
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