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  1. Enfield bullet works replica gearbox required

    Will the indian made box fit?
  2. How to build a trials bike with low overheads

    Very interesting, I always imagined that the engine would arrive in one lump. Cheers
  3. Help with the Conversion of a D7 Bantam engine to Trials

    I ran a 14 tooth primary for a long while, but it does effect the clutch as it has to handle more torque. I would go down the route of the smaller gearbox sprocket. I don't like dinner plate rear sprockets as you get a torque reaction which lifts the rear wheel. One problem I had, was only solved by going for the 4-speeder as I broke the first gear a couple of times, it's splined onto it's shaft and cracks between the spline and gear tooth then soon after breaks in two. You have to have the later cases to match the gearbox but you can use the D7 crank and outer cases to hide the fact.
  4. SWM Modifications

    The clutch cover off an aprilia climber improves the clutch action no end but they are thin on the ground nowadays. The middle box and the silencer weigh a ton. The middle can be cut open and everything inside junked and there are plenty of after market alloy silencers available. Some play with the timing of the induction rotary valve disc to try and soften the power, but I liked to put a spacer under the barrel to achieve the same.
  5. C15 fork stantions

    if they are the ones with a nut in the top of the fork cap, we used to put a longer stud in and a spacer and this extended the whole fork at the expense of rigidity. If the fork bushes are in good nick they will be OK for quite a while. If they are the heavy weight version best plan is to throw the stations away and machine up some decent forks to fit in the bottoms
  6. Betor dampers

    It's AMCA so no licence required, £10 a ride if you join the club, bring an observer and it's free!!
  7. Betor dampers

    If you are still struggling, pop along to a midland classic event and give them to Rob Mycock who is the local expert on these and he will normally sort for little money
  8. Aly Gear changer for SWM

    Climber one does fit and is alloy, but doesn't have a bendy tip
  9. New swingarm

    Very nice, how much?
  10. climber 280 carb jet

    Try your SWM carb on it, I think the air intake is slightly larger but you could leave all that off for a quick test
  11. climber 280 carb jet

    I was surprised as I expected to see 2, so checked the second carb and it's the same. Also there is not enough thread to fit a second one in
  12. climber 280 carb jet

    i have 2 carbs from Climbers and both only have the one jet, marked 50. I have other dellortos with the 2 jet system but this doesn't seem to be the same.
  13. Shocks query

    I had the NJB's on my tri-Greeves as they were the only ones short enough. They had a hard life for a season and worked well, they are now on my daughters Fantis 80 so have a much easier life.
  14. Fork tubes

    That didn't stop me, the hardest part was setting the fork bottom up in the lathe.
  15. Fork tubes

    As I recall, the RD tubes are a smaller diameter at the bottom. Most 35mm scrambles or trials fork tubes should fit, I've fitted Marzochi ones into loads of different bottoms