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  1. Yes that's the normal arrangement
  2. Engine number prefix will tell you what motor it is. It's not a 350 because it is a round barrel. Lobitos are 100, 125 and 175.
  3. It's not a Sherpa T. It's a Lobito. The frame number prefix will tell you what model Lobito it is.
  4. Some people want to run modern lights (LEDs) which need 12V DC to work so they make that available. Bultacos only came standard with 6V lighting systems. Some Bultaco models had had a rectifier and a battery (so the lights would work with the motor stopped) but Sherpa Ts had no battery and the lights ran on 6V AC
  5. I just tried to post up some contact info for the seller in Australia but suspect I broke a rule for this forum so all I'll say is yes he is still selling them
  6. Jetting a bike using internet forum messages is a bridge too far for me
  7. Over the past few years I've fitted five 26mm OKOs, all from Roger. Some didn't require any change. Some needed the pilot jet swapped and one needed a different slide needle. For that one I bought a range of Keihin needles to try.
  8. Yes those are forwards and down. They are from a Yamaha kit that had those peg mounts, a longer brake pedal, a big seat, a longer swingarm pivot bolt and there could have been a different shift lever too
  9. Yes most of my riding is near sea level and the highest riding in my state is about 4000 feet. When I said it didn't need adjustment when I fitted the B model motor, I meant that changing from one motor to a different motor did not require any adjustments to the carby. Both of the OKOs I fitted to TY250 motors did need adjustment when originally fitted.
  10. Yamaha TY250 trailbike footpeg kit photo
  11. Here's what one of mine looks like. 26mm OKO from Roger. Stretched Yamaha intake hose. This carby was fitted a couple of years ago when this bike had an A model motor. Fitted a B model motor in the bike a few weeks ago and the carby didn't need any adjustments.
  12. My TY250s with the standard points and standard timing sometimes kick back if I give them a half-hearted kick. If you get an ignition with built-in timing curve and set it correctly it will not kick back. This is because at kickstart RPM, the spark timing is closer to TDC than it is with a fixed timing ignition
  13. first gear is at the bottom
  14. I have no idea. You could try phoning them to find out. Just because I bought something many years ago doesn't mean I would buy the same thing again. Things change. If I wanted to buy a TY ignition today it would be from Rex's Speed Shop. Those ignitions from John Cane many years ago are still going perfectly, as are my TYs that have standard Yamaha ignition systems.
  15. That's what I was thinking too
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