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  1. Maybe it is a variation of the recommendation to avoid having the small number divide evenly into the big number, like 10:40 or 11:44. Probably not relevant to trials bikes which kill chains with grit but apparently is important for road bikes that can do massive hours on a set of chain and sprockets. The logic is that it is better to reduce the frequency of repeated patterns of tooth combination. For example with the 10:40, the same tooth on the rear sprocket is in contact with the one tooth on the front sprocket every time the wheel rotates.
  2. feetupfun

    OKO Carburetors

    Because this has turned into a voting session for OKOs, I'll put my vote in too after having great success with OKOs from Roger working perfectly on TY250A, TY250D, Cota 348 and Alpina 350 motors
  3. Why don't you just look for yourself? I already looked once and thought the price was similar to prices for exhausts from other places.
  4. I see Frankie Mountain sells new pipes for your bike
  5. If you can't find a decent second hand pipe and still want to use the Feked silencer, a new front pipe for your bike would be a fairly easy thing for a tradesman to make, especially if there is your old one to copy the shape from. As a for-instance, I've seen front pipes for Bultacos and Italjets made from pre-curved architectural tubing (thin wall stainless steel handrail material) that look excellent
  6. If you post a photo maybe someone can help
  7. Every ride here ends with a helmet soaked with sweat. I've not yet had a trials helmet that doesn't die of rust before something else stops me using it
  8. I have had a few Airoh trials helmets and they all suffered from rapid rusting of the metal parts even when I took precautions
  9. yes there are replica KT250 bars available that look just like TY175 bars. Search on Fred and Debs KT parts
  10. Trials bikes are kickstart only and don't usually have a battery
  11. Small job either way but expensive if it's a hole in the casing
  12. If you haven't just been riding in deep water then you probably have a leaking water pump shaft seal or a corrosion hole in the water pump housing
  13. Thanks majesty. I know there are at least 108 of them
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