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  1. Yes they have been a good thing on every old two stroke trial-type motor I've put one on so far
  2. For GasGas and Sherco, their 4 stroke development was driven by pressure from the FIM who were planning to ban 2 strokes. GasGas and Sherco development was dropped when the 2 stroke ban was dropped.
  3. Left side. Nothing else fits. Right side. DT125/175 1974 to 1977 (ABCD models) fits. YZ125/175 C/X fits. Later DT175, IT175 and YZ125 don't fit without mods.
  4. feetupfun

    Monty 348

    Quick answer. Yes
  5. GasGas manual downloads available here https://www.thehellteam.com/technical-support/gas-gas-parts-and-service-manuals.html
  6. Another interesting thing about the bike is that the swingarm looks non-standard. Maybe it's a stronger design to cope better with sidecar use
  7. Hmmm that stamping looks a bit dodgy for a few reasons. They didn't make a bike model called a 51H. The number after the 51H is too low to be on a 349 motor. 51M series started in 1976 and there were many thousands of M51 Cota 348s made before your series 1 Cota 349 was made but yours is stamped number 00221. The appearance of the metal surface after the 51 is smoother than at the 51 meaning the original letter and number after the 51 could have been ground away and re-stamped with a different letter and number. Another possibility is that Montesa made trials sidecar-specific motors that had a different engine number series and this has not become widespread knowledge yet. What does the frame number stamping look like?
  8. The reason you got all that 2T related feedback is because in your post you said you were interested in the Beta 300. Beta make a 2T 300 and a 4T 300 and some people assumed you meant the 2T 300 and were trying to steer you away from it
  9. Wasn't the original poster asking about a 300 Beta 4 stroke?
  10. It would help with reading the stamping of your engine number if you scraped the paint out of the stamping
  11. Here's a photo I lifted from the North Atlantic Trials Assn webpage that shows a 349 motor up close and it has the engine number where yours is stamped
  12. I've just noticed that the frame is also Cota 349 not Cota 348
  13. It doesn't look like a 348 motor. Clues being the shape of the clutch cover and the bolt-on inlet connector. I'm thinking Cota 349 motor. That doesn't solve your mystery though because 349 is 51M too. Here is a photo of the engine number on one of my 348 motors and it is located on the top of the front engine mount lug. I don't know where 349 numbers are stamped but it might be worth a look at the front engine mount lug
  14. Yep, should be M. How about a photo?
  15. Spec sheets are not a good source of geometry information because they don't specify if the bike is laden or unladen or if there is any static sag or what pressure is in the tyres or what tyres. You will get real numbers by reassembling the important bits and measuring it yourself. If you are trying to copy a proper trials bike, measure the proper trials bike yourself so you are comparing apples with apples. Be aware that modern front and rear trials tyres are a fair bit taller than front and rear trials tyres of the past and the heights of the axles are very much affected by pressure.
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