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  1. feetupfun

    TY250 Flywheel

    You might be able to swap with someone who wants an A model flywheel. It's a popular mod for the later model TY250s for people who compete on them
  2. The pre-Honda front wheel has the rim centred on the hub spoke flanges
  3. feetupfun

    TY250 Flywheel

    The steel ring on the BCDE flywheel is 27.65 mm wide and 8.6 mm thick. Other dimensions are the same as the A model flywheel
  4. feetupfun

    TY250 Flywheel

    I've seen them advertised on US eBay at times
  5. feetupfun

    TY250 Flywheel

    I came across suitable photos tonight so here they are. The flywheel on the left is TY250A. The flywheel on the right is TY250 BCDE
  6. feetupfun

    TY250 Flywheel

    It's not the original type of flywheel for a TY250D but it will work fine. As expected, it's a TY250A flywheel. Do you still want dimensions or photos of a TY250D flywheel?
  7. I got curious and just checked 1974 DT100 and 1974 DT175 and both have 4371543100 as the part number for the clutch cover
  8. I'm saying that I believe ABCD models DT100, 125, 175 covers are all the same part. They changed the cover design with the E model. If you want to check that out for yourself you can look up their part numbers. I just did a search on these forums on this topic and from that, it seems you can use a TY175 kickstart shaft with a DT cover, but need to make a spacer for the shaft to stop it floating towards the right, so that sounds like both shafts are the same length overall but have the shoulder that bears against the casing in different locations. I have a DT175A motor that I can compare the kickstart shaft and cover from with TY175 parts if you want.
  9. The YZ125C/X cover will also fit on the TY175, but has no up stop for the brake pedal and they are very scarce
  10. Yes, also DT100, DT125 and DT175 ABCDE models clutch covers will fit on the TY175 and yes the kickstart shaft length is different. The DT type cover is also more robust than the TY175 cover
  11. It's standard and is there to hold a wiring bundle away from the exhaust
  12. They look a lot like HondaTL250 yokes with the lower yoke fitted upside down. However I think that TL250 tubes are 33mm diameter. Having the lower triple arch the wrong way up magnifies the forces on the yokes.
  13. A single copper washer is standard. Yes not the easiest thing to remove if the screw has been done up very tight and spread the washer. It doesn't matter if you remove it or not so long as it seals by the time you put the forks together. You can buy the special copper washers from Yamaha so don't be concerned about damaging them while taking them out if you need to.
  14. feetupfun

    TY250 Flywheel

    The TY250A flywheel has a smaller steel band on it than the TY250B, C, D and E models, but is otherwise the same as the BCDE flywheel. I can do photos if you need. Yours is a D model bike The part number for the TY250A flywheel is 434-81350-10
  15. To start with, I would just tidy up the gouged section to make sure nothing was sitting proud. Once that was sorted, I would test the fit again, checking for wear and tight spots
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