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  1. feetupfun

    TY 175 front exhaust pipe

    The Yamaha heat shield fitted after straightening the curve and elongating two of the holes. Since I bought mine the design has changed so the nuts might not be in the same place as mine
  2. feetupfun

    TY 175 front exhaust pipe

    Here's mine
  3. feetupfun

    TY 175 front exhaust pipe

    Generally the longer the header the more evenly a two stroke motor will fire at low RPM. On 325 Bultacos this is quite important and a longer header makes them smoother, but then again so does packing the muffler properly or fitting a reed valve. On a TY175 the low RPM running is ridiculously smooth and even already. Having said that I recently fitted a long header to my 210cc TY175 in conjunction with the tyoffroad one-piece exhaust and it feels even stronger at low and mid RPM than with the standard type exhaust and it revs out better too. All I really wanted was the weight savings with the new exhaust so the way it runs is a bonus, but it may not be just due to the long header because the new exhaust is quite different in internal design to the Yamaha exhaust
  4. feetupfun

    TY175 clutch arm removal

    Wiggle the clutch arm while you are trying to turn the clutch arm adjusting screw anti-clockwise. There may be a burr on the peg on the adjusting screw that is catching. If you are in doubt about what I'm saying, have a look at a parts diagram and you should be able to see how it works
  5. feetupfun

    Budget Trials Build

    Sounds very odd. That key shouldn't see any force if the taper is holding properly
  6. feetupfun

    TY175 clutch arm removal

    You unscrew the clutch arm adjusting screw which is located in front of the sprocket
  7. feetupfun

    4T Coolant questions

    If there is not enough air space when you put the cap on, the pressure relief device will let out some coolant as the coolant heats up and expands. As it cools, the vacuum relief device will let some air in. If you leave it at that, you shouldn't lose any more coolant
  8. feetupfun

    Budget Trials Build

    Yes it's OK, it should have clearance the whole way along. It stops flowing fuel when the venturi effect stops which is when the slide gets to the bottom
  9. feetupfun

    TY 250 Wire harness boot

    beside the hinge for the oil tank
  10. feetupfun

    Seat Cover: TY250 same size as TY175?

    I still use my local auto trimmer/upholsterer
  11. feetupfun

    Seat Cover: TY250 same size as TY175?

    Yes the late TY250 is different to the TY175 and both are different to the early TY250 seat
  12. feetupfun

    Twin shock project

    Flywheel effect is definitely a personal taste thing. I suggest you try riding it however it is now before making changes. It can be a pain trying to refit the steel band to a TY250 flywheel. TY250 twinshocks have become fairly popular around here over the past 10 years so I've kept a flywheel with no band that I lend to people so they can try it on their bike before they do something to theirs that's hard to reverse. I machine about 1/3 of the steel band away on my late model TY250 flywheels and have left my A model flywheel with the small band standard.
  13. feetupfun

    Older gas

    The wikipedia story reminded me of yet another variation from an early Cat Stevens song that includes "pumpin' petrol gas"
  14. feetupfun

    Older gas

    I have always wondered where the "gas" name for US car fuel came from, but there is nothing strange about how they identify gas. Gases are identified by name, same as everywhere else.
  15. feetupfun

    Thermostat keeps popping out

    The pressure relief valve may be blocked and that could be the weakest hose connection