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  1. I'm surprised these have never leaked as they hardly seal into the clutch case, i have them on order with other bearings and seals while I have it apart
  2. Thanks for the info, if its normal for a little play in the basket I will leave well alone before I break something! I'll fit the new clutch and check everything again after several oil changes and see if theres any change with it.
  3. I'm currently putting a new clutch in my bike, but on removal of the old clutch Ive noticed the clutch basket has some play in it, probably 1-2 mm does any one know if this is normal? Or am I looking at new bearings? I noticed it's a allen bolt holding it in which look like a pain to remove. Any help is appreciated
  4. Hi, does anyone know a link that works for an online spares manual for the jotagas 300 2013?
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