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  1. Thanks for the replies folks. I think my game plan will be to get a set of 5.5 jitsie fats along with a pair of V-Mar Montesa specific fat bar mounts. i was assured they would bolt right up to my stock triple tree and that would save me about $140.00 and solve my height issue. ultimately I was wanting a set of Renthal Trials 110's, but they top out at about 4.5. Has anyone with a 315r had any cable rerouting, etc issues with that kind of rise?
  2. Thanks jonnyc21 for the link and info. Just what i was after sir. Looks like i'll spring for a new top to adapt a Renthal fat 110.
  3. Hey folks, I'm a new member here, and to the trials scene. I started into the dirt scene late at 56 with a 17 350 KTM XCF and have thoroughly enjoyed myself, but I don't always feel like thrashing thru the single track at speed all the time. I do like to smell the roses at times. So here I am ? I just acquired an 04 315r and a 15 4RT recently and looking for a little clarification dealing with bar height and choice of. The 4RT has a set of S3 World Team Replica fats that I think i can live with, but the 315R sports a set of Pro Taper 7\8 Trials Lo that seem lower than what I am comfortable with. I would like to go with a fat bar setup and am trying to understand my options with this bike. I have scoured the forums so I have a bit of an idea of some of my options. If possible I would like to go with a Renthal bar as I've used them on my mountain bikes and love them. I see as a trials option they offer a 100 and a 110 model. Questions,..What are my options for a riser setup with the angled Montesa bar mounts? And did I read that these mounts can be reversed?..for any gains? I've not taken a wrench to these bikes as of yet hence the ? I believe that a 5" to 51/2" rise might get me to where I want to be. For higher bars my options are Renthal and Josie? Thanks in advance,...and sorry for yet another higher bar ?
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