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  1. oldaz

    Removal of 247 swing arm bushes

    Glen, the bushes on my Ulf Karlsson 247 are a rubber in steel torque type. The bolt is a firm fit in there and when tightened up the rubber acts as a type of shock-absorber, although it does limit the movement of the swingarm. Heating with a torch will burn the rubber, so unless you want to replace the bushes with a different type, go carefully. I believe Inmotion sells a conversion kit, otherwise you might try drilling the bolt out. If your 247 doesn't have the rubber type, then possibly drill one end of the bolt to get a good starting point and press them out.
  2. oldaz

    247 bash plate

    Looks good, very neat and tidy slider, reason I left mine wider was to protect the engine side covers, any more damage to them and it would be difficult to repair them. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  3. oldaz

    Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

    Glad the oil seems to make the box better, will be interesting to see how it goes long term. That's great about the show, we're starting to see similar things at car shows here, where folks are bringing out their restoration/repair projects from their sheds/shops where they've been hidden away from the general public. I still have to paint the tank on mine to finish it off.
  4. oldaz

    Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

    According to the Maxima site, the oil helps prevent clutch slippage, so if true, it could possibly reduce gear slip. It doesn't take much bearing and gear wear before the gear clearance and angular alignment in these boxes starts to be affected, which can lead more to gears not wanting to stay together when selected.
  5. oldaz

    Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

    I looked at their data sheets and they say it has a zinc additive, which would normally put it in GL-4 class (although it doesn't say so) - I noticed their 80/90 hypoid gear oil says GL-5 in their advertising.
  6. oldaz

    Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

    One reason people go for ATF is to keep the clutch operation as light as possible. Due to the different properties of the 2 oils you mention, I would be most interested to know how it goes if you decide to use the Maxima, it may improve the component life.
  7. oldaz

    Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

    Nice looking bike. You could drain the gearbox and try some 75w gear oil - needs to be a GL4 type oil as there's brass bits in there and GL5 will affect the brass over time.
  8. oldaz

    Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

    When I was exploring, I added a rear carrier from some other bike, allowed me to carry fuel, water and a few basic spares as area was quite remote - also added some blanket material to the tank so the dog would have something to grip and tied a (very) basic swag to the handlebars. I carried a bigger drive sprocket and chain extension for longer on-road travel - I could cruise about 100kph on dirt/gravel roads with the higher gearing. Mechanically the bike was standard. Attached picture taken late '74 on Cape York (Australia) - TY250b on left with scratch built longer seat over the original and the carrier and ex-army saddle-bags with mate's 175 Honda. My swag was the piece of canvas in the foreground used when repairing punctures.
  9. oldaz

    Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

    There are a lot of people out there who use trials bikes for other purposes and the set-up that suits those purposes will either be to accept how the bike is, or "adjust" the bike to suit, so the set-up will depend on how it rides and what you want to do with it. Many years ago I used a TY250b for exploring remote areas and with a couple small additions, it was perfect for the task. I also rode a couple trials on the same bike.
  10. oldaz

    Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

    Interesting question, where someone expresses an opinion that may or may not be correct. Did you get the shocks set for your weight? Are they the correct length? What oil is in the forks? Have you ridden it yet?
  11. oldaz

    Montesa Cota 247

    More progress, although it's slow going. Fibreglass repairs completed and first coat of primer-filler on the tank/seat unit. Have to sand it back now and probably a second coat before I get to final paint. The end is finally in sight.
  12. oldaz

    Montesa Cota 247 kickstart spring

    Here's a picture of the nicely re-chromed kickstart now in place and working fine and theoretically that's the last of the mechanical bits. Started on fibreglass repairs to the tank/seat unit, already got the 2k paint for it and first lit of fibreglass applied. Need to get some primer filler for the little ripples/scratches next.
  13. oldaz

    Montesa Cota 247 kickstart spring

    Got a response and pictures from Pete at Inmotion. The first thing I noticed was in one picture it shows the hook end of the spring hooked around the bottom of the kickstart lever and the hook has a slight twist to allow it to fit right in there. The end of my spring wasn't twisted like this and didn't fit right in the notch, so I modified it to fit the same way. That gave another few degrees less tension and although I believe it's still more than needed I can now get the lever on there. My original spring was broken and part of it missing, so I had nothing to go by, now it makes sense. Thanks for all the responses, with the help from all of you, I might get this thing finished.
  14. oldaz

    1974 Montesa Cota 247

    Mine has +30 thou stamped on the piston, so I guess it's like car engines where oversize usually goes up in 10 thou increments. I think maybe a better option is to see what size piston you can actually get before you bore it out. I used to repair drive shafts by welding and it was often difficult to get them 100% true to centre - in that industry/application the shafts were in slow rotation so being a few thou out didn't matter, but in an engine turning a few 1000 rpm they need to be 100%.
  15. Almost finished rebuilding my VUK and finally got to TRY and install the kickstart return spring I got from Inmotion. Problems are, the hook that goes in the notch in bottom of lever is level with the pin that goes in the case - so the spring has to be "wound up" half a turn (180 degrees) to get it in there - if this is even possible. Second problem is IF I ever get it in there, when I operate the kicker it will load the spring another 180 degrees which seems way too much tension - I don't think the spring would last long this way. Does anyone know the correct method to fit the spring?