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  1. Lovely, somewhat cleaner than mine!
  2. I'm running 30:1. The oil is oil that was good back in the day. Now used up, so will mix with less with the new oil. However, that mix runs fine in the other bike, not oily at all, so it's irrelevant.
  3. Good old Bel ray oil I had lying around. Drained the fuel from the Dalesman and put it in the 330 so I could rule that out. Thats not soot, that's splatters of oil. Carb is 1.5 turns out. Going leaner makes no difference.
  4. Definitely oil unfortunately. Attempted a trial on it at the weekend, as the clutch cable snapped on the dalesman, but the plug oiled up, so wouldn't start every time I stopped. Gave up after a couple of sections. Engine strip time I think.
  5. 25:1 is book figure for certain oils on the Montesa as well. I don't have a transmission breather tube unfortunately, so can't try that.
  6. Good plan. Will give it a go.
  7. Yeah, 25:1. Its hard to say really, it doesn't smell out of the ordinary. Gear oil level looks reasonably normal, but as it's fill to quantity it's difficult to tell. Clutch oil seemed a bit low though, guess that's a prime candidate, and years 10w30 as apposed the ep90, so probably wouldn't smell too odd.
  8. dirtydalesman

    Too smoky!

    So the 330 has always been smokey as long as I remember, but in the past I've just put it down to my dad using old oil This time I've had the carb apart, given it all a bit of a birthday and this is it running on the same fuel that's in the Dalesman. Was hoping to use it in a trial tomorrow but I don't think it's too happy Can't get video to upload, so have done a screenshot of it.
  9. Just getting my dad's 330 back into action. He purchased it from Chris Sutton when it was a couple of years old.
  10. I will make something up and see how it looks. Yes, the kick start is non original, from the standard Puch M125. Original seems to have disappeared some point in the 40 years it spent in the barn! Its right in the way, so a proper folding one is on the to do list. Not seen a number there. Should have paid more attention when I was painting it.
  11. Yes, It's been in the family a long time, and I must say nobody had much complementary to say about it! However, I am never going to be a good enough rider to worry about the bikes capabilities, it's certainly still better than I am! I know it's never going to be super competitive, I am just looking to do a few subtle modifications to improve things a little.
  12. You don't happen to know where I can find the frame number do you? Original V5 is long since lost, so before I make any changes from original, I probably need to go down the age related plate route, but I need to find the frame number first!
  13. I will have a hunt around for something more modern in that case. I have changed the oil, though as all the Puch manual said was "fork oil" I think the stuff I got from Halfords was probably a bit thick, but will serve to flush them in any case. I did wonder if it should have a cover, as others seem to, but there are no signs of any holes for one. Iv'e not seen another with the same exhaust or air filter either.
  14. Yes, they are somewhat slippery! Went with MX boots on the one trial I have done so far in case one tried to attack me! Agreed they are first on the list. I have to work out a new brake lever pivot arrangement at the same time, as that goes with the peg. I was thinking the bars look a bit flat. Not sure if that's original or not. There is another set still in the barn the bike was resting in for 40 years. I will have a look.
  15. Yes, it is. I think it was unique to the 330.
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