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  1. Here's a couple pictures.
  2. I ran across an old OSSA here in the USA and I need help identifying exactly what it is...I just can't figure it out. The owner says it's been sitting in storage for 30 years and was told the bike is all original. The handle bars mount to the top fork yoke with U-bolts. The Frame number is B251002 and the engine number is M250154. I'm leaning towards it being a 1967 Pioneer based on the engine number and the large front hub, the rest of the bike looks like a Pluma/Plonker. Any help is appreciated. I'll try to post pictures...I don't have any right now.
  3. jimg

    OSSA MAR 4 speed?

    Thanks to all who replied. I have resolved my questions and avoided a purchase mistake...Thanks!
  4. jimg

    OSSA MAR 4 speed?

    I am seeking a 4 speed bike for a specific class "old school class" I wish to ride in the future...that's why I'm so concerned. If this OSSA were a production 4 speed, I believe it would be the best (non-modified) 4 speed out there (pre 1973).
  5. jimg

    OSSA MAR 4 speed?

    Thanks...so it appears, that if the bike is a four speed, as the seller claims (a 1971, MK1 with 4 speed trans), the motor was from a previous OSSA model or a previous owner took out a gear...but that would seem highly unlikely. I just want to make sure this bike isn't a one or two off / limited production run for the USA market. Here are a couple pictures. 2018-09-12_12-24-36.pdf 2018-09-12_12-34-45.pdf Pictures are a bit fuzzy because I had to copy image from my photo editor.
  6. jimg

    OSSA MAR 4 speed?

    Hello, I would like to know if there were OSSA MARs (MK1) with a four (4) speed transmission? I live in the USA, so I don't know if some 4 speeds were ever imported. What engine number sequence would I be looing for (M-344 XXX)? You don't have to tell me the best way to find out is to ride the bike....Lol...I would, but the bike is 2,000 miles away. The seller claims it is a 4 speed, but I have my doubts/want to confirm. I thought all MARs were 5 speeds. I appreciate any information.
  7. Thank you Stuart. I thought it was an earlier model tank, but what you said makes sense. Thanks.
  8. I'm trying to identify / gather information on this early model Bultaco aluminum slimline tank/seat. This tank is aluminum with an aluminum cap that hinges on one side. The tank has been repainted. Who made this tank? What would be the approximate year these were made and for what model Bultaco bikes (M10, M27, M49 ?) and approximate value. Thanks
  9. jimg

    Model 27 rear brake pivot point question

    Very good eyes! I put the alloy side panel over the inlet tube thinking it looked better, but have since change it and routed it through. Its not a show bike, but I'm proud of the restore I did. since I have the attention a couple that know the M27, I have a few extra parts that I'd like your help on putting a value to for when I decide to sell. see picture and if you would, tell me what the parts are worth...at a fair price. I also have a second petro tank that was restored along with the one on the bike...same condition. The cylinder is in excellent shape, but I haven't measure it yet to see if it has been rebored. Thanks.
  10. jimg

    Model 27 rear brake pivot point question

    Thanks for the information. I believe my question on the rear brake pivot location has been answered. I do have the flat plate footrests, IRZ carb & manifold and some other OEM parts that I've kept off. so it makes sense that someone did a modification. Thanks for confirming.
  11. May be a silly question, but from all the pictures I've seen of a Model 27, the rear brake arm pivot point is fastened behind the foot rest. On my M27, the rear brake pivot point is fastened on the inside of the frame, opposite side of the footrest. My frame does not have, nor ever looks like it had the small frame arm where the brake arm pivot should attach. Perhaps over the years, someone made this modification, but has anyone ever seen or heard of this type of rear brake pivot point on a M27? I'm wondering if there were a small batch made like this? My description may not be understood, so I have attached a picture. My frame and engine numbers match, but the frame number has a "J" stamped into it that I don't know what that designates; if anyone knows. Thanks.
  12. jimg

    M27 conical hub & spoke lacing

    Thanks feetupfun....also very good to know to align it so the rim is centerline on the frame...and of course the sprockets align. With the tips I've received, I should be able to get it laced and aligned all back up correctly.
  13. jimg

    M27 conical hub & spoke lacing

    Thanks cuzzy! This will help a bunch! Very good to know that the rim is not centered between the swingarm. If you (could) look down over the rear tire/rim does it look like the rim is centered over the hub? Or, does the rim sit off to the right from the center-line of the hub. I'm going to guess the rim also is off-set to the right side of the hub (speedo side). Putting this back together has stalled me well over two months and I appreciate your help. Thanks.
  14. I am replacing the spokes on my Bultaco M27. Unfortunately, I went about it wrong and separated the hub (for powdercoating), spokes & rim well over a year ago and I can't remember if the rim is centered over the conical hub or if it has an off-set to one side. For reference, I believe the M27 shares the same hub, spokes, and rim as the M10 and M49. My owners manual does not specify much about the hub or spokes. Currently, I do have it laced up, with loose spokes and the rim is naturally sitting about 1" (2.54 cm) off-set over the hub to the right. I need to know if I am to center the rim over the hub when tightening up the spokes. I do believe it needs to be centered, but I would like confirmation before I pull the hub over. Thanks.
  15. jimg

    Stolen TLR250

    It has been amazing how much support the trials community has supported this effort...what a great bunch of friends! Michael_t exactly right...the buyer (John) of my bike didn't know it was stolen and through a stoke of luck, a good friend of mine recognized it as my stolen bike. There wasn't a bit of hesitation from John to return the bike to me. Zero help from the police over the last 3 months. Also, your right, bike is worth a fair amount more than the 1,500...I just set a realistic amount to try to collect for John for his loss.