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  1. The tank came from Feked.com snd i went for the polished tank with monza cap? . Thanks for heads up on the leaks I can see how flattening the welds would weaken the seam, I will have to keep an eye on it.
  2. Thanks for the advise lads but I got it fixed. I took a chance and spread the Tank using 2 pieces of wood and A couple of tyre levers. Still slightly narrower than orriganal but fits snugly on mounting rubbers now.
  3. Im doing up a '74 Ossa 250 MAR and ordered a the replacement alloy tank for it. When the tank arrived it looked great but its too narrow by 10 mm at the front where it goes over over the rubber mounts. I can modify the dowls and rubber mounts on the frame with a grinder and shoehorn the tank on but would much prefer get the correct tank.. Any advice???? Jim
  4. Hi Ive been dabbing in trials for over 40 years now and still love rideing trials bikes in the dirt. Apart from the fact that trials riders are the most genuine of people to hang out with its great to be on this forum as there is very helpful posts and advice here too. I have a Beta rev3, Ossa mar, and Norton500T. Jim
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