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  1. Nice 1 matey, ant pictures of it ?
  2. Did you get any hel[p with this ?
  3. Do you need an exhaust Hughesy?? Cheers Sandy
  4. Excellent guys, great to see the 330's flourishing !!
  5. Hi Woody, do you still have your 330 ? Cheers Sandy
  6. Hi Woody,  do you still have the 330 cota ? Cheers Sandy

  7. That's a couple of smashing bikes Murdo...?
  8. Hi all. Just wondering if any of you still own a Montesa Cota 330 ? Used to be a few on the forum at one time.. Just doing a couple of wee service jobs on mine as its been stored for a few years !!. Cheers Sandy
  9. Here is my old cota 330 after a few years hibernation!. still started easily though !! S_M And just for interest ,one of my Cappra 414's....
  10. Ok, so 4 1/2 years late, finally a photo my remaining cota 330. just had it out for a quick spin tonight after being dormant for 4 or 5 years!! S_M
  11. Sorry just seen this topic. Very hard to find the 330 piston, have a search as we had a good discussion about it a few years ago on here.......... P.s Hughesy, i am just down the road from you near loch lomond if you need to have a swatch at a pretty decent/original 330................ Sandy.
  12. Thats truly fabulous Paul, although personally i am not convinced about the white parts!!! cheers Sandy
  13. Dont hold your breath. I have a good friend in spain who tried for months to buy a filter cover for Steve. Gave up in the end!! Bikes looking fantasic . Sandy
  14. The bikes looking superb Paul. Must get a decent photo of mine on tommorrow!! cheers Sandy.
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