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  1. Quite the battle for third!
  2. Clubwomen class, awesome!!!
  3. Good points! My favorite looks wise is the 199a blue with blue frame.
  4. My initial thought was Yamaha until I read the post above. Both ride great and have great parts availability. Not sure which does better in each or both catagories. Think the Fantic is tops in ridability alone and I own two Montesas.
  5. Yes Vintage Trials, like that. Would love to score a Fantic. They ride as good as Amy twinshocker IMO. Never ridden am SWM though.
  6. I had a couple of 123s I sold due to needing money.
  7. Cota 242 does have an aluminum swingarm. Significantly lighter than the 349.
  8. Cota 242. http://s871.photobucket.com/albums/ab275/kbellyes/After-%20Montesa%20Cota%20242/
  9. 1981 Montesa Cota 349 White Wonder! http://s871.photobucket.com/albums/ab275/kbellyes/1981%20Montesa%20Cota%20349%20-%20White%20Wonder/
  10. Don't care what brand or condition. Just want some pics to look at all in one thread!!!
  11. Could be something else, this is just what was suggested to be about mine.
  12. I have a 242 that has the same annoying sound. Much like the bottom end is about to fall out or the piston is about to seize. I've been told it is the nicasil cylinder coating is the reason for noise. Not sure but it is aggrevating.
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