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  1. If you're talking pre2000 then yes there are 2 bearings on the sprocket side
  2. They now own majesty-yamaha which I'm sure they wouldn't have been offered without a great reputation. Have dealt with them as well & rate them highly
  3. Try getting hold of Stephen from eclassicbike over in Motueka, I rode against him at Kaikoura last year & he was riding 1. The way the shocks sit so far above the swingarm may change what maxton need to do to set them up
  4. 287g for the 438 piston, 320g for the 311 piston were the numbers I came up with at the time
  5. The used piston with the chamfers by the transfers is the original type 438 TY250 piston, the new piston that has sharp edges & the thicker skirt is the type 311 piston that contacts the crankshaft
  6. Here's the thread on the ozvmx site from when I built the engine, has a few photos showing the differences 311 piston kit, whats it fit? (ozvmx.com)
  7. That is the 311 type piston, notice how the skirt is sharp where it meets the transfer, the 438 piston for a TY tapers in that area. The skirt on the TY piston is thinner as well I'll see if I can find the photos I took at the time showing the differences Try zooming in on the first picture in this listing, the taper is just noticeable & not very big which is why I think you should be able to modify your piston Ty 250 Type 434/516 Yamaha Piston Full Side 0,75 | eBay This is the guy I bought mine from but I don't think it was as expensive back then
  8. Came across this when I rebuilt my 250C, often a type 311 piston is listed as fitting the TY but there are a couple of minor differences. The TY piston is made by ART but the 311 type is made by Izumi, thickness of the skirt is thicker on the 311 piston but the main difference I found was the TY piston has a chamfer from the skirt to the transfer cutout that the 311 doesn't, that seems to be where the piston hits the crank. I assume that the DT2 which is what 311 model code relates to uses either a smaller diameter crank or a longer connecting rod so the piston doesn't make contact If you have your old piston you should be able to see the differences I've mentioned, if you put wrist pin into both pistons at the same time you'll see that the overall height & pin position are the same. I didn't try altering the skirt on the 311 piston but I think copying the chamfer will fix the problem you have
  9. Normal direction ie. anti-clockwise to loosen
  10. I'm sure you've seen the video of the capitol police officer taking selfies with the terrorists, hopefully by now he's been fired
  11. tony27

    2015 ST 250 leak

    Are you sure it's from the gasket & not the weep hole under the waterpump that gives an indication of a failing seal, will leak either oil or coolant depending on which seal has failed
  12. When you order the new shocks remember to get the heavier 50lb springs for angled shocks, I have a set of the adjustable betors on my TY250C with majesty spec shock position & they work really well
  13. tony27

    Ty175 forks

    You'll be meaning the magical springs, not sure if anyone is selling them in the UK but I think I read France classic trial has them They made a major improvement in my 250 forks along with the damper rods which aren't available for 175s Modifying the top yoke to move the bars forward or buying the billet top yoke makes a big difference to the handling which also opens up the ergonomics a bit
  14. tony27

    Majesty 200

    David Lahey aka feetupfun has a 200 in NQ so he should be able to answer your questions A friend has a 175 Majesty & after hoping on my modified 250c did some major mods to his, main changes he made were moved the swingarm pivot in front of the downtubes the same as the 250 & lengthened the swingarm, widened the footpeg mounts to get the same width as on a 250 which helps with balancing - amount was different side to side as the 175 has the motor offset to the right for chain clearance He hasn't gotten to try the changes out yet due to having to rebuild a very noisy motor but I'm sure he'll want to do some back to back tests with my 250 once it's run in
  15. tony27

    Sherco Fuel Tanks

    Definitely not HDPE, too flexible. Fairly certain it's nylon
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