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  1. The cover is meant to just clip in place, close the throttle & fit the cable with the last piece to go in being the outer casing into the housing. Test that the cable is working properly before refitting the cover
  2. I doubt MX tyres will fit most trials swingarms & aren't tubeless like trials specific tyres, in most trials situations they won't grip as well either due to shape & sidewall stiffness I find it interesting how in the regs it says nominal maximum size of 100/100, at least 1 of the modern tyres is labeled 120/100 on the sidewall which I'm guessing has to be with how the manufacturers measure their tyres, different brands of MX tyres vary hugely in width, a 100/90 is the same width as a 120/90 as 1 is measured across the case & the other across the knobs
  3. Solid bronze bush, couldn't find a modern type bush available in 34mm
  4. Had the top of my 250 forks sleeved, previously they'd been worn enough that you can feel movement & fork seals didn't last for long. A steady was used to keep the top running true during machining, I think the fork tubes were fitted at full compression for clocking up the 4 jaw chuck then removed
  5. Think franceclassictrial are still selling magicals stuff, have the majesty damper rods, magicals springs & fork caps in my forks & they work well, better than mono forks from what a friend with a 175 majesty says after riding both back to back
  6. It can be a right pain to get the thread lined up in the bracket, the rectifier tab sits between the bracket & the frame which is what makes it hard
  7. Rode a twinshock event in the weekend that 1 of the guys had his first ride on his converted TF125 which is a farmbike that is called a mudbug over here. For a first ride it went really well although he's realised building a airbox may be better for the carburation than the pod filter fitted at the moment I'll have to save a photo of it & post it up for comparison
  8. I've had 1 of these for a few years now, perfect fit Yamaha TY250 1974 - 1977 Air Boot Joint Rubber (claussstudios.com)
  9. tony27

    Smokey Exhaust

    Disconnect the fan switch & use a short piece of wire with the right connections to bypass the thermoswitch, if the fan runs as soon as the bike starts then the thermoswitch needs replacing The smoke is possibly from a leaking head gasket from lack of fan, check the coolant level in your radiator & if it's not above the top of the fins then that's a pretty good indication of a leaking head gasket Doing the head gasket is simple as long as the head is still flat, remove the nuts holding the head down & replace all the o-rings on the underside of the head
  10. I have Electrexworld systems in my 2 CZ race bikes which have the same coil/cdi unit so I was able to take resistance readings from the stators on them, larger connection read as 343ohm, smaller as 0.5ohm on the working ignitions. The dead 1 was open circuit on the big connection Looked at who would be able to rewind the coil over here & the only place that does indicated at price of roughly $560 which suggests they didn't really want to do it. Ordered the pro version ignition from Rex's speed shop & it was shipped the same day, great service & saved around $100 over a rewind. Hopefully see it late next week
  11. Kaikoura in the south island of New Zealand, this will be the 76th year it's run. In 2013 they ran a 6 day event with the last 3 days being run as a seperate event for those who didn't ride the first 3. Don't know how many times I've done it now but the last few have been on the TY instead of my Sherco Can't fault Rex's service, ordered Monday NZ time & had a tracking number emailed overnight, already left the UK so it looks to be a fairly good chance that I'll get a test ride in before leaving
  12. After finding out it was going to cost $575 to get the coil rewound the decision was made to buy the dual map system from Rex's speed shop as delivered it is over $100 cheaper & the coils are available off the shelf from them. Hoping it arrives before I leave for the 3 day trial at the start of June
  13. Very hard to contact when you're on the other side of the world. Show the stator plate as out of stock & don't list the coil seperately
  14. There won't be any issues with interference if you have the housing that has been standard on most trials bikes for probably 30+ years, that's what I use on my TY250 Funny you have electrical problems, I'm trying to sort the electrexworld ignition in the TY at the moment, stopped while idling as I waited at a section & also has no spark after giving no signs of trouble. Will be trying a different CDI/coil unit tomorrow but I'm pretty sure it will be the stator, think I may end up having to order a complete new system from another manufacturer to get it sorted in time for a 3 day event at the start of June
  15. Yes, goes in quite easy then just make sure the retaining clip is over the thermoswitch fully & fit the wires
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