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  1. Have had the brakes start dragging bad enough to stop if the clutch was pulled in on a downhill slope while on a trials bike only trail ride, was expecting it to be time to rebuild the calipers but replacing the fluid fixed it in the front, rear brake was also in need of new pads as they were pretty well worn. I'd start with pushing the pistons back in the caliper, replacing the fluid & pads if they're worn
  2. tony27

    Fuel mixture

    With a decent synthetic oil 70-80:1 is fine Biggest cause of clogged packing in exhausts is not getting the exhaust hot enough, if you ever do a decent climb that requires larger throttle openings for a few minutes you'll be surprised at how much the bike smokes & continues to smoke when you stop, a good trail ride every so often does wonders for keeping the exhaust clean
  3. Ignition side crank seal is a possibility although I wouldn't expect the revs to go sky high instantly
  4. 1 thing that most 70s bikes & especially TYs benefit from is the bar clamps being moved in front of the steering stem either through buying a billet top clamp from InMotion or cutting the clamps off the standard top yoke & welding them back on, improves the steering no end & opens up the riding stance by more than you'd expect
  5. I have a set for my TY250 from InMotion & knowing what it cost to have the stanchions on my CZ mx bike rechromed they are exceptional value, can't fault their customer service, were in my hands the next day
  6. 1 of our local twinshock guys runs the Tubliss system & hasn't had any problems with it
  7. Beta & Sherco shared a few parts in the 2000s, fibre plates & pistons for the 270/290 for example.
  8. tony27

    Clutch ??

    If you look in the Beta section you'll find a thread on the fix, Sherco & Beta share friction plates until Sherco changed to the diaphram clutch. Basically the fix involves removing the excess glue between the friction pads
  9. Correct front brake plate should be fairly easy to get, shared with the 125 & 250
  10. The seals in the crank bearings aren't for sealing the cases, both Beta & Sherco who use the same bearings still run normal crankseals outside of the bearings
  11. tony27

    Rear hub widths

    Is there a difference in width of the hubs between the older rim taped wheels & the flanged wheels? I recently bought a flanged rear wheel that has a polished hub & dark grey rim which I think would be from a 2019 20th anniversary model which there doesn't seem to have a parts book available online. The only hubs for the flanged wheels I can find part numbers for are fluro so I can't the numbers with the earlier polished hubs, none of the parts books show the bearing spacer so I can't even use that as a comparison I have used the wheel in my 04 Jarvis replica & noticed the disc sits closer to the inside edge of the caliper than the original wheel & the wheel is a tighter fit in the swingarm so I'm looking for reasons as to why this is the case
  12. When you say you've bypassed the thermoswitch did you do that with a short piece of wire with 2 spade terminals plugged in place of it? That will tell you if there is power when the motor is running, I still carry 1 of those in my spares as insurance Your problem is possibly the rectifier for the fan which is 1 of the 2 small pieces up in the steering head Splat Shop - Sherco Radiator Fan Rectifier
  13. Your question about MRS having a relationship with Ipone & Rock oil can be easily answered. My Jarvis replica has Ipone at 2% & 98 lead free petrol as their recommendation on the stickers either side of the headstock, from memory earlier models has Valvoline as the oil so the recommended oil has changed depending on who was giving the best deal at the time I had the same varnish issue on my Jarvis a while ago but it has a heap more hours on it, I put it down to a failing fan at the time rather than the oil
  14. Engine number will be ST the 2 numbers, they tell you the size ie. 12 is 125, 25 is 250 etc There used to be a way to tell from the frame number the age & size but I can't remember which number in the sequence was the year
  15. Just wipe some clean oil on the gasket. Make sure if you do main bearings that you fit Viton seals, splatshop can supply them along with everything else Last oil change I did after having my cylinder plated I had a bit of bronze appear in the oil, I had the drain washer split so I lost some oil & ran it for 1 ride with less oil than I should have, hoping it was from the inside of the kickstart idle gear rather than the gearbox itself I'm doing a bit of a cosmetic tidy up myself, headlight surround collapsed & the front guard has some white stress marks in the blue plastic. When I get home from holiday in Europe & the UK I'll have to send the surround & an old rear guard off to have the graphics copied due to unavailability
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