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  1. Add a air filter to the list especially if there is water at the venue. I generally only carry a set of folding allen keys with me during the trial, you can generally get back to the start to replace any broken parts
  2. Normally I'd go to partzilla & check the part numbers for the gaskets, the site will tell you all the models that use the same gasket which is normally a good starting point
  3. John Cane at TYtrials.com is great to deal with, just fitted a set of shocks from him to my 250c & have a piston kit on the way for a friends 175 Majesty
  4. That looks more like TY mono than YZ490. Must be another lever that can be modified to fit on the original knuckle
  5. How long are the RD350 levers, I know from experience that the YZ490 levers are really long. Need something a bit shorter than the standard TY250 lever so it doesn't hit the repositioned footpegs as quickly
  6. Looks very Suzuki full floater like in design from what I can see, that front pair of plates would be strange for a upper shock mount with the slotted holes but I think you're right. Definitely needs returning to stock which looks to be a fairly big job
  7. The larger of the 2 measurements is the 1 to use, .02mm of taper is next to nothing which is mainly due to being a watercooled motor. As a comparison I measured a TY175 piston last week that tapered closer to .25mm from the base of the skirt to just under the bottom ring With a good synthetic oil a ratio of 70-80:1 is good, won't clog your exhaust packing & still safe if you do any trail riding between sections You will need to repack the muffler, the packing will be saturated & you'll keep getting oil out the end of the exhaust for quite some time
  8. Very short memory there, remember McConnell refused to even consider replacing the last supreme court judge 9 months out from the election but suddenly 7 weeks is plenty of time
  9. 1 small detail I've noticed & would change is to put the wiring along the back of the downtube instead of along the side to protect it from rocks etc, fairly certain the loop just below the tank is for the clutch cable I've had several bikes that leaked oil at the front exhaust joint, a small bead of high temperature silicon left for 30 minutes or so before assembly seems to work well
  10. Still the same bike you rode in the 90s Roger? Can't say I knew where the TY350 & JT35 I rode in the mid to late 90s ended up after I sold them as they never appeared to come out to trials
  11. Most of the bike is shared with the 2 stroke models, worth looking on splatshop's site to see what is available. Sherco is very good at making improvements to parts & continuing with the same part number if it interchanges 2005 was the first model 320 from memory & it was far from sorted, I can remember the importer at the time here in New Zealand having the engine die a lot when hopping the front wheel. The later carb mods improved that as well as hot starting
  12. If it's like most steel framed bikes the bolt should fit into what is called a nut clip at the back end of the tank, should be easy to get. Sounds like there is something missing in your kickstart assembly https://www.splatshop.co.uk/m6-nut-clip.html
  13. Rev3 Beta & from memory early Jotagas
  14. KX80 carb by chance? A JJH needle available from any trials dealer is a good start
  15. I can't see it, they seem to be trying to sort a European/Spanish world championship rumored to run into January at the moment which they'll use as being able to justify the cost
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