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  1. That's the reason I ride the 250 which also has relocated pegs & modified top yoke to get the bars in a more modern position, a friend has a 175 Majesty that I find cramped, he's ridden my 250 & he is trying to duplicate the riding position down to spacing out the footpegs by around 25mm on 1 side & 50mm on the other which brings them out to modern widths & makes the bike feel more balanced
  2. Personally at 6 foot tall I'd say the TY175 will be too small for you
  3. Reprinted manuals for heaps of bikes are available from e-classicbike.com , I've had a couple of different manuals from him. Stephen is a twinshock trials rider here in New Zealand, have ridden against him a few times on his Ossa gripper This is his eBay store listing for the 250A YAMAHA Workshop Manual TY250 A TY250 1974 Service & Repair | eBay
  4. tony27

    ty250 piston

    Wossner do make a standard size piston, strangely enough TYtrials shows a 1st oversize for a 70.25mm bore then 2nd, 4th, 6th & 8th oversize, aftermarket pistons generally only come in 0.5mm steps so 2nd, 4th, 6th & 8th
  5. tony27

    New carb anyone?

    What I've done with both my Jarvis & the TY is use the Dellorto threaded adjuster which screws into the OKO carb top perfectly & a Sherco cable for a Keihin carb as I use a modern throttle, it does run a slightly different route to the standard carb due to the cable coming out on a curve rather than straight up. Hopefully we can find some time to build the new airbox over the next month or so & I can get some decent testing done
  6. tony27

    New carb anyone?

    Don't have it fitted yet as the plan is to make a more modern airbox with a short, straight connection to the carb but ran out of time to get it done before the 75th Kaikoura 3 day this weekend so I'm still running the standard carb with the modified airbox Looking forward to finishing everything up & getting some testing done in the next couple of months I've run a OKO on my Jarvis Replica for a large number of years, it's a nice carb that works far better than the original Dellorto down low & doesn't seem to overflow as much as Keihin PWKs do. Well worth the money as long as it's a genuine carb & not a chinese knockoff
  7. tony27

    New carb anyone?

    The installation instructions from mid-atlantic mention needing to soften the up the hose to make it fit the OKO carb, only modification needed to fit the new carb. The mikunis used on the TYs are unique to them, small float bowl & I think the airbox side is smaller than a generic new replacement mikuni measures. There isn't much clearance under the float bowl of the OKO but they fit straight in the cylinder side manifold so it's really only the airbox side that is different Your original hose will have shrunk as well as hardened with age, the clauss studios hose fits perfectly with the standard carb etc so I think it should be able to fit the OKO with the boiling water treatment
  8. tony27

    New carb anyone?

    It will probably be a good idea to get new airbox connector from clauss studios for the OKO carb, the bellmouth is bigger so you need to expand the rubber to fit & your original has probably gone hard with age & no amount of hot water will make it pliable enough to stretch to fit without splitting I have the 28mm for mine but the plan is to remake the airbox with a straight hose & modern air filter in the lid design to get rid of all the restrictions
  9. Can't remember what the number ended up being but they're on the the reed block in the 175 now. The 6TR108 look more correct, seem to come up as fitting Fantic on Italian sites
  10. In the US I'd contact Bob Grinder of B&J racing, he's the TY guru
  11. The sealant does suggest a problem there, possible that a new manifold would help. Is the dealer refunding you or going to sort the issue for you & give the bike back when it's running properly?
  12. tony27

    bleeding brakes

    Normally when I bleed both the front brake & clutch I just jiggle the lever & let the air exit back to the master cylinder, takes time but you'd be surprised at how effective it is. Remember that the air wants to rise to the highest point It's not possible that you folded part of the seal over when fitting the piston?
  13. Only noise I've ever had in that area was from the rubber dampers in the clutch going hard & shrinking from old age, rebuilt & quiet again If it's definitely a gear noise I'd suspect the kickstart idler gear
  14. Watched 2 rims that weren't perfect get sealed using a mountain bike product that looked like thick sellotape last week & it definitely worked, didn't expect it to work when I saw the corrosion in the groove for the rim tape
  15. I have a flanged Akront to fit to my TY250 as soon as I can find someone who can make me M4 spokes to match, already have the lefthand thread short spokes that attach to the rim. Pressure loss should be very minimal even on your type of rim, my Sherco can sit for a month without going flat, that is with the later integrated valve stem type tape
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