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  1. Check the fuel vent from the filler cap,
  2. Fantic 200 Pro, full rebuild carried out.
  3. jordi

    Beta Bolt Kits?

    Pro Bolt ? https://www.pro-bolt.com
  4. jordi

    Swing arm bearings

    Bearings now ordered, thanks for the link.
  5. jordi

    Swing arm bearings

    Need to fit replacement bearings in the swing arm, its a forward kick 200, this is what has come out, any one know a source ?
  6. https://www.motomerlin.org.uk/skf-fork-seal-kit-gas-gas-pro-marzocchi-40m-6667-p.asp
  7. Is very possible that a ring has nipped up, take off the head and barrel and check to see if the ring has picked up bit of ally.
  8. Are you looking at http://www.trialsbits.co.uk instead of https://trialstribulations.net
  9. Soak in water, spray with Vanish, pop in washing machine. Works a treat.
  10. And finally the confirmation, Dabill to Beta
  11. Excellent, the weeks are counting down quickly now.
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