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  1. (This only works though if you ride with people of your age and ablility). Best find someone a bit younger to ride with then!!! ?
  2. There were 600 entries for the 300 spaces for his trial by the end of June!
  3. jordi

    SSDT Cancelled

    SSDT & Pre65. Corona virus strikes another major event.?
  4. Have a look here https://pratiquer.ffmoto.org/sites/default/files/documents/pdf/2018/12/Trophée de France des Classiques de Trial 2019.pdf these were the 2019 trials. No 2020 dates listed yet 3 jours du Cantal (in May); 3 jours de i,Aveyron (May/June) run by MC12; 3 jours de l,Ardeche ( TC La Burle); 3 jours des Vosges (July); 3 jours de la Truyere (October) run by Trial Club St Marnet. Hope that helps
  5. Have a look here https://www.zonetrial.com loads of choice, or this http://www.ritrattosport.it/
  6. Fantic 200 Pro, full rebuild carried out.
  7. jordi

    Beta Bolt Kits?

    Pro Bolt ? https://www.pro-bolt.com
  8. jordi

    Swing arm bearings

    Bearings now ordered, thanks for the link.
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