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  1. Yes it happens and its a p*** take. Sadly not enough people call these riders out. My particular pet hate, is riders parking their bikes so close to the begins in impedes the start of the section. I have educated several over the years in various languages, and called them back to move them , as you get older you get grumpy...
  2. Why would it kill interest in the younger riders... It would level up a very uneven playing field or trials section. I ride in classes and trials that on occasions are littered with younger riders. The sections are now catering for the new breed of rider, many of which have honed there skills riding trick riding, and to take marks the trials are increasing in severity. Having recently returned from the recent two day trial in Spain I am amazed at how the modern rider coupled with the modern Pre 65 are able to tackle sections which would have frightened world round runners in the 80's. Its an across the board issue in not only pre 65, as classic trials not only at the very top end but filering down are becoming increasing more and more difficult.. not what was intended, and for many , not what is wanted.
  3. Just moved down to Spain, to the Alicante region, and last weekend had a ride out with some new Spanish chums on their practice land. Being keen to ride I enquired about a licence... this is where you all need to sit down.... 350 euros per year. I thought France was lumpy. I am riding this weekend and a day licence and entry is going to come in at 75 euros the main part being the insurance part at 50 euros...
  4. Me too, If the younger riders are in fact only there to enjoy the ride and sample classic trials, it should n t pose a problem. Some of the older entry may stand a chance of renewed glory....
  5. My view on all classic trials is have an age related handicap. In years old... up to 50 x 1.5, 50-60 years old 0, and over 60 - 1.5 . so on a final score of 10 marks lost over the trial up to 40 would have their score increased to 15 50 to 60 remains at 10 over 60 comes down to 6,5. It wouldn t take long to get the hang of it.... thoughts....
  6. metisse

    TL320 Seat

    A chum of mine fabricated a new mount at the tank end and then we drilled through the rear mudguard and using an insert in the seat , had an small allen headed bolt to secure. It was easy to access, and quick to undo.
  7. Certainly not having to untangle any undergarments.. I seem to remember, and things are somewhat clouded with age, that most weekends trials were like that. Its a shame now that riders are happy to have a trial that lasts less time than a game of squash...well not quite, but you get my drift... when back in the days of trials bikes with proper seats you had a full days sport. I appreciate times have changed, my point not always for the better.
  8. Not like the good old days when you crepted back to the start, with cars flashing you on the road as it was getting dark.. 30 odd sections and plus that in miles ... now five laps of five sections and home by 1.00, how times have sadly changed.
  9. Always make me laugh when many Post 2020 parts are overlooked, allowed, used and hidden, but not carbs.. Not a whinger, more pragmatic.. Pre 65 are almost non existant now in France, and Spain for that matter, nobody takes any notice or really cares what carb is on them.
  10. Tennis elbow is a real nuisence.. I suffer, and really have to watch what I do and manage it appropriatly.. When I ride I with out fail.. wear elasticated elbow supports and use when needed strong anti inflammotories.. I have had two cortisone injections and they have been a revelation although there is a limit to these. Cold bags of frozen peas on the elbows when needed and really try and not over use with repetative actions.. Its hateful, and takes time to recover ... hope that helps.
  11. I will add my thoughts.. I have a very special Bultaco and a very nice Swm, but due to problems with both, was forced to ride my stock Yamaha 250 434 in a two classic a year or so back... Only mod is the footrests.. Same old shocks, knackered old tyres... even the orginal lights still on.. It was a revelation, so easy to ride, again.... so easy to ride, so soft and tractable, stable, lovely steering. I had a superb weekend. So yes Fantic's are great, so are tricked to death Bultacos and SWM's , but as an all rounder for someone looking to get back into trials it is an ideal mount and they are still incredibly good value. I would look no further certainly if you are a Yamaha fan.
  12. Si correcto espero traer una moto y montar cuando pueda llegar a Moriara
  13. There is a trials club and practice ground near Altea.. I think its both classic and modern
  14. I have a mk 3 cota, gear lever on the right. It has an issue with when starting the clutch slips and the kickstart wont engage. Its hit and miss, getting slightly better when warmed up. I have been told it could be as simple as the wrong oil.. looking at it now stripped its =ATF red. The engine was rebuilt not by me and the metal plates look good.. So tempted just to clean the plates and rebuild, but researching it seem 10/30 for the clutch is used.. does it really have a bearing on the issue ie 10/30 or ATF or could there be other issues.Further to plates I have been told.. that the all metal plates are not the best and there are better options now avaliable.. Thanks
  15. Being a computer thicko.. I cannot post a photo of the French / Spanish kickstarts I mentioned, but for the ball ache of trying to get the bits and making it , why not hold your breath and just ring Albert.. They are longer than the beta one shown, nicer asthetically and when you take into account the messing, worth it.
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