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  1. Why dont you just stick a disc on the front of it if your feeling a little ' Toni Bou ' that will stop you even quicker. I am impressed you can get up a three foot step.....
  2. See I told you he had nothing else to do...
  3. HI Have a look at the site.. Trial-FRANCE.fr or the FFM site. The weather here is awful, so Jordi might be reading this, so he has more experience of the multi day events and he maybe able to help you.
  4. Interesting chat with someone in the trade today, about trials trousers. Apparently, and this is no secret, trials riders are tight and there is no market for a better qualtiy, comes at a price product and all the latest products melt like a plastic bag if they brush up against a hot exhaust. He went on to say an old UK trials clothing producer of years back, wants to come back into market, but is hesitant as it might cost a little more than those on the market at the moment.
  5. My old Majesty used to warm up my legs with the wes exhaust, worse when raining and things got damp. These melted having rubbed on the front pipe for some reason. My old Hebo's have inside pads... Having a trawl around the various sites they all look about the same whatever the make... There must be a market for non garish , qualtiy, for men of a certain age...
  6. Its time to replace my trials trousers, I did this last year with some Clice replacements, only for them to melt like a plastic bag brushing once on hot exhaust. Can anybody point me in the direction of a brand that might last, not too loud, or are they all made in the same Spanish factory with just different prints. I like the look of the Rialtto one's but I believe they are discontinued..
  7. metisse

    Swm 1982 Clutch Fix

    I could nt see under the tank so possible , but another cam was attached to the frame at the rear of tank and front of the seat which directed the bare cable straight down.
  8. metisse

    Swm 1982 Clutch Fix

    At the recent Mont Ventoux trial I saw a novel SWM clutch fix on a 320 that I can pass on, sadly no photo's. This bike had been restored and well fettled and it had a pully / cam which had been attached to the frame just below the bottom of the petrol tank. This allowed the routeing of the cable to be a straight pull up from the crankcase. This coupled with the longer arm and larger ball bearing kit made it a one finger job... and kept the original case... I have to say out of all the Swm clutch's I sampled over the weekend, was by far and away the best. Et volia...
  9. These are a copy of the Brosetti ( If thats how you spell it) alloy kickstarts that are now like hens teeth. They are available from Albert at CLASSIQUES BERGADA in Spain. Tel.. 0034 977 898 332 he speaks perfect English and will have them in stock shortly. They are a quality item and in limited numbers.
  10. Cheers Ross.. I hadn t seen this before today.
  11. The sections are pretty spread out but there is a good semi artificle section close to the Start / Parking. There is usually two or three more within walking distance in different directions from the start also. I would suggest a visit and its worth a detour just to see the lovely array of bikes on display which are all parked up each night. H
  12. Hi I can help... Send me a message of what you want and whos the supplier....
  13. I dont think Yamaha had any trouble selling the Ty 125 / 175 in the the late seventies every school boy and many adults campaigned them to great sucess, wasn t it the 250 that struggled in terms of sales, hence Majesty hooved them up cheap, and rest is history. Didnt the Majesty's come out to try and compete against the emerging Fantic invasion, so they were not really like for like against the mid to late seventies Spanish bikes. I think we need to step back a little the quirks and mods that make bikes better and the level of rider that can actually benefit from all these. Is a novice \ intermediate rider really going to notice a slightly quicker steering riding his level of section, I still maintain a good rider on a good TY 175 / 250 could compete in classic trials at a very good level. The debate has moved to tempt the poster on this subject to look at the Yamaha of the time, as a comparable or even better alternative.
  14. Hi Dabster, there are plenty for sale in France for between 800 and 1500 euros... some crappy ones for 400 / 600 from time to time, that are nabbed for the clutch and then sold off...Spain has some cheap bikes at the moment including the late Montesa ranges...Regarding the Aprillia they do seem a lot of bike for a reasonable price.
  15. I wouldn t ague with any of that well thought out reply except..... I think the original yamaha steers beautifully, mine has modded footrests thats all, and its a joy to ride. I dont get this hang up with majesty's yes they are nice, I had a late godden framed 320, all bells and whistles.. but for the man on the street.. a well maintained, subtly modded original , well running ..perhaps electronic ignition ( mine hasn"t )TY is a super bike.. This was about spanish bikes.. but ignore the yamaha at your peril.
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