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  1. Try Stuart Brown.. on 0033 640399019  he is a trialing brit in France with a barn full of old trials bikes . There is a yamaha twinshock that is being canabalised for bits and sure its still got a kickstart on. He is also on face book under Paul Stuart,

    Hope this helps

  2. i tried from memory, an adapted mono kickstart on my old Magesty and it was very awkward to use. ...So dont go down that route... unless you can doctor it to be more user friendly.
  3. It means you have too many messages in your trials central inbox so can you delete some so I can send you a message... Is nothing sinister.. basically we are on the way to getting a trial organised and I need observers.... so B40rt... start saving your Scottish pounds... you might fancy it....
  4. Monsieur Big Plonker could you free up your messenger .. would like to send you something si vous plait...
  5. For me the best all rounder is the 240. The 200 is great, but if you carry some timber can run out of puff. The 300 never as popular as the previous two, but for me 300 engine in a 240 chassis is the best compromise. The 309 with the reed valve engine I bought on a whim once, was very fiery, and in my opinion best left alone unless your a very good rider and riding big sections, and was soon moved on. Fantics take some beating whatever model you buy....good luck making a decision.
  6. Had the clutch off and rebuilt now its developed this little problem, one in three / five times when you try and start the bike the kick start slips. Not clutch slip when riding no drag or delayed action... is it just a case of undoing the nut underneath winding the kickstart and spring up and retighting the nut or maybe something else...I need it for next week and I am crap on the spanners
  7. That would be a perfect solution, but one of us might not see it as that.......
  8. After speaking with my mother in law, you are of course correct....Jandals....we got there in the end.....whatever they are possibly not appropriate footwear to kick a Bultaco into life..
  9. Yep Jangles are what your neighbours down under call flipflops... which as your just across the ditch, thought you would get the gist.. I think if I had my flipflops and and thong on riding my Bultaco it might draw the wrong attention.. if you get my drift.....yep having to wear my Gaerne's to the beach might not be too practicle...Still tempted though...
  10. After thirty years of marriage.... anyway.. been looking on a couple of Spanish websites and a nice restored model 213 for sale... 3500 euros.. 1979 .. but do I really wanting to be trying to kick one of those over down the beach in my Jangles.... when you have a nice electric start scooter...this is the question...I would be looking to rent my villa out, and trials riders might be tempted if I said they could use the Bulto in the garage....or even a scooter .
  11. Been reading back through the thread as well as a little internet research. We intend to spend winters down in Spain, and we need a something for the bread / supermarket run plus something that might be good for a ride out in the adjacent hills.. My head is telling me a little fourstroke 125 scooter , but my heart really fancies an Alpina.. I am quite used to Bultacos but could I get my wife on the back of it.. Shes quite up for a scooter...Thoughts....
  12. Or to make a 305 Fantic look like a 240...
  13. I think collecting trials bikes becomes addictive...I really fancy that... or that .. or that..
  14. Agreed, I would imagine both the Santigosa and Sant Feliu classics still remain in doubt this year .
  15. Nothing much on in France in the direction your heading till October. CLUB trial at Agen first week September, but that could be in doubt.. If you could delay to mid October a couple of good classics on route.
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