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  1. I dont think Yamaha had any trouble selling the Ty 125 / 175 in the the late seventies every school boy and many adults campaigned them to great sucess, wasn t it the 250 that struggled in terms of sales, hence Majesty hooved them up cheap, and rest is history. Didnt the Majesty's come out to try and compete against the emerging Fantic invasion, so they were not really like for like against the mid to late seventies Spanish bikes. I think we need to step back a little the quirks and mods that make bikes better and the level of rider that can actually benefit from all these. Is a novice \ intermediate rider really going to notice a slightly quicker steering riding his level of section, I still maintain a good rider on a good TY 175 / 250 could compete in classic trials at a very good level. The debate has moved to tempt the poster on this subject to look at the Yamaha of the time, as a comparable or even better alternative.
  2. Hi Dabster, there are plenty for sale in France for between 800 and 1500 euros... some crappy ones for 400 / 600 from time to time, that are nabbed for the clutch and then sold off...Spain has some cheap bikes at the moment including the late Montesa ranges...Regarding the Aprillia they do seem a lot of bike for a reasonable price.
  3. I wouldn t ague with any of that well thought out reply except..... I think the original yamaha steers beautifully, mine has modded footrests thats all, and its a joy to ride. I dont get this hang up with majesty's yes they are nice, I had a late godden framed 320, all bells and whistles.. but for the man on the street.. a well maintained, subtly modded original , well running ..perhaps electronic ignition ( mine hasn"t )TY is a super bike.. This was about spanish bikes.. but ignore the yamaha at your peril.
  4. metisse

    Yamaha ty250a

    I have a couple of bikes and they all have x11 on, the trick is not to run them too low pressure. I always run at 6psi muddy, rocky or dry..
  5. metisse

    Yamaha ty250a

    I have a X11 on my Yamaha 434 and its not an issue on the original rims.. went straight on.
  6. I recently recently rode my 1974 Yamaha in a major classic and was surprised how good it was... I have a 325 Bultaco fettled by the Puma and its great, but the softness , nice steering and ease of riding really made me think. In fact I rode round with Mick A on an Ossa, and he waxed lyrical about the Yamaha, and I think he wished he was riding it instead.. Depending on your level, I would agree with OTF above.. maybe Bultaco over Ossa only because I have never owned an OSSA but a mid seventies Yamaha would tick many boxes.
  7. Pre 65 not my thing anymore... but would like that in the barn..
  8. The hubs look great, but brake plates from " Scramblers " were not allowed or so I thought...if they had double cams.. or leading.. and can t remember the term.. Can someone with a better memory confirm whether that was true, still is, or in fact I had dream't it.
  9. That is a nice Majesty.... Re leading whatever brakes, wasn't there a rule back when, that didn t allow use in trials,in the Uk, or am I just getting old and senile..
  10. I have found the front brake on the Ty 250 more than adequate for classic sections, well maintained I really do not see the fascination with having to fit motocross brakes, are they really needed, more so for the feel good factor and nothing else.....
  11. Well done Dave, great for the Bulto entusiats, certainly comprehensive.... luckly some kind sole on here Pm'd and a deal has been done....and its winging its way to tidy up the left hand side. Thanks though will keep it handy for further reference. H
  12. I fully understand, but I am careful, don t often ride in the wet. The old adage just cos it looks nice don't make it better comes to mind... as mentioned the one on it now looks awful..
  13. The steel one shown a couple of posts above is the one I have fitted... don t like the look at all...... the alloy one is what I need ..
  14. Well I am hoping that someone might have got fed up and converted to the more normal RHS and have one spare.... its not easy jumping from bike to bike and then forgetting which side the back brake is on...
  15. Exaclty, the originals were very good, I cannot believe the rubbish about fitting this and changing that, when the 240 Fantic was the best anyway. Spend more time on the bike, practice and more practice will get the results, you cannot buy or engineer your way to becoming a better rider....and better results. Still everyone to their own... Next.
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