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  1. metisse

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

    No its a little more complicated, you need a team of three all riding the same route. I recommend you pick a route and stick to it.
  2. metisse

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

    Back to the Ventoux, another class has been added this year... Green. This to bridge the gap between the easy yellow and the harder blue and the even harder big boys red. The green is usually good in as much it allows to ease the yellow and lift the blue, so bear it in mind if your entering.
  3. metisse

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

  4. metisse

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

    Entries open this weekend.... www.ventoux-trial=classic.com
  5. metisse

    When will it end ??

    I rode the trial in Andorra at the weekend, and one of the sections was at the Toni Bou practice area, complete with shaded grandstand. The upright logs in one of the online videos are huge and the spaces between large. Plus an array of metal blocks and steps. He must have balls like a small planet... not my bag. I rode the same sections as two world champions, French and Spanish champion didn t hurt myself, bend the bike which was 45 years old... but it did have a new rear tyre. Thats trials not this circus of serious injury. As long as those in charge don t meddle in classic trials the young bucks can bend themselves and their bikes all they like, but someone is going to get seriously hurt soon.
  6. metisse

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

    I really do not know, where trials and more my bag, classic trials are heading here in France. Your right in your view of the low entry at the recent twoday classic trial in France, I observed at the sunday venue and I think the club scrapped 50 riders. Fuel costs, over active rozzers with speed camera's, speed limits, and sheer time you have to spend getting back and forth are all impacting trials here. Bikes have to be registered and insured , this adds another 75 euros yearly per bike. Clubs are loathed to organise due to high and complicated paper work and costs, you should have a doctor and or ambulance present at the trial. Sections, you should have vehicular access in event of an accident, and of course the old chesnut of finding observers. The seventies and eighties were the halcyon days of trialing here where many of clubs held trials those club stalwarts have sadly died or lost interest and the trial has been lost. I am riding this weekend at a club where its deemed a friendly trial, sections marked no observers, you mark yourelf or your mate marks like golf. There will be a good turnout with only a small percentage of these holding a competition licence. How you convince these riders to support " Proper trials " I really dont know. Sadly its a a big problem, getting land and permissions to use the land is the easy bit...
  7. metisse

    What does one think....

    Dabster, I remember us discussing the Ventoux several years back and thats only 18, three different loops and like St Feliu although you could do a few more, it does seem enough . My point is that I really think 18 / 20 is the bare minimum. If people accept 16, next year it maybe 14, etc. Apparently talking to a chum here riding from the Uk 36 sections is a minimum requirement for a centre round. My local national the Phil king is 39/40. For a national that Rochepaule is there should be at least a few more.
  8. metisse

    What does one think....

    Interesting comments, not really my cup of tea for a days competition, but understand the sentiment. Speaking to a couple of riders who where there, competing on the harder routes. were fed up with the amount of interzone and lack of sections, but I imagine the less competitive classes might have enjoyed the ride round more than sections. I have always found stopping for lunch a hinderence, however French, civilised it might seem. Each to their own.
  9. metisse

    What does one think....

    The recent classic trial at Rochepaule, France, attracted an entry of over 100 riders, the trial was held over 55 kms of interzone, and had 16 sections, 10 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon. When I mentioned at the weekend it seemed rather too little section action and not for me, I was met with a little gailic backlash. So would competitors on here, be happy with a trial with only 16 sections, would you travel up to 200 miles for this, or am thinking this is the slippery slope. .
  10. metisse

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

    You right, and also they cannot believe an annual licence in the Uk is around 15 euros, compared to the two federations here charging 50 or 150 euros a year to ride a handfull of trials if that . This coupled with the long distances, expensive fuel, road tolls, and the 80 km speed limit, whereby you cannot nip.... along... to a trial early on a sunday morning, without getting pinged on a camera, make it harder to justify doing the competitons. There are so many riders that go out on a sunday in organised practises , but have no interest in competing. A " Friendly trial in Angoleume, in a fortnight will attract 80 riders, most of which never compete or take a licence, so how do you get them to support organised trials... The two day trials I will do this year only require a weekend licence.. so whilst not cheap I will bite the bullet just to ride.
  11. metisse

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

    Just as I sent the reply above, I remembered reading that this years trial at La Roche was going to be the last... not far further East, Joel Correy used to run a 2 day classic trial in August, that has now been discontinued Something is amiss for sure
  12. metisse

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

    No, but have done in the past. Its a very good trial. This year , the first in many, I have not taken out a trials licence as France really has to sort out its trials ( in my opinion) and its two slightly warring federations the FFM and UFOLEP. I will ride the two day classics , 2 days in Andorra, VTC Mont Ventoux and Sant Feliu in Spain. We have a small but dedicated group in the Dordogne that ride quite regularly, some fantastic land and anybody heading this way is always welcome to come out. Hopefully things will improve in the future and we might bump into each other...
  13. metisse

    Which one to have..

    There is always this year... just hope the sun shines this year... it all ended in tears last....
  14. metisse

    Mont Ventoux Classic October 2019

    The dates are the 12 th 13 th October.