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  1. The Dabster is right.. speaking to guys in Spain you really need to know where you can ride and where you cannot. As I asked before, you say you are in France, we have a little expat trialing family in France...If your in the South west, when it cools down we will be out most weekends.
  2. I see you have France down as an address if so where and where are you going too in Spain. There is a small group of classic riders around the Alicante region and there is a trials a Valancian trials championship.... Mind you watched a trial here in Spain early in the year.. mental the things the go up.. and down.. looked bloody hairy.
  3. If you ask Norman he will paint them in Girling colours.. also Propol in Belgium has made a business refurbing old shocks to something like new. He specialises in Girlings and old knackered ones on French and Belgium for sale sites are being snapped up to be rejuvenised. His range off shocks are good and good value.
  4. There is so much smoke and mirrors with shocks and so much made of so little... Spending buying the best or most expensive won't bet you on the podium.. I recently did well on my old ty 434 with the original knackeered old shocks that came with the bike when it left the factory in 1974. As mentioned the middle price range are plenty good enough for most riders.. and Norman at Njb had been doing shocks since the war... well almost.. he knows his stuff and you could do worse than giving him a bell.. if not OKO's Betors all do the job or if you want to go up a level Magical Falcons or rockshocks.. but it wont make you a better rider.. Hope this helps.
  5. I use Michelin X11 with tubes on my bikes from 1971 cota 1974 TY and 1979 Bulto.. so they work across the age range.. I run 6 psi in front and rear regards of terrain and never had a problem.
  6. Not one to be political, europe has halted all sports and taken drastic measures to try and halt the spread. Whilst not particually concerned personally about catching it having read up, I do however feel its irrisponsible of the Acu to have let events go ahead this weekend along with the rugby and other sporting events. The only way to curb this is to get on top and quickly like Italy Spain and France have done, or trying to do. Being brave and brassing it out.. might not be the brightess option. This is serious, and the sooner the world gets to grips with it the sooner we can get back to normality. I am confined to my house and garden at the moment for the next fortnight, only out for food, and essentials, with huge fines if caught, not observing the rules.. we are all in it together.. remember that.
  7. From today all motorcycle competitions in France have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.
  8. just a reminder that a very original Comerfords cub was stolen during the Classic Mont Ventoux trial, while the rider grabbed a sandwich. It has yet to be recovered and may have made its way back across the channel to the uk. Would Comerford cub officonardo's keep an eye out for anyone trying to sell one that seems too cheap or bits the same. The guy is pretty peeved still to have had it pinched.
  9. metisse

    Front brake arm

    Yep it was good, but after a while I get trials bike blurredness.... some nice stuff as usual and nice to catch up and say hello, a tad windy on the way home.. hats off to our driver we all got home safely and just in time to keep the family happy, who didn t know I had penciled it in till the last minute..
  10. metisse

    Front brake arm

    I would hate to interupt this budding bromance... but my SWM has a forward facing brake arm as all the Swm anoraks here in France including certain ex national and world champs from this neck of the woods did it ..and .. my Puma Bultaco was built with one too.. by some would say one of the best classic bike builders there is... just my two euro's worth.. looked for you Ross on saturday ... were you there.
  11. Its an interesting subject re Specials. We have seen Pre 65's go from the Classic's intended in the ninties and before , evolving and evolving, all on the somewhat rose tinted assumptions " It could have been done in the day " , to now most are super engineered, super competitive , dont look in many cases classic, all because its been allowed to dtrift this way. Riders would almost give their left bollock to win the most prestigous classic trials, whilst riders who support classic trials on the real classic machines dont waste a stamp anymore, one because the events have become far too hard. Twinshocks are going the same way, and the amount of posts on vairous sites showing bikes with aircooled mono forks, engines tubless tyres the list goes on and the apparent apathy towards this shows that twinshocks will go the same way as Pre 65.. given time. The only way to stop this is to have some hard and fast rules about what is accepetable and whats not...In Spain, they have in my opinion the best trials and the best rules.. your bike is vetted and if it conforms to how it should be then you can ride in the appropriate class. A friend of mind cut the bottom rails off his 1973/4 Bultaco, so now he has to ride pre 80 no if's no buts. Its a can or worms on what should be allowed and what consitutes a mod to far... something that needs discussing in a sensible way. These pit bike engine machines reared their head a few years back I remember, and now I know several other people looking to build one.. great, no issue whats so ever , you ride in a specials class or or a class for pit bike engines.. I am all for bums on seats and trials for all....
  12. Nice job and well done... but..... in my opinion they should have a separate class for them if they are going to be competed on. As nice as it is, its another barstardised version of a twinshock.
  13. Whilst no expert on the mechanics of bikes, I assume this new fad is to do with the new / modern... classic sections, where you need quick zippy power.
  14. Why dont you just stick a disc on the front of it if your feeling a little ' Toni Bou ' that will stop you even quicker. I am impressed you can get up a three foot step.....
  15. See I told you he had nothing else to do...
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