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  1. Always make me laugh when many Post 2020 parts are overlooked, allowed, used and hidden, but not carbs.. Not a whinger, more pragmatic.. Pre 65 are almost non existant now in France, and Spain for that matter, nobody takes any notice or really cares what carb is on them.
  2. Tennis elbow is a real nuisence.. I suffer, and really have to watch what I do and manage it appropriatly.. When I ride I with out fail.. wear elasticated elbow supports and use when needed strong anti inflammotories.. I have had two cortisone injections and they have been a revelation although there is a limit to these. Cold bags of frozen peas on the elbows when needed and really try and not over use with repetative actions.. Its hateful, and takes time to recover ... hope that helps.
  3. I will add my thoughts.. I have a very special Bultaco and a very nice Swm, but due to problems with both, was forced to ride my stock Yamaha 250 434 in a two classic a year or so back... Only mod is the footrests.. Same old shocks, knackered old tyres... even the orginal lights still on.. It was a revelation, so easy to ride, again.... so easy to ride, so soft and tractable, stable, lovely steering. I had a superb weekend. So yes Fantic's are great, so are tricked to death Bultacos and SWM's , but as an all rounder for someone looking to get back into trials it is an ideal mount and they are still incredibly good value. I would look no further certainly if you are a Yamaha fan.
  4. Si correcto espero traer una moto y montar cuando pueda llegar a Moriara
  5. There is a trials club and practice ground near Altea.. I think its both classic and modern
  6. I have a mk 3 cota, gear lever on the right. It has an issue with when starting the clutch slips and the kickstart wont engage. Its hit and miss, getting slightly better when warmed up. I have been told it could be as simple as the wrong oil.. looking at it now stripped its =ATF red. The engine was rebuilt not by me and the metal plates look good.. So tempted just to clean the plates and rebuild, but researching it seem 10/30 for the clutch is used.. does it really have a bearing on the issue ie 10/30 or ATF or could there be other issues.Further to plates I have been told.. that the all metal plates are not the best and there are better options now avaliable.. Thanks
  7. Being a computer thicko.. I cannot post a photo of the French / Spanish kickstarts I mentioned, but for the ball ache of trying to get the bits and making it , why not hold your breath and just ring Albert.. They are longer than the beta one shown, nicer asthetically and when you take into account the messing, worth it.
  8. He took top honours today.... I retired when he made me ride too hard a section and had a big five...
  9. I think I have come more competetive with age... This only works though if you ride with people of your age and ablility. I have thought for a while now, certainly for trials like the pre 65 scottish there should be an age related handicap. Riding in our first new year trial this after noon.. so looking to get on the podium... as its only me and Jordi riding one of us should do it.. As to classic bikes and criteria.. its been done to death.. the horse has bolted.. Pre 65 or pre70 now whatever you call them had their day..... just an opinion.
  10. The alloy kickstarts that Woody mentions above are avaliable via Albert Begada at Begada Classico's in Spain. They retail at around 275 euros. They are very well engineered, I have one on my 325 199A. Its been on around 6 months so far so good.
  11. Try Stuart Brown.. on 0033 640399019  he is a trialing brit in France with a barn full of old trials bikes . There is a yamaha twinshock that is being canabalised for bits and sure its still got a kickstart on. He is also on face book under Paul Stuart,

    Hope this helps

  12. i tried from memory, an adapted mono kickstart on my old Magesty and it was very awkward to use. ...So dont go down that route... unless you can doctor it to be more user friendly.
  13. It means you have too many messages in your trials central inbox so can you delete some so I can send you a message... Is nothing sinister.. basically we are on the way to getting a trial organised and I need observers.... so B40rt... start saving your Scottish pounds... you might fancy it....
  14. Monsieur Big Plonker could you free up your messenger .. would like to send you something si vous plait...
  15. For me the best all rounder is the 240. The 200 is great, but if you carry some timber can run out of puff. The 300 never as popular as the previous two, but for me 300 engine in a 240 chassis is the best compromise. The 309 with the reed valve engine I bought on a whim once, was very fiery, and in my opinion best left alone unless your a very good rider and riding big sections, and was soon moved on. Fantics take some beating whatever model you buy....good luck making a decision.
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