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  1. metisse

    What Is A Twinshock ?

    Surprisingly no one really notices the forks, its because they do have SWM cast at the bottom, and they are from a jumbo, so I kid myself and follow the well trodden " It could have been done in the day " adage.. that everybody trots out when talking about something similar and covering their a***'s. The clutch is a little tricky as its got Aprillia written all over it and is clearly from another era, and stands out like a fighting dogs bollocks..... I like that phrase.... but I have tried everything possible, and spent more than a few euro's and its still not as good as it needs to be for an old fart that is starting to creak a little...plus it seems every other SWM I see has had it done. Hopefully it will be in Scotland next year, at the SWM themed trial, cant imagine for one moment I will be the only one... if I do it.. Decisions decisions...
  2. metisse

    What Is A Twinshock ?

    And there's me having sleepless nights on whether or not to help my tennis clutch elbow, and put an Aprillia clutch on the Swoom.
  3. metisse

    Fantic 309

    I would say watch out for it being a complete rocket ship, would give a decent motocrosser a run for its money.... well thats how I felt about it anyway, didn t stay long in the garage, big big section bike.
  4. metisse

    Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    All bikes whether practice or not should.. be insured. Competition wise if its all on private land they need to be insured and registered lights not needed. Competitions taking in road or bridal paths, need to be road legal, insured, registered and lights . Some require lights working some or most classic twinshocks require lights working or not... No one said it was easy....For the classic Costa Brava in Spain, part of the entry covers insurance and they have special dispensation from someone high up.... so no lights, registration document, and I assume no insurance is ever needed or indeed checked. They even have the local rozzers on the rounderbouts stopping traffic in favour of trials bikes roaring through the town. For these two trials the numbers speak for themselves, quality events in quality areas, attract riders willing to possible moderate the amount of mediocre trials in favour of the must do events.
  5. metisse

    Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    No in France no licence required to practice, however the bike should be insured. To ride in a competition the bike should insured and registered even on private land.
  6. metisse

    Fantic 200 vs Fantic 300

    The 200 Fantic is the bike most riders should have, we have one back in the garage after the first one over thirty five years ago. Its got the pegs a little back and down, and the motor has been fully rebuilt thats all, and its fab. I do weigh a little more now than a 14 year old when I had the first one but it still does everything and more that I need. I did like my 240's and had several and lately a 340 , but the 200 is a super little stead.
  7. metisse

    Whats gone wrong with Trials.

    As someone that rides in Europe, well across the channel and then a little further south sometimes, the major twinshock classics go from strength to strength, the recent Ventoux trial 300 plus riders and the Costa Brava classic over 400 riders with some 40 odd brits heading south to it. Whilst these two trials take the headlines others are poorly supported and a recent post mentioning two hours in the car to a trial, well that is the minimum for me, and sometimes much more. For a two lap of ten sections type affair, that as I get older, and fuel costs and such start and becoming noticeable, I like many others have decided to stay at home. So apart from a couple of dates this side of the channel its the same thing. Riders here are only doing quality events, we don t have anywhere near the amount of trials in France that the Uk hosts, in fact someone last year bemoaned the fact that I ran a friendly trial on the same day as another trial 450 kms away. The added cost now, of a licence at 145 euros for a classic type or over 250 for a modern type might also add to the problem. Hope that helps from across the channel.
  8. metisse

    To Nikasil or Not to Nikasil - That is the question.

    Had a reply re the nikasil, Nothing really apart from, before the nikasil he worked on the ports a little... his words, and then had the barrel treated, used standard rings after t hat Carburation standard, as mentioned as well he nikasiled the clutch for a smoother action. Hope that helps and good luck.
  9. metisse

    To Nikasil or Not to Nikasil - That is the question.

    This bike I mention does not rattle, and goes very very well. I have ridden it several times and I have to say compared to my original 434 that in itself goes well, its chalk and cheese. I have sent him an email and posed the questions and will see if he is happy to divulge further what he has done beyond the barrel, will update if and when.
  10. metisse

    To Nikasil or Not to Nikasil - That is the question.

    You can write on the back of stamp, what I know about engines. However a guy in France I know Nikasiled his 250 434 as well as a few other mods, airbox and exhaust and its the sweetest sounding Yamaha I have every heard. While we are at it he Nikasiled the clutch basket as well, and yep its the sweetest smoothest TY clutch I have ever felt . There is my two euro's for what is worth, hope it helps.
  11. metisse

    Ty250 a 434 piston

    A guy I know has a really nice 434 Ty that he has nikasiled the bore, when he had it rebored. Would this be a good recommendation, his bike does run very quietly and and very well. I would love to have my 434 pepped a little but would like opinions before I decide which way to go. Cheers
  12. metisse

    Mont Ventoux Classic " theme" Mick Andrews.

    Its will be the usual, registration document, valid insurance. But as mentioned, they have changed federation recently and this is causing a real issue, at the moment I don't know whether Non French riders will have to have a day licence or able to ride on the back of their Acu licence with the normal release. All will be revealed shortly I am led to believe. I will post as soon as I know more.
  13. The pre entries for this trial open 27/06, apparently there will be a full explanation in English this year, as " must have documents " to ride have changed from previous years, as it is being run under a new federation . I understand a full effort is being made to welcome non French riders, but as yet that's all I know. Bear in mind an entry is not deemed accepted until all relavent paper work is received and agreed. As explained on a previous thread, regarding this trial you need a three man team, or you get teamed up with other Larry no mates.....so you might spend the weekend speaking French or Spanish. Hope that helps
  14. Magical Mick is doing a trials school in Sardent the end of July maybe he could help.
  15. metisse

    340 Dellorto carb settings

    I have replied to motoswm via email, but the response I got from El Puma that the carb he puts on his 325 and 340 Bultacos are 28 mm and not 26mm , and the set up varies on how the engine has been built. There doesn t seem to be a difinative, set in stone, set up, more how the rider wants his bike. Hope this helps anybody following this particular thread. Out of interest my 199a has a PHBH 28 on it and its the dogs, in terms of performance.