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  1. Mine was just a pain the whole time (172 circa 1977 from new) although I was only a nipper, life became a whole lot easier when I switched to a better engineered Japanese bike (RL250 1979 again new). The Montesa was lovely to look at and a very agile ride but (as a 16 year old back then) a right pain to maintain.
  2. Haha don’t get onto that or it’ll lead to gun law chat (which still beggars belief and def not for this forum…)
  3. Thanks all - really appreciate the feedback. Beta test ride coming in August (travelling before then) so will report back!
  4. Thanks - will be interested to hear your view from 200 to 250
  5. Thanks - I think I’ll try and spend a day on a Beta soonish. Really like the styling of the new Factory models.
  6. Haha - a year is a long time!!! The Beta is obviously in my mind
  7. Oh and no carb to faff around with on the Montesa…
  8. I’m noodling around with potentially switching my 2021 4RT to a new 2022 Evo Factory 200. Only ride 1-2 times a month in club trials. What I love about the Montesa is the reliability, build quality, ease (except oil filter change…) of routine maintenance and (of course) the sound at full bore. And hard to stall in sections at 1800rpm tickover. The other big (big) selling point is the resale on the 4RT. I had my last one for 5 years and literally sold it for £1500 less than I paid for it new. The weight doesn’t bother me either as it’s really planted and I’m not bouncing the thing around or anything!! Onto the Beta. I love the look and style. But will it disappoint me on reliability, build quality and resale? I’m sure it’ll be sweet as to ride, but the above points are really important to me. I need to be able to ride occasionally, clean/basic maintenance and then fire up first kick next time around. Thanks in advance for any views - especially from anyone who’s made a similar move.
  9. A 180 degree gear lever change sounds more than weird. Should be a quick 10 degree click. The ‘70’s/early’80’s mechanics are pretty straightforward with a workshop manual but do shout on here for the best oils and spares. Best of luck and enjoy your Montesa!
  10. Surely it depends where you are/context. Riding a road trial where there are loads of similar folk there will def be a bit more slack than banging it down your local high street. My bike came registered from new last year but no horn or plates. Have sorted a small back plate but only ride it about 300 yards to get a newspaper every now & then.
  11. The SSDT website is excellent as are the videos posted on it - def worth a view as some really good filming which really shows just how tough the SSDT is. Well done all!
  12. rr62

    Graphics peeling…

    Thanks - I’ll take a look at that
  13. rr62

    Graphics peeling…

    Thanks all - much appreciated. Will clean and crack on with the spray adhesive. Wish the side stand was that simple - why can’t Honda/Montesa sort this?!
  14. rr62

    Graphics peeling…

    Nb on the rear mudguard/seat area
  15. 2021 4RT. The pointy bits (if you have one you’ll know) of the graphics are lifting. Only a tiny bit. What’s the best remedy and/or glue? Obvious option would be superglue but I don’t want residue which is impossible to remove! Any ideas much appreciated.
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