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  1. It’s great but def don’t ride there outside an organised event (sure you wouldn’t).
  2. Great Wood is a fun blast round and Wycombe do set out excellent and well organised trials. Proper old school South Midland Centre mud and leaves at this time of year.
  3. Within your budget you could do a lot worse than get a late Montesa 315. Apart from the Honda build quality I always found them pretty forgiving and they are def starting to appreciate in value. Lovely bikes.
  4. Looks great - just read the full story of the build - really impressive. Well done and enjoy the bike.
  5. One of the first bikes I learnt to ride (after a Raleigh Runabout which probably doesn’t count) was a Honda Cub. I’ve got a Honda Monkey in the fleet but loving the UK custom scene around Honda Cubs. Def my next project - so cool - North Cornwall today...
  6. The Lane Levitt book was amazing and just found it (sorry about the glare - below pool table lights). The other iconic book was the Mick Andrews Book of Trials. And then I just found the Max King book which was old even when I failed to return it to a local library in about 1978!!
  7. rr62

    2021 301RR

    I really do like the M graphic on the tank. Nice. Less keen on some of the other clip art style graphics across the rest of the bike (that awful ‘Montesa’ on the seat area - just looks terrible - same on the 2020 4RT). Never quite understand the need to have so much going on - less is definitely more. The bikes look awesome and don’t need so much unnecessary (& poorly designed) fuss on graphics.
  8. Lovely little 25 and a nice film. Well done!
  9. I had a couple of 315 Montesa’s from new back in the day. Bomb-proof and terrific build quality. Faussy’s said it all above. Also worth checking all the other fluid levels (rad/brakes/clutch) and (rather obviously) cleaning air filter. I honestly can’t recall having any issues or niggles whatsoever. And it will likely go up in value!
  10. Not that I’m a golfer anymore (I was too bad), the shotgun start idea is brilliant. So maybe four riders with a marked stop area before the next section until the previous lot have cleared. Maybe if they are too slow they should let you through (like golf). This could work really well and if you mixed riders up a bit, there would be a good opportunity to learn from others. And (distanced) would be quite sociable given current circumstances. Great idea IMO.
  11. I had a 1987 TY250 Mono in about 1991 after about 10 years not riding. Great bike and very forgiving - especially on the more old school sections we had back then. I then had a 311 Montesa (prob one of the best trials bikes I've owned) before going on to a couple of new 315s. They were both great and fantastic quality. The TY is soft as you like and if you can get a good one won't let you down. But to answer the question, I'd probably stick with the 315r. They are appreciating and you'll soon get used to it!
  12. I bought this (348 Montesa) for one of my kids about 25 years ago near Barcelona. Not sure if you might have success looking on Spanish websites as they seem to have loads of small model bikes over there (even now). Good luck!
  13. They normally sound 'flat' (in a good way) - this sounds like a modern bike...
  14. Wow - that's a punchy bike (and great riding). Sounds amazing on song. Wish we had stream sections like that in these parts. There used to be a club, Banbury NOBAC (correct me if I'm wrong), in SMC who used to set really good old school sections. Rideable but would take marks from everyone. Oxford Ixion ditto (though not been up there for a while). Just read some of the earlier comments about getting folk into the sport. We've got three grown up 'kids' 25-32. None of them ever massively got into trials as (for them) it was a bit too "old bloke" - less aspirational (for them) than watching/participating in various board sports that they did then and still do now. Yet I know they'd love it right now if they had a bike/space etc. But there's just no way (in the South East) they could afford a discretionary purchase like a trials bike without compromising getting onto the property ladder, etc. And even worse here are some of the postage stamp areas to ride around. When I was a nipper, you had the trials bike registered, used it as your main form of transport and you could pretty much rock up at any woods and ride without any complaint. Obviously not the case now. nb. in case off topic, TC is for me still about trials.
  15. rr62

    Stuck Float?

    B40rt - many thanks again (and thanks all for various advice - much appreciated). A few sharp taps on the outside of the float bowl. Fired up 2nd kick. Awesome. And so crisp - electronic ignition and a WES tailpipe help big time. Very happy (neighbours maybe less so...)!
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