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  1. rr62

    Silver Hammerite

    Great - thanks Tr1AL - really helpful. I’ll probably get some of the plastic frame protectors for the boot bit or maybe carbon look sticker sheet stuff.
  2. rr62

    Silver Hammerite

    My TY175 frame could do with a quick refresh. Has anyone used smooth silver hammerite spray. And if so, did it wear well - especially where boots rub on the sides?
  3. Dumb question - would that also work on a 172? Thanks
  4. Welcome aboard! I did similar through rose tinted spectacles (Montesa Cota 1975). Bit of a nightmare. Parts aren’t that readily available and (sorry purists) they can be a bugger to start. Depending on budgets and your location, I would 100% go for something newer. If twinshock, I would personally go for a TY175 or Fantic 200 (both have parts readily available). Or maybe a TY250 Mono if you want something marginally newer, easy for parts and good on reliability. And then you get modern and it all opens up….!!!!
  5. rr62


    What does everyone think of the 2024 models announced today? https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cwpmp61tVPT/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  6. Haha! It was horrendous. Weighed a ton and everything went wrong. Had clearly been thrashed and not had any servicing. But as a naive 14 year old how was I to know!!! Bought for £170 (paper round money) and sold within 6 weeks for about 50% less. Gutted…
  7. I bought one second hand (very) in Pudsey in about 1975. TS125 and it was an absolute dog…!!!!
  8. Meant that the Jitsie loop doesn’t damage (bar a bit of colour wear on black handlebars…
  9. Always do this too. In terms of tie downs, I use Jitsie ones round the handlebars as the loop round the bar damaged things less than a hook (had the latter for my previous bike and it rubbed the top of forks. Then standard tie downs from foot peg brackets. And I just have tight bungees to secure both wheels to the trailer. And the job’s a good ‘un!
  10. Agree with Lemur on the oil change front. It’s a bit of a fiddle to do but definitely not every 10 hours with what you’re planning. 4RT is a really well made bike and pretty quiet chugging along trails (until you wind it up…!!!). Good luck!
  11. Club trials normally like to carb up with a few pre-match ‘sports beers’ on the Saturday night. Perhaps a few glasses of vino too. Then a good coffee and a bacon sarnie at the event. Works a treat
  12. rr62


    Suspect I know the answer to this already, but any new news for 2024? I’d like to replace my 2022 standard 260 but hope there are some tweaks (even if better colours/graphics than the standard 2023 4RT…).
  13. rr62

    Dented petrol tank

    Thanks for this - will give Paul a holler
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