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  1. I’ve used this for years on plastics - gives a really rich shine and dead cheap...
  2. Berko Trials Club has a Facebook page which might be a good port of call. Enjoy the new bike!
  3. rr62


    Yep. Absolutely terrible. Alas, they were on the bike when I bought it three years ago. I rode one twin shock trial in the dry which was fine. And then a muddy trial in the twinshock class and it was a nightmare - spinning out on everything. I had a TY175 back in 1981 which I used as my road bike to get around locally on and even that gripped better with a few hundred miles on same tyres.
  4. rr62


    I can’t wait to change mine - grip is so bad!!
  5. rr62


    Great - thanks for your help.
  6. rr62


    Good shout - and assume the Xlight is good tubed? Thanks
  7. rr62


    Thanks feetupfun - I came to the same conclusion have scooted around a few reviews. Sounds like IRC should do the trick.
  8. rr62


    Thanks both - I’ll take a look.
  9. rr62


    Probably well covered elsewhere but any quick recommendations for what tyres (tubed) I should put on my 1976 TY175 without breaking the bank? It’s got MT43s which are in good condition but quite hard (so I guess a bit old - on before I bought it) and have zero grip in anything slippery. I don’t want to spend too much as only ride it once a month up/down the drive and then maybe two or three times a year in easy comps. Thanks for any advice.
  10. Probably both - know Catalunya pretty well but have never done the bike museum. Alas, looks like one for next year the way things are going. Really want to buy the Montesa book though - anyone know somewhere in the UK that has them in stock?
  11. Sounds an amazing place - was hoping to go this year but looks more like 2022 now. No mad rush!
  12. Always loved the minimalist design of the early Sherco bikes. Less is definitely more!
  13. Welcome to the world of 4RTs! You’ll love the build quality. Not sure where you bought the bike but definitely ignore the service note but keep to an obvious trials bike maintenance schedule yourself. The oil filter change is a pain but doesn’t actually need doing that often. And I wouldn’t jump to change sprockets - ride it first and see how you get on. Good luck - loads of answers on the Montesa section.
  14. You’ll love the 4RT - so well built and forgiving. Best of luck!
  15. We were in a bit of a lockdown clear out at home today and I came across a load of old trials results. This is a Berko one from February 1983. A really good nostalgic read if you’re from this centre. And some well known riders. I got a darts score
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