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  1. Welcome to the clan - nothing to add to the above good advice except I have found that a silicon furniture polish seems to give a good shine and protect the plastics.
  2. rr62

    4RT to 4T?

    I’m about to change my bike. Had my Montesa 4RT 2016 from brand new. Hardly ridden but nice to have a new bike (someone will get a minter in due course). The brief is simple. Something that needs zero maintenance (bar usual ongoing stuff) and will chug though easy routes. My question is (given above) should I go from Montesa to Beta? I’m not convinced on build quality or residuals of Beta versus Montesa. Honest views?
  3. rr62


    Really interesting share that - and I’m def not that tech aware! And when the behemoth that is Amazon is mentioned then (scarily) anything could be possible.
  4. rr62


    No new petrol or diesel cars in Old Blighty from 2035. Assume this will apply to bikes too? And then this TY pic pops up on my Instagram feed...nice!
  5. What about a 4RT? Nothing ever goes wrong, less depreciation, sounds awesome on full song, properly engineered.
  6. And always staggered how bottom will wind up and find grip on steep banks when others (2Ts) are in 2nd/3rd.
  7. From my limited experience the trick is to keep it rolling where possible (so not shut off so much as a 2T) in muddy sections and keep it smooth.
  8. Last week's printed edition of TMX. There's a rider (OK not trials) on the front cover and I did a double-take. Wonder if the editor noticed this before publication? Looks like the rider is covered in it anyway...
  9. rr62

    ty175 mix

    I have run mine at 50:1 on a modern Putoline 2T oil (strawberry scented - apparently though i’ve never smelt that!) and seems fine.
  10. rr62

    2020 - EICMA

    I last went to EICMA (Milan bike show - awesome) about 3 years ago so missed this lot. Came up on my instagram today...
  11. Which is ten grand (£GBP) - ouch!
  12. Looks nice indeed. Does anyone know if the standard 4RT is up for any evolution for 2020?
  13. Easiest deffo but an easy way to part with £500
  14. At least it looks red. When I saw “301” I had a near double take and thought of the 310 which had, possibly, the worst colour combo of any Montesa ever. That turquoise and dayglo combo - like you’d take a trials bike to a rave...
  15. Word of mouth always wins! Alas it won’t be on the said auction site any time soon...
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