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  1. We were in a bit of a lockdown clear out at home today and I came across a load of old trials results. This is a Berko one from February 1983. A really good nostalgic read if you’re from this centre. And some well known riders. I got a darts score
  2. Hi Reg - do you usually get a decent trade-in price? I know the whole thing is relative versus new bike discount but at the same time selling privately can be ball ache. I’ve never done a trade-in so good to hear any positive feedback.
  3. I remember the days when Appleyards would have a job lot of the previous model and sell them at a knock-down price (my first 315 was just that - great service too). I’ve been trying to see what might be coming up for Montesa as a 2021 model. I think with everything going on then suspect it’ll be 2022 which (to answer your question) would mean there won’t be a glut of 2020 models sitting on the shelf. That said, I would def shop around. When I bought my 4RT new I got both a discount and registration although I was buying cash. Worth shopping around on finance too (or versus what you can get from the bank). Good luck with the new bike.
  4. rr62

    4RT to 200 Evo - thoughts?

    That was a good tenner’s worth and thanks for extra views. I think I’m likely to stay Montesa. They are definitely different (not all trials bikes are the same) and so well built/reliable (mine has never jumped out of gear - whack it in bottom for nearly everything!). It’s obviously a different (& perhaps acquired taste) ride than a 2T but from the feedback so far is much better built. I’ll still try Beta & Vertigo when I can. Thanks again all for feedback to the original q - really appreciated.
  5. rr62

    4RT to 200 Evo - thoughts?

    Thanks mcman56 - really good feedback. My gut feel is that I’d love the wee Beta. Maybe I just ride my TY175 for a while before a Beta and it’ll be like being beamed from the late ‘70s into the 21st century! And then think about my first Montesa which was a 172 Cota in 1978 and sweet to look at but was a proper nightmare on the reliability and maintenance front. nb. One massive fault on the 4RT is the stand - terrible!!
  6. rr62

    4RT to 200 Evo - thoughts?

    Thanks all for such comprehensive feedback - much appreciated. My 4RT hasn’t missed a beat since new (Jan 2016) and the quality is awesome. Also, once you get used to a different way of riding it is great up steep hills/banks etc in the south. Some of those niggles on the Beta sound a pain - I will try one once we’re allowed and also the 250. And will also look at Vertigo. Cheers.
  7. Given it’s so new I’m sure Honda/Montesa dealer should sort things out for you. Best of luck.
  8. I’m about to get a new bike. I love my 260 4RT. I will most likely get a new 4RT or Repsol. But as a 50-odd year old just wanting an easy blast and pretty much zero maintenance (latter is really important) the 2021 200 Evo sounds a great option. I’ve had loads of bikes over the years but only get out about 20 times a year as so stacked with other commitments. I know I’d find the Beta an easy ride, but (and please be honest) will it require a load more looking after than my Montesa? Is the build quality anywhere near Honda? What are the annoying niggles? And is it OK to road register? Should I go for a 250? So many questions! Nb. Riding easy class these days - just an average potter! Thanks for any feedback - much appreciated.
  9. This place seems to have a lot of Montesa graphics but couldn’t see anything UKR on there but maybe they can make up? https://www.adhesivosmotosclasicas.com/en/1_montesa?page=2
  10. rr62


    Welcome back! For so many of us trials is something in the blood that you can dip in/out of at different life stages - just I never get any better!
  11. Nice little bike that - is it a standard Scorpa 125?
  12. That cold beer post trial - got to be the best!
  13. The absolute irony is opening this page and there’s an ad for Rapha (totally overpriced Lycra for road cyclists). Maybe they do a trials range too...
  14. Couldn’t agree more. The whole Lycra and over-branded look is truly terrible. Why does trials gear design/graphics need to look like the side of an ice cream van? Hands up who actually thinks trials gear looks any good....??
  15. rr62


    Looks like a grey import...?
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