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  1. Don’t think anyone’s got any beef - just the paranoia of losing land. Best of luck and enjoy your trials riding!
  2. Totally agree (although we’re not all bad darn sarf 😉) - no way should you jet wash at an event.
  3. rr62


    Thursday usually but my village shop hasn’t had it in for a couple of weeks…
  4. Great choice - I sold my 2016 260RT earlier this year to buy a new one. Having had it for 5 years it was an awesome bike. Keep on top of the usual maintenance and then the oil/oil filter changes and you’ll never have any problems. Good luck and enjoy!
  5. I always get a local mechanic to do the oil filter (why is it such a nightmare?!).
  6. Glad you enjoyed it Hughie. And Beckley is such a decent blast round!
  7. Hope you got there Hughie - another great Ixion trial. Sections 3 and 4 might have been a baptism of fire for a first trial on the easy route but you can always ask for fives when you do ride a trial. Always staggering how the sand banks of sections 7-10 dry out after the torrential rain yesterday!
  8. And if you’ve ridden on your drive then try and practice tight figure of eights (plenty online)
  9. Enter it - you can always ask for fives at anything you really don’t fancy - it won’t be a problem at all. Ixion is a really friendly club with well run trials and Beckley is a nice blast round. Nb I think you will definitely need to enter in advance on the ACU website. I am entered (subject to bloody petrol) so more than happy to scoot round with you - easiest pm me. And apart from the other clubs mentioned, HUX has a practice ground which is pretty sociable and free (with membership) on 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.
  10. rr62

    172 Questions…

    Sorry just seen this - many thanks for the response. Carb sounds like a top tip as mine was awful even back in 1978
  11. rr62


    I’d always wanted one and bought new as a Japanese import in 2003. Love a monkey bike!
  12. rr62


    Ditto - great story and sounds like a great day out. Chequer plate for the bash plate is a good innovation!
  13. rr62


    Just no way my Honda is going there! Pub is its furthest so far…
  14. rr62


    Excellent - sounds like a long ride but a proper craic! Now cajoling a couple of unsuspecting friends in our village to join.
  15. rr62


    I like the XR250R - soaring prices (like all bikes right now) but some good ones around and would, I’m sure, be fine on the open lane trail ‘sections’ (as they’re not really trials sections). Good shout.
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