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  1. tyguy

    Best Levers

    It's more that the clutch isn't engaging nicely, the lever seems to pulling the inner cable across a ridge rather than a nice straight run to the outer cable/adjuster. They are defo coming off, my clutch is a lot heavier than a friends TY which is all the same apart from the levers
  2. tyguy

    Best Levers

    Before I go and spend a load of dosh on some Domino's - what levers do you guys recommend? I have these at the moment - but they don't feel right, lots of slop in the levers and the cable doesn't seem to run smooth in it (in any position) https://www.tytrials.co.uk/trailandtrialsuk/prod_47644-Clutch-Lightening-Lever-Forged.html TIA
  3. Hey, any one in the west London, or west of London area know of any summer evening trials going on at all?
  4. I carry these in the bumbag - https://www.cyclerepublic.com/skabs-bike-tube-peel-and-stick-patches.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyqOHseiJ2wIV14XVCh0sxAIQEAQYAiABEgKbk_D_BwE work just as well as the above ones, but no need to faff around with glue etc, just peel and stick over the hole. But for a big event like the Manx I would carry a front tube with me too, because you can get away with putting a front in the rear in an emergency. Have a few spare tubes in the van and you should be fine I'd say. I recently put together a bumbag for the TY, as I have another one that I use for my modern enduro bike. The CO2 cartridge type air pumps (get 25g cartridges if you can find them) are great too!
  5. So what is top of your list? I have fibre reeds, refurbed standard carb, suspension is great. Bigger carb? Airbox?
  6. Looking at cashing out on a wes exhaust - am I better with one or two boxes? I don't mind the noise as I ride with a few VERY loud pre 65's. But what will give best power
  7. tyguy

    Show Us Your Ty

    @patauf Nice, I have the RD350 rubber on its way, I was going to play with boost bottles to see if I can actually feel a difference, so might try and get a DT125LC one from ebay to try! What else have you done? Mono Forks? Something crazy on the front brake? Airbox? Which carb is it? Clutch cable?
  8. tyguy

    Show Us Your Ty

    Hey patauf , Can you tell me about your boost bottle? Are you using the RD 350 intake rubber? Whats the bottle? Also, what did you use to bolt the exhaust cover on? The Wes has now screws?
  9. Tried all the usual suspects, no one has them
  10. Maybe.. I'm after parts 2 and 5 on the parts fishe for a TY175 - I think its the 3rd/4th pinion and 5th pinion. Anyone know where I can find them?
  11. I posted up looking for some help to find gearbox parts, but the thread seems to have gone? Did I do something wrong?
  12. tyguy

    IOW 2 day

    Excellent, really looking forward to it! Managed to end up with rider number 1 too (probably the first and last time I get that number!) Looks like no one entered twinshock hard for the road route, tempting to go up a class for the challenge!
  13. tyguy

    Edge tank bag

    Ah I see, I have a tool bumbag for that
  14. tyguy

    Edge tank bag

    What would you keep in a bag like this? Would it just be for laning?
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