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  1. cub200


    We have them in Australia, general opinion is they are very nicely engineered compared to other Chinese bikes and the electric start is very popular. Problem at the moment here is nobodies buying trials bikes due to floods, bushfires and Christmas and we are in our closed season, it'll start moving around February .
  2. It will be difficult to ride it in Classic events (Pre 65) as it is a 70's twinshock model.
  3. I'm a 73 year old ex pat Brit living in Australia for the last 40 years and still riding twinshock bikes in competition. I felt good enough to ride the Isle of Man Manx Classic 2 day trial September last year but I think my enthusiasm exceeded my ability especially when the weather was the worst in the history of the event, cold rain, thick mist, high winds and thick mud, I wasn't comfortable !!!. I crashed in a creek on the morning of the first day chipping the bone in my forearm, the nipple came off my front brake cable just after and when I pulled up at the first day lunch break the nipple came off my clutch cable as well. Both cables were fixed with solderless nipples but never felt the same and I lost confidence in them as well. At the end of the first day I was in the Douglas hospital getting my arm checked out, not broken, so ok to ride the second day, surely the weather couldn't be as bad,,,,,,, but it was worse, front wheel was blocked solid with mud and the wheel wouldn't go round it was a real fun day but I made it to the end. Realisation kicked in that I was no longer capable of riding a big trial like that again. !!! Riding my first trial back in Australia I came off the bike and landed on the same forearm chipping the bone again in the same spot, I've had a left hip replacement, laser eye surgery , cataracts removed, new lenses fitted, right shoulder reconstruction and recently carpal tunnel syndrome surgery on my right hand, and now fully fit again. Rode a trial last weekend but came down a grade for an easier ride and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Give it away if you aren't enjoying it anymore, be aware of your own ablility and don't be stupid enough to tackle something where you could get hurt, play it safe
  4. Many thanks for the replies guys, event selection looks highly complicated. To be honest the same old type of sections event after event is starting to get boring and I've said it before, someone is going to get seriously hurt eventually, its happened to Mr Bou twice recently. Do the people who support these circus style events really think it helps sell bikes.... !!!????
  5. I'm a few miles away so I don't always catch the up to date news so be gentle with me,,,,,,, Where is James Dabill in this seasons X Trial championship, is he injured, retired from it, or just had enough and will he be riding the WTC ?? Look forward to a response Galps
  6. I'm more interested in the BSA Goldie on the left in the background. !
  7. There's a great pic of Dougie up to his petrol tank, still feet up in a creek circulating Australia.
  8. Hi I'm in Brisbane. The first place I would try is your local Honda dealer, you never know !!!!
  9. cub200

    TY Fork Stanchions

    G'day folks, ex pat from the Midland centre now based in Queensland Australia for the last 38 years. I spend more time working on bikes these days than riding them, TY Yamaha's in particular. I think its a general problem but all the bikes I see have some level of rust pitting on the stanchions. 1; Is there a sure fire way of fixing this problem besides getting the tubes hard chromed which costs more than most TY's are worth over here. I've heard epoxy resin or araldite can be used and smoothed down but how successful is it ? 2; Where can I buy new stanchions from in the UK or anywhere else, TY175 in particular. 3; Coming to ride the Manx Classic in a few weeks (no 199) and will be based in Birmingham if anyone has a good pair of 175 stanchions to sell I would be very grateful. Any advice offered I will be a happy old trials rider. Thats it from sunny Brisbane Galps
  10. He wants to cut the hub in half Graham and fit a spacer in the middle to widen the hub and then weld it all up and paint it so that you cannot see whats been done. A popular Bantam / Cub mod,,,,, stick to your Bully's
  11. G'day folks from Brisbane Australia I'm riding in the Manx Classic in the IoM this September on a Cub and the thing I worry about most is getting a puncture and fixing it in the best and quickest way possible so I thought I would ask for some advice here. Besides carrying all the tyre levers and spare tube around for two days is there a kit you can recommend that will hold a low pressure tube around the sections and tracks of the IoM for two days (worst case scenario). Please be specific, whats it called and where do I get one and what is the cost. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, this is my last attempt at the Manx as I am now 72 and I really want to finish to get my finishers mug, which costs me $5000 each time . Incidentally is there anyone older than me riding this year ????? Galps
  12. Hey Dan Try the Aussie website because there are some very helpful guys on it, https://trials.com.au/. Don't forget the cricket ball tampering, they haven't forgotten or forgiven us for the thrashing we gave them in the Ashes series, goodness knows what info they might give you
  13. Just shows how wrong you can be. I only comment on these sites when I have something constructive to say.
  14. I sold the other one as I was too nervous to fit it.
  15. I'm not asking people to name names, has anyone else had the same problem or similar. OTF,,, peg the liner ???? , can you briefly explain how this can be safely achieved or contact me privately.
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