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  1. Yes like that here in South Gippsland, we got a bit of rain last night & it looks like we are expecting more, but not as much as they predicted
  2. eagle8


    I think you could throw old Men with arthritis in there fingers, wrists etc into that list
  3. I've read that there have been some problems with airoh mx style helmets having non stainless steal rivets or D clamps that seem to rust with in a year from sweat/washing etc. I'm looking for a new helmet soon & that will be the first thing i check, i have a tld & m2r helmet & these parts are stainless & look like new .
  4. eagle8


    I'm pretty sure down here we can go from 1 side of the Country to the other side 3000klm for about Aus$ 250-$300
  5. I saw a vid of a bloke trying to get funding for a modern type frame bike with a motor like this in it, from what i could see it looked pretty good ?
  6. eagle8


    Who's selling them down here cub ? I'm in Vic.
  7. Have to say going to GasGas could be a bit of a gamble, will KTM keep them going or just let them die a slow death ? !
  8. It maybe good for Trials , but it won't be good for the GasGas name ? Remember what happened to Husaberg
  9. eagle8

    Future of Gasgas

    Don't know what it's like up there, but GasGas seems to sell a fair few Enduro bikes down here & have reasonable dealer network
  10. eagle8

    Future of Gasgas

    They seem to be going well selling Enduro & Trials bikes in Aus.
  11. G'day Gary, i just ordered some rings,head & base gasket of Colin Leese & TYOFFROAD, i have 2 TLR 250's 1 i'm just about to put back together & then i'll pull the other 1 apart. I've had a couple of piston coated with the blue colour HFC coating which builds up the piston a bit to give a tighter fit, i'm pretty lucky the Vic HFC coatings is in Gippsland not far from me, i have had them posted when i lived further away. I know somebody sells after market pistons, i was told not to go for the oversize 1's as they could be a hand grenade ? I did find someone in Dandenong Vic who would make a 1 off Piston, pin & rings for about $700 Aus.
  12. Don't forget there could be some gas in there.
  13. Ask Edward Woodward he wood know
  14. I spent a month working in Zhengzhou in 2018 & 1 thing i noticed was NO petrol Motorcycles / scooters, i was told it was illegal to have a petrol motorcycle in the area & a lot of China. Maybe they will bring out an electric 1 soon also ?
  15. I used a dremal & cut the bush in half, only problem was the 1 i bought that was supposed to fit my 250 was a bit big & i had to take a bit off it. Are yours 35mm forks or smaller ?
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