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  1. eagle8

    Future of Gasgas

    Don't know what it's like up there, but GasGas seems to sell a fair few Enduro bikes down here & have reasonable dealer network
  2. eagle8

    Future of Gasgas

    They seem to be going well selling Enduro & Trials bikes in Aus.
  3. G'day Gary, i just ordered some rings,head & base gasket of Colin Leese & TYOFFROAD, i have 2 TLR 250's 1 i'm just about to put back together & then i'll pull the other 1 apart. I've had a couple of piston coated with the blue colour HFC coating which builds up the piston a bit to give a tighter fit, i'm pretty lucky the Vic HFC coatings is in Gippsland not far from me, i have had them posted when i lived further away. I know somebody sells after market pistons, i was told not to go for the oversize 1's as they could be a hand grenade ? I did find someone in Dandenong Vic who would make a 1 off Piston, pin & rings for about $700 Aus.
  4. Don't forget there could be some gas in there.
  5. Ask Edward Woodward he wood know
  6. I spent a month working in Zhengzhou in 2018 & 1 thing i noticed was NO petrol Motorcycles / scooters, i was told it was illegal to have a petrol motorcycle in the area & a lot of China. Maybe they will bring out an electric 1 soon also ?
  7. I used a dremal & cut the bush in half, only problem was the 1 i bought that was supposed to fit my 250 was a bit big & i had to take a bit off it. Are yours 35mm forks or smaller ?
  8. Depends what you want mate, the engine is pretty much the same as early XL's & i would think brakes forks etc would also be on other Honda models ? I know my tlr is newer than a tl, but the only things i can't get original is pistons & mudguards
  9. eagle8

    Not sure of the year

    I remember when i got my Bultaco, bought new plug gaped it to specks didn't even look like starting, went around to see a mate who raced go carts with Bulty motors in them. He said half the plug gap because the electrics don't throw a strong spark, started 2 kick
  10. I have had all my pipe covered with HPC coating, they clean out the inside of the pipe because there coating goes inside & outside the pipe. I find the pipe stays reasonably & it is easier to clean !
  11. I've replaced the hoses on my Sherco & KTM trail bike with silicone hoses no problems, just check the hose clamps for the first month or so, i bought some off as3performance @ a very good price !
  12. eagle8

    Trials gloves

    I bought a pair of Hebos before the start of a 2 day trial, i was very disappointed when 1 had split stitching down the side seam i was looking for some MTB gloves & bought some TLD down hill gloves I usually do a 50klm + trail ride a week on my Sherco 300i or KTM 400 & the TLD MTB gloves are great, i have about 5 different pairs that i rotate, they even have a glove with wetsuit material in it for wet/cold rides, so i wear these gloves on my Honda tlr 250 the trail bikes & also my MTB I think the quality of TLD is top notch, to the point if i'm buying something i look @ TLD stuff first, i have TLD armour, helmet, wrist brake, elbow guards & some clothing
  13. Mate just bought a Montesa because he has dodgy knees, i brought it around for me to have a ride of because i have a dodgy left knee The Monty is a right side kick start which is good for me,he said to me don't try & kick it just get it to tdc then push lever through, i couldn't believe how easy it started !
  14. You don't have to all start @ section 1 or 2, most times over here some riders start @ section 3 or 4, some even go straight to section 8
  15. That looks like a AJG swingarm from Berrry of the Netherlands ? i've got 1 on my Honda TLR 250
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