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  1. Thanks, If it works for fort william it will work for me, seems they set a precedent, I can use that if it needs to go that far.
  2. how do the scottish six day riders manage it? No huge number plates there? I guess I can use the GPS speedo app on my phone if needed.
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me what I need to be able to (briefly) ride my new Montesa 4RT on the road. It is in the process of being road registered (7 weeks and still no sign of a V5!!!) When I last done this a long ago you needed a fork leg speedo, rear reflector and bulb horn. There will be occasions where it would be convenient to be able to ride it rather than push it.
  4. Hi folks, Considering to create a pre 65 bike (winter(s) project idea) but I'd to know the basic rules that apply to building a machine. Must it be british made only, frames and suspension mods allowed etc. What is the trials definition of a classic? that may be an easier machine to create Thanks
  5. If engine oil came out looking golden...if, it would be fine to use in my old Honda C90 If it looks black after 50 hrs use, I would be pretty worried about that low stressed engine Do most people change engine oils at 15 hrs?
  6. 50 hrs running seems a reasonable time for oil changes (motor and box) if you want to keep the oil golden. I can then use it in my Honda 90 cub
  7. Hi folks, UK post: Apart from the montesa recommended slikolene for the engine and elf for the gearbox what other decent alternatives are used? I've read a few different hours for the engine and gearbox oil changes, for a bike that is not used in competitive trials (does it matter?) what would be a reasonable interval.
  8. Good to know manufacturers are being honest with weights
  9. Hi folks, Iv'e seen Montesa/Honda stats saying their 2022 260 weighs 73 kg, is that a real number? For comparison what is the real weight of say a Beta 2022 250? Just trying to work out exactly how much weight difference there really is between the Montesa and the 2 stroke equivalents
  10. Electric is fine and improving but it is not for me. I like the diversity of engines and their characteristics. There are so many trials bike options from £500 to £6K+ No idea what I may end up with, probably closest bike to home. Regards
  11. Thank you, I only had a brief look but there didn't seem to be any fluid leak around the master or slave cyl. I never knew about slave cylinder mounting cracks that I read about after viewing so i'll also need to check that. Regards
  12. I may be able to buy 2002 Scorpa sy250 (yamaha two stroke engine) (beginners bike for me) for sale but it has a badly dragging clutch. I checked online for new friction and steel plates and it looks like £180 Is that in the normal price range? a slave cylinder if also needed would add even more. I realise I may be able to sort it by cleaning and working on the plain steel plates but if not..maybe not worth doing. Can anyone say what is the average price range of a complete and running machine in reasonable condition? Regards
  13. Well, the government won't let us have new petrol engines in 8 years time so no more 2 or 4 stroke choice. I am sure reality will see that date forgotten
  14. if I go the new bike route (finance deals make it possible) i'll be looking at the montesa 260 or the beta evo 200? not sure they do a 250. If I buy new it will be a keeper. I'm going to a local trial this weekend to talk with riiders there and may still end up buying an older but modern bike. Regarding new bike (montesa and Beta) engine quality and reliability/maintenance it seems the beta suggests piston replacement at 80 hours run time, they have nikasil so expensive to have replated in the future. Montesa I would have valves to adjust and more frequent oil changes I think. Are the two strokes really so bad on pistons? with 4 strokes I am used to cars with hydraulic valve lifters, seems stone age to have to do manual valve adjustment these days, so is the Honda engine that advanced? I have old minis, I expect to adjust the tappets on them, not a 2022 product. Which of the two would you folks suggest? Both will feel fantastic to me having been away from trials bikes for decades. Regards
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