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  1. I keep reading that, but I pulled off the motor, checked the oil, reinstalled the motor. Runs backwards. Total time, 10 minutes?
  2. Ok, but what? The starter only goes on one way
  3. The wires are in the exact place as they were before. The way its set up its impossible to swap them. This is a procedure I have done numerous times without issue. Reversed polarity sounds logical except for how it happened.
  4. I have a 2018 Montesa 300rr with the S3 electric start kit. Best investment ever. However the one thing I don't like about it is that I have to pull the starter motor off to check the motor oil. I've got it down to a science so its not a big deal/ Until tonight. I went to check the oil (good thing I did, it was low) so I started it up according to the manual to warm it up. I used the estart. No issues. Put the starter motor back on like normal, hit the button and it just spins, wont engage the flywheel. After a bunch of rooting around I figured out that the starter is spinning backwards. Anyone have any idea why it would do this? Everything is hooked up properly, just as it came apart. Thanks
  5. honda65

    Tech forks

    Thanks for the info. I did find a guy who says he can build one as well, just need to give him the measurements off the stock one.
  6. honda65

    Tech forks

    Hi, my biggest question is....where did you find an Ohlins? I've looked everywhere.
  7. Hopefully I will be moving to the Boise area next year and will be bringing my 300 Evo
  8. Hey thanks for the replys, been away from the computer. Yes I know the 40:1 needs to go. Manual says 60:1 but I thought some else also told me 80:1 which I have no problem doing. I was planning on trying the mix before jetting but it definitely pings off the bottom so I might look at the 48 pilot. As for oil, I prefer Crisco
  9. Hi, I'm new to the sport, like really really new. Long time motocrosser, good solid 40+ expert rider (almost 60 actually) but a complete and utter spode on this thing. And by this thing I mean a 2019 300 EVO I picked up on a whim this summer. I'm a bit heavy at the moment (225) and installed stiffer springs and adjusted my handlebars a bit further forward. I plan to dump the break in gas (40:1) and use the recommended ratio. Right now it both pings and burbles and blows lots of smoke. Basically I'm wondering what things I should look for, things that break or need modification. Good hop ups, jetting specs, etc. Basic stuff. Any input would help Thanks
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