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  1. Thanks Jonny! Also fyi, the high end RK chains stretch a lot less quickly than the regina chain that comes with a Vertigo i.e they last longer. That's another reason I want to change.
  2. I'm not new to the sport. Both times I've cought the chain on a rock. I'm looking to reduce the likelihood of a chain snap. The tension is always set correctly. Any advice on the actual question would be helpful
  3. Hi all, I ride a vertigo DL 12 2021 and keep snapping the chain the middle of nowhere. As such, I'm looking to buy the strongest chain possible, which appears to be a RK chain. Unfortunately they don't do half links which a vertigo need (a 103 link chain). So I'm think about buying a new rear sprocket to fit a 104 link chain. I don't want to mess with how the bike rides, so does anyone know if changing the size of the rear sprocket makes much difference at all? And on the off chance, does anyone know what sprocket teeth count I'd need for a 104 link chain on a vertigo?
  4. Hi All, When cleaning the rear brake (2021 braktec) and I've clearly got some air in the system when pushing the brake pots\pistons back in as the brake now doesn't work at all. I've taken the brake off the bike, reverse bled (several times to make sure all the air is out, hung the reservoir up high, tapped the line etc) but now only one pot\piston comes out when I put the brake on (off the bike still). I assume that I've unaligned the pot\piston when pushing it back in, and that's why it's stuck. I also assume the solution is to take the caliper apart, pull the pot out, put it back in straight and re-bleed? Any tips or ideas before I start taking the brake apart? Cheers
  5. Hi all, I snapped a link on my Regina chain on my DL12. I bought a 120 link RK 529 MXU chain and figured I could cut it down. However I can't find a half link for this chain or a rivet/master link (as the Vertigo needs it a 103 link chain it appears) I'm going to return the RK chain but before I buy a new Regina 103 link chain, does anyone know where you can get a master link/rivet link for a Regina 520 chain? I figure I'll just fix this one. I've currently bodge it by pushing a rivet pin out, putting a new half link in and pushing the old pin in. But this has of course created a stiff link. All help welcome, I'm new to chain maintenance.....
  6. Hi all, I'm patinting my front AJP caliper and the bolt.holding the caliper wouldn't come out. I ended up using a blow torch to heat the bolt so the damn thing would come out. In doing so I've blown one of the piston seals. Does anyone know where I can buy an AJP 4 pot piston seal without having to buy a full repair kit? I've been googling 25mm piston seal and I'm not too confident it will be the right seal. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Fully understand that I shouldn't take blow tourches to things lol, my impact driver is in the post.
  7. Hi folks, I've just bought a Beta Evo 2020 250 and want to upgrade the rear shock. I've been searching high and low for a Showa but have no idea where to buy one However, I've come across a 'Tech' rear shock on the Bosi team page. So, what do you think, how do these compare to a Showa? https://www.bosioffroad.it/en/products/tech-rear-shock-for-beta-standard-model-2-ways-regulation All suggestions/advice welcome. Kind Regards
  8. Ha ha, Possibly different terrain...:) I ride mostly in the Yorkshire Dales, up fells. The sections my brother-in-law sets out for me I can't do on my TRS, but on his Beta 250 2019 I find it a breeze. He's a 50/50 (sometimes expert rider) and he doesn't like the TRS either, but did say they are a bit like Marmite, some people (as per this thread) absolutely love them. I had heard it's the carb that makes it so fierce, I've heard it's the same on most 'factory' bikes so maybe it's just standard bikes for my riding style (complete lack of ability....) One thing that I would say is categorically rubbish on the TRS is the turning circle, I've never known a trials bike to lock out when turning, not sure why they haven't sorted that tbh. I assume the better riders don't care because they can flick the back end around but for me it's a crippler in some sections.
  9. I have a TRS RR 250CC 2018. I bought it because on paper it looked great, tech forks, Reiger shock, same dry weight as the Vertigo Titanium etc etc However, from a Clubman riders perspective, it's just too powerful and by that I mean it's an absolute animal. I've add a low pressure cylinder head insert, a smaller front cog, a slow throttle and still can't tame it. I'm in the market for a new bike myself and so far I've tested the new Vertigo Combat 250 2020, Beta Evo 250 2020, the new Factory Sherco 250 2020 & 300 models and they all feel A LOT smoother than my TRS. I let another rider (who rides 50/50) have a go on it last weekend and when he handed it back he said "I used to have a 300 before, a Gas Gas, too powerful for me"......it's a throttled down 250cc. My personal preference from the ones I've ridden is the Beta Evo 250 2020 and I intend to just upgrade the rear shock if I do get one. Good solid bike, easy to maintain, super smooth to ride, cheaper than some other bikes and I'm told they hold their value better than some as well. I just wish the kick start was on the right hand side! Without meaning to hijack Clanned's post, by all means, if you all think I'm about to make the wrong move, I'm also open for suggestions? Cheers
  10. Joe@Trial

    Tech forks

    Hi All, I'm looking to upgrade the suspension on a Beta Evo 2020 250cc but wondered if it's worth it. I asked the guys at Splat show and got an extremely comprehensive response, the level of detail they go to with their responses is truly amazing. However, the detail was mainly around the rear shock. Regarding the front suspension they 'alluded to' the Tech Fork being the same functionally as the standard Beta Evo forks, just lighter. What does everyone think? Are tech fork just lighter or is there a real benefit (for a Clubman rider) I'm over looking? Also, are Showa forks any good? Cheers
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