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  1. Anybody idea's where too buy the s3 head? Can't find the high compression head for the trs 250..
  2. Hello, Anybody ridden a trs one 250 with a high compression head (s3), did you use normal gas or race gas? Looking for some more power for my bike.. Greetz clanned
  3. Just put it on the back wheel with the rear brake in! Scale is ok. It's accurate about my own weight
  4. Hi, I have a beta 300 2t 2013 and beta claims the dry weight by 67.5 kg. Yersterday i scale the bike and measure around 80kg? Someone ideas? Fuel tank is empty. Greetz
  5. Also use atf dexron 3 works great! Anybody idea after how many hours it's need to replace the oil?
  6. I ride expert level and like to hop the bike a lot. I'm riding the section's pretty fast. My current bike is a gasgas txt pro 280 racing 2013. Great bike love the power and the light weight but looking for some newer model
  7. Already have a beta, great bike but a bit heavy!
  8. Hello, I want to purchase a new bike what's the best choise? - Scorpa twenty factory 2016 - Sherco racing 2018 - Trs raga racing 2017 All are 250cc models in the same price range and great conditions Ride them all for 30 min can't choise.. Greetz Clan
  9. There's no leaking still the same amount of fluid in the reservoir. And i use mineral oil
  10. I'm 1.98 cm and i use 6 inch bars it work's perfect. You can try the s3 curve footpegs there a bit lower en in a curve. works beter for me! Rising the bar too much its also not good otherwise you become a lazy rider
  11. Thanks everybody! I already use atf oil and the plate thiness is good! I will drop the level of oil and check is its beter!
  12. Hi, I have a gg txt pro racing 2013. And i won't more clutch action (faster response) Should i switch from small to large? There's no air in the system and no leaking! Greets Clan
  13. I order a new set of plates and the problem is gone thanks for the help!
  14. M/C rebuilt kit? The bike has already new piston and crank bearings
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