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  1. I feel a bit of a **** now,seemingly it’s made of steel and can be arc welded as my local welders sorted it today. Whoopee back up the woods at the weekend😁
  2. Sorry should have mentioned it’s a 2001 gasgas txt 280
  3. Hi guys,I fell off again and this time broke the welded plate on my middle exhaust box,I took it to a local welding firm who tried to aluminium weld it, it wouldn’t take. So can anyone please advise what type of welding I need for this or if it’s possible. It looks as if it had been done before as there was splatter and burn holes,cheers guys
  4. Hi folks,after 30 years and nearing 60,I have decided to get a bike again. I have never rode a trial bike before but thinking this was the safest option over road and motocross,i took the plunge and bought a 2001 gasgas txt 280.i am still trying to find my balance and lose my sanity. Is there anywhere close at hand to ride legally,cheers
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