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  1. Yes , I was looking to replace Exhaust / Silencer as whole piece . OEM part # BT860002811 , The original owner laid it down hard wheeling in the parking lot , only foot pegs and Exhaust/Silencer took the hit , everything else still looks brand new. Thanks bumpy for the info .
  2. Bought a GG 2017 280 Contac , stock silencer is a little tweak and slightly bent ,pipe looks good . Just want to replace stock Silencer only . Whole OEM silencer unit #BT860002811 is @ $522.00 (calculations?$?),,,, Any good Aftermarket best Brand I should be looking at ? Thank you.
  3. Thanks everybody ! I bought the 2017 GG 280 Contac ,,,Jeff B ,, yea,,, the seat don't look like its well mount , may look for ways to support it,,
  4. I also Have a 2001 txt 280 edition , could your steer me to the sights on where your picking up your parts , Thanks ,, hope you solve your problem
  5. Thanks For responding ! good to hear your GG is holding up well as expected . Thanks again I'll plug into Jitsie ,see what they got
  6. Agent808


    Last I read , KTM has purchase 80% of their shares . Hopefully ,,Trials bikes are part of their big plan, Gas Gas has a big foot print in trials industry Still...,,,it was their primary foundation I'm being positive to think its like when HONDA bought most of MONTESA's shares of the company
  7. . There's a 2017 GG 280 trial contac for sale ,Since its 3yrs old I'm sure issues has arise ,, can anybody fill me in !!! The Selling price is $3600 . My next concern is : OEM and After-Market PARTS AVAILABILE a problem ? since they (GAS GAS )may file Bankruptcy even though KTM bought 80% of company shares may take awhile for KTM assort things out . I still have my trustee 2001 txt 280 edition ( 1st owner ) ,,,stone reliable but parts are hard to come by . I used Trials bike to cut NEW trails , I'm not really a trialer but I use my GG to squeezing thru the Jungle here in Hawai"i Thanks .
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