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  1. Im struggling to do this double blip i find first blip into object and then there doesn't seem time for a second my timing must be all wrong i think i must be overthinking this it looks so easy
  2. I had to use msm for my 300rr they seemed to be the only ones who knew what it was cost £241
  3. Robert n


    Hi what are the vertigo bikes like to ride and reliability I’m not after one at the min just curious as never seen one in the flesh
  4. Thanks I wondered if it was a bling thing
  5. Hi all is the jitsie stuff better than original i keep seeing jitsie wheels and parts and just about everything you can buy is it that much different from manufacturers
  6. Iv got the gaerne gortex very comfy soft boot you could probably go walking in them I noticed straight away you can feel the gear leaver on the top of your foot when changing gear if this boot had extra patches on inside ankle and over the toes I’d say perfect boot I would recommend them but if you get a whack on the foot I doubt they would protect enough
  7. Thanks ill check it out it will be down to the price on the shipping its always expensive from usa to england
  8. It doesn't look that easy to get hold of at the min
  9. Thanks ill get the first one 👍
  10. Thanks looks a lot better than what I bought Iv noticed there’s two dvds which one should I go for thanks
  11. Thanks is there more content than whats available on YouTube
  12. Wish that was in english they make it look so easy so they rev first then shut down the revs and let go of the clutch using the power that has been built up then a little more on top to ride off am I right or totally wrong thanks
  13. Thanks I think your right some people are good teachers and know to point out the little bits that make all the difference I’m going to try another dvd don’t know which to go for Ryan although there’s a lot on you tube of his or jordi ?
  14. Wish id read this a week ago i got the toni bou vid not so good do you still rank these vids the same or is there anything better out now thanks
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