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  1. Surly they'll do spares for the older bikes ?
  2. When iv been looking i can get a year or two newer racing than a gp for my budget if the price is close and one year in it would you still go for a newer racing or older gp thanks
  3. Thanks for your replies everyone is the gp worth the extra money thanks
  4. Iv always fancied one but was told the gearboxes are made of chocolate and iv seen alot of the older ones with rust on the frames im thinking of coming from a vertigo to gasgas thanks
  5. Hi all are the gasgas bikes getting built better now ktm are involved
  6. I watched the videos on YouTube to see how it works and how to seperate the maps then download it of hear to my phone it went straight on to the app and just installed from there
  7. Got it to work thankyou ?
  8. I downloaded it too my phone and it had automatically gone on to the app but i had to do it near the house so it would pick the wifi off the house first to update the app when the bike was running it wouldn't do it out in the field
  9. Thankyou I only have a phone with the app on carnt do the computer bit as I don’t have one It’s saved on the phone somewhere I’ll give the three dots a try ?
  10. Hi how do you get it from hear to the WiFi app thanks
  11. Thanks Iv got Michelin on at the min but it’s time to renew
  12. which tyres are you all favouring at the minute thanks
  13. Its not a kind trade on the hands i have trigger finger in two fingers im sure that doesnt help for me the speed skim has helped loads with plastering
  14. well i think iv sussed it but i carnt belive it is that id bought some new thin hebo gloves xl i put my old gloves on which i think are old mx gloves which are thicker that iv worn for years and i was fine bit confused by that outcome
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