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  1. I hadnt thought about the fi being a problem with my montesa having it there might be knack in starting them
  2. which model did you buy
  3. Iv had 3 beta's and a sherco 290 for 12 years then the montesa id probably go back to sherco but love the look of the vertigo and really fancied one but i dont want something that breaks every two mins
  4. hi fancying going back to 2t from a 300rr montesa and have been looking at the vertigo but iv spoke to a few people who have said steer clear they are too unpredictable nice to ride but they've had loads of problems with theres any advice before i buy would be helpful thanks
  5. Robert n


    Thanks I thought the convert looked a slightly different shape
  6. Robert n


    Hi all fancy getting a airoh whats the difference between the models like the wintage and the convert and breaker just after some thoughts before the shops open thanks
  7. Robert n

    Valve clearance

    Is it a easy job to check them or best done at dealers
  8. Robert n


    Id read on another forum about a uk dealer that ktm were demanding that to sell gasgas they had to spend a fortune on a new display which they couldn't afford so were losing gasgas
  9. Robert n


    Iv always fancied a gasgas but never got one as they always get slagged off for not being built well i dont know if thats right i never took the risk so was thinking ktm input might make it a better bike sorry if thats insulting to you lads who own one
  10. Robert n


    Have ktm bought gasgas or are they still going
  11. Thanks id bought the kids a little oset electric and was playing on that thats what made me think of using a smaller bike to be fair i carnt do tricks on that either ?
  12. Thanks for your replies i went from a sherco to the 4rt i havnt found my skill level drop or improve really i thought a 125 would be underpowered for my weight
  13. Iv been thinking lately iv always bought the most poweful trails on offer which i can ride quite happily but if i dropped to a 125cc would my skills for flicking it about and tricks improve or is there no difference really for that stuff i am 15 and a half stone anyone tried it
  14. Thanks I’ll give it a try in steps ?
  15. Im struggling to do this double blip i find first blip into object and then there doesn't seem time for a second my timing must be all wrong i think i must be overthinking this it looks so easy
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