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  1. Carnt beat free ones
  2. Thanks Iv got Michelin on at the min but it’s time to renew
  3. which tyres are you all favouring at the minute thanks
  4. Its not a kind trade on the hands i have trigger finger in two fingers im sure that doesnt help for me the speed skim has helped loads with plastering
  5. well i think iv sussed it but i carnt belive it is that id bought some new thin hebo gloves xl i put my old gloves on which i think are old mx gloves which are thicker that iv worn for years and i was fine bit confused by that outcome
  6. Thanks i checked that its a fast one
  7. Thanks the bike has renthal fat bars on think thats what was on the 4rt im thinking the problem is im having to open the throttle alot more to get the same power ill try some hand stretching as im a plasterer iv always got stiff hands i had got some thin hebo gloves xl but ill try my old pair you never know could be that
  8. I could easy be the difference in throttle because I was pulling the brake lever by accident all the time one of the things I loved on the 4rt was the power with little amount of throttle Iv got the WiFi box for it so I’m hoping I can adjust the throttle to be mor responsive like the 4rt is
  9. Thanks I’m hoping it’s just to adjust to a new bike but I’m thinking Iv too much weight on my hands to cause this The footpegs are the s3 aluminium for a wide platform I assume the 10mm adjustment on the pegs wouldn’t even be noticeable so only leaves the handlebars
  10. Hi all after some advice moved from montesa 300rr to a vertigo 300 r Had a few rides lovely bike but I’m getting cramp in my right hand all the time never experienced it before had a few bikes and it’s not happened Iv got everything set as it should be any tips on what to adjust whould be helpful thanks Iv put on the s3 aluminium foot pegs so there’s that little adjustment
  11. Im thinking the new pads are just miles better so any pull on the leaver makes it work where i was getting away with it before ill try to adjust to it or try a dog leg leaver as suggested iv been blessed with hands like shovels but short fingers 🤣
  12. Thanks iv had it all in bits lost all pressure so stripped the master cylinder rubbers look good rebuilt it brake works good but it definitely bits a bit further out with the new pads im wondering if just the pads are alot better and the older pads gave me more to play with could do with a ET finger 🤣 thanks
  13. I copied how they were in but ill double check its not spongey the brake is good but the lever is far out compared to what is was even with the adjuster all the way out so soon as my finger is on it its braking with no play ill go back to the beginning its obviously something iv done i wonderd with pushing the pistons back with leaving the cap on its got to much pressure in there im only guessing though thanks
  14. No i just pushed the pistons back i didnt take the lid off if that would make a difference thanks
  15. Hi just fit some new brake pads and now when I ride I carnt stop pulling the front brake when I try to do stuff with my short fingers Iv adjusted it as much as poss but it’s still too far out never come across this before was wondering if I took some fluid out it might help thanks
  16. Thanks its for a vertigo think mines the pin version
  17. I just got 2019 300 vertical r had a couple of goes on it lovley bike power is spot on feels like a mountain bike compared to my montesa
  18. are all breaktek brakes the same pads on all the bikes if so what do you recommend good bitey ones thanks
  19. 13s that’s some boot I’d looked at the apico they look good aswell the s3 have caught my eye now it’s too late 😁
  20. Thanks im after wide ones really i have flat feet narrow pegs make my feet ache after a while
  21. Im liking the look of the s3 hardrock aluminium ones look nice and wide
  22. hi has anyone tried the as3 wide foot pegs are they s3 stuff or someone using a close name thanks
  23. Thankyou iv decided to go with a 2019 250 vertical r hopefully will be getting it next week
  24. Thankyou I got chance to ride a 250 dl today very nice to ride I don’t think I’d need a 300
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