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  1. In the app, select the map factory map, hit the three dots; and select "copy to custom maps", then find the factory map in the custom map list, hit the three dots again and select "share the map", then send the map to your computer by email, then save the file from the email to your computer, and then post the map here by just dragging it to the reply when you post. The video above shows how to share the maps. Thanks
  2. I used the wificom device to download the maps. I think it is worth having in your tool kit for playing with maps. The WIFICOM device lets you calibrate the TPS and check diagnostic trouble codes if you ever experience any problems.
  3. 2020 r2 300 map 2020 R2 300 factory map@RX1VTG07.pro
  4. Here is the 2019 Vertical 300 2019 vertical 300 Factory Map@RX1VTG07.pro
  5. It is a .pro file Example file format: Ecu Map @RX1VTG07.pro It looks like they are about 1340 bytes. Here is a video about how the files are created and shared. It is in Spanish but it the steps are easy to follow. ie
  6. I have a 2019 Vertigo Vertical 300 and I would like to try the 2020 Vertical 300 map. It would be great to compile a database of maps that the Vertigo owners can share and try. This forum allows the upload of the map file format. I found a good instruction video that is posted below. The WiGet app for the GET Ecu makes it very easy to share maps. I currently have these maps to share: 2020 R2 300 2019 Vertical 300 I will update the list and post the maps here as I get more Thanks, DT
  7. Dan you need to start compressing your rear suspension during the wheelie so that your rear suspension is at maximum compression when your front wheel hits. The instruction videos say to dump the clutch and jump at the same time your front wheel hits the obstacle. That is exactly right but when most people think "jump" they visualize dropping down to load their legs and then exploding up. This exploding up part is the "jump" that is described in the instructional videos. Instead of trying to separating the loading your legs, which compresses your rear suspension, and the exploding up into two separate actions, just try to initiate the two part jump sooner.
  8. That is wrong. Move the left fork to match the right fork.
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