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  1. I would like peoples opinion on the gasgas bikes made after 2015 do you think they has the same quality as 2015 and older or have they been put together cheaply thanks
  2. Thanks for all your advice I have spoke to tony today (road and trials)he told me to check a few of the simple things first Like carb done Spark plug done Loose connection on plugs done I'm going to try to change my cdi unit of my 2014 if it fits and then who knows
  3. Ill will try that thanks but this has been doing it from brand new the bike is only 6 month old and at most only been used 10 times
  4. When it starts it seems to run fine I've changed the plug a couple of times we bought the bike new but my lad put up with it he now has given trials up so I've now inherited the bike and problem could it be a faulty CDI unit thanks
  5. This is a 2019 300cc gasgas that back fires on kicking any suggestions please
  6. Hi guys quick question wha would be a average price to get marazochi fork seals done on a gasgas I only ask because I've been told 2 prices and both are miles apart like £100 in difference Thanks
  7. stephen123

    Gasgas clutch

    Fitted a new clutch but it seems to slip when a need the power like when time trying to climb a rock or up a hill any ideas please I've checked the obvious making sure theres play in the clutch lever
  8. stephen123

    Clutch plates

    Hi can someone tell me the make/ name of genuine clutch plates for a gasgas thanks
  9. stephen123

    Decal set

    Hi everyone just trying to find someone who sells genuine clutch plates for gasgas I'm really after the make of them so I can look round thanks
  10. stephen123

    Decal set

    Thanks will try them
  11. stephen123

    Decal set

    Hi all I'm looking to buy an original sticker kit for my gasgas racing 300 (2014) cant seem to find any any body know where I can look thanks
  12. Does the S3 head use a standard o ring as what comes with the standard head or is it a different size
  13. Looking to buy a second hand rear wheel for a gasgas 2014 as a spare anybody know of anywhere I've looked Ebay no joy
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