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  1. mcman56


    I recently rode a TY175 with the B&J full engine mods. I don't know what all of the mods are but performance was extremely impressive. More power everywhere, much better response yet still silky smooth and pulls to extremely low rpms. I have ridden a TY with modified frame and another that was ported but they seemed at most a little different from stock. This was a whole different animal.
  2. mcman56


    Like he said. I believe they are the US experts on this.
  3. mcman56

    Rod Kit Install Difficult?

    It seems to be the accepted method for Honda tin can cranks.
  4. mcman56

    O/X Ring or standard chain?

    I have run that chain on a Rev3 and the narrow RK on a Sherco and Evo. The RK was slightly narrower, about 0.015". Sherco had plenty of room. The Rev3 and Evo were quite tight and I had to run the master link backwards for extra brake pedal clearance. They basically last forever, require little lubrication and don't need regular adjustment. Since he chain does not wear, sprockets seem to last forever also. They will saw their own clearance in the chain guide but V Mar makes a wider one specifically for O ring chains. http://www.vmar.com/chain-guide.html
  5. mcman56

    Rod Kit Install Difficult?

    Someone suggested I could use a chop saw to cut the big end pin to get it apart. Once the rod is off, it should not be difficult to support and press out what is left of the pin. Looking ahead, what happens if I press the crank too tightly together. Is there a way to correct or would I be back to the same problem but now have a big paperweight? It is for a friends bike and I'm not finding a local shop that does these.
  6. I have heard rumors that the latest model Evo has some minor change that makes it easier to find neutral. It sounded like a minor parts change. Does anyone have details?
  7. mcman56

    Rod Kit Install Difficult?

    I see what you mean. Do you know what the proper tooling looks like? I have seen pictures of 1/4" angled steel to go through the center as a base for pressing. With that, it looks like I could make a split ring/ spacer to sit on the flat area around the rod. This spacer could support from angle to crank wheel. 1/4" does not sound like much but there is only about 9 mm between the wheels.
  8. mcman56

    Fantic Section fan/ thermostat problems

    You can put the thermostat in water on the stove and heat. You should get continuity before water boils.
  9. Search Craigslist for Trials. There is a nice Beta on there now but it would be a drive for you. Lewisport is the biggest dealer and worth a call. You can also go to a Sac PITS event to see if any are for sale.
  10. mcman56

    Rod Kit Install Difficult?

    lineaway - Can you elaborate? It there nothing square to the pin to push on? I have not split the cases yet but do see quite a bit of plastic on the crank.
  11. mcman56

    Rod Kit Install Difficult?

    Are rod kits difficult to install on modern 2 strokes (Beta 125)? The only one I have installed was on a BSA C15. It was very old and rusty. My cheap 30 ton press groaned pushing it apart but got the job done. Any recommendations?
  12. mcman56

    Gah. New ignition, new problems.. TXT300...

    I can mention a couple of hard to find ignition issues I have encountered and a diagnostic idea. A friends Beta recently quit running. It would sort of start and die. I checked the carb. And then looked at wires. The power wire to the coil had a little cut in the insulation like someone screwed up when installing the connector. There were some signs of arcing. It got taped up but it was not the issue. I unplugged the kill switch and it was the same but I noticed a flickering light inside the connector on the bike side of the wiring when kicking/ running. I broke the connector open and found the two pins burnt due to arcing. I replaced the connector and all was good. I don't know how I would have found that without seeing the arcing. I never would have suspected something inside the connector of the main wiring harness. A continuity check at that connector could be a good idea but if it is intermittent may not be found. I had a little kids bike that would start and run fine but start to miss under heavy load. I found a bare wire under the flywheel. It was not touching so worked OK until the voltage got high enough and jumped the gap. It is not easy but If you have access to a lathe or mill, it is possible to set up the ignition system on that and run it off the bike. A drill press may work too. The stator needs to be properly positioned in the flywheel. (not much clearance to play with) Plug in CDI, coil and spark plug. Ground the side of the plug and use the machine to spin the flywheel. You can observe performance and a timing light can be used to look for consistent timing. If you mark the flywheel and stator to identify some degrees before center, you can see if timing is close.
  13. mcman56

    Gah. New ignition, new problems.. TXT300...

    Could the flywheel be loose and changing position?
  14. mcman56

    Sharp Brakes

    When I first went to a bike with powerful front brakes, I struggled. To make them more progressive, someone suggested cutting an X in the pads with a hack saw. It worked.
  15. mcman56

    2016 Evo 4T

    At least on the 2016, there is a bracket holding a group of connectors right on top of the carb. (seen if you remove the fender) These are not very tight connections. Twice after changing jetting, I have had issues. Once the fan did not work and once the fuel solenoid did not work. I probably bumped the connectors when pulling the carb but upon inspection they appeared to be making good contact but in fact were not. Reseating the connectors was the cure. Since not very secure, they could be suspect for water contamination.