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  1. The raised needle masked the problem for just one ride. I pulled the point plate and it is quite dirty near the seal but not really wet.
  2. I read that a lean needle can cause this so I looked at the carb again. The needle did have a very slight amount of up and down play in the slide, maybe 0.010 inches. I have not seen this on other carbs but don't know that I would notice. I raised the needle one position to full rich and added a small spacer on top of the clip to get rid of the play. The hanging idle seems gone or at least greatly reduced.
  3. Can the magneto side seal be replaced form the outside? Are there any tricks or advice? I did replace all of the seals in the carb. Someone sells a kit.
  4. I have a TY175 that has a delay before returning to a slow idle. When cutting the throttle, it will stay at a high idle for 3 to 5 seconds before returning to a slow idle. Just guessing... but if a slow idle is 800 rpm, the fast is maybe 1300. Besides that it runs fine. Is that normal or to be expected? I have cleaned the carb multiple times, checked the reeds and gone from a 30 to 32 and then 35 pilot jet but it is much the same. I tried spraying WD40 all around the intake system to see if there was a leak. It is mostly stock with dual stage reeds, fmf muffler and a little weight removed from the flywheel. Is there something else to look for? IIRC 4 strokes can do this when rich and 2 strokes when lean. Is that correct?
  5. Garne boots are a good fit for me but they do not offer a lot of protection. Once aged a bit, they feel like bedroom slippers so I want something with more protection. I have been using MSR dual sport boots but they are obsolete. I just ordered some Alpinestars but when I tried them on, they are too narrow in the ball/ toe area and skinny in the calf area. Reviews suggest that SIDI is also small in the toe area. Is there another brand that is wide in the front, has plenty of room in the calf and offers better protection. How is the fit with Forma? One article reviewing trials boots even recommend these as trials boots. Has anyone tried them? https://www.amazon.com/ONeal-Mens-Logo-Rider-Black/dp/B073XW4YMF/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=thedirtbike-20&linkId=5c22ab8e9c248bd48cd8b5e592a08226&language=en_US
  6. This bike was a rare find and is just starting to show wear on the original tires. I inspected the exhaust and it is very clean. The 270 has a reputation of being on the loud side. The root of the problem is that I have been spoiled by the sound level of a Beta 4t so am looking for any options to quiet down the 2t. I put an FMF universal muffler on a TY175 and liked the result but it looks too wide for the Beta. I do remember hearing of people replacing the curved Montesa inner pipe with a straight one for improved power and "better" sound.
  7. Did some Montesas 2ts come with a curved inner muffler tube, the perforated one that gets fiberglass wrapped around it? Are they still available somewhere? What years and models came with them? Did they make the bike quieter than a straight pipe? I have an 01 Beta I would like quieter and wonder if this is an option.
  8. mcman56

    Brake pedal

    This is a 2016 four stroke. It uses the same pedal. It was an improvement for me.
  9. mcman56


    How often do you replace or refinish the basket?
  10. mcman56

    300 SS

    I assume you could port an engine to make it easier to kick over. Would raising the exhaust port make it both smoother off idle and easier to kick?
  11. mcman56

    300 SS

    I have had a couple of short rides on SS 300s, the last was a 2020 so they are still available. They were both smoother than a 300 factory model I owned....very smooth. In general I find the Betas 300s to be a bit slower reving and therefore a bit easier to ride than the 250s but can't explain why...unless you wind them up. I did not wind up the SS so can not comment on that. The most surprising thing about them is that they were very very easy to kick over, nothing like other 300s I have kicked, maybe even easier than 250s. I looked up the specs and the compression ratios are the same so I can't imagine why they are easier to kick unless the listed specs are wrong. The 2020 was also quieter than other Beta's even though the muffler looked the same. Maybe there was something different about that one bike.
  12. When I try to message I get: rgvlc cannot receive messages.
  13. Evo is different from 2001 Rev3.
  14. I'm looking for a flywheel weight for a 2001 Beta Rev3 270. These are 80 mm hole to hole as opposed to later Rev3s that are 70 mm. Did these also require a spacer for the side cover? I was looking at making one myself but there is not much space under the side cover. I'm in the US.
  15. mcman56

    Beta 4t carb

    Where do you get this aftermarket airbox to carb conn which is softer? I never timed it but maybe it is a 45 minute job vs 15 for the two stroke.
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