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  1. Live spark plug lead

    I may have had it easy. It was a 6 volt points controlled ignition that was already 25 years old at the time. The coil had 2 leads that fired two plugs at the same time. Modern ignitions must have a lot more zap.
  2. Live spark plug lead

    Comedy Central - I was once riding a V twin motorcycle with no insulation at the spark plug cap while wearing shorts. I lost my balance at a stop, planted my foot on the ground and the bike laid against my leg. Continuous high voltage shocks zapped my leg while I fought to regain balance and get the bike off of my leg. So, I can say from experience you would know. (This was prior to Youtube.)
  3. Removal of 247 swing arm bushes

    I had a similar issue with a fantic 80. I had to use a hydraulic press to press the axle out. It took a surprising amount of force but did not damage anything. They are called shop presses here but seem like one of those things that may have another name elsewhere. Something like this. https://www.harborfreight.com/20-ton-h-frame-industrial-heavy-duty-floor-shop-press-60603.html
  4. Beta 4T Variable Idle

    My 4t usually has a very steady idle but sometimes it will step down about 200 rpm and stay there. The idle does not wander like a lean 2t. It may not do it for a couple of rides and then do it consistently. Otherwise runs fine. I fiddle with the mixture screw and it does not seem to help. I do ride at different temperatures and when it started today, it was maybe 20 degrees cooler than it has been. 25 pilot, screw 2 turns out, needle one step rich from mid, 125 main. The plug is black but does anyone get a tan plug on any beta? Beta seems to run cold plugs and I never got a tan plug on a Beta 2T either. Can a blackish plug in itself cause idling issues?
  5. Evo 4t Carb

    Does the 130 produce any black smoke when full reved up in neutral? I have a 125 in mine and get just a hint of black smoke at full throttle in neutral. I don't know if it does that under load.
  6. 2011 Beta 290 Cutting Out

    From my understanding, a common failure of CDIs is that the advance function fails. They could get stuck in a retarded mode or advanced mode that could explain crappy running but not really a dying engine. If you have a flywheel puller, you could try fully advancing the timing to see what happens. That is assuming your model has an advance curve. I checked a 97 techno that had about 20 or 25 degrees of advance from idle to full scream. I have a 2008 REV 3 that only has about 6 degrees of advance through that range. 6 degrees is likely due to higher voltages making things happen a little sooner rather than an actually designed in curve. Beta must do something different with the port timing for engines with and without advance. I wish I understood what.
  7. To Nikasil or Not to Nikasil - That is the question.

    Are the available rings compatible with Nikasil? I thought rings were developed for specific bore materials.
  8. 2011 Beta 290 Cutting Out

    I had a rev 3 that acted like that as the stator failed. It seemed exactly like a carb issue. Possibly it did not produce enough voltage as the compression pressure went up. It started out intermittent and got worse.
  9. tiger cub forks

    This does nto really answer your question but I ran bultaco leading axle forks with the Bultaco yolks on a BSA C15 and it turned quite nicely.
  10. Struggle to start Sherco when it is warm

    Have you tried starting with the throttle fully open?
  11. Lampkins have a couple of pages of recommendations for SSDT preparations. One of these is a piece of foam pushed down between frame and front of air box by the top of the shock on an evo. This will cause it to touch the top of the muffler. How do you ensure it does not melt or catch fire?
  12. A big bore kit was available from S3 for the Gas Gas 125 but I have never seen anything for the beta. Someone suggested that it was just a shortened 250 barrel but trying that on a beta would be a project. https://shop-s3.com/gb/cylinders/244-kit-cylinder-piston-gaskets-head-cover-gas-gas-tr-225cc.html?search_query=gas+gas+225&results=2
  13. Beta evo clutch

    From a theoretical point of view, why would lighter springs create less drag? When you pull in the clutch, the pressure plate moves back a fixed distance creating space for the clutch plates to move apart. When fully disengaged, why would it make a difference if there was 5 lb force or 500 lb force trying to push that pressure plate back in?
  14. I would like to inspect the impeller on a 2016 4t. The manual makes it look like there is a gasket rather than an oring sealing the cover. Is the gasket reusable or should I order another before pulling off?
  15. Please help

    I had a somewhat similar problem on an MR50. It ran fine until under a load but at this point I don't remember if it stalled or simply ran poorly. I found a wire under the flywheel that had rubbed on the flywheel so was kind of bare. It may have been to the points. I taped and moved the wire to eliminate the issue. My theory was that as compression pressure went up, voltage required to spark went up and the voltage would arc to the flywheel.