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  1. The US 2014 Factory 300 model I had came with: machined, not cast fork clamps Titanium head pipe white painted master cylinders for clutch and front brake fancy red chain adjuster snails
  2. I was able to get an owners manual pdf for a 2001 by emailing Beta. support@betamotor.com The Evo engine is almost exactly the same so the engine manual works for the 2002. https://betausa.com/content/SUPPORT_PDF's/2009-2015 Evo 2 stroke Engine.pdf
  3. The 200 evo does have some nice features. It is very easy to kick and starts very easily. (sort of like a TY175) You never see someone struggling to get one started. They are about 15 lbs lighter than the 4rt. From what I have read they turn tighter and have more ground clearance than the Honda. They are actually easier to care for; no valve adjustments, no oil filters, no expensive oils. If you go back and forth between your modern bike and TY, it would likely be an easier adaptation with the 200 evo as opposed to a 4t. Evos do have weak rear brakes but some are OK so I don't understand. Front brakes seem fine to me. (average rider). Hondas do have superior build quality but the Beta has good build quality. I don't know anyone having issues due to Beta build quality. I did break a front fender when the bike fell over on the stand but I don't know anyone who has had a lot of plastic breakage issues. Then again, I generally ride with people who fall down sometimes as opposed to more aggressive riders who have wild crashes on a regular basis..
  4. I'm in the US. Your response implies that knee guards are not worn in the UK. Do your bikes come with some kind of "don't fall in the rocks" option? I could really use an option like that.
  5. Are any knee guards/ pads available that provide good side protection for knees, both inside and outside? I have a bad habit of hitting both of those areas. EVS Option was the best I could find that wrapped a bit around the inside and outside but I'm limping around today from a hit to the inside of my knee when falling down in a rock pile. Any input or recommendations would be helpful I have seen some that look like socks with foam but they don't look to have any kind of hard plastic shell. How do they survive sharp rocks? Are they hot. Summers are quite warm here but protection can be more important. I have seen others that have good coverage but have pivot bolts on the sides where I'm looking for protection. Are your knees adequately protected from those pivot bolts? I would not want one driven into the side of my knee like a nail. https://www.evs-sports.com/products/option-knee-pad?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&utm_source=digitalthrottle&utm_medium=shopping&utm_campaign=13698508&gclid=Cj0KCQiA34OBBhCcARIsAG32uvMDaYXz7f6KgHmCEZ7B_X8OQS3WqWSe-WYAGA20xgeScLgEhGkt1ogaAnyrEALw_wcB
  6. That does not sound like my chain tensioner sound. The tensioner was a higher pitch, sort of a tink vs that click.
  7. Does your tappety noise sound sort of like a busy sewing machine or is it more of a tink-tink-tink with the pitch of a small ball peen hammer hitting a hard metal surface? Is it just noticeable and only at idle? Mine had the tink sound and so did the only other Beta 4t I got to listen to. I traced it to the cam chain tensioner. They have a very small spring. The sound was still there with a new tensioner so I went to a manual tensioner and it went away. When you look at the tensioner, the ratchet mechanism is made of hardened steel so I think it was designed to sort of bang away while the chain tries to flap around. I think it is normal and does not hurt anything but found it annoying. Probably the only reason you can hear it is that the rest of the engine and standard muffler is so very quiet.
  8. Don't get the news EVS elbow guards. The straps are quite short, barely big enough for average size arms.
  9. The oddest kill button related issue I have seen was on a buddies 2016 Beta. A shop had connected a lanyard type switch and it worked OK for a while but then quit. When kicking, it would try to fire a couple of times and then stop. In the process of diagnosing, I was kicking it over with the button disconnected and noticed arcing inside the connector on the bike side. (how lucky was that) It looked fine from the outside but somehow, the shop had damaged the connector internally to create an intermittent short. I replaced the connector with soldered wires and all was good. If I had not noticed the arcing, I can't imagine how I would have found that issue.
  10. I have been wondering about this. How do you set up a slider in a lathe? All of the external surfaces are non-precision as-cast surfaces. How is the slider held and how do you get the bore aligned straight and centered?
  11. mcman56

    Beta 300 4rt

    Interesting comments. What is this air box kit? Which Gas Gas kickstand fits? Does it use a different mount? I tend to hit the Beta 4t kickstand bracket on steps. It creates a burr and then the kick stand does not rotate easily.
  12. A sheared key and rotated flywheel could alter timing and have a similar result.
  13. mcman56

    Sherco Fuel Tanks

    I think I heard nylon also but have no source to back it up, maybe this. https://www.ducatimonster.org/threads/m1100evo-nylon-fuel-tank-coating.338538/
  14. mcman56

    Sherco Fuel Tanks

    I had a 2002 with a translucent tank and the tank grew over time. I ended up having to slot the mounting hole and it got harder and harder to push down between the tubes. I read somewhere that it is the alcohol in US gas that causes the expansion. I don't think HDPE does that. Does it?
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