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  1. mcman56

    no start rev3

    A friend had a Gas Gas stator done here: http://www.rickystator.com/page/rewinds Does a 2003 rev 3 have an advance curve? I have checked a couple. A 97 techno did but an 08 Rev 3 did not.
  2. mcman56

    Swing arm bearings

    You should definitely include checking and greasing the swing arm bearings. They don't use a lot of grease from the factory. All Balls sells a swing arm bearing kit.
  3. mcman56

    Evo factory front brake issues

    Who sells the AJP replacement system? Where do you get a Nissin M/C? I find that the Beta rear brakes are weak but have found nothing that would be a fairly easy replacement..
  4. The Beta UK SSDT guide recommends sealing rim strips with sikoflex or tiger seal. I have never seen this stuff but have a very slow leak am thinking about giving it a try. Has anyone down this? Is there just on version of sikoflex and tiger seal? Is it easy to clean off for removal?
  5. mcman56

    No Rear Wheel Lift?

    I managed to get some front compression but still no lift. Can you tell which direction timing is off? It looks rushed but I'm not sure why. https://youtu.be/ZJ_3kox93ns
  6. mcman56

    Electric conversion

    The guy narrating this converted the Montesa and has been riding it in local trials since. He has a channel on youtube but I don't know if there is a way to contact him through that.
  7. mcman56

    timing for unweighting?

    jacob429 I like the platform in your video. What size lumber did you use? Are the posts 6 x 6?
  8. mcman56

    Evo 200 upgrade to 250?

    Beta 200 is a small bore 250 so just add 250 top end.
  9. Sometimes I can get over this obstacle without smacking the foot peg mounts and kick stand bracket but mostly they hit. There is no rear wheel lift. What am I doing wrong? (I think it is everything but everything is hard to work on.) The one time you don't hear the hit, the front tire deforms a little so impact does help. How do you safely impact a sharp obstacle like that. Do you need to come down on it rather than hit the face or....?
  10. mcman56

    ARC levers not fitting

    lineaway - are you saying these will fit my 2016 beta with grimeca calipers? I thought ajp morphed into bractec
  11. mcman56

    2 strove v 4 stroke , pro and cons

    I recently changed from a Beta 300 2T to a Beta 300 4T and really like the change. It took me a while to get used to it but it takes me time to get used to any new bike. My riding skills are probably average. At my level it is still about doing things with throttle more than clutch. The 4t is slightly heavier but I can't say that it affects anything. The 4t has more engine braking but I can't say that it is a pro or a con. Mine is a 2016 and I bought the oil pump upgrade that is said to reduce engine braking but after getting used to it, I think I actually like the engine braking so have not installed. Pros It is very very quiet The 4t has more off idle power in that initial blip. This is good in coming right up to a large log. The 4t has less power at higher revs so you can be less precise with the throttle. It feels kind of fluffy. The 2t 300 produced a lot of power once wound up which could get away from you and was really no use to an average rider like me anyway. The 4t power comes on softer, more like a push than a hit. I find it less tiring to ride and it beats me up less so I am riding more. I think everything happens a little slower so I'm also in better control The 4t is very easy to kick. It takes a long slow kick with not much force. It gets better traction and seems able to regain traction easier if you do start to slip. No mixing of oil or cleaning of oily exhausts. It is hard to explain but it is more fun to ride, like a Reflex. Maybe it is the quiet smooth power. Cons That strong power on the initial blip tends to push the front end when doing full lock turns. To compensate, I changed my style to hold throttle steady and just use clutch in those situations. Full lock turns do seem a little harder. It could be a higher center of gravity due to the taller engine or maybe the geometry is a little different. The clutch is probably a little less progressive. It only has 5 gears so feels like it is missing 6th. For trials it is fine but if you want to do high speed road it could be a limitation. The gears are nicely spaced, not like the old Shercos that seemed to be missing 4th gear. Occasionally, after being dropped or stalled in some odd manner, it can take a number of kicks to get it going. It has 3 oil filters. One is changed out and two are cleaned. It is actually quite easy and quick to do. The carb is much more difficult to get out. Instead of a 5 or 10 minute jet change, it is probably more like a 45 minute or hour change....still not horrible. Valve adjustments are a lot of work. You come very close to pulling the engine to get it to rotate down and get access. The recommended interval is 60 hours so it does not have to be done often.
  12. mcman56

    Making a 250 Behave Like a 200

    Message sent but does anyone know how to allow PMs. I looked at my profile but don’t see any settings for that
  13. mcman56

    125 250 or 300cc ??

    300s tend to be more slow reving than 250s so are stronger but a bit slower on response so can be easier to ride. However, if the throttle gets away from you and you end up at higher rpms they put out a lot of power that could get you in trouble. So, I think the answer depends on your throttle control.
  14. mcman56

    Making a 250 Behave Like a 200

    I pulled out the parts. The smallest was thin and 1.3" ID. That must be the one I remember. The tapered part fits in the pipe. See picture. Send me a PM with your address, I can should be able to mail it. I have no use for it now.
  15. mcman56

    Making a 250 Behave Like a 200

    I just looked it up. The outside of the spacer was shaped just like the exhaust flange with the two holes. The ID was 1.42" but I don't remember where that came from, probably some percent of the unrestricted area. It was 1/4" thick aluminum. I'll look for the actual part.