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  1. I agree with B40T. start bike, make sure you have some open space in front, give the bike a little roll forward with your foot and ride 10 or 20 feet with clutch in until it clears. A little blip of the throttle should do the trick. Some modern bike clutches stick too.
  2. Does anyone know the fork oil volume or height for a 2001 Rev 3? Is it the same as a 2008? Is there a place to get a 2001 operator manual?
  3. I stretched the caliper and installed a KX65 brake disc (180 mm vs 160 mm) and got a more powerful brake. Still, initial feel was not as good as I wanted. Next I noticed that if I put my heel on the peg it felt pretty good when braking. This probably only applies to us wee people with small feet (size 9). I have been wearing boots with heels and noticed it felt better with the heel shoved up tight against the rear of the foot peg. Comparing a Rev 3 to the Evo, front of foot peg to brake tip distance is about the same. However, the Evo has wider pegs so with heel, it forces your foot about 1/2" further back. I took BM1200s advice and bought the Jitsie pedal. It does come farther back so I'm hoping that will do the trick.
  4. I looked at 2 bikes yesterday. 2016 Beta master cylinder has Beta cast in. A 2019 Beta Factory has what I think is a Brachtek symbol cast in and boasts of better brakes. Calipers looks the same except that the factory caliper has some dot matrix pattern on the back with numbers. 2019 felt better. Still, what can really be different? They look to be the same size. A bigger piston would move more fluid but have less psi (pounds per square inch). A smaller piston would move less fluid so would require more travel but would have more psi so maybe that would be the direction.
  5. The REV3 rear disc is 5 mm bigger in diameter. I tried comparing the REV3 pedal to the evo pedal. The REV3 does look longer but there are so many curves it i shard to put a number on it. I believe other brands like Gas Gas actually have smaller discs
  6. Are there any new learnings to improve the evo rear brake? I had a 14 Factory with weak rear brake and tried everything, all kinds of pads, new disc, replace master cylinder and caliper with latest (2017 or 18?) Still it remained much the same. It did not feel spongy, just weak. If you stomp on it, it will stop but it is not easy to finesse in technical situations. Now I have a 2016 evo that is the same. Others have had a similar experience. My rev3 rear brake was vastly superior. I have ridden 2019 and maybe 2018 models that have quite nice rear brake feel but when I look at all of the hardware, it looks the same. ?????
  7. Standard factory recommendations seem to be 1 to 1.5mm
  8. I find pulling with vacuum from the bleeder nipple to be the most effective. When changing fluid you can just keep it always full so there is no air to bleed. I also use the push with syringe method and the pump and release method. Sometimes I think the different methods help get bubbles out of different places when it does not go well. Still, bleeding hydraulics on a trials bike, particularly starting with a dry rear caliper, can be a very frustrating job. In addition to methods and techniques, I often feel that there is some sort of higher power that requires a certain level of emotional suffering from the mechanic before allowing those last few bubbles to exit.
  9. Starts and runs fine until riding to sections then smokes excessively If the exhaust is full of oil, it may catch fire and smoke excessively when riding to sections. It will also run funny and have a weird smell, sort of like a rancid barbecue. You could be burning off the oil that built up from the bad seals. There are some posts on here about cleaning out the exhaust. Another way is just to run it hard and keep a lot of heat in the exhaust until it burns out. This could be a long ride at the speed it starts smoking on the way to sections or a nice long hill climb. Repeat until it stops smoking.
  10. What drugs could help trials riding?
  11. Keihin PWK does not come in 26mm
  12. Personally, I have found the Keihin carb particularly insensitive when trying to adjust by the "fastest idle" method. In fact, one day I was riding with a rider on a new 250 Evo and when he went to adjust the idle mixture screw found that it had fallen out. The bike still ran OK. I try and use the "adjust and try" method. Not that I would recommend it but a 26 mm OKO would be a simple swap as it is the same size and uses the same cable.
  13. mcman56

    Softer springs

    I'm not sure if this helps but have you looked at other Beta models? The 08 Rev3 200 fork has a different part number than the 250. I have long suspected that it is a softer spring. Could the new 125s have softer springs? Beta may know. You could compare the rear shock springs to a 125 to see if they are different. A suspension shop, like racetech, may also be able to provide a spring by looking at the originals even if they can not look it up by make and model.
  14. Has anyone come up with a chain guard mod to keep the chain from sawing through boots?
  15. mcman56

    Front forks

    Did you bleed out and refill the cartridge per the owners manual? It is what lineaway is referring to. It is not that hard to forget if you have not done it lately.
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