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  1. mcman56

    Can Reeds Really Improve Response?

    Except for turning, I don't use the clutch much. Do you have any suggestions on developing that skill? Do you try to rev and dump or hold high rpms and feed?
  2. mcman56

    Can Reeds Really Improve Response?

    I checked the reeds and I actually did not have the boyesens installed. I installed them and fully advanced the timing. There is a noticeable improvement. I have a 26mm OKO and wonder if it could improve response over the Keihin. It is interesting what this site says about Keihins on 125s. https://trialendurodirect.com/product/gas-gas-pro-performance-kits-ppk5/ The Keihin carburetors make a BIG difference to all GG Pro models. The standard 26mm Dellorto carbs are great for production because they carburate perfectly and rarely change whatever the conditions. The Keihin carbs are 28mm so that’s 2mm bigger than the dellorto which increases top end power, this is why all the top riders use them. Also because of the 2mm bigger bore they make the bottom end power very smooth and clean. The carburation is a little more tricky to set up and can vary in different conditions but the Keihin carb we supply should be spot on for all 250/280 and 300 Pro models. Only maybe a slide change is necessary. Fitting the Keihin carb to a 125cc will improve the top end power alot but you lose quite alot of bottom end which is maybe not a good thing for a 125. It depends on ability of rider and conditions used.
  3. mcman56

    Can Reeds Really Improve Response?

    I have a 2008 Rev3 200 and the response is quite soft. I ran it with a 250 top end for a while and it did have more power but the response was still soft. It has the fast throttle and Keihin carb. Everything is in good shape and overall it runs good. It does have the Boyesen dual stage reeds. Could a reed change make a significant improvement in response? There is no add on flywheel weight. I have thought about shaving weight off of the flywheel but am concerned about making an expensive paperweight. I recently had a 2016 Beta 125 apart. It has a little tiny flywheel and impressive response for a 125.
  4. You should find pictures on the web of what is inside. I cut a hole in a beta mid pipe and the steel wool packing was still in place. It was just caked with black goo and not easy to pull out. I repacked with steel wool and used some super soft aluminium plate to cover the hole. Silicone and rivets held it in place. I don't remember the allow you it formed as easily as aluminium foil. If you have good AL welding skills, a bigger hole would make it much easier
  5. I agree with Tony27. I have come to the conclusion that the sweet off idle power of a new bike is totally due to a clean exhaust. I replaced the exhaust on an 02 Sherco and immediately got that new bike response....... for a while.
  6. mcman56

    Rev3 Primary Drive Crankshaft Nut

    If you need to keep it from turning this will help. https://www.amazon.com/Motion-Pro-08-0427-Gear-Jammer/dp/B001AVS60O I have no experience with a 2004 but other years are all right hand threads.
  7. mcman56

    TXT 280 2012 crank seal

    Are you losing oil from the transmission? 2T oil build up in the exhaust will catch fire when the exhaust really heats up running under load. It also smells different from normal exhaust smell, sort of like a barbecue. If you just ride sections and then one day go off on a long hill climb, lots of smoke is expected.
  8. mcman56

    Clutch on my OSSA MAR gets stuck every winter

    konrad Thanks for that picture of how dimple. Can you share details on diameter and depth? Do you use a CNC or are you super patient?
  9. mcman56

    Cushioned Handlebar Mounts for Trials?

    Thanks for the reply. Do you know which model of the PHDS clamps you used? It looks like there are 2. It looks like the 790 fits with bolts coming up from the bottom but I don't know if the picture is correct. I would need something with bolts coming down from the top. https://www.ebay.com/p/KTM-Powerparts-PHDS-Progressive-Handlebar-Dampening-System-Supports-79001939500/735415457?iid=322420539044&chn=ps KTM PowerParts PHDS Handlebar Mounts79001939500 KTM PowerParts PHDS Handlebar MountsSXS.07.125.200
  10. Has anyone bought or made cushioned or rubber mount handle bar risers for trials? I have the Beta Factory fork clamps so do have removable risers. I'm already running Jitsie bars which flex more than the OEM Beta bars. The KTM PHDS mounts certainly look like they would fit but the official email response was "no". I also would not know what model to order. https://www.motosport.com/ktm-powerparts-phds-handlebar-mounts Mako 360 is another option but I have not gotten a response from them. https://xcgear.com/mako-360/ Flexbars look like they move in just one plane so when pushed forward trials style probably would not help much. https://www.fasstco.com/ I also have a rev 3 with cast in clamps but don't know how you could do those without changing the top clamp.
  11. mcman56


    I recently rode a TY175 with the B&J full engine mods. I don't know what all of the mods are but performance was extremely impressive. More power everywhere, much better response yet still silky smooth and pulls to extremely low rpms. I have ridden a TY with modified frame and another that was ported but they seemed at most a little different from stock. This was a whole different animal.
  12. mcman56


    Like he said. I believe they are the US experts on this.
  13. mcman56

    Rod Kit Install Difficult?

    It seems to be the accepted method for Honda tin can cranks.
  14. mcman56

    O/X Ring or standard chain?

    I have run that chain on a Rev3 and the narrow RK on a Sherco and Evo. The RK was slightly narrower, about 0.015". Sherco had plenty of room. The Rev3 and Evo were quite tight and I had to run the master link backwards for extra brake pedal clearance. They basically last forever, require little lubrication and don't need regular adjustment. Since he chain does not wear, sprockets seem to last forever also. They will saw their own clearance in the chain guide but V Mar makes a wider one specifically for O ring chains. http://www.vmar.com/chain-guide.html
  15. mcman56

    Rod Kit Install Difficult?

    Someone suggested I could use a chop saw to cut the big end pin to get it apart. Once the rod is off, it should not be difficult to support and press out what is left of the pin. Looking ahead, what happens if I press the crank too tightly together. Is there a way to correct or would I be back to the same problem but now have a big paperweight? It is for a friends bike and I'm not finding a local shop that does these.