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  1. Your natural reaction as to when the front wheel pops up is to put your weight forward to save your a***, but in actual fact you need to dig your feet into the pegs, keep your weight rear biased and canter lever between your legs and arms whilst controlling it on the throttle, clutch and rear brake. If you get in the correct position over the rear end, lock and brace your legs and you can control the front elevation by using your arms. Practice going past the limit, by anticipating the point of no return and just step off the back holding the clutch and bars to control it
  2. Hopefully it will just be air in the system, but these things don't boil very often, even with the standard radiator. Again, why has it had the large radiator been fitted? Was the previous owner trying to cure a problem by fitting it?
  3. Why has it had the oversized radiator fitted? Perhaps a thermostat problem. If the fan/thermostat doesn't work correctly, the ECU will kill the bike to help protect the engine
  4. You can quite easily make a softer power by increasing the thickness of the cylinder base gaskets. There may also be a low compression cylinder head available for your model. Both should be relatively low cost and something you can do yourself if you're half mechanically minded. Give John Shirt motorcycles a call as they are the Gas Gas specialists, presuming you're in the uk
  5. The bike won't spark without the fuel pump connected into the loom.
  6. Have a feel of some front spokes on brand new bikes straight out of the box, particularly the Beta, they are quite loose compared to others, but it doesn't cause any issues.
  7. No such torque values, as each spoke tension will be slightly different on a used wheel. Are you rebuilding or just tweaking?
  8. The green one, next best to the Honda for build quality
  9. jrsunt

    Valve clearance

    It's an easy enough job with normal gauges. You'll find that the timing mark on the generator cover doesn't line up 100% with the mark on the flywheel. When they are aligned you will still have tension on the rocker arms.
  10. Put a spare plug and spanner in your back pack, could be as simple as the plug breaking down when it's up to working temperature.... Hopefully
  11. No, you'll need to take the full clutch cover off to get at the seals. What age is the bike? If it's done a lot then you're probably better off replacing the shaft too as they get badly scored from the seals
  12. The Mont doesn't, it picks up quicker than a well set up carb on a 2 stroke!!
  13. jrsunt

    4RT Kill Switch Wiring

    Yeah that's the multi plug. You can be quite rough with those rubber boots so don't worry. I'd probably next disconnect that plug and create a link between the 2 pins in the female end to again see if the bike stops. If not then the issue lies further in the loom.
  14. jrsunt

    4RT tilt switch

    The bank angle sensor only kicks in after about 10 seconds. It is only there to protect the engine from protential damage due to oil starvation. Don't rely on it. Fit either a kill switch or lanyard. Personally I link out the bank angle sensor and use the std kill switch
  15. It's a Honda. Ride it, Pressure wash it, use detergent, no need to block any of the mudguard holes or worry about the electrics. The filter lid design is simple but highly effective at keeping the crap out. Clean air filter, lube the chain and it's good for the next ride. Oils and filter change every 4-6 weeks depending on the amount of abuse you give it. Enjoy
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