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  1. jrsunt

    Need help! 2008 montesa 4rt will not start

    Those bank angle sensors can be temperamental, sometimes they'll be working fine then they'll start playing up. Get rid of it, one less problem. I'd also check the valves as it is harder to start when hot and if they've never been done they'll be running tight, pain in the a*** of a job, but well worth checking
  2. jrsunt

    Montesa 315r rear wheel alinement!

    Make sure the snail cam stop bolts that are in the s/arm are in the same position.
  3. jrsunt

    Scott Trial rules for bikes

    Bolts raised a lot of money for charity to get that ride, ran trials tyres and said it was horrible. Probably won't happen again. Would be an interesting comparison to have the top enduro riders lining up too....
  4. jrsunt


    If your suspension doesn't bottom out on the big hits, then it's too hard. It shouldn't be far off bottoming out under normal conditions.
  5. jrsunt

    Does more sticker give more HP?

    Dan, stickers on the boost bottle will only quicken the dampening if you fit them with the yellow power band on the outside. The red power band holds the number board on
  6. jrsunt


    DID ERT2 has been the best I've used. Not cheap but will out last everything else.
  7. jrsunt

    4RT exhaust

    What year? Up to 2009ish they were a 1 piece silencer, which could only be re-packed by cutting it open, re-pack, then weld back up. After 09ish they were pop rivited together and can easily be split and re-packed.
  8. Your answers will be massively different from rider to rider, e.g, when I used to ride virtually every day and pushing the limits of my skill to improve i would break many things on a regular basis, work basically funded the trials habit. Sump guards, brake pedals, gear and clutch levers, engine covers, chains, tensioners, discs, handlebars...... You get the picture. The harder you practice, the bigger the crashes. As mentioned before, it's the new or beginner riders that tend to have nasty crashes, not knowing when to get off, or hang on. The expert riders will come off bigger obstacles, but they jump off when it starts to go wrong and land safely. The nature of trials requires the bikes to be durable and easy to work on and fix. If your stuck in the middle of Ranoch moor during the ssdt, you've only got the contents of your rucksack to save the day. Injuries, yes. Many. Broken tib and fib, knocked teeth out, elbow doesn't straighten, knee once had yama printed on it, plenty of gravel rash and the usual bumps, scrapes and bruises. Do we need to make trials safer? I'm not for the wearing of body, very restricted movement could mean more crashes, how about bubble wrapping every rock or even take them away? If your not prepared to get hurt now and again then get a different hobby. There will always be accidents in whatever we do, everyone has their own risk and pain threshold. Rider training would help beginners initially, but as their skill grows so do the sections.
  9. jrsunt

    Scott trial- What to expect/how to prepare

    Expect it to hurt and expect to be broken in body and mind. I don't think anything can prepare you for the brutality of pushing yourself and bike to the absolute limit for up to 8hours. You'll love it.
  10. jrsunt

    2 Stroke oil

    What's 2 stroke oil???
  11. jrsunt

    Throttle Tube

    As J21 says, custom make your own. File the white or add to the black.
  12. jrsunt

    2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Heat them up and cool them down, it might not be the way to treat metal........ But it gives a good brake. Try it. Just riding around the street in 1st gear will generate enough heat, then stick the hose pipe on it.
  13. jrsunt

    2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Bent disc? Check the spokes of the disc for cracks/trueness
  14. jrsunt

    AJP Front Brake Rebuild

    I don't think the std hose helps with the spongy feeling, and it could do with being about 3 inches shorter. The new new braktec system on the new repsols are really sharp if your after a mountain bike feel!
  15. jrsunt

    AJP Front Brake Rebuild

    Last ones I changed were square, I'm sure. 2012 bike