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  1. a mate is on his 3th rear hub now, every time replaced in warranty. So there must be something wrong with those hubs, nothing wrong with beta service. Does enyone know if an other brand rear wheel would fit into a beta ?
  2. Hello, is there a big step in performance between the 300 and the 301 ? from what i have heard the 301 is smoother and softer in low revs ? i now have a beta 300 4t on a bosi exhaust and it has plenty of power in high revs but lacks a bit of low end grunt (used to ride a very powerful bsa B40) kind regards bob
  3. That may well be the case here, i had one of those sprockets on my bike. My bolts were tight, i got the bolts replaced by better quality ones and locknuts when i got the bike. on the new hub i will fit an older style sprocket
  4. Hello, I broke the hub on my beta last week. The 4 mounting points for the sproket broke off. Anyone else had these issues? I bought it of a mate in the UK and used it not that much. I ride the level under expert in Belgium club trials. UK importer will put a new hub in my wheel so no complaints there ! Is there anything i could do to make sure it doesnt happen again ? Kind regards Bob
  5. cleaned the radiator with compressed air a lot of dust came out fan is running did a clubtrial sunday and no more issues no coolant loss and the bike went perfect all day, i think problem was dust in the radiator will check the impellor any way heart they "dissapear " tnx for the tips
  6. Hello, My beta 300 4st (2018) gets hot and spits coolant out of the top of the radiator bike runs fine very powerfull, no funny noises starts very good no idea what's wrong ? i have seen reports of dissapearing impellor blades on the waterpump ? kind regards bob
  7. bobb

    improving tlr forks

    hello anyone tried those hfs cartridges before in honda forks ? any other mods to improve the forks ? what oil grade you use ? after market springs improve the forks ? kind regards bob
  8. Hello, anyone tried a flywheel weight on a 290 sherco? i had one on my gasgas 250 before , but i think the sherco has more flywheel weight than a gasgas ? not sure i need one on the sherco anyone tried it before ? good or not ? kind regards bob
  9. will take the shock out and have a look bike used to be riden on highest level but it had a different shock then ( TRP shock) the standard shock has not done a lot of work yet maybe something wrong with bearings or link system i have a michelin x light on, bike has not been used for 1.5 years ( prefer my bsa :p)
  10. hello, the rear shock on my sherco seems not that good; had a gasgas before and that shock was better is there something i can do to improve or do i need to buy a better shock ? kind regards bob
  11. Hello, i am looking for good footrests that are strong and open so no mud stays in, wanted the titanium raptors but no longer for sale what could be a good 2nd choise ? kind regards bob
  12. i have one on my cotswold bsa very good tank nice quality
  13. i tried it on a 320 sherco 4 stroke flat out in 4th it just made it
  14. that hill is a lot steeper than it shows in the picture my big bsa only got up once
  15. bobb


    bloked pilot jet ?
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