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  1. Cee-B

    Graphics peeling…

    Be very careful about using any kind of glue on graphics, many glues cause them to melt. The best way I've found is to thoroughly clean the back of the graphic (surprisingly, you can use a little petrol without it removing the glue) and then simply use a hot air gun/hairdryer to reattach the graphic.
  2. Cee-B

    315 fuel/oil

    I run mine at 60:1 simply because it is the mix I use in my other bikes and don't want to confuse matters. It runs well on it and is not too smoky.
  3. Cee-B

    2 stroke oil

    Plutoline? is that the one Mickey Mouse uses?
  4. Good luck. I managed to source a couple from a member of this forum a couple of years ago, but don't think there are any still available commercially.
  5. Nel

    Hi wondering if anyone could help,I have recently brought a trails bike for the first time, after many years of riding road bikes,I live in the Dudley area West Midlands, is there a begineers club anywhere around me to teach me the basics and go out riding, I'm not a spring chicken our want to be shown up, it took me by surprise thinking it was easier than it looks,look forward to hearing of anyone thankyou.

  6. Ah, the very opposite end of the County! I was going to point you at a great practice area http://www.bikersrest.com/ where I ride regularly, but it is up on the Hartland peninsula - a bit of a long drag away from you.
  7. Hi Rich, welcome to the forum. Where in Devon are you?
  8. I wear my Asterisk Cell braces for trials as well as on the dirt bike. They don't restrict me in any noticeable way. My son (who is bloody good) wears Ossur CTIs for trials, Enduro, MX, snow bikes etc etc. If you've got them, I'd say wear them. They aren't doing you any good in your cupboard at home Nothing to do with being a 'snowflake' pjw123, it is to do with common sense - why would anyone want to risk further knee injuries if they are preventable? Edit. Whoops, your response was posted while I was typing.
  9. Cee-B


    I've done quite a few LDTs around the Exmoor area and marshalled others in Devon and Cornwall. The Land's End is very much the exception when it comes to distance; most are a manageable distance to cover on a trail bike with generally just 1 refuel stop. LDTs are generally (for most people) considered to be a bloody good trail ride with much private land that you wouldn't normally get to ride thrown in. Oh, and there are a number of scored sections just so that you and your mates have some reason to take the p1$$ out of each other.
  10. No size change on gloves needed, the wrist braces fit over the glove.
  11. Ha ha I just included what I thought was a link to the product, I didn't realise that it contained such a dire video. The wrist braces are good though.
  12. For the past few years, I have worn Shock Doctor 824 wrist braces for green laning. They are fairly unobtrusive in use and offer a good degree of protection.
  13. Yes, those 2 things you mention happen, but there is also a little more to it than that. As well as (and sometimes as a consequence of) the points you mentioned, the following also applies (some points repeat aspects of others): Ethanol corrodes plastic and rubber – Ethanol is a strong, aggressive solvent and will cause problems with rubber hoses, o-rings, seals, and gaskets. These problems are worse during extended storage when significant deterioration could take place. Hoses may delaminate, o-rings soften and break down, and fuel system components made from certain types of plastics could either soften or become hard and brittle, eventually failing. Fuel system components made from brass, copper, and aluminium may oxidize. The dissolved plastics and resins now in the fuel could block fuel filters or cause gummy deposits in the system. This is not generally a problem for newer vehicles as they are manufactured to be E10 compatible. Use of E5 has certainly caused deterioration of some parts on my old BSA. A real problem for older (and some not-so-old) bikes is that it attacks plastic/fibreglass fuel tanks and causes them to swell. The tank on my Montesa 315 is now very difficult to fit after using E5 fuel. Deposits are likely to build up – Ethanol when mixed with water readily forms Gums in the fuel system much quicker than fuel without Ethanol. These Gums coat fuel system components including filters, carburettors, injectors, throttle plates and will then form varnish and carbon deposits in the intake, on valves, and in the combustion chamber. Corrosion of internal engine components – Water contamination may cause fuel system corrosion and severe deterioration. Contaminants in fuel system – water, degraded rubber, plastic, fibreglass and rust. It encourages microbial growth in fuel. Ethanol being organic and hygroscopic allows the growth of fungus. Short shelf life – as short as 90 days Lower fuel mileage – Ethanol contains less chemical energy than petrol does, and this means less mileage per tank. 3-5% drops in mileage are expected, not a massive consideration on a trials bike! Edit: I'm not sure why some of this has come up in different colour - there is no significance
  14. It has got nothing to do with whether it is supermarket fuel or named brand fuel, it is either E5 or E10. Premium grade (98 octane) fuel contains no more than 5% ethanol - it doesn't matter where you buy it.
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