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  1. Check that the pads aren’t getting caught by muck in the caliper and are not pushing fully/squarely onto the disc. Make sure the pad retaining pin is clean and not damaged. They can rust and pads sit in a notch. After that change the fluid. After that seals at either end if you have leaks. It really pays to service brakes every once in a while. A toothbrush and brake clear are very useful.
  2. I had a raga300. Brutal. It kicked my ass! Got a rev3 200. Perfect. Could do anything I wanted to. Ran perfectly. No reliability issues. Got an Ossa 280. Loved it. Dare not break it so sold and got an evo300. I had to spend money to calm it and it was still never the right bike for my skill. Now I have a 21 Evo factory 250. Really loving it. Easy to ride. Fun. Never a handful. I’d still very happily get another 200 though. They hold their value as rare. Just look after it. Use super unleaded as the e10 fuel goes manky if you don’t ride often. Everything feels incredibly natural on a 200 and it’ll only teach you good habits. It won’t punish you for bad habits either. A 4t trials bike doesn’t appeal to me. 2t is the only way.
  3. The 21 I tried came stock with a regen lever on the bars…
  4. Had the great joy and fun to fit the new switch today. Old part superseded by a later one with a different connection. A quick mod later and it’s all on. Old one was a complete git to get out! Not heat tested yet but will do. I’ve fixed the issue regardless though as picked up to 2020 factory the other day. Well happy with it!
  5. I’m in a similar situation. I have had various ktm based small bores. I love them. Currently a beta 250 rr, te 150 (stored) and an Evo 300. I had a spin on an epure the other week. Superb. You can ride clutchless or use the clutch. Super instinctive machine. It’s made me make changes. My husky te150 (that has been mothballed) will be going to replace my 2012 Evo. I’ll grab a recent petrol machine as a buffer period to getting an epure. I have a high number of riding venues if no noise but only a handful if burning petrol. The electric bikes are the current and future. In less than a handful of years nobody will be interested in petrol.
  6. Any warning signs? It turns smoothly, no noises, slows gradually to a stop. I’ve been seeing this as signs of that being ok?
  7. Got out today. Sure enough it eventually got hot. I’d already set up Overdales by pass behind the left cover. And gaffa taped an Allen jey to the bike. A quick stop and a fiddle got the fan running with the motor. Successful ride after that. Well, apart from falling off and rolling down a steep hill backwards through the brambles. Skin will grow back though🙄. The important bit is I need a new temp switch thingy. Looks like a pipe off job to get the rad out?
  8. New impeller fitted. Much more snug. Feels like it’ll do a job now. Thermostat by passed and fan works. I’ll run it up to temperature on Friday. If no fan then I know it’s the thermostat. If no boiling then I know it was the impeller.
  9. I picked up a new impeller today. I’ll fit it and then run it up till boiling point and see what happens. Thanks for the tips both.
  10. Evo 2012 300. Runs sweet after new bottom end lock down but recently I’ve been having moments where the old girl boils up. First time it’s ever started doing this. I took the water pump cover off and the plastic impeller rattles on the shaft, rocks back and forth. Still goes with the shaft but I wonder if when hot the shaft can spin in the impeller? Appears worn to me. I’m ordering up a replacement. Would this worn one be causing my overheat possibly? I next need to check the fan switch and fan is actually working any advice on what and how to check? Thanks in advance
  11. If Yamaha are doing it then it’ll be right. It’s the second version and they will be doing top level competition with it, not messing about. EM will certainly need to have a close look. On the EM pure race I rode, if you lit the rear up it mud it re gripped if you backed off and kept a steady throttle. It worked well I thought. Very well.
  12. As long a you don’t go crazy dropping the yokes it shouldn’t be a problem. Just 2-3mm at a time. Where are your bars? Rolled back, centred or forward? Don’t forget where you put your body weight is a huge factor.
  13. Today I popped into Inch Perfect Trials as I was on my way past with work. I had a good look around the Epure bikes and they answered many questions. They let me take one (epure race) for a rip about. I was blown away with how good it was. It’s my next bike for sure. Amazing traction. Super stable. Strong feel to the build of the bike. Quality feeling kit. So nice just to zip about on. Scoots up banks, up over obstacles in a very fuss free way. It took a few minutes to adjust to it but I really liked it.
  14. That puts the ready to ride weights pretty close I reckon. I also can’t see a few kg different making me any worse on one. It might help keep it closer to the floor 🤣. I think I’ll get up to inch perfect and try one…..
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