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  1. ^^^^ Definitely this. Not used my Evo for a while. Rode it last weekend and for the first time ever wasn’t running like normal. I whipped the carb drain plug out and sure enough it was filled with goo. I cleaned it out in the woods. Ran fuel through the carb and was sorted. No issues the rest of the ride. From now on this will be a pre ride check.
  2. pindie

    Evo Linkage Guard

    Cable ties of course!!!
  3. Enduro bikes are also moving to a diaphragm clutch as well, I wish they weren’t. My husky TE has one. I’m not convinced it operates as nice as a traditional spring clutch. One reason I got my RR is it still had a traditional clutch.
  4. Surely the big manufacturers have already bought a number of EM machines and are reverse engineering to create their own machine? They are mad if not. What happened to the Yamaha sparky? I personally am excited about the electric future. If nothing else it opens up many more riding opportunities including hours in your own garden without annoying neighbours. I can’t see many negatives.
  5. I had a rev3 200. Best trials bike I’ve had. Easy to ride. All the right power. Just perfect. I do keep looking at Vertigo 200s though as they look amazing. I had an FI Ossa. Loved the power delivery on that. Currently have a 300 Evo but the grass is greener.....like the vertigo.
  6. pindie

    2010 evo tuning

    Mine has an external visible spacer plate but no fww. Whip the cover off and take a look inside. Very obvious if ones fitted. Also check your air filter is clean and good condition. New plug. Clean carb and air screw setting and pilot is correct.
  7. And heat! Warm the swingarm holes and cool by drenching in cold water a few times. This’ll help loosen any corrosion. Then re heat and slowly and squarely squeeze out with a vice (pushing a bearing sized socket through the swim arm and the old bearing into a larger socket on the opposite side). Reverse procedure to re fit but put new bearings in the freezer the night before and warm swingarm before fitting. They should just about drop in them with any bashing required. This video will show you the rough idea.
  8. pindie

    BETA EVO 250 2016

    Get yourself a 5 litre can of Exol Optima fully synthetic 2t. It’s usually around £30. Should be on eBay. It’ll last a life time. It’s excellent clean burning oil that works perfect in trials bikes or any 2t in my experience.
  9. That’s pretty much how I did mine. I also had to remove a few bits around the radiator etc but is pretty simple to do.
  10. pindie

    Base gasket

    I put a 1mm base gasket in my 300 Evo. Best thing I ever did. Before it had a super thin one and it was a handful for me. With the 1mm the sting has gone and it hooks up far better and is much easier to ride.
  11. pindie

    Will Not Start

    A fouled plug can normally be revived by a can of brake cleaner. Just squirt up in the plug between the insulation and the threaded outer body. It’ll clean any oil/fuel shorting it out. As others said. Always store the bike with the fuel turned off. Seems many trials bikes don’t like it left on. My enduro bikes the opposite. It never leaks unless I turn it off for long distance transport or maintenance, then when I turn back on it loves to pour out the drain hose.
  12. pindie

    Evo fuel cap problem.

    It’s sorted. Three hours riding woods/slopes yesterday and no fuel came out the breather. It was a £25 fix but easy just swapping caps.
  13. pindie

    Evo fuel cap problem.

    Good to hear you sorted it. You have more patience than me!!! We should hook up over the winter. The trials bikes a secondary beast for me mostly. Enduro is my main focus but after lockdown I’m to fat and slow to race at the moment. It’s good to be back on the trials iron refinding skills. Not been down Vale of Towy but always up for some riding.
  14. pindie

    Evo fuel cap problem.

    My 2012 puffs out fuel and excess air. It was driving me mad with fuel burping out. I even made an extended vent hose to get it lower and away from me. Yesterday I bought a new cap! They ain’t cheap. £25!!! I will find out if it works any better. If no different then you can have my old one to experiment with/pull apart?
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