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  1. Hello Side stand on my 2020 4T is steel where as 2T is Aluminium. Perhaps as there are not many sold compared to the 2T they are using up their stock of steel side stands before treating us to the Aluminium one. 4T riders seem to be the poor relations when it comes to add on parts it’s mostly a case of modifying 2T bits to fit - Swinging arm protectors for example.
  2. Alshine

    Rev vs Evo?

    Newer is better. Spares for the Rev’s can be hard to get hold of. Both good bikes.
  3. Hi my 2011 Evo 4t recently started overheating upon checking various things I found the water pump impeller was missing. There has been various posts about this eg excess heat has melted them. On mine there is no trace of any bits so I can only assume it was never there. Past posts never came up with a definite answer but hopefully others have has this problem and got to the bottom of it. Any views on this mystery. One other question Is the camchain automatically tensioned or is there a way of doing it manually. Many thanks in advance for any replies.
  4. Hi There’s a company in the uk www.kelleycarbon.com that makes carbon parts for trials bikes including a carbon fibre silencer guard for Beta 4T. It’s priced at £65 + postage and I thinks he posts to USA. Regards Alan
  5. Pindie Thanks for your kind offer but Ive sorted it now. The problems I had were exactly the same as you have. I carefully heated up the cap with a hot air blower and spent some time going around the plastic insert with a screwdriver until it came out. Then I had to dismantle the valve itself which was a bit of a fiddle comprising of two small springs and rubber seals. After reassembly all seems fine so far. I can see your from South East Wales just up the road from me in West South Wales. You must have ridden with us at Vale Of Towy at some time.
  6. Many thanks for helpful replies its been sorted.
  7. Hi. Got a problem with the valve in my Evo fuel cap and it would help if I could dismantle it to sort out the problem. Has anyone ever pulled one apart eg removed plastic housing that holds the valve. Don’t want to go forcing it loose and end up knackering it.
  8. Owning a 2012 Evo 4T I find it more difficult getting add on bits for it compared to the 2T versions. I’m after some carbon look engine cover guards (Clutch etc) and perhaps a rear silencer cover. Does anyone know if these are available in the uk for the 4T. Mont 4RT add on bits everywhere but Beta 4T a different story. Thanks in advance Alan.
  9. In our part of the country where club memberships are small and run by members who are riders it has always been a problem getting observers. Events normally end up short of observers resulting in members giving up rides or sharing observer duties. What are other clubs doing to attract/reward people who are kind enough to observe or do they have some kind of system for riders to do the observing and ride.. Large membership clubs who have non riding members perhaps don't get this problem or do they?
  10. Don’t know what year your Rev3 is but if it’s 2004 go to www.Beta-uk.com and go to the shop section enter 25-19687-0-97 looks like they’ve got them in stock £75.20.If your order online there’s free post and packing. The 2004 rear fender is red and comes with stickers. I didn’t check other Year stock but this fender will fit up a range of Rev 3’s up to 2006 I think. Regards Alan
  11. Hi Please let us know how you get on ?
  12. Hi After hearing about so many bikes being pinched I thought it was time to ditch the bike trailer and hide my pride and joy in the back of a van. I've been thinking about getting a Ford Transit Custom SWB with a crew cab which results in a smaller space to put the trials bike (If it will fit) Has anyone got one of these vans for taking the bike in? If I could fold down the rear seats it would just be a case of removing the rear bulkhead but the seats are fixed. The VW Transporter Kombi can do just that but they are silly money. Cheers Alan
  13. Hi Has anybody fitted "Factory Beta Red Rim Decals" from John Lampkin as I have one query before I attempt to fit them. Do the individual pieces butt up against each other or do they overlap (If so by how much should they overlap?) Cheers for any help Regards Alan
  14. Good luck with that, two boys in our club had the same problem one ended up having the bolt drilled out by an engineering firm and the other is still deciding what to do. Its probably seized due to corroding in the swinging arm (I always swear by greasing as many nuts/bolts/fixings before using a new or second hand bike this helps reduce this type of problem happening in the future). Try giving it a good soak with releasing oil or failing that you could try applying heat around the bolt with a hot air gun or blowlamp but be careful if using a blowlamp or you might up with a big blob of aluminium on the floor. If it fails you could always get it drilled out and fit a new bolt just make sure you give it a good coating of grease or copper anti-seize lubricant. All the best Alan
  15. Hi everyone Decided to give a four stroke another go(After Stripey's,Zero's,Techno's and a Rev 3) in the shape of a 2011 Evo 250 4T Couple of queries which I would like a bit of help with if possible. 1- What oil would other riders recommend for the 4T 2- Should I stick with genuine oil filters 3- Guards (swinging arm/silencer/clutch/ignition cover/engine splash protectors) are easily available for the 2T but a different story for the 4T.Does anyone know if they are available or can I modify 2T versions so they fit?Perhaps someone has made their own -Any info on that (pics etc) 4- Any tips on making a good bike even better - gearing for example. Cheers and regards AS
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