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  1. The problem is the original clutch discs, swap it for the one from Jitsie with a ribbed surface, there is a better oil film, the clutch disengages better and can be better dosed. It is easier to find neutral and it is also easier to start the engine in gear. Is a standard tuning for the 4RT competition drivers. 😉 best regards Bernd fits for all years of construction up to now and also for the 300RR.
  2. Thanks for the info, very interesting. Did you have to modify something? Can you take a picture?
  3. Hi there, c an someone tell me whether the side stand on the Beta EVO 300 4T is made of aluminum or steel. Thank you, regards Bernd
  4. Did you realize the project? I am currently considering doing the same on my 300RR. Thanks Bernd
  5. Hi, I bought a used Montesa 4RT 300RR built in 2019. The ECU 16400-NN4-J11 (9606-100210) with the software NN4DF06 is installed. Switching between Map1 and Map2 does not work. It only runs on Map1, it seems to me that this ECU only has one mapping. My question: 1. can this be the right ECU for the 300RR? 2. can this ECU even have 2 programs? 3. can this ECU be programmed with a programming device? It would be nice if someone could help me here. Thank you greetings Bernd
  6. I am looking for a throttle Body Assy 16400-NN4-M71 Montesa 4RT 300R Does anyone have anything to sell here? Thanks Bernd
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