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  1. LB208

    Clutch problems

    Hi, my freinds have got a 2017 300rr and a 2019 260 4rt and both have the same issue the clutch dragging when you’re stood still in gear they both slightly drag and move forward, and they are also both very difficult to find neutral having to use your hand or kill engine to engage neutral,we have changed the gear oil in both with elf HTX740 and this has not cured the problems has anyone got any ideas where to start next??
  2. LB208

    Kick start

    Not sure where in the comment it mentioned where you come from, lt bothered you enough to comment back so I apologise and have removed the comment..
  3. LB208

    Kick start

    Oh dear it was meant as a light hearted joke I’m sorry if you found it offensive I have know removed the quote... Thanks everyone for help I’ve tried the rocking bike back in gear and to be fair it did improve it a fair deal...
  4. LB208

    Kick start

    Buying a new one is out of question, looked at 4rt as my mate has one and they are so easy to start, will try the tip of getting it TDC Cheers everyone 👍
  5. LB208

    Kick start

    Hi , I have a 2020 250 trs one rr and I find it really hard to kick start due to compression this is know becoming a game changer for me and I’m thinking of looking for something else, was wondering if there is anything I can do to make it easier to kick start?
  6. Thankyou I have struggled with mental health and this is my of starting again and starting to enjoy my life again don’t think I will ever be better than hopeless but doesn’t matter??
  7. Great stuff at least we earned that timnie ?
  8. Well today did my first day really enjoyed myself managed to suprise myself with some of the things I managed, but my god nobody mentioned how tiring it is especially on your arms was struggling to hold clutch in later in day, but overall a great day can’t wait for next time, been in a radox bath and having a well earned beer, happy new year evert...
  9. Thanks for all advice everyone took the plunge all sorted for Saturday booked on a practice day, pick bike up tommorow so no excuses know looking forward to it even though a little apprehensive ??
  10. Thanks I’m looking forward to getting started know...
  11. Hi, I’m totally new to trials riding but wanting to do something and get a hobby, I am 45 been round motorbikes all my life, I am worried about starting out at my age with no experience and not knowing anyone, my question is it ok to be a total novice and zero experience not wanting to embarrass myself, can you go practicing and just do easy stuff out of the way and not look silly until I get some confidence?
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