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  1. Thankyou I have struggled with mental health and this is my of starting again and starting to enjoy my life again don’t think I will ever be better than hopeless but doesn’t matter??
  2. Great stuff at least we earned that timnie ?
  3. Well today did my first day really enjoyed myself managed to suprise myself with some of the things I managed, but my god nobody mentioned how tiring it is especially on your arms was struggling to hold clutch in later in day, but overall a great day can’t wait for next time, been in a radox bath and having a well earned beer, happy new year evert...
  4. Thanks for all advice everyone took the plunge all sorted for Saturday booked on a practice day, pick bike up tommorow so no excuses know looking forward to it even though a little apprehensive ??
  5. Thanks I’m looking forward to getting started know...
  6. Hi, I’m totally new to trials riding but wanting to do something and get a hobby, I am 45 been round motorbikes all my life, I am worried about starting out at my age with no experience and not knowing anyone, my question is it ok to be a total novice and zero experience not wanting to embarrass myself, can you go practicing and just do easy stuff out of the way and not look silly until I get some confidence?
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