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  1. As far as I understand from the product description is just a top end swap. No bore needed! from 288 to 299 cc I did get the white tube while ago and that did make a big diference! I was told by several people that the titanium exhaust and head is the most useful power upgrade you can do on the production 4RT. If I put the titanium pipe, big bore kit and programmed throttle body, I will prob have a pretty sweet 4RT that costed me double of a 2 stroke in the end! lol But nothing like riding the Honda, Its just a great machine, even with all the disadvantages when compared to 2 stroke. Does anyone have a ball park on the programmable throttle body?? The exhaust and head go for around $1100 in the USA and the Big Bore kit goes for roughly $800. at this point I m also wishing that this new 301RR that will come out in October will have some of this features, but even with my very very limited knowledge in the trials Industry, It's still "wishful think" . We will prob get a New color and sticker designs...
  2. Does anyone have the top end big bore with 11 cc (299) ? Can I have feedback on the product? I m considering to put one in my 300rr. Would that put any harm on the bike? Note: it also has a titanium pipe. Thanks
  3. Any after market shorter levers for rear brake? Specifically 2018 4RT Thanks
  4. it proves the same point of having the beta 80 against your GG300, or should I say Nothing!!! the fact I was trying to figure why I think the 300rr has more power than my old Sherco 300sft is due to my very personal experience described in the thread!! and I am clueless. No mechanic experience whatsoever. however, I told you guys where the flywheel idea came from (from my friend -drifter) and it all make sense until debunked by a bunch of people here... enjoy the GasGas.
  5. sorry for all the trouble caused!! I bought the 300RR and was going to keep the sheco factory 300 to have a 2 stroke and 4 stroke simultaneously. I ride a man made track and am not an expert but I m capable of basic techniques such zaps and splatters. it didn't take 1 month before I decided to get rid of the Sherco! Why? I took both bikes to track few times and made sure to ride them back to back in the same obstacle... sometimes i had both running at the same time and one bike would idle while I did 5 zaps or splatters with the other one and kept taking turns... my biggest obstacles in which I m comfortable for my skills is a 4feet 1inch high straight wooden wire spool and a 4 feet skidder tire buried half way which I aproack from the side (flat and undercut). want to know the only reason I sold the Sherco?? I can get more lift, more height and more control on the 300 RR... It literally puzzles me when I hear that the bike is gutless and power delivery is not smooth! what am I missing?? how can you blame on technique and skill when I m riding them back to back? same rider! to be fully honest the Sherco had an advantage cuz is the one I was ridding the longest... So, the list of advantages of the 4 stroke (personally to me) go on and on... but the straw that broke the camel's back: "engine Brake" after I started to get use to it, the 2 stroke served no purpose and I m heading for a pair of Montesas in 2019. I m not sure If I will build my own eventually or buy something already built. having 2 bikes is a must for me. always ready to go... if you riding and something breaks, the day is not over yet! Thanks everyone for the input
  6. why don't You and I just park the bike side by side , put in neutral and hold the throttle wide open to see what bike quits first??? #%^$&^* I m not the smartest and most knowledgeable in Trials but my point has some sort of validity. I don't think it should be taken as a joke. It all started from a friend of mine that is a professional drifter and he was explaining why drifters put lighter fly wheels on their rides. When they enter a turn they "kick the clutch" to increase the RPMs so they can start drifting by spinning and loosing traction. the reason for a lighter Fly wheel in that case (acording to him) is to allow a fast pick up in RPM since you can only kick that clutch for a split sec... in trials we have plenty of time to raise RPMs ( in which point the Torque is gone for both 2 and 4 strokes) so adding weight to the fly wheel would technically have the reverse effect. your engine will take longer to reach the high RPM but when you dump the clutch, inertia of rotation should favor the initial "punch". from there on, I cant really testify but if Physics still works correctly, please en-light me what I am missing. if the Beta 80 could accelerate a 10kg fly wheel fast enough, all I can say is that the beta front wheel would leave the ground before your gg300. after that, of course that engine cant carry on the rotation... just saying... my original question is all about a "Splatter" and the "punch" the split sec when goes from disengaged to engaged. Enjoy the GG300. when starts is a great bike LMAO
  7. Seems that you just backed up my point on number 2! Bazinga!
  8. I have to completely agree and disagree with you. The heavier fly wheel can not generate torque indeed! torque is only generated by the engine.. The heavier flywheel will do is have more inertia. and that inertia means punch power when you let your clutch out with a full Throtle that has been wide open for 1.5 full second. imagine that: put your bike on a stand with the rear in the air in 3rd gear and clutch on wide open so the wheel will spin as fast as you can then suddenly press the clutch and jam the rear brake! that's replicating what happens in the flywheel/clutch. Then do the same experiment but this time pack the rear rim with some lead weight distributed evenly. when you jam that brake, you better be holding the bike!!!
  9. My original question was confusing. Is it about the power that the engine can generate or the inertia of flywheel and efficiency of clutch. Obviously I m talking about splatters, where all of us hold it wide open and just clutch on to launch... I swear the 4RT punch is higher than 2T. I mean, on my bikes was so obvious... that’s why I don’t get it... where is this disparity in power?
  10. That’s what I think!! In the USA everyone seems to believe that this bike has no guts. I think it has much more than my previous bike: a 2018 300sherco factory.
  11. It doesn’t. But it’s know that more torque will come from more inertia. So, whichever bike can generate such with have a bigger punch correct? When you go for a splatter and accelerate the fly wheel clutch fully Off and then pop it, more inertia = more launch! Correct?
  12. Does anyone have the above data? How much weigh the fly wheels of 2rt and 4rt it by brand?
  13. they do work! it brakes but wont really lock and requires a lot of pressure to do stopies and etc... when you doing small rear wheel hops it just sucks cuz it wont lock the front wheel to make the rear alive. (it seems to have a bit of excessive travel on the lever as well. the lever is away far out just in order to have enough braking to ride (but no locking)
  14. OK! if was you, which one would you replace first?? I m ready. I will put the new MC rebuild kit and see if it works. could it still be the MC even if the rebuild kit doesnt fix it? Thanks
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