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  1. break lever neutral or upper position makes easier! always cover the brake is the best practice! you only move your foot off the break when you need to come really close to the bars during splats, zaps or very steep terrain and only while standing high. if you bend your knees and bring the weight back, foot immediately goes back over the brake. stick with arms and knees slightly flexed to start and rely on brake all the time! good luck
  2. Does anyone have a full carbon helmet and would be kind to measure the weight?? I m looking for the lightest full carbon Trials helmet for a patient of mine that just underwent neck surgery and is a newbie in trials!! any advice is greatly appreciated . In the bicycle world manufactures are very proud of their products and specs and weights are always listed. Obviously not in trials? Thanks all
  3. Does anybody know what coating is that?? I looked around and those colors can be achieved with 3 different techniques: TiNi, DLC and Laser coating. This winter I m gonna do some work on my bike and I would like some of those colorful forks!! I found a couple quotes so far : Laser coating for $300 both tubes or DLC for $195 I havent found Ti nitrate from any USA based company yet! What do you guys know about them shiny tubes?? LMK
  4. leosantanalg

    Brake pedal

    does anybody know of any shorter brake pedal that will fit the evo 2020? It seems that the jitsie race has a slightly larger tip and is angled to the rear a bit. if anyone has that I would like to see a pic. I need the rear brake a little bit closer. this is an issue I had with the montesa and ended up having a custom one made now I have a beta factory and is a bit too far forward again. definitely not as bad as montesa. I also could use a larger tip. Thanks
  5. Who has and what did you get? Links? I understand that you can use plastic screws in an attempted to save rear fender right!!! I m A bit nervous. I break a rear fender almost every month religiously. Just got my first beta coming from a 300rr. I use to have $20 rear fenders and now i guess they will be $150. What tricks are out there to prevent damage?
  6. Who buys standard bikes instead factory and why? Other than money. Cant get my hands on a factory 300 2t right now in the USA. Should I just go standard or is worth the wait. Apparently they will be available end of June. Also if anyone really knows the difference of the two ... Can you just buy after market parts and make the standard a "factory" other than color?
  7. No one mention the Showa so far?? Why? They all can be adjusted to your abilities. Increase the sag and have a soft rear end. Its very unlikely that any of us lower level riders can outperform any of the shocks that come stock
  8. I wish we could make a donation fund and send this lad to cover the trial GP!! way to go Sumimitumaru. the FIM and trial GP can kiss my ass... they dont want to let us watch it
  9. excuses a part, He is just tired of kicking ass... let Casales do it this year!??
  10. kid is good but he needs to diversify! young riders gotta build their support, Instagram videos, self promotion and etc... I follow him in few different platforms and the kid never posts anything... if you not influencing, why should the manufacture invest?
  11. Clake works great and will teach you a lot about your timing specially for stationary zaps and rear wheel hops! definitely is not a solution and you will have to develop a rear break skills for your foot in the future but i seriously advise any beginner intermediate rider to try the clake. it teaches you not to clutch more then necessary (a pro rider skill). after using the clake for few weeks, you will find a lot easier to hold pressure and clutch it just until you hold the bike steady.... I try everything available on the market, sometimes feels weird but in the end always teaches you something good luck
  12. try to brake the move in 3 steps and practice each of the separate. (for Zap) first of all, they are 3 different techniques: roll up, double blip and jap zap! one burst of throttle, two distinctive bursts of throttle and two bursts of throttle with pop of clutch respectively! for the ladder, you can break in steps to learn how to get lift. the steps are: stiffing front wheel and compressing the suspension, de weighing pegs with front wheel planted and popping the clutch at last! this worked really well for me and I know can japzap a 3.5-4 feet tall undercut obstacle comfortably. As it been said before: Practice , practice, practice, take a break and practice again! good luck
  13. How do you about breathing the CO? does it ventilate well?? I remember seeing people using bandanas on their face ! Wish was closer so I could participate but I m at the Quebec border
  14. What is the difference in the top end of the new 301 vs the big bore kit (S3) for the 300rr? The bigbore brings it to aprox 299cc. Isnt it what the 301 measures? On a thread i started while ago I was contemplating the big bore and i had mention I was curious about the new edition!! Turns out the 301 is pretty much the 300 with a big bore and some adjustments in the valve that controls the engine brake in the lower end (correct me if I m mistaking please). Updates: Got the programable Throttle body from factory on 2018 RR so I just purchased hardware and softwares for re-mapping! Termignoni exhaust and header are next! Big bore is on its way via mail! If you re about to say that I dont need power, that these upgrades are useless without the skill and such, just save your comment! It's winter here, and if I cant ride, I m putting time working to improve the bike. Also been thinking of a heavier spring for my rear Showa. Anyone has done that?? What's the feedback? Thanks all
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