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  1. Yes but only on 90 degree increment and the next position would make comfortable to start throttle but impossible to go full throttle. It's really a shame that we don't have one specifically designed for trials. It would definitely work well and become a matter of preference.
  2. That's the result! Have a good laugh everyone and "Feet Up!!" https://youtu.be/KOJh6W8e18E
  3. Huge Thanks to all of you for the input! The thumb throttle is in and now the hard part starts: to fit it properly! then will be fun and lots of videos to come. stay tuned
  4. and How do you explain the top moto stunts in the world all using thumb throttle now?? I got the points though, It's one of those (hard to believe) and as you suggested, I have to try for my self! thanks for the input
  5. A thumb throttle is normal equipment in Snowmobile, jetskis, quads etc... Also the best Moto stunts in the world have recently shift to Thumb Throttle what makes one question... they make trials guys look like beginners and share a lot of similar skills when comes to trick riding. also there is an explanation for the snowmobiles: safety. If you ever seen a person fall off the pegs on a bike you will understand. when you dont have footing the only place to hold is the handle bar and the throttle is usually wide open. Reality is: throttle "control is not even important in trials" the quotation if from Adam Raga. Clutch control is far more important. so the idea is that a thumb throttle would improve grip while holding pressure and moving the body down at same time without causing the unwanted acceleration (in my case). the hardest part will be to fit a nice mechanism that is ergonomic and responds well. I m pretty sure would become a matter of preference if manufactures offered both styles! but as most will think, If Tony doesn't use, it must not be good, right???
  6. you still have the thumb! the thumb throttle usually goes under the handle bar allowing for full gip!
  7. I m not angry!! not sure where you got that... Rekluse has its applications for begginers in enduro! as for trials, there is something called a clake that combines clutch and rear brake!! it's borther line genius but requires a lot of tune up and limits the rider in some aspects. I had one installed for while and learned a lot from it. I believe is the best way to really teach a rider the importance of rear brake and how to time it
  8. I m kinda in the same boat. but why not? right? what makes you think wouldn't work?
  9. Been riding trials for few years and I m about to fit a thumb Throttle in one of my bikes! if anyone has positive input to offer like, technical data : stroke length of the regular domino throttle and etc, would be appreciated!!. prob a lot of folks will laugh, but that's usual in a narrow minded sport such trials! the idea behind the thumb throttle is simply to find out if I can benefit of better acceleration control, specially right after a big splatter or zap. when I put my body back to lower the front end, I tend to hold that throttle open and I've been trying to correct that for while. There are prob some other theoretical advantages of thumb throttle vs twist but I think is probably preference in the end. I m definitely not afraid to try anything and one thing I can guarantee: it's always a positive experience and I always learn something from it.
  10. Bunch of garbage!! full of excuses. Local government authorities imposing non sense restrictions and the govern body of the sport doing a ****ty job as usual. Trials has a lot to learn from MX and enduro industries, Yet, They think they know better.
  11. It's an excellent idea!! you will learn from it and from my experience you will end up going back to normal when you skill set start to demand independent modulation!!! I ve been in trials for 4 years now and one thing I discovered is: "If Tony Bou doesn't use, it must not be good!" that's how people think in this sport. There is absolute no innovation, as a matter of fact, within the trials community there is a real aversion to any new idea or bike modification. Ask Vertigo. lol all BS apart, let me share a personal experience. I installed what someone mentioned above (A Clake lever) in my 2018 300RR once and rode it for 5 months. Thanks to that device I was able to develop and understand rear brake control to a level that IMHO would take much longer without the device. during the time using a clake I quickly learned how to stationary zap and understood the combination brake and clutch to further assist me in techniques like hopping on rear wheel. Make no mistake, there are always down falls and regarding the clake, there was also a period of frustration until everything got dialed in correctly. resuming: You will learn something with it, and worse case scenario, it's reversible!! GO FOR IT
  12. tell Him I say Thank You!!
  13. hate to sound ignorant but how do I check float height?? thanks
  14. Got it!! The great Lineaway!!!! always coming through! Man, I wish I had that kind of Knowledge. just to be clear: Torx tool are for those special star like shape bolts for the top?? and what is exactly a OKO carb? I saw in the link was mentioned that those O-rings cant be replaced and you do take a chance going in. Can you clarify? Thank You so much
  15. If anyone can give me some starting points or guesses, It's well appreciated symptoms: Bike starts well, idles perfectly for a long time. when start riding, usually during low revs, it just bogs and dies almost like is out of gas. when try to start again, sometimes starts right up, other times starts and bogs immediately! if it doesnt bog, it will rev all the way up full throttle but as I bounce it and low rev, she bogs and stalls again! actions: I changed plug (nothing changed) , fuel is clean , the feeding hose to carb is not clogged, I took carb apart and sprayed but did not disassembled the jets. what else to check other than doing a better job ( full disassemble ) on carb? Thank you all in advance
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